Friday, May 31, 2013

A Storage Building...Really?!?

Nathan and Graham only thought that they were building a storage building in their backyard. Other backyard residents thought otherwise and have made it into a bird house!!!!! Tonight's photo shows one of the baby residents...there are four or more hopping and attempting to fly inside the building! Woody walked four miles this morning. Later in the morning he did his weekly WalMart browsing/purchasing. I got up resolved to work in the sewing room...straightening up so I can make new sewing messes! Well........I guess I have worked "at it" but there doesn't seem much to show for it. I have done a little mending that had gotten stacked up. And, put away some large pieces of fabric that I had out hoping that they would inspire me to make them into something...for the time being they are being put away awaiting another day to inspire me! I am in the midst of putting pattern pieces away in their proper place. I have gotten side-tracked several times...nothing new for me. Once I headed off to find words to a college song that one of my classmates was looking for. I found it and emailed the words to her. I continue sorting the photos that I have taken with my new camera...getting rid of those not worthy of keeping! I have so many that I don't need to hang onto ones that will never be used because they aren't focused properly or have some other problem. After I finish blogging, I am going to make a couple of cards from my that means doing a bit of printing. Always something to many things...reason that I never seem to get anything totally completed these days. BUT I will say...can't say that it is boring around here...always something to do (too many somethings is the problem!).

Thursday, May 30, 2013


It seems like every time I turn around it is Thursday again...or Monday or Tuesday or...Woody got up early and walked seven miles. Later in the day he mowed the front yard. I had school with five little munchkins this morning listening to reading or helping with math or... At the end of Abigail's time, she and I gave our oregano barrel a haircut. Then we stripped the leaves off the stalks and washed them in our spinner. I have the leaves drying on racks on our sun porch. We stripped off a lot of leaves, but I know that when they have dried and been whirled in the blender it won't add all that much to the oregano container.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Walkin' Wednesday!

At least for Woody it was a "Walkin' Wednesday." He took a pretty long walk and when he got back he had time to eat a piece of watermelon and then head off to walk Abigail to her orthodontist appointment. She thinks that is the only way to go to the orthodontist!!! Woody guesses that he walked around ten miles today. I had school while he was walking. Elijah, Esther, Jana, Joy, and Graham. Then I had lunch and then headed to the church to work in the library for a couple of hours. Once again the time went quickly and we got quite a lot accomplished...books entered in the computer, books checked in and shelved, and then we did some radical weeding in the children's non-fiction to delete them from the computer. Now we have room to add some new titles...guess I had better get busy and buy some! I came home and fixed our supper--Eggplant Parmesan. How can sliced eggplant, sliced tomatoes, fresh basil, mozzarella and Parmesan cheese, and some garlic and olive oil end up tasting so good?!? But good it was (well, still is as there is enough for another meal--my kind of cooking--leftovers that keep me out of the kitchen on another night). I love to cook, but I like time off from cooking too! I sat on the front porch this morning while I ate my breakfast and watched several squirrels romp in our front yard. Do you think that perhaps the squirrels were watching me as well?!? They are funny creatures, but rascally none the less!!!! They have enjoyed dumping the bird feeders that Joy and I filled the other day. It hasn't kept the birds away...they enjoy eating the seed off the ground as well as from a feeder! Of course the squirrels have had more than their share!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Beautiful Day in Middle Tennessee!

I met a goal today! I wanted to have all my digital photos sorted before the end of the month. Done! There aren't even any photos in my cameras at the moment. So will start with a clean slate! I had fun looking at them as I sorted them...always fun to see how the children have grown even over such a short period of time as three months. Isaac, especially, has changed lots! I had school with Abigail, Graham, and Joy and added in reading with their cousin who is Abigail's age. Elijah ended up taking a rest at the time that he was to have his time with me this afternoon and Esther was off on a jaunt with her daddy. Isaac came over to see Goosey (Woody) when Jana came over to read to me. Isaac calls Goosey "Honk Honk" because Goosey honks at him! We were out in the back yard yesterday and Isaac started calling "Honk Honk" thinking that he would find him out working in the yard. I got my hair cut this afternoon and I usually take a picture of Lake Tullahoma before I leave...tonight's photo. Woody left a while ago walking to the prayer room at church.

