Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Star Quest

I'll back up to Sunday for tonight's photo and start of tonight's post:  Sunday was the children's choir musical: Star Quest. This year Esther and Elijah were in it.  The whole choir did an amazing job for grades 1st thru 5th.  A tremendous amount of work goes into these musicals.

I only had Joseph and Isaac come over for school today.  Joseph stayed a while and then went home.  Then Isaac had his long time with me.  He read a couple more stories from his Dick and Jane Reader.  After he did a few more things in the school room, he did his weekly paying job: vacuumed our stairs.  He went home just in time to head off to juggling practice with his family.  Isaac and the rest of the Dazzling Dorrells are busy getting ready for their many performances that will occur this summer.  Their heads will be spinning for a while with all their travels.

After lunch, I ran an errand to JoAnn's.  They had outdoor fabric on sale and I had been thinking that it was time to make some new pillows for the front porch.  I did find some fabric...so now to get motivated to make the pillows!  I have quite a bit of sewing planned that the fabric is stacked up "just waiting" for me...summer vacation sewing plans!

Woody ended up driving to the prayer room at church this evening for several reasons:1) not sure if he is supposed to exercise prior to his scans tomorrow (sometimes they tell him not to and sometimes they don't say anything...this time it was the latter), 2)not sure if it would start raining again as it has rained/drizzled off and on today, and 3) he wanted to be sure to be home in time to head off to Elijah's game.  I guess because it was drizzling around the time that the first games were to begin, all the games were cancelled for tonight...so he definitely got home before we were supposed head off to the game!

We will be heading off bright and early in the morning as he has a fairly early appointment and the appointment reminder told him to be there an hour before his appointment.  He has four appointments spread out tomorrow between 8am and 1pm...so it promises to be a rather long and drawn out day at Vanderbilt.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Great Catch, Elijah!

Elijah caught a fly ball for an out at tonight's game.  Kathy managed to move up to the fence just at the right moment.  Goosey (Woody) had left the ball game to go to Monday night prayer meeting so Kathy sent the picture to us so Goosey could see it.  I captured the picture from our email and used Kathy's photo for tonight's blog picture.  This was the first time that Elijah caught a fly ball for an out. When Woody left to go to prayer meeting, he wasn't sure that Elijah's team would win this game...but they turned both their offense and defense around and ended up winning it handily...17-7.  Way to go, Giants!

Woody started out the day taking advantage of last night's rain...he weeded and he said that we must have gotten a pretty good rain as weeding was made much easier by the wet ground.  All the plants and flowers looked very happy today.

I had school with part of the crew today.  Isaac and Joseph had their time.  Then Elijah and Esther shared reading time so we could finish the book that we were reading together.  Joy came over for her long time and got to work on another quilt square.  Elijah chose to not have his long time today. He didn't have any projects that he was in the middle of and we finished the book.  Since the school year is coming to a close this week, he chose to play outside and enjoy this pretty and cool day in May.

Woody went to Life Care and had Bible study with Jeff and then visited with church members who are there. He came home and made another recipe of his Crispy Quinoa Burgers (and smoked up the house , but good!).  He went for a four-mile walk this afternoon.

I did a little work in the gardens mainly deadheading and a little weeding.  I read for a while this afternoon and am almost finished with the book.  I will go finish it after I publish tonight's blog.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Saturday Comings and Goings

Woody did a lot of coming and going today so the rakes got a day of rest!  Woody walked a total of five miles today.  He did our grocery shopping on his "new day," Friday.  So today he was down to library and hospital visits and two trips to the pharmacy.  He went to the hospital with a list of four people from our church to visit, but only two were still patients so he visited with them.
He stopped at the pharmacy and attempted to pick up his prescription and found that they had filled four for me and none for him.  They filled all the updated prescriptions that the doctor phoned in for me...not sure why on a couple of them...usually they just put those updated prescriptions on file and fill them when I call them in.  His prescription, the only one that was really needed, hadn't been filled so he walked back for it later.

