Monday, May 1, 2017

Isaac's Choice

Isaac is over here while the rest of his family are at ball practices. I let him choose tonight's picture. He said that Joseph would really like the picture of the horses. I had started to blog a while ago and got distracted and just now thought about it...after getting water and a little snack for Isaac and playing one rousing game of Chutes and Ladders...that left Grammy waaaaay down on the board when Isaac was declared the winner! I just did too many bad things and had to slide down too many chutes! Isaac was just picked no little boy here to watch me blog. Woody did a little yard work...not a lot as it was really windy today. He walked four miles. He also went to Life Care to have Bible study with Jeff and visited with another friend. I had a usual Monday school day. Joy got her sewing notebook caught back up and I found the pictures of one of her projects that we hadn't been able to locate. I printed those and we're waiting for them to dry so she can add them the next time she is over here. After finishing the notebook, she decided that she would read in her book...she is nearing the end and she said that it was really getting exciting. After lunch, Elijah came over for his long time. He spent half the time building with K'nex and the other half doing a math game with the Osmo app. I rested for a bit after his long time and then I headed to the kitchen to make our supper. We had Chunky Tomato Sauce with Italian of my favorite pasta sauces. We had it over linguine. As I was taking my last bite, Isaac came over. He had his screen time on their iPad and then he did several other things...including the rousing Chutes and Ladders game. Woody went to Monday night prayer meeting at church. He is home and settled in downstairs in his chair surrounded by TV, books, puzzles, etc. to keep him occupied for the evening. I am ready to head to my chair to either watch something on my iPad or read...or doze! But first I must head next door as when I typed about Isaac using their iPad over here, I realized that he had left it over I am off to return it and then heading to my sewing tonight. I did finish another skirt last night. Now I have a knit top of some sort and a pair of jeans in the planning stages...need to decide on patterns before I can get started on them. I am enjoying being back in sewing mode. Welcome, May!

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