Saturday, May 25, 2013


This day has been busy, busy, busy! I got up determined that I would "work on" cleaning the house. I have worked "at it" but there is still much to do! Graham spent part of the morning and till a little after lunch time with us today. His family was going to pick up one of his cousins and they needed his place in their vehicle to get her to their house! He was like a very quiet little mouse...he read most of the time. While he was reading, I continued to sort some of my photos while the washer and drier were working for me! I also got a Boston Butt pork roast simmering for our barbecue on Memorial Day. That cooked for quite a few hours with me just checking on it every so often. Graham ate lunch with us and then after lunch he husked the corn that Goosey (Woody) bought at the store this morning. After husking the corn, Graham and I sat on the front porch and read. It has been a beautiful day. Now if the mosquitoes would just go away! Woody went to the grocery stores this morning...hopefully we have bought enough (and the right ingredients) for our Memorial Day feast! This afternoon I continued to work around the house...which included putting away quite a few loads of clothes and also changing and making a couple of beds and doing a bit of vacuuming. Woody walked four miles this afternoon including stopping at the drugstore to pick up one of my prescriptions on his route. Early this evening Nathan and Kathy and family went to pick strawberries. Isaac stayed with us. He had fun sliding and playing with toys. It is so cute the way he says Elijah's name. I wanted Woody to hear him say "Elijah" which started Isaac calling for Elijah for the longest time. Now the dish washer is running and I'm off to put the finishing touches on the Sunday School lesson/discussion that I'm leading tomorrow. I was planning to mop the kitchen floor...but that will have to wait for another day! I'm done with cleaning for today...or should I just say that I am done in?!?

Friday, May 24, 2013

Four Stitches

We headed off early this morning for Woody's appointment at his dermatologist's to have the skin cancer removed from his nose. Once again he was in and out very quickly. On the way home we stopped at a fabric store. This may be a stopping at a fabric store and buying no fabric! I only got some notions that I needed and a pattern. I came home and attempted to do some house work, but played out pretty quickly...several jobs started but not completed...yet anyway. Last I checked Woody was doing okay after his surgery. His main problem is keeping the bandaid on his nose! He is to keep it on till tomorrow at least. He will go back in two weeks to have the stitches removed and to have another place on his nose checked out.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Graduation Day

Big day next door! Our Esther (5 1/2) graduated from kindergarten this morning with all sorts of pomp and circumstance! Everyone was very excited because they had another reason to celebrate! After the graduation ceremony, their other scholars got back to work. I had school with Elijah, Joy, and Abigail and Esther read two Dick and Jane stories to me. Woody got up early and walked and then he walked to the Credit Union later in the morning...for a total of about thirteen miles for the day. He also mowed some today. It has been a very pleasant day weather-wise. This afternoon, I napped and sewed and sorted photos. Congratulations, Esther, we are very proud of all you have accomplished in your kindergarten have grown up so much! Today with the turn of the tassel she became a first how time does march by!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


It has been a typical Wednesday for with Elijah, Esther, Joy, and Graham. Joy took a test and then did an extra activity from her science lesson that has been on birds...we made a bird feeder. We will see how it fared the rains that have come through off and on since we made it! I went to the church library. Three of us worked several hours and accomplished quite a bit...not just scratching our heads...though we did do a bit of that. Donna and I finished the inventory on the fiction. Yeah! But where oh where are some of the books that aren't checked out and aren't on the shelves? Oh, well, it wouldn't be a typical library day without a bit of library mystery! I stopped at the public library on the way home to pick up a book that I had requested. I fixed our supper and then was too tired to do anything (even start my new book!) but flop in "my" recliner...and doze off, though I didn't mean to doze! Woody walked four miles this morning. He didn't do any mowing today as the grass was too wet. It rained quite a bit in the night and then we have had several times downpours this evening. I think that the rains are moving out of the area for several days. We're supposed to have a nice Memorial Day weekend.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Good Job, Esther!!!!!