An update on Woody's "Golden Gate Bridge" project (one that needs to be started again as soon as it is finished)...he succeeded in getting the whole yard raked and mowed for the first time this season on Thursday.  Thus he is able to sit back and rest from that job for a day or two before he has to start the job all over again.  That is what happens when the Golden Gate Bridge is painted...by the time they get to the end of the bridge, it is time to go back to the other end of the bridge and start painting it all over again. Thus the rakes are all leaning up against our chimney on the side of the house awaiting the time when they will be needed once again!

I have had a pretty lazy day.  I guess I am recovering from all the partying yesterday!  I have a top ready to cut out, but just haven't had the energy to pick up the scissors!  I decided that I would put away some patterns that I had been looking through to make the decision of which to use for this top.  When I started putting them away, I decided that I needed to clean out that section in my sewing cabinet...so that slowed me down in doing much else.  Then I found myself taking a nap in the afternoon...I realized that I had taken a nap when I awakened!  Guess I will continue my shelf straightening after I publish this...need to accomplish something today!

We have been expecting a storm today and it finally arrived a little while ago.  We are having pretty heavy rain as I type and there are rumbles of thunder in the background.  I am hoping that our plants are enjoying their good drink! I'm liking not having to lug the watering can or a hose to all of them!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

A Secretive Day!

Once again we are approaching the end of the week. The children and I have another school week under our belts at Grammy's school.  We are winding down for the year.  Next week will be the last week of  Grammy school for this school year.  We had a usual Thursday for school. Isaac completed the set of Super Books that he had been reading.  So today we started in the Dick and Jane books. Time for him to start working on sight words, I guess...especially since English isn't always phonetic!!  Esther and I read in her book that we are very close to finished.  And, she made some secret plans for tomorrow's celebration...a birthday will be celebrated in their household tomorrow.  They have been having fun secreting away gifts over at our house the last couple of days.  Today they all got wrapped and are downstairs ready to take to their house when it is party time!

Woody got up very early and went on a seven-mile walk.  He has also raked and mowed today.  So he got lots of exercise in for this day!  He has been working Banana Gram puzzles that the Melany and family gave him.

We are getting ready to head off to the girls' softball game so I decided to blog early this evening as it will be another "late" night "for us!" Stay tuned for tomorrow's announcement as to whose BIG day it is!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A Three Hour Trip

We started out a little before eight this morning for the Highland Rim area of Middle Tennessee...pictured to the right.  It was time for my six-month check-in with my personal care physician, who has her office in McMinnville, TN.  Today the to and from trip was 2/3 of the three hours away. It was a pretty day to take a few photos through the windshield on the trip.  Even managed to get a shot of a barn and a worker in one of the fields that we passed along the way.  My doctor and I continue to map a plan to deal with my gout...upping one med and waiting to see if my lab work shows the improvements that she is wanting.

I didn't have school today due to my morning
appointment.  After lunch, I headed to the church library to work for a couple of hours.  Tonight I cooked some pasta to finish off the marinara sauce that I made the other day.

Woody is changing his shopping routine.  Kroger no longer has Senior Adult discounts on Wednesday, but they do have double gas points on the weekend so he is going to start doing all our grocery shopping on Fridays. He did do some yard work today...his exercise of choice today...not really a good time to walk today due to my appointment this morning and then it was a rather hot day to go for a walk in the afternoon.  While I was at the library working, he did yardwork and also made liquid gold = vegetable broth.  He has also been doing a different type of word puzzles than his usual crosswords.

Hot summery temps here in Middle TN today...got close to 90 if it didn't get there.  Humidity is supposed to be on the rise...oh, boy (not)! After all these years of living in Tennessee, I am still an Arizona dry heat kind of  person!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Ball Game Times Two

We haven't been home from the ball park/s long.  I went to Elijah's game and Woody went to the girls' game.  Both came away from the field in the deficit for runs...but again had a great time.  Elijah's game was really close, but they just couldn't rally in the last inning to put their team in the winner's spot.  Good job all around...they played hard...lots of good plays...lots of plays that weren't so great...and some umpire calls that weren't all that great as well!

Woody got up and went on his four-mile walk first thing.  During the day he has done some yard work off and on.  He has raked, mowed and watered.  He stopped at the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions for both of us on the way to the ball games.  He dropped me off and then headed off to the girls' game.  The girls' game ended before Elijah's and he got to Elijah's field before the game ended and got to see the last inning. Kathy and the rest of their gang got there too.

