Monday, September 30, 2013

24 Hour Delay

When Nathan, Kathy and children arrived at the airport in Entebbe, Uganda they found out that they weren't on the list to be able to fly that day...the airlines had overbooked by 75 people. So they will try again tomorrow! The airlines put them up in a nice hotel which includes their meals. Kathy said that they were right on the beach of Lake Victoria. They attempted to Facetime with us but the connection was poor. But we were able to see each of the children and not one of them looked any the worse for wear! While we were talking they looked out their hotel window and the tree outside was filled with spider monkeys! Elijah (4) didn't get to see an elephant in Africa...but he did get to feel the bones of an elephant plus he saw crocodiles and chimps. I'm looking forward to seeing their pictures when they return...whenever they get "out of Africa!" And, hopefully the plane that they fly on will be a bit larger than the one in tonight's blog photo! Woody walked four miles today. I have spent a good part of the day sewing. My project needed some handsewing and I did that today. Well, I am off to watch Dancing With the Stars!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

A "First" For This Last Saturday in September!

Our grandson Alex drove to our house for the first time today! My time does fly. Melany needed to come to get the photos that I had taken of her art show. She is working on her thesis book. I really had too many to send them over the internet to her. She, Erin and Alex arrived around noon. Melany drove the interstate part of the drive here and then Alex drove the rest of the way here after they left the interstate. Then he drove the whole way home. I received a call from Alex saying that they had arrived safely home! Here's the picture of him pulling away from the house!!!!!
Just kidding!!!! I didn't have my camera set properly so the car was blurry and I decided that I would find an effect in my photo software that would make it look like the car was peeling off with speed! I did ask Alex, when he called to report that they were safely home, if he liked going fast on the interstate...and he said that he did! Woody went to the library and ran an errand or two prior to Melany, Erin and Alex arriving. Then this evening, after they had gone home, he went on his four mile circuit. I got up this morning and headed down to make one of Melany's favorite soups--French Market. I chose that soup as the plan was that she was coming by herself so I planned accordingly and chose "Melany food" and not food that would necessarily be a favorite of the rest of her family. I also planned reubins. So when I got the call that the children were also coming I wasn't sure exactly what I had for them to eat. I knew not to expect them to eat the soup. And the reubins were "iffy" too. But in the end Alex had a grilled cheese and Erin had a reubin without dressing or sauerkraut. And, I did have I don't think that anyone left too hungry! And, the adults enjoyed the soup and the sandwiches and the chips! They ended up arriving a bit later than originally planned when it was only going to be Melany so after I had the soup finished I headed off to run an errand. I got home just a little after they arrived. They had eaten a late breakfast so we had a late lunch. While the soup was cooking I headed upstairs and put in some time on the sewing project that I am doing for a friend. Last night I finished the cross stitch project that I picked up yesterday after it had been neglected for some time. I think that I will look through my UFO's (unfinished objects)and see if there isn't something else that I would enjoy working on. When it comes to sewing I rarely have anything unfinished except for the project that I am working on. BUT I cannot say that for needlework projects. And, since I haven't been doing needlework for some time now, there are plenty to get reacquainted with!

Friday, September 27, 2013


I didn't sleep well last night so this has been sort of a backwards day...stayed up most of the night and then fell asleep about the time that Woody was heading out for an early morning walk. He walked six miles and I slept for several hours. Once I got up I spent some time on the sewing project that I am doing for a friend. About the time that I started working on the sewing project Woody headed to the grocery store to do our weekly shopping. When he got home I put away the groceries. Then this afternoon I did something that I haven't done in a long time...cross stitched.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Low-Key Thursday

Today has definitely been a low-key day for place I needed to I just stayed home and did some work on a sewing project for a friend. Tonight I am surrounded by fabric, patterns and pattern pieces...all over the floor in my sewing room. Trying to figure out which pattern to use with which fabric for something for me. Woody ran a couple of errands this morning. Then this evening he went on a four-mile walk that he just got back from. Tonight's photo was taken on a by-way in VA on one of our trips to NIH.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Oops...Almost Missed It!