Esther played a trick on me this afternoon. After I finished lunch, I called Esther to come over for her school time. When she came in, I was finishing up in the kitchen. She said that she would go on upstairs. As I was going up the stairs, I asked her how much more she had and said that she must be about finished. When I walked into the school room, she started laughing. She had her workbook out on the table--all finished! She thought that it was so funny that she had tricked me! Finishing that math workbook brought her kindergarten year to a close! She has worked really hard and has learned a lot! Congratulations, Esther, on completing kindergarten!!! I can't believe that she is ready for first grade! Woody made sweet potato waffles for breakfast this morning. Yum! He has also worked quite a bit on the laptop. I had school this morning with Abigail, Graham, and Joy...they're not finished with school yet! Esther will continue to come over here to read. She read two more stories in her current Dick and Jane book. Then she went home and brought back a math workbook that she can do on her own! She thinks that is great! It's wonderful when children look on learning as fun! She was thrilled with her new workbook and did several pages in it before heading home. I stewed a chicken today and lots of different fresh herbs. I took a bit of a nap...not meaning sister called and woke me up...but I am glad or I would have probably slept away the whole afternoon! Graham came over to work on a K'nex creation that he dreamed up...sometime later Joy joined him as well as Esther...and at a point Elijah joined them. We had quite a lot of K'nex building going on. Elijah is learning how to build with K'nex so I got down on the floor and helped him. He's getting the hang of K'nex but still needs a bit of help following the diagrams. He is using the original set that was a "pickle present" at Christmas quite a few years ago. This set starts out with simple objects and works up to more complicated. He really wants to build one of the more complicated ones...that actually can roll around on wheels. So I started helping him with a car this afternoon. Woody left a little while ago to walk to the prayer room at church. I cut the chicken off the bone and I have worked a little more on sorting pictures. I am having to figure out how I want to handle the pictures that I'm taking with my new camera so that is making the process a bit more complicated AND the reason that I haven't sorted any photos since I got it the first of March. I started sorting the photos from it this afternoon. Well, I'm heading down to fix some supper. Later tonight will be the finale of Dancing With the Stars. (I'm ready for it to be over!)

Monday, May 20, 2013

May Monday

We had quite a day yesterday. We only had one church service to honor the high school graduates and to present the children's choir musical. This year we had four in the performance...Graham, Abigail, Joy and their daddy! They all did a great job! I sat in the balcony and took pictures. Abigail had a solo and Graham and Nathan were in the drama and Joy, Abigail and Graham all sang in the choir. Woody didn't get to go to the performance because he preached at the Life Care Center. After we all got home, we had a birthday lunch at Nathan and Kathy's. This morning Woody got up early and walked seven miles. I have heard the mower going off and on this afternoon. He also ran some errands this afternoon. I had school this morning with Elijah, Esther, and Joy. This afternoon I had plans to sew and clean up the sewing room...well...I did sew a little, but the mess still remains, as I decided that I needed to sort have spent quite a bit of time doing that this afternoon. That happens a lot to me...go into a room to do something and end up doing something entirely different! Now I am off to watch the finale of Dancing With The Stars. Oh, Woody heard from NIH this morning. Dr. Rosenberg's (head of the melanoma research) office called to see how Woody was doing and also mentioned that we had appointments at the end of August. I hadn't heard when appointments were, as I had been told to call two months before we were to go back to make his appointments. After that call, I emailed to check to see if we have appointments already. Looks like it is time to think about heading back...six months passes too quickly!!!!! Though it has only been 3 1/2 months at this point. So a bit more time till our wheels will be heading MD way again.

Saturday, May 18, 2013


Today has been a day of celebrations...birthday celebration for Nathan and grand opening ceremony for Turtle Town! And, who says that life in a small town lacks excitement! Esther was in charge of the cake...she chose that it would be a bunny cake and chose the candies to decorate it! And, look the birthday boy even has bunny ears!!!!! After we had been back home for a while, Joy came over and invited us to a grand opening celebration (BIG secret as to what was being opened...except that it would take place in their back yard!). When we got over there, Nathan made the speech and the children unveiled Turtle Town...home of their turtle, Tillie. Up until today Elijah had told us that the turtle's name was BB Pellet! But they told us today that they had decided to name the turtle something that started with a "t" like turtle! Elijah was in charge of Tillie's special treat...a slice of tomato. Tillie promptly came out from her shaded area and began to eat it. Graham also gave her a wild strawberry and she ate that too. And, note that I say "she." Girl turtles have red eyes...and Tillie has red eyes! Woody got up early and headed off on a morning walk. I was up and he invited me, but I decided that it was a bit too early to get my legs to get moving that much! He walked his four-mile route. I was in sewing mode once again this morning...woke up having figured out how to alter a pattern so headed down to do that. After Woody had been home from his walk for a while, he headed off to run WalMart errands. After this afternoon's cake and ice cream birthday party and after the presents, Woody ran some more errands. I continued to do some sewing, but haven't gotten a lot farther than getting my top cut out and two shoulder seams sewn. Before I can go farther I have to cut a strip to bind the neck edge. Not sure that I'm going to do much more sewing tonight. About ready to go relax in the recliner after all the celebrating we have done today!