I had a modified Tuesday school time.  Since Kathy's Bible study has ended, Isaac and Joseph both came over for a while.  Joseph went home after a while and Isaac had his long time with me.  He got to do his paid job for me...vacuuming the stairs.  He was thrilled to get a quarter that had a Hawaiian volcano on it.  He said that it would remind him of the volcanoes in Iceland!  Now to explain his thinking on that...this summer he and all his family are going on a mission trip to Poland with a stop for a couple of days in Iceland on their way to Poland.  He has been learning things about Iceland and was a bit concerned about the volcanoes that they have there. Isaac and I sat on the front porch and watched birds.  We had a red headed woodpecker and a red bellied woodpecker come to the suet feeder...also chickadees at both feeders and several other kinds. Tonight's robin is a common visitor to our yard. Isaac has a robin family in a nest up high in the crook of their downspout.  After Isaac's long time, Abigail came for her long time.  I have to cancel school for tomorrow as I have a doctor appt. so I made up Abigail's long time today.  She got her shorts cut out  so she's ready to start sewing the next time. After lunch, Joy came over and we read another chapter in her current book that we are reading together. I doctored up last night's marinara sauce with some sliced olives and we had it again over zoodles (zucchini spirals).  By the time supper was gulped down, it was time to head out the door for the games...and that brings us back to where tonight's blog started!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Late Night at the Ball Park

We have just gotten home from a make-up ball game for Elijah's team, the Giants.  Tonight wasn't the best game that they have ever played...they got beaten by a bunch of runs...but lots of fun watching them and the boys had fun playing.

Woody has had quite the day.  He started off early taking a friend to the doctor.  Later in the morning he went to The Life Care Center and visited with a friend and had Bible study with Jeff.  After lunch, he went to see a shut-in who is a part of his Deacon Care Family. Before supper Woody helped Elijah warm up for his ball game.  Woody pitched to him.  Elijah once again did a very good job of hitting in the game.  This evening Woody dropped me off at the library (near to the ball park) on his way to the church for Monday night prayer meeting. After prayer meeting, he came to the ball game.

I had my usual Monday school day, though school is out for the summer next door.  We are continuing with the little boys' preschool and reading time with the older ones and still having long time, at least through next week. Nathan , Kathy and children's.summer schedule of travels begins very soon.  Looks/sounds like a very busy summer for them.  Today was Joy's long time in the morning.  She worked on a little quilt block.  She is learning to paper piece.  She did a great job.  Esther joined Elijah for his long time after lunch, as we decided to finish a book that Esther joined us reading this morning.  We also identified several birds while sitting on the front porch.  Joy came back this afternoon to finish the quilt block that she started this morning. I made marinara sauce to go over zoodles (spiralized zucchini) for our supper.  We gulped it down and headed off  to the ball park...though I made a stop at the public library since I was quite early.  I found some books for the little boys and me to read.  Then I walked the short distance to the ball park. Now we are home and settling in for a quiet rest of what is left of the evening!

Seems like a lot of coming and going today!  

(Interesting...the blog format seems to have changed once again and I can once again make paragraphs and move the picture where I want it to be...wonder how long till they change it back or another way.  Takes some getting used to...)