This morning the phone rang about 10:50 and it was the dentist office looking for Woody. He had an appointment which he thought was at 12:45 and they said that it was at 10:45! Well, we waited a bit to see if he should still come on and we got disconnected and kept getting a busy signal. So he decided that he would go on and go anyway. The dentist office is less than five minutes away from us. They did get him fitted in and he got a clean bill of health..."Look, Ma, no cavities!" Later in the day he went on a walk and on the way home he picked up prescriptions for me at the pharmacy. I did a little sewing this morning and then this afternoon worked in the church library. We got a lot done. We just got a couple of orders of books in the mail and they are just about ready to be checked out. It's good to be on top of "things" in the library! I came home and fixed our supper--tacos. Tonight's first photo shows a web that I spotted a while back. That web had a great big spider right in the center of it. I headed in to get my camera and the spider was still there when I got back. But it spotted me and hightailed it to a hiding spot...sort of slid right down one of the silk threads in his web. I was able to follow that silk thread with my eyes and spotted him all curled up in a hiding place under a leaf (2nd photo). He just thought that he had gotten away from my watchful eyes...even though I knew where he was, he was very safe!!!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tuesday...All Day!

Another busy day! Woody went to the chiropractor this morning. After he got home, he helped me do some vacuuming. I came behind him dusting and I did a little vacuuming too. I had a goal to get the house vacuumed and dusted this morning and he helped me meet that goal. Now I hope that we can sit back and enjoy a clean house and do what we, sew, etc. Woody made tuna salad for our lunch. I took on a project this afternoon...helping out a friend. Time will tell how much help I will be!!!! Woody walked to the prayer room this evening and is still there. I sat down in the recliner and wasn't "long for this world" (as in I fell asleep--a power nap shall we say?). I got to thinking when I went looking for a photo for tonight's blog that I hadn't taken a picture in several days...rather unusual for me! I don't have a camera with me all the time these days as my little point-and-shoot went on a's getting to photograph Africa without me! All seems to be well with the world travelers. We got a message from Nathan on Facebook this morning. Social media is amazing for long distance communication! Back to cameras...and, I just haven't been out and about looking for subjects with the little camera's big brother (black camera) or big sister (red camera)! I guess house cleaning and sewing have come between me and my cameras! But never abound from past photo shoots...enough for LOTS of blog photos even if I don't take pictures for a looooooooong time! Now time for you to decide which is the subject of tonight's photo...the flower or the little creature?

Monday, September 23, 2013

Doin' The Bunny Hop?

Ha! Ha! Tonight's title is definitely funny for our one quick or agile enough these days to even think about doing a bunny hop! And, I don't think that that will be one of the dances tonight on Dancing With the Stars! Woody has taken it pretty easy today except for running one errand. I got up and headed in to sew. I completed the project that I took to the Sew Super Saturday--a skirt for Joy. It is called a Sudoko Skirt...and it was a bit of a puzzle to make. I really worked hard at keeping all the pieces in their correct order...but still managed to cut one of the pieces too small. I had enough fabric to cut another piece and this sewing project is now history...except for seeing if it will fit our Joy Bug...but that won't be till they are "out of Africa!" There were Facebook posts today from both Nathan and Kathy. They are staying busy--they had two programs planned for today and that plan was turning into four programs! Kathy says that Uganda is beautiful and that she loves it over there. Sounds like the weather has been very nice for them. What I keep seeing in my mind is the eyes of the orphaned children opening really wide when they see the Dazzling Dorrells' juggling programs. Definitely Nathan, Kathy and the children will be adding a bit of joy to their lives. I have also been working around the house trying to do a bit here and there to clean at least a little. Well, off to dance with the stars! (ha!ha!) And, then "maybe" back to cleaning?

Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Sew-Sew Day!

Woody headed off to the grocery store even before I got up this morning. Shortly after I got up (I slept a bit later than I had planned!), we headed out the door for Woody to deliver me to my sewing extravaganza day (otherwise known as "Sew Super Saturday"). One of our local quilt guilds holds this event every year. I am not a member, but a quilter friend invited me to attend. I have been quite a few years now and always have a great time. We had a really nice day sewing away to our hearts' content! And, on top of the sewing time lots of laughter and lots of good food. I am so full...too full! Woody went to the library and watched some DVD's and also baseball and football while I was away. We have heard that the neighbors (Nathan, Kathy and family) are safely in Uganda after 36 HOURS of travel! Kathy says that Uganda is beautiful.