Friday, May 17, 2013

School and Fun and Games!

Woody and I have taken care of our six neighbor grandchildren today while Nathan and Kathy went to Nashville for a homeschooling event. When we got over there Graham was already hard at work on his studies and it wasn't long till I had Abigail and Joy busy with their school work too. Woody took the three youngest to the grocery store...which made it a bit more peaceful for school workers! After lunch and after Esther finished her math workbook sheets, Woody took Esther and Elijah to the library while Isaac napped and the other three continued their school work. Once they finished they had free time and have been quite active. Elijah was really sleepy shortly after we finished supper. He got into his jammies and it wasn't long till Woody went upstairs to read him his bedtime stories. When I went up to get Isaac's pj's and a diaper, Elijah was snoozing away. At the moment all are in their jammies...two are asleep and the rest are quietly playing or reading. Abigail took it upon herself to help clean up the toys, etc. She is such a good little mommy/helper! Well, I thought that I was going to end the blog and head back over, but Woody just came in the door. So it looks like Nathan and Kathy have returned! I'm ready for my recliner!!!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

"Bears, Deers, Bat, Coyote, Snakes!"

Upon Nathan, Kathy, Graham, Abigail, Joy, Esther, Elijah, and Isaac's return from the Smoky Mountains, we got a BIG/EXCITED/ALL-AT-ONE-TIME report of their animal sightings (tonight's blog title). All Woody and I could report about our short walk today was horses (blog photo) (oh, and a tiger swallowtail butterfly)! Sounds like they had a great time hiking, biking, walking, falling in creeks, losing a flip flop in the creek, rescuing said flip flop, etc. Quite an adventure! They ended their mini vacation by touring Mayfield Dairy...learned lots from how to make milk jugs to the how-to's of making ice cream...but the best part of the tour came at the cream cones! I got Abigail to try on her dress to adjust elastic and decide on length. Abigail stayed around for a while and then she and Goosey (Woody) headed off on a four-mile walk. When they got back, I had her dress finished and she happily carried it home.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Warm Wednesday

It actually got into the low 80's today...nice! I continued in my sewing mode. Today worked on Abigail's dress. I went to the library for a short time this afternoon. On my way home I stopped and picked up some graduation presents that we had ordered. Woody went on a twelve-mile walk early this morning. He also mowed the front yard.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I have had a sewing day and was getting close to completion of my top when we had a power serge and my iron shut off. I headed downstairs and flipped the circuit breaker for that outlet...came back upstairs and still no power. But the other places that are connected with that breaker are working so...looks like the iron is no more! And, I did try it in another outlet and no luck. Now no iron to press while I sew. Well...I do have the iron that I used before getting this one that doesn't steam. So guess I have an iron that will heat and I can use a press cloth. But this has slowed down my sewing progress. Woody has done a bit of mowing. He headed off a while ago to walk to the prayer room at church.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mid-May Monday

Mid-day Woody took a five-mile walk. He has also mowed and run a couple of errands. Me...well, I have cut out a dress for Abigail and a top for myself and finished reading a book. I had a very nice Mothers Day yesterday. Melany, Erin and Alex joined us over at Nathan and Kathy's for lunch. Lots of good food and fun family time.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Zippin' Right Along!

Elijah got his wish...he got to zip line. I told him this morning that I didn't know if there was a certain height that he had to be to go on the zip line. He showed me how tall he standing on his tip toes! Then he said that if you had to be four, he would say that he was four because he WAS almost four ( he almost is)! He didn't need to be a certain height or here he is zipping right along! We (Nathan and Kathy and family and Woody and I) headed over to some beautiful farmland and rolling hills between Tullahoma and Shelbyville this afternoon for an annual fish fry that raises money for a crisis pregnancy center. We had a great time...the children rode ponies, zip lines, bounced, got their faces painted (or got a tatoo), etc. And, we had a great meal. But best of all we got to enjoy it with friends. At one time our table was filled with folk from Tullahoma or at least at one time had lived in Tullahoma and we knew them lots of chatting and catching up! We enjoyed time with our bestest friends--the Hasty's. And, this year got to spend time with their younger son and his family. We hadn't seen them in ages since they don't live close by enjoyed catching up them as well as the Shelbyville Hasty's. I tried to get Dorrell's and Hasty's in one photo...but it was hard to do at round tables and in the crowd...but here are some of us: Anyway...a fun afternoon/evening had by all!