Friday, May 12, 2017


I have spent the day in an unusual way for me...gardening...I am an inside person! But I did enjoy the time that I spent outside. Woody and I headed off to Lowes late morning. I wanted a couple more herbs and wanted a couple more coleus plants. We also got another pot to put on our back "herb patio." I spent quite a bit of time cleaning off the patio...Woody finished up the job...sweeping up the rest of the debris that had collected up close to the house and then disposing of what he swept up.  I got curly leafed parsley and dill planted and did some weeding back there along with some sweeping. Then I went to the front and planted some more coleus and redid a hanging basket. We were waiting for the rain which we thought was going to come at any time and it waited till I was finished. We didn't get much...not sure that the rain got to the plants that are sheltered by many tree branches out in front of the house...I may have to get Woody to drag the hose around to the front tomorrow so I can give them a better drink. I did quite a bit of weeding and pulled out plants that I didn't want any more. I spent several hours out there...something that is almost never heard of...for me! I can tolerate gardening as long as the weather isn't too hot or too cold! The too hot is on its way! But it was very pleasant today. When the rain started, Woody and I adjourned to the front porch and Esther joined us for a while. She and I spotted around ten different types of birds in the short time that we sat there. I will admit to being very ready to head to "my chair" when I got back inside...and will also admit to taking a nap when I hadn't intended to do! Elijah's game got cancelled due to rain...which is too bad as Kathy parents are here and wanted to see both the girls' and Elijah's games. Woody walked early again this morning...four miles. He also made his quinoa burger recipe. We had those for lunch...really pretty good...I usually leave those for him...but today I did have half of one in pita bread. Woody also did a little yard work..he hadn't planned his day around yard work because he thought that it was going to rain most of the day.. As soon as I hit "publish" for tonight's blog, I will head in and put away another load of clothes...one inside task that I accomplished today...washed and dried and put away three loads of clothes...well, one of those loads is still not dry yet...so will be putting them away as soon as the drier buzzes for the third time tonight! I am hoping that I can move tomorrow...after my gardening blitz today!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Bad Call!

I'll start off tonight's blog with highlights of the girls' softball game. The main thing that was noted by our family as well as the rest of the team, parents on our side, as well as family members for the other team...Esther was safe when she slid in...BUT the ump was behind the pitcher so didn't have a clear view of it. We said that we were giving her credit for that run! She was actually sitting on the base when the catcher tagged her and knocked her helmet off and bumped Esther's nose. But good sportsmanship abounded and the game was continued without protest except in our minds! I will now post a picture of her sliding "again" safely in...this time adding to their team's score! She is blocked by her teammate...but that is her leg that you see on base! She stole home when the catcher missed the pitched ball.
Joy had an exciting ball night too. Their usual short stop wasn't able to be there tonight and Joy was chosen to play shortstop. She took it very seriously as you can see by the expression on her face. She also crossed the plate a couple of times helping to pile up the numbers on their side of the score board. Their team won despite the bad call...12-3.
Woody got up early and headed off for a six mile walk. He continued working in the yard. Today he started raking up sticks and debris in our back yard and mowing after he got a section cleared. I had a usual Thursday school day. Esther had her long time and finished a section on her cross stitch project...slow progress...but progress none the less. This afternoon I sat for a while on the front porch and just enjoyed the breeze and watched birds coming in to eat from the feeders. And, I walked around the yard deadheading, pulling a few weeds, watering, and snapping a few pictures while checking out how everything was growing.
Later in the afternoon I took a short nap...and not long after I awakened it was time to head to the ball park...where the blog started tonight!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Bath Time

Yesterday was bath time for the turtles that live next door. Joseph is pointing to the mud turtle in the top picture and the little one is a baby snapping turtle. The snapping turtle lives in an aquarium inside. The acquarium needed cleaning so Joy decided that the turtles needed a bath too! The mud turtle lives in the turtle pool/sandbox...appropriate for a turtle! Woody is the one who told me about this photo op. Elijah and I went over and snapped a few pics at the start of Elijah's reading time. We had a usual Wednesday school day. Abigail is starting to make a pair of shorts. Today she traced a pattern for her size. So she is ready to go once she has fabric. After lunch I headed to the library and worked a couple of hours. Then came home and cooked supper...a new recipe...Sticky, Sweet, and Spicy chicken...pretty good...it's a "keeper recipe"=I will be making it again. I cleaned up a few of the preparation dishes, but left the rest for Woody as I knew that I had done enough at least for that moment and needed to head to my chair. I sat for a while before blogging. Woody walked to pick up the green car at the mechanics. They checked it over and said that it was just fine (Graham and Nathan's tinkering with it was not the problem!!! What they had done had been done correctly...hooray for Graham and his auto mechanics high school class!). Our mechanic told Woody that we had probably gotten a tank of bad gas. He told Woody to get an additive to put in the gas tank and that should get it working till our next tank of gas! I'm not comfortable driving it till new gas! Woody did get the additive when he went out to run errands. When out and about, he did our mid-week grocery shopping using the green car...wemt to Aldis and Kroger. This afternoon Woody met another outsdide goal...raking up sticks and debris in the neighbor's (Nathan and Kathy's) front yard and getting it all mowed for the first time. He took it on himself since he had a lot of time invested in the grass that he had planted. I walked around this morning and gave all our new plants a drink. So far we have kept the plants alive! We had a pretty warm day today...back to summer-like temperatures. Cold one day and hot the next...that's Tennessee at this time of the year!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

HOME RUN!!!!!!

