Thursday, May 4, 2017

May the Fourth Be With You!

I was certain that I would find a picture of one of the neighbor boys (or girls) in something that was Star Wars. I finally found this picture from last summer when Esther made this Star Wars-type mask using her Osmo Masterpiece this one will have to do for the day! I think that I recognize Isaac's eyes behind the mask. Today is also the National Day of Prayer. If I hadn't found this picture, I was going to go back a few years when Woody and I were at The National Institutes of Health on the National Day of Prayer (May 5, 2011). Woody had surgery on May 5th and after he was settled back in his room and sleeping, I ventured out onto the NIH grounds and found their Day of Prayer gathering and snapped a couple of pictures. Woody, (much healthier six years later!) on this National Day of Prayer, headed out early and walked four miles. It was good that he walked early as it has rained off and on a good part of the day. I had a usual Thursday school day. Isaac and Joseph got out the play doh at the end of their time and played happily in the school room while I read with three of their siblings. They didn't pick up their play doh items until it was time for Abigail to come for her long time. Abigail completed catching up her sewing notebook and then picked out some more fabric to make another zipper bag. I worked on Sunday's Sunday School lesson this afternoon. Woody went next door late afternoon so Nathan and Kathy could have a date night. He just walked back in the door. I have done some straightening up in the guest room...after quite a few finished projects from Abigail and Joy, it was time to gather up some of the supplies and take them back to my sewing room! I'm thinking about dragging the vacuum out...if I have enough energy at this end of the day. I did take a nap late perhaps energy can be found!

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