Friday, May 10, 2013


It is said that "necessity is the mother of all inventions." I'm not sure that the invention that is pictured above is an actual necessity...but these scissors are pretty nifty and a real time saver when it comes to quickly chopping up fresh herbs. Today I used them to quickly slice chives and also to cut/chop parsley. It is so nice to be able to go out to the gardens and pick items like chives and parsley when needed! I made one of our favorite soups today...Stuffed Spud Soup. One of the base ingredients of this soup in the original recipe is canned cream of chicken soup. Well, since I am trying to avoid canned soups, I made my own cream of chicken soup for the first time and used it for the base of this soup. It worked pretty well and once all the ingredients that one adds to a loaded baked potato (sour cream, chives, cheddar cheese and bacon) top the bowl of potato soup then it didn't taste "much" different from the original recipe...and, definitely healthier for us. Woody walked seven miles early this morning. He did say that it sprinkled on him off and on...but it really started raining quite hard after he got home. We had rain this morning, but the day wasn't totally a wash out. He went to the library and the grocery store. I have had a pretty leisurely day...put away groceries, made soup,looked through patterns for a dress for Abigail, and measured Abigail (and her two sisters!).

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thoroughly Thursday!

First thing that I did this morning was put a chicken on to stew. I had it cooked and cooling by time for Elijah to come over for school. Esther came over after Elijah and she finished another Dick and Jane book. The stories in this one had gotten quite long towards the end of the book. She picked up one of the two that I had checked out from the church library and she wanted to start right in reading since the stories in it are soooooooo short (at the start of the book at least)! She read about the first five stories. Practice! Practice! That's what makes a good reader. She puts so much expression in her reading...if anyone can make Dick and Jane come alive our little kindergartner, Esther, can!!!! After she finished reading, it was time for us to head next door, as Kathy, Nathan and Woody had a meeting to go to at church. Elijah and Isaac went with them and the four older children stayed with me. We continued on with their school work. Talk about a three ring (errrrrrrr four ring!) circus...going from one to another. Kudos to Kathy for doing this most every day!!!! I don't usually do school with more than one at a time! My head was spinning at times! But they all got a lot done. And, were eager to surprise their mommy as to how much they could get done in the hour+ that she was gone. I came home ready for a nap!!! But then it was time to cut the chicken off the bone and then put more veggies and the bones back in the broth I'd stewed the chicken in to make some rich chicken broth ("liquid gold"). I will say that the time that I was sick I was so very glad that I had an abundance of chicken broth in the freezer...that was one of the few nourishing things that I could "stomach" while I was sick a few weeks back. And, the wonderful thing is that the chicken broth had a very good flavor even when eaten all by itself. I stewed today's chicken with fresh rosemary, thyme and parsley from our home grown herbs and then later added carrots, celery, onion and garlic and let it cook till supper time. We do well at growing herbs and it is so nice to be able to go out on the back porch and/or the back garden beds and snip what "flavors" we are needing for various recipes! After getting the broth simmering, I did go upstairs and did rest and nap a bit. When I came downstairs, it was time to strain the broth and then fix us some supper. Woody went on a four-mile walk while I was napping. Tonight's photos show some of our neighbor grandchildren enjoying baby Frosties that friends brought by to us this afternoon. A nice mid afternoon treat! It has been a beautiful day--it almost made it to 80! Rain is back in the forecast...imagine that!!!! (Oh, just remembered...during school time next door, Graham asked me if I had any chicken wings at our house...he wanted to cut into one and see the bones and also cut or break the bones so he could see what the inside of the bones looked like. Well, I ran next door and cut off the wings of the chicken that I had just cooked and took them back to him on a plate and he "dissected" chicken wings...this was something suggested in his science lesson. Worked out great that I had cooked a chicken early this morning!)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Warm Wednesday