Friday, September 20, 2013

A Mish Mosh Kind of Day!

Today has been a day where I have sort of met myself coming and going. I have tended to start a new task before I finished the task that I had been doing. I am getting ready to go to an all day sewing event tomorrow and at the rate that I am getting ready I'm not sure that I will be ready before the event is over tomorrow afternoon! Woody went to the chiropractor this morning. Then late this afternoon he did part of our weekly grocery shopping. I was glad he did as I was having to be quite creative with our supper due to lack of ingredients that we had. But he came home just in time and had the items that I needed so ended up being able to add all the items that I had wanted to add into my made up concoction. Well, back to going around in circles! I really am looking forward to going tomorrow...just can't seem to get my act together and at the moment I am so sleepy that I'm not sure that I can keep my eyes open much longer (I didn't sleep well last night.), but keep awake I must...or take a power nap and then get back to getting ready! When I published this I noticed that this is my 1700th post...oh, my!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

House Cleaning!

This little bird seems to have the same idea as Woody and I house. Woody has been cleaning on the outside of the house and I have been working on the inside. We got a call from Nathan and family around 8:15 this morning and they were waiting to board the plane in Washington DC. So they had gotten through their first flight (Atlanta to DC). And, everyone had done fine! They should be arriving, according to the itinerary, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia around 10:45pm central time. Then they have a lay over and then will get on the last plane for this part of their trip and head to Entebbe, Uganda. I can't imagine being on a plane that long! I'm sure that they will be glad for the lay over in Ethiopia...just to be able to stretch their legs for a while. It has been a bit quiet around the house today! I have alternated between cleaning and relaxing...probably more relaxing than cleaning!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Look Out Africa!

Look out Africa! Here the Dorrell's come! The top picture shows ALL their bags along with all of may have to look hard to count all eight of them. And, I never got a very good picture of Joy as she was being plagued at the time with mosquito bites. And, as you can see all this luggage fit in or on their vehicle! Nathan stuck his head in the door a while ago and gave us their flight itinerary and bade us good-bye. They were heading to church and then will get on the road to head to Atlanta. Their flight takes off "dark and early" in the morning (4:30am Central time (I think). What a time they have ahead of them...lots of air miles/hours! They fly first to Washington DC and then to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and then to Entebbe, Uganda. All I can say is "WOW!" We wish them God's grace in this mission effort. They will be juggling for orphans in various locations in Uganda. Elijah said that his bag was pretty heavy and immediately decided that he needed to drink lots of milk so he would be strong enough to carry it!!!! He has since realized that he will be able to pull it on its wheels and not have to gain instantaneous strength! They are all super excited and were very happy that their countdown of "sleeps" before they left on the trip had come to an end and they would be getting underway this evening. They will arrive in Entebbe, Uganda mid morning Uganda time which is eight hours ahead of U.S. Central time. I did have short sessions of school with Isaac and a Elijah this morning. But had to stop after them today as I had another appointment this morning. I got home from the appointment, ate lunch and sat for a few minutes before it was time to head to the church to work in the library. We got quite a bit done on the new order of books that had arrived. I just had to go ask Woody what he had done today as mainly our paths have just barely crossed today! He said that he mowed a little and that was about it! Ahhh retired life!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Picture What Africa Will Look Like