Woody and I were only able to attend one ball game this evening as both games were at the same time. Since Kathy and the girls and Isaac and Joseph were going to Joy and Esther's game, I thought that we should go to Elijah's game so pictures could be taken at both. On Elijah's first at bat, he hit an infield home run due to fielding errors...he was happy none the less...just to round the bases without stopping! Scored the same as one that went waaaaaaaaaaaaaay out in the outfield or over the fence! It was another good game for the Giants, Elijah's team...they won another. As soon as Elijah's game ended, Woody and I took off to try to get in the last bit of Joy and Esther's game, but they were coming out as we got there...so here is the only photo that I got of their game:
Joy was happy as she had hit the ball...though she was thrown owu. Esther drew a walk or two. They fun despite a loss. Woody walked four miles this morning. He has worked in the yard off and on. We followed the Monday schedule for school today since Kathy's Bible study is over for this school year. Joy put in the last few pictures that I had printed and then started planning a summer sewing project. She has decided that she wants to make a small quilt. It was a lovely day and when my readers came over we sat in the glider on the front porch while we read...we watched a few birds come to the feeder. After lunch, I went to get a hair cut. After that I made a quick stop at WalMart to get some more bird food. When I got home, Elijah came over for his long time. We read and then worked on bird feeders. When we got back from the ball game, Woody headed off to the Prayer Room at church. He drove tonight since he had already walked this morning. He is now home. I have been working with the computer...or perhaps I should say that the computer has been working against me for about an hour and a half...it just didn't want to cooperate about photos or the blog tonight. I am going to hit publish and hope that it will act better tomorrow night! Feeling frustrated on my end! Not sure how the computer is feeling!

Monday, May 8, 2017

Evening of Make-Up Ball Games

Finally a dry enough day to make up a couple of games that both Elijah's and Joy's and Esther's teams had missed due to rain. Woody and I headed off to Elijah's ball game a little after 5pm. At 6pm, Woody left the game to go to Monday night prayer meeting at church. A little before 6:30, Kathy and all the kids except for Elijah, headed off to drop Graham off at his Civil Air Patrol meeting and then head on to the girls' game that was to start at 7pm. I stayed to watch the rest of Elijah's game and get any pictures...especially the score board. Elijah's team won handily this evening. After Elijah's game was over, Nathan, Elijah and I headed off to the girls' game. Woody arrived at the girls' game just as we got there. The game started shortly after we got there. At a point during the game, Kathy got a text from Graham that his meeting was ending early this evening. They were going to have a friend bring Graham...but they got a text from the friend asking Nathan if Nathan had jumper cables! So Nathan took off to jump a vehicle where Graham was having his meeting. Graham and Nathan got back before the game was over. I came home with Woody and the rest of the crew split up between their two vehicles. It was a game of musical cars rather than musical chairs! The girls' team lost...but it was a good game. They played one of the best teams and held their own for most of the game. It has been a rather long day...and an especially long evening for the two of us out on the town so late! Woody did a lot of yard work...raking, mowing, weeding, etc. I even did a little yardwork (not my forte!). I did a little weeding, dead-headed flowers, and watered a few things. Then I sat on the porch and enjoyed looking at all our new plants and taking pictures of birds and reading a little. I didn't have school as they were on their return trip from several weekend juggling gigs. It was a beautiful day to sit on the porch...a nice breeze and farily cool temperatures. Woody went to the Life Care and had Bible study with Jeff.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Our gardens grow with lots of joint effort. Woody looked forward to help with the weeding and mulching today. Melany, Wade, and Erin came and spent part of the morning and most of the afternoon with us. Woody started out the day getting our Saturday errands run early so he would get home before the Proctors arrived. He went to WalMart and made a stop at the library. After he got home, he headed out to the garden to get some more done before they got here. Melany got right to work and worked along side her daddy for a little while...I'm glad that I got to snap this picture before they moved to different areas of the garden. Erin and I worked on lunch...as did Woody when he took a break from gardening. We ate lunch and then headed back to the garden. I even put in a little time weeding. Wade headed off to buy me "some" plants for Mother's Day...he bought waaaaay more than "some!" I even got some herbs for our back porch herb gardens. Got hanging baskets, lots of pretty flowers, and some ornamental plants...someone to plant them...now to just keep them alive!!!!! Nice early Mother's Day visit...lots of pretty flowers and plants...visiting time with them...and some chocolates! What could have made the day more perfect...well, it would have been nice if Alex could have been here, but he is still at college...and will probably be staying most of the summer in Cookeville since he has an apartment. He's "supposed" to be looking for a job...time will tell on that one! This afternoon there was a threat of rain and it did start to sprinkle before all the plants got planted...Melany put the last plant in the ground when there was the first rumble of thunder...perfect timing. We picked up all the gardening paraphenalia and then adjourned to the front porch to enjoy the rain...just the right amount for the new plants...not long and not hard. It was a very cool day so very pleasant to be out working in the yard.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Cinco de Mayo