It was definitely warmer today...actually got to 75 today...quite nice. I won't be able to say that no rain drops fell, as a little while ago we had a quick shower. Woody and Graham walked to Graham's orthodontist appointment this morning (and, of course, they walked back home!). Before they got back, the phone rang and it was the dermatologist's office. I didn't get to the phone in time so they just left a message for Woody to call back. He did call back when he got home. The pathologist report shows that the place removed from Woody's nose was basal cell carcinoma--the most common form of skin cancer. This has nothing to do with his melanoma. He will go back in a couple of weeks and they will cut a bit deeper to get down to "good" tissue. I had school with Elijah, Esther, Joy, and Graham. Joy's science lessons are currently about birds. Today she studied about blue jays...after she finished her lesson, we cleaned up the hummingbird feeder and filled it with new hummingbird food. After we got it hung, we looked out at one of the bushes on the other side of our driveway and there was a blue jay. She was excited and watched it after it flew into the neighbor's front yard. Tonight's blog photo is of a mockingbird, TN's state bird. Joy will study mockingbirds soon...plenty of those around! Esther and Elijah got Woody to walk around the yard looking for snake holes!!! They also showed me some new flowers that are in bloom. Graham worked hard on an English lesson...brought back memories for me...diagramming sentences!!! Something that I really enjoyed when I did it back in my school days...but also something that I have pretty much totally forgotten how to do! Graham showed me how and helped to refresh my memory! After I ate lunch, I headed to the church library. We continued to work on inventory...more than half-way through our fiction section. Slowly but surely eating through the "elephant" of a job! Only one way to eat an bite at a time!!!! Woody continues to work in our yard...definitely an on going job. He did some mowing today.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sunny Tuesday!

This is the first day, in I don't know how long, that I don't think that even a drop of rain has fallen. It was a bit foggy over night and early this probably a bit of moisture did get squeezed out of the atmosphere, but during daylight hours it was nice to see the sun and no rain drops! I had three students (Graham, Abigail and Joy) arrive around 9am and stay till noon...we alternated lessons between the three of them and really accomplished quite a bit. Usually on Tuesday Elijah and Esther come after lunch for their school time, but after lunch today they got involved with family fun/work...gardening and once-a-month no school for them today. Woody left a while ago to walk to the prayer room at church.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Rain, Rain, and MORE Rain!

It is certainly soggy underfoot! We seem to be caught in the middle of a low pressure area that just can't move out! We have had several periods of sunshine today, but we have also had our share of showers. I had school with Elijah, Esther, and Joy. Then I headed to the church library to process a couple of books that I had promised to one of our patrons to take on her trip. I got that done and then headed to Janie's to get some thread and also find some fabric for a dress for Abigail. Woody went next door for a short time to take care of the children while their parents returned tables that they had used for their yard sale. He, then, went for a four-mile walk. He managed to find one of the dry times to walk. It hasn't been easy to find dry times to take walks over the last few days.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Soggy Saturday!

Raindrops keep falling on our heads! Today was ANOTHER rainy day. The yard sale turned into a garage sale. The hardy yard salers didn't let a little rain stop them from seeking treasures...though not as many treasure hunters today as yesterday. They had a lot stop at the sale today to pick up the professionally smoked Boston Butt's that they had preordered. These Boston Butts were part of Nathan and Kathy's fund raiser for their mission trip to Uganda. Graham brought the one we had ordered over and I immediately started pulling it while it was hot...that way the meat separated from the fat quite easily. It took me a while to pull it all...we enjoyed barbecue sandwiches at lunch...YUM!!!!! Just as I was finished pulling the pork and my hands were still nice and greasy, Nathan came over with a "special delivery"...little Isaac. He was needing some Grammy and Goosey attention! Woody was out running an errand at that time, but came home in time for some play time with Isaac. Woody did the rest of our weekly grocery shopping today and ran a couple of errands. He didn't walk today...too wet. After lunch, I was about done in...again! So I took a long nap...again! Part of my "problem" at the moment is that there is a low pressure area that is hovering right over us and low pressure systems and I don't get along the in they mean lots of EXTRA aches and pains for me. So it is just as well for me to flop in the recliner with the nice soft fleece throw and "escape" into warmth and sleep! We have both gotten in some reading time today. I finished another e-book and am about to finish another book from the church library. The weather has turned quite chilly just barely made it into the 60's today and is 43 right now. Wonder which Middle TN winter this is! I've lost track of the winters...Blackberry? Locust? Know that it isn't Dogwood Winter as they have already bloomed. There is also Redbud Winter...they have already bloomed. Here is a new one for me... Whippoorwill Winter...oh, and, here is another that I hadn't heard of...Linsey-Woolsey Britches Winter! According to folklore Whippoorwill Winter is the last cold snap and that it is a herald that warmer days are coming to stay. It is when the whippoorwills begin their migration back from Mexico. There...a little folklore for you. I'm hoping that the whippoorwills are in the area and that this is the last really cold snap this Spring!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Fun and Games!?!