Today when Graham, Abigail, Joy and Esther had art, they painted a picture of what they thought that Africa would look like. I think that they did a really good job. When they get back, I told them that they could paint or use some other medium to make of picture of something that they saw. They really had the most fun mixing the colors! The top picture is Graham's--a roadside scene with people carrying things on their heads and also a stand where fruits and vegetables are sold. Abigail started out painting a scene of a market place--the baskets of apples and plantains and then decided to add a crocodile (Goosey (Woody) is hoping that they see a crocodile in the Nile!). Joy had the dilemma of how to draw tables and then she put some of the fruits and veggies that are being sold on her tables. She also added a croc and, I believe, a monkey at the bottom of her scene. Esther knew from the start that she was going to paint an elephant--and she did! They just have "one more sleep" and they will be off on an adventure of a lifetime! I just took a family photo of them ALL with ALL the luggage that they are taking. Woody started off the day with a chiropractor appointment and then ran a couple of errands. Esther and Joy read to me and then we had art and then Abigail had her "Grammy school time." Today we worked on catching up her sewing notebook and she also practiced sewing on the serger and we looked up the exchange rate between the US dollar and the Uganda Schilling. I had an appointment after lunch and then ran an errand. The children have been in and out at various times today. I think that time is crawling for them as they are anxious to get on their way! Woody will be walking to the prayer room at church in a little while (I'm blogging a bit early this evening!).

Monday, September 16, 2013

Five Year Anniversary + A Day

Yesterday was the five year anniversary of Woody's bad bicycle accident. Here is a link to my very first blog that tells about this traumatic day: It has been a much calmer evening today than five years ago! Woody babysat for a while next door while Kathy and Nathan ran an errand. I did school with several of the children over here while he was at their house. They mainly read to me today. Since they are in the midst of packing for Africa, they are "a bit" excited about their trip. This afternoon one or another of them have come over to play. Graham and I picked up K'nex again today...and that was an invitation for them to be built with again! So he and Joy spent quite a bit of time making several things. Elijah popped in and out. He thought it very funny that I didn't even know that he was here when he announced that he was going home! I made one of our favorite pasta dishes for supper. And, now I'm heading downstairs. Woody told me that Dancing with the Stars starts tonight. I have tried and tried to make the link clickable...but cant's seem to be able to tonight. You can copy and paste what I have put in above or just click on January 2009 on the right and then click on A Fork In The Road.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

What a Beautiful Saturday!

It has been a delightful day...beautiful temps and lower humidity...definitely one of those days that says that Fall is on the way! Woody did our grocery shopping this morning. Then a bit later he walked to the library and on the way home he stopped at the fruit and veggie market...good apples and tomatoes. I got started by putting in a load of wash...just remembered a few minutes ago that I had never transferred the clothes over to the drier...guess other tasks got in the way! I "will" (if I remember) head down and put them in the drier after I blog! I did some cooking this afternoon. I made Carrot Ginger Soup...something that Woody had when we at at The Trellis in Williamsburg. Tonight's photos are from that trip...the second one shows the interesting overhead lights in the restaurant. Anyway, I attempted to recreate the soup that they served Woody. I doubt that it tastes the same...but it was good nonetheless! After sampling the soup for a late lunch, I launched off into making Amish Friendship Bread...the starter was ready once again to make bread...every ten days! Just before getting underway with the bread...while I was taking a bit of a break, the doorbell rang and one of my dear friend's daughter was on the other side of the door. She was over in the neighborhood showing her two boys the house where she had grown up. And, best of all she had her mother in the van with them. I hadn't seen my friend for several weeks as she hasn't been feeling well. So it was a triple treat...getting to see her, getting to see her daughter, and getting to see two of her grandchildren! We had such a nice visit. It was great to see that my friend was doing better. I came back inside after our visit and got busy baking the Amish Friendship bread. After that I was too tired to do much more today...I kept dozing off while I was trying to choose tonight's blog photos. I had something else chosen and then as I was writing this I decided that it was a good time to add in two more photos that I took while in Williamsburg. So changed out the photo that I had already put in the I will see if the changes worked once I publish this!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Preparing For Uganda

Graham is one step closer to being ready to head off to Uganda next week. Goosey (Woody) took him for his orthodontist appointment this morning. Graham chose the colors of the Ugandan flag (black, yellow and red) for the bands on his braces this time. Woody's day started out early as Nathan and Kathy needed to be in Nashville really early this morning and Woody headed next door to keep an eye on and an ear out for six sleeping children. Woody had a chiropractor appointment this afternoon. I spent a good part of the morning doing some more sewing. I finished the project that I have been working on the last couple of days. Now to "right" the sewing room before it looks like it did before I got it all cleaned up! It once again feels like Fall is in the air here in Middle Tennessee...much lower humidity and lower temps. It didn't even make it to 80 here today. Feels if the mosquitoes would just go away!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

A View of Today...Sort Of...