I decided that a photo taken in AZ would fit the bill today for Cinco de Mayo. We have had a stay indoors and try to stay dry and warm day. It has rained or at least drizzled almost all day. I never saw the thermometer read above the upper 40's today, but I just checked and the thermometer said that today's high was 51.6...chilly and damp! I spent a good part of the day tidying up the house. Melany and family are planning to come tomorrow. The plans are for them to help with weeding and mulching the gardens...weeding should be easy with all the rain we have gotten...I just hope that the cool temperatures don't hamper their efforts! It shouldn't be too hot that's for sure! I'm not sure which "winter" this is...but I'm hoping that our "winters" are about over. Brrrrrr! Woody fixed the marinade for the meat that we plan to cook tomorrow...meat is marinating away in the fridge. He also fixed some balsamic mushrooms...pretty good...though I didn't eat but one as one of the only foods that I have connected with some of my gout attacks is mushrooms...so these days I try to stay away from them. I think that I forgot to mention yesterday one of the weird concoctions that Woody made yesterday...he was following a recipe...but it just sounded questionable...balsamic strawberries! He made a big batch and shared them with Nathan, Kathy and family for lunch dessert yesterday. We all raised our eyebrows over the sound of balsamic vinegar mixed with strawberries (and, the smell of the vinegar permeating the house made us raise them even higher)...but, in the end, we all agreed that it did make a very good and tasty dessert. He made a reduction with the balsamic vinegar and there was no vinegar taste at all. Presently Woody is challenging our old computer to a game of Scrabble. I'm heading back downstairs to finish up a couple of cleaning jobs in the kitchen before I retreat to my chair for the evening. Happy Cinco de Mayo 2017!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

May the Fourth Be With You!

I was certain that I would find a picture of one of the neighbor boys (or girls) in something that was Star Wars. I finally found this picture from last summer when Esther made this Star Wars-type mask using her Osmo Masterpiece app...so this one will have to do for the day! I think that I recognize Isaac's eyes behind the mask. Today is also the National Day of Prayer. If I hadn't found this picture, I was going to go back a few years when Woody and I were at The National Institutes of Health on the National Day of Prayer (May 5, 2011). Woody had surgery on May 5th and after he was settled back in his room and sleeping, I ventured out onto the NIH grounds and found their Day of Prayer gathering and snapped a couple of pictures. Woody, (much healthier six years later!) on this National Day of Prayer, headed out early and walked four miles. It was good that he walked early as it has rained off and on a good part of the day. I had a usual Thursday school day. Isaac and Joseph got out the play doh at the end of their time and played happily in the school room while I read with three of their siblings. They didn't pick up their play doh items until it was time for Abigail to come for her long time. Abigail completed catching up her sewing notebook and then picked out some more fabric to make another zipper bag. I worked on Sunday's Sunday School lesson this afternoon. Woody went next door late afternoon so Nathan and Kathy could have a date night. He just walked back in the door. I have done some straightening up in the guest room...after quite a few finished projects from Abigail and Joy, it was time to gather up some of the supplies and take them back to my sewing room! I'm thinking about dragging the vacuum out...if I have enough energy at this end of the day. I did take a nap late afternoon...so perhaps energy can be found!