Tuesday, May 9, 2017

HOME RUN!!!!!!

Woody and I were only able to attend one ball game this evening as both games were at the same time. Since Kathy and the girls and Isaac and Joseph were going to Joy and Esther's game, I thought that we should go to Elijah's game so pictures could be taken at both. On Elijah's first at bat, he hit an infield home run due to fielding errors...he was happy none the less...just to round the bases without stopping! Scored the same as one that went waaaaaaaaaaaaaay out in the outfield or over the fence! It was another good game for the Giants, Elijah's team...they won another. As soon as Elijah's game ended, Woody and I took off to try to get in the last bit of Joy and Esther's game, but they were coming out as we got there...so here is the only photo that I got of their game:
Joy was happy as she had hit the ball...though she was thrown owu. Esther drew a walk or two. They fun despite a loss. Woody walked four miles this morning. He has worked in the yard off and on. We followed the Monday schedule for school today since Kathy's Bible study is over for this school year. Joy put in the last few pictures that I had printed and then started planning a summer sewing project. She has decided that she wants to make a small quilt. It was a lovely day and when my readers came over we sat in the glider on the front porch while we read...we watched a few birds come to the feeder. After lunch, I went to get a hair cut. After that I made a quick stop at WalMart to get some more bird food. When I got home, Elijah came over for his long time. We read and then worked on bird feeders. When we got back from the ball game, Woody headed off to the Prayer Room at church. He drove tonight since he had already walked this morning. He is now home. I have been working with the computer...or perhaps I should say that the computer has been working against me for about an hour and a half...it just didn't want to cooperate about photos or the blog tonight. I am going to hit publish and hope that it will act better tomorrow night! Feeling frustrated on my end! Not sure how the computer is feeling!

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