Tonight's photo shows a view that I saw today...but it was taken back in February on our way to NIH. I always enjoy this view as we head toward's McMinnville, is one of the first clear views that one has of the Highland Rim when traveling on Highway 55. Today's trip found me going the way that we go to NIH...but this time got to stop long before the NIH destination! This time I was just going to my personal care physician in McMinnville for my six-month check-in with the doctor and to have blood work done. I rarely drive out of Tullahoma and prefer not to drive distances...but this time as it approached time to leave, my driver was still on his morning walk...he had forgotten about my appointment! He left for his walk before I got up so he hadn't been reminded today...though last evening he had asked me what time my appointment was today...oh, well...I was only slightly late for my appointment and made it safely there and back. Since I was gone this morning I cancelled school for today. I rested for a while after coming home and eating brunch (since I had to miss breakfast due to my blood work). I thought for sure that I would doze off, but didn't. After resting for a while I came into the sewing room and worked in here the rest of the afternoon...just now taking a break to find an appropriate photo and then to blog. (I didn't have to cook tonight as we had leftovers.) We actually had a storm come through late this afternoon. We hadn't had rain in quite a while...we were getting quite dry after all the rain that we had during the spring and a good part of the summer. It was good to hear the rumbles and hear the rain on the roof.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

More Flutterbies

Hope that you have enjoyed looking at the close-ups of some of Melany's art pieces. I posted a picture of Melany standing next to the blue butterfly so you can get an idea as to how large the butterfly really is! Melany said that she used 3 1/2 blue colored pencils before she was finished with it. Today has been a typical Tuesday. Esther and Joy read to me and then Abigail joined us for art. Graham chose to surprise his mother and have his school lessons all finished when she got home from her Bible study. My artists today drew butterflies (Wonder where I got that inspiration for this lesson?!). They had fun using different mediums...they had the choice of colored pencils, oil pastels, chalk pastels or any combination of the three. We had some very interesting butterflies. After art, Abigail had her sewing lesson. She finished making the headscarves that she was making for her mom, Esther and herself. They are for them to wear when in Africa. Joy is making her own and will work on it tomorrow. After lunch, Isaac came over for his school. Then Elijah came over for his art lesson and a couple of other lessons. He drew a caterpillar, a cocoon, and a butterfly. He had the choice of magic markers, colored pencils or crayons. He chose magic markers. He was very proud to put it in his notebook of papers and art he has done so far this year. He is coming right along with his work. He is doing so great at reading the three letter phonetic words and matching them to the corresponding picture that I think that he is ready to move on to reading lists of three letter phonetic words. He is starting to do more writing...working on numbers and his name. He is doing great! Later in the afternoon Graham came over to show us the latest robot that he has made out of his Lego NXT robot set. Then he, Goosey (Woody) and I had fun looking at Google Earth on my iPad. We looked for all sorts of places in Africa where they will be going. He followed the Nile River from its source at Lake Victoria all the way to the Mediterranean Sea. And also followed one of the roads that they will be traveling while there. It is amazing what one can do with technology these days. It really makes places in the world so much more tangible and understandable. Earlier Woody walked to the prayer room at church and has just returned.

Monday, September 9, 2013


Tonight's photos include some of the close-ups of Melany's art pieces including her artist statement. I have tried to put the name of the piece and the medium that it was made of in the photo. Our Monday got off to a good start. Woody walked six miles this morning. He is gradually getting his walks back into his daily routine. He went to the chiropractor this morning. Later in the day he mowed a bit. I had school with Isaac, Elijah, Esther, Joy, and Graham. I started a bit early this morning and even managed to fit in listening to Abigail read part of her Social Studies lesson. I think that several of the classes ended a bit earlier than sometimes. Elijah was anxious to get back to playing ball with his daddy. Nathan was teaching him how to hit a ball with a bat and also how to throw the ball. Elijah has decided that he will be a Cardinal baseball player sometime in his future! Graham worked on his simple machine lessons. He finished making something from K'nex that represented the three different classes of levers. He took a picture of them so he can add the photo to his album. We even came upstairs and printed the picture so it will be ready to put in his notebook the next time he has his Grammy special school time. I ate lunch and then talked on the phone with a friend. While I was talking the mail arrived and a package that I was expecting arrived. It was a new rug to put on the floor in front of the kitchen sink. In order to put the rug down I had to sweep and mop the kitchen floor. I rested a bit after that and then tackled our supper. We had linguine and marinara sauce...such a simple sauce...not many ingredients...but oh, so good! Be sure to click on the pictures so you can see the details and be able to read Melany's artist statement.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