It has been quite a busy day between the two neighbor houses (ours and Nathan and Kathy's). The yard sale kept everyone busy. Woody checked in with the yard sale folk to see if he was needed to take care of that time Isaac was doing fine in his stroller. Since he wasn't needed for Isaac, Woody left and walked eight miles. Shortly after he left, Isaac started to want to get out of the stroller so Nathan brought him over to our house. He and I played for a while and it wasn't long till he was joined by Esther and Elijah. So we played and periodically checked on how things were going at the yard sale. It ended up being quite a good day for a yard sale...the predicted rain held off till after everything was put away for the night. They put things in the garage as it is supposed to be a very rainy day tomorrow. So tomorrow the yard sale will probably become a garage sale! They sold LOTS today...most all their large items sold and have been picked up. I helped pack up the toys at the end of today's sale. Woody helped take care of Isaac and did some yard work. He also did some grocery shopping for us and ran an errand or two this afternoon. I'm so tired that I'm falling asleep as I type it may make no sense. Guess I'd better quit! Woody's big find of the day...a very popular find with the grandchildren...a box turtle! Esther and Elijah have especially enjoyed watching it. Isaac was quite interested in such a strange creature, too.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Do You Brake for Yard Sales?

If you are a "yard saler" and live in the Tullahoma area, you need to head over to Nathan and Kathy's tomorrow or Saturday. They have been out collecting items from families all over the area today...yesterday and days prior. Also folk have been dropping items off at their house for several weeks now. Lots and lots of STUFF!!!! Something for everyone...I'm sure! I spent the afternoon cleaning out some of my cabinets seeing if there was anything in them that I needed/wanted to get rid of and did find several items to donate and have cleaner cabinets now, too. I brought in our garden kneeling bench, but it was still hard on these messed up knees to get into those lower cabinets. I have just gone through some of my fabric...figured that these odds and ends of fabrics might benefit a quilter...and it frees up a bit more space in my scrap fabric bins! Woody has mowed, raked and in general worked in our back yard today. He also went on a four-mile walk this afternoon. Graham and Joy helped me pull stuff out of my cabinets...that was funny. They enjoyed playing with what they found and were a great help to me in pulling out stuff that was in the back of the cabinets. They had fun with the various candle holders that I have...they hunted around for candles to put in them, pretended that the lights had gone out and then pretended to light the candles. They wore cornucopias around on their heads and/or used them as horns! Just never know what will trigger their imaginations or what they will think up to do! This morning I did have school with Elijah, Esther, and Joy. They were pretty anxious to get back to helping with yard sale preparations! The children helped make signs to post around guiding folk to their yard sale. The reason they are having this yard sale is to raise money for a mission trip to Africa that their whole family plans to take in the fall. Woody's big event of the day was the Mayor's Prayer Breakfast held at our church this morning. From what I understand around 200 people attended. Woody was one of the food servers.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

It's May! It's May!

May begins with a major project completed next door! Graham's fifth grade shop project is complete! Their bicycles are all stored away. It has been a good project for both Graham and his daddy...both learned a lot. Woody mowed this morning. Then we both took care of the five older kids while Nathan and Kathy took Isaac to apply for his passport. They are getting ready for a mission trip to Africa in the fall. This weekend is their yard sale raising money for their mission trip...busy times next door! I had some school with Elijah, Esther, Joy, and Abigail. After lunch I headed to the church library for our weekly work session. I came home and worked on our supper. While I was fixing supper, Woody went on a four-mile walk...being careful of his knee. I napped after supper. Woody is watching a DVD and has the heating pad on his knee.