A Funeral and an Art Show

Tonight's blog title might sound like a possible movie title...but rather it is a summary of our day! This morning we went to a funeral of a long time church member. Then we headed down the road to Lebanon, TN to our daughter's one-"man" art show...the culmination of her Master's in Art degree from Cumberland University. As you can see it was a bit of family reunion as Nathan and Kathy and family came too. Tonight's photos show a bit of her show. I'll show some closer up photos another night. By the way her name is spelled wrong on the sign...should read Melany! Oh, well, Melany is pretty used to her name not being spelled correctly! It was a very nice show. It was all based around butterflies and interest of Melany's since she was a little of her early memories was going with her daddy to catch butterflies with a big net. Another of her memories was raising butterflies from egg to caterpillars to butterfly or moth. So she developed her show around a butterfly theme and used multi-media. The large moth pictured was hanging from the ceiling...definitely her show was larger than life! It was a very good and very unique show...good eats (Wade and Melany are good cooks too!) and a fun time together as a family. Melany now has to produce a book (using photos and descriptions of the art work in the show) for her thesis and she will be finished! After the art show we headed back to Murfreesboro and stopped off and all had ice cream...a special treat for Grandparents Day for Goosey (Woody) and me...that was enjoyed by all! Three of the adults ended up with chocolate ice cream on their clothes and it wasn't Woody, Nathan or Kathy! Alex, Esther and Elijah rode with us to get ice cream. Then when we headed home Graham, Joy, and Elijah rode with us. It has been a busy day. Now I need to head in to put final touches on tomorrow's Sunday School lesson. Oh, one more quick thing that was so cute that happened this morning. At eight o'clock sharp our front door opened and it was Elijah. He asked if we were ready to go. We asked where we were going and Elijah excitedly said "to the art show!" He was ready!

Friday, September 6, 2013


I discovered this newly added decoration to our living room when I went downstairs just a little while ago (tonight's photo). I'm still chuckling over it! This was either Melany or Nathan's Wendy's hat from when they worked at Wendy's many moons ago. It and the uniform shirt have become a part of the "toys" in the toy closet. Esther and Elijah have had a wonderful time playing in the living room this afternoon. I could hear them talking away while I was upstairs working on a project in the sewing room, but they never came up once...they just played and played. I guess they needed a hat rack?!? Elijah was the first to arrive today. I told him that he could play while I sewed and he did just that. A little later Graham joined him and I continued on with what I was doing. Later this afternoon Abigail came over and she came up to the sewing room and talked to me while I finished up my sewing project. Woody has run various errands today including our weekly grocery shopping. He also had a chiropractor appointment.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thoroughly Thursday!

Another busy day. Woody took our car to be worked on this morning and then walked home. I had school with Isaac, Elijah, Graham, Abigail and Esther this morning. Then this afternoon I began a baking marathon...the Amish Friendship Bread starter was ready to be made into loaves of sweet bread. I ended up making a double it took most of the afternoon. Abigail came over and helped me make part of it. After getting the loaves out of the oven and out of their pans, I was ready for a rest! Woody walked back to get the car before supper. Now we are ready to do as little as possible for the rest of the evening!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


I just realized that I forgot to blog tonight! I came home from the church after working in the library and was so tired that I plopped in the recliner and hadn't gotten up! I just looked at the clock and I'm late! Woody went to the chiropractor this morning and ran an errand or two. I had school with Issac, Elijah, Graham, Abigail and Joy. Joy finished her first sewing machine project today...a tooth fairy pillow for Esther. Esther was thrilled when Joy presented it to her. Joy then started on her head scarf to wear in Africa. I ate a quick lunch and then rested for a couple of minutes and then headed to the church. We worked hard at the library once again and got a lot done. I came home and crashed...well, we had children over here when I got home...they were in the process of picking up what they had gotten out when I got home. They headed off shortly after that and then I crashed...didn't sleep just rested and talked on the phone with my sister and a friend. Now I'm heading back to my trusty chair...still not feeling like accomplishing anything...just need to plop!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tranquil Scene in Midst of Busy Day

Woody had an early appointment at the chiropractor. I got underway with school before he returned. Esther came over first to read followed by Joy. After Joy finished reading, Graham, Abigail and Esther joined her to have our art class. Today they continued to make paper beads for either necklaces or bracelets. I asked Graham, since he had already made a couple of bracelets and a necklace, if he would make a few beads so Elijah could make a necklace. And, Graham obliged. After art, Abigail had her sewing time. She completed another head scarf and started on her third one (one for her mama, one for Esther and one for her). Joy plans to make her own once she finishes the project she is working on. After Abigail's sewing time, I grabbed a quick bite to eat and then headed out on a round of errands...Credit Union, haircut (where I took tonight's tranquil picture of Lake Tullahoma)(speaking of haircuts...Woody walked to get a haircut sometime while I was having school), Office Max and Janie's Sewing Center. Phew! That was a lot of running around for me! When I got home, I was going to call Elijah to come over for his school time, but the call wasn't necessary as he was already over here playing and reading with Goosey (Woody). So as soon as I put down my purchases, he and I headed up to the school room. He strung the paper beads that Graham had made him and made them into a bracelet. He was very happy. After he finished his art project, we went downstairs and he read the pink box words (three letter phonetic words) to Goosey. He reads a word on a card and then matches it to a picture on a card. Goosey was properly impressed with how well Elijah is doing. Then school was over for Elijah for today. And, he went back to playing pirates...he and I were going to be the good pirates and Goosey was going to be the bad pirates! Esther and Joy came over and joined him. Esther played with Elijah and Joy joined me upstairs where I went back to putting away my purchases of the day...quite a few art supplies for our art classes. After supper Woody walked to the prayer room at church and still hasn't returned. I think that I will see if I can make another Christmas ornament or two as I stocked up on some needed supplies on my afternoon "shopping excursion."

Monday, September 2, 2013

Before and After!

We have had a laborious Labor Day 2013. Despite it being a holiday we had school...due to the fact that they will be leaving for Africa soon they are trying to get in as many days of school as possible. Isaac, Elijah, Esther, Joy, and Graham had time over here. Graham had decided before he got over here what type of lever he was going to make today out of K'nex...a type three lever--a croquet mallet. This thought was put into his mind because Woody and Elijah had gotten out our "real" croquet set. He did make a croquet mallet and a couple of wickets out of K'nex, but then close to the end of his time with me, he and Goosey decided to set up the real croquet set. They set it up over at their house so several have enjoyed their first attempt at the game of croquet. Esther, Elijah and Goosey played a game of Monopoly (or Bonopoly as Elijah calls it!). At this point Esther has wiped Goosey out of the game with her hotels on Park Place and Boardwalk. She is just waiting patiently for Elijah to decide to play again so she can get him out too! After lunch I headed to my newly clean and reorganized sewing room and spent several hours sewing. I managed to get two Christmas ornaments a start on Christmas! This afternoon Woody and I got things ready to take over to Nathan and Kathy's for a Labor Day feast. Tonight's photos show Elijah before (at the start of the meal) and after (during dessert). Sometime in between he had an encounter of a rough kind with the edge of a desk. He got up all excited to get ready for a show...he wanted to show us how he has learned to do the Alaskan yo-yo. Well, that show didn't happen. Goosey held him for a while with an ice pack and then he finally felt like coming back to the table to have watermelon. We are wondering if he will be able to open his eye in the morning. He took a pretty good lick! Isaac was so concerned. He got down from the table and took several of his knitted lovey blankies to help Elijah feel better! Very sweet! I was so full after the meal that all I have been able to do was sit down in the chair in front of the computer and doze off! I think that I am "sort of" awake again. I wonder if this blog has made any sense!