Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A Three Hour Trip

We started out a little before eight this morning for the Highland Rim area of Middle Tennessee...pictured to the right.  It was time for my six-month check-in with my personal care physician, who has her office in McMinnville, TN.  Today the to and from trip was 2/3 of the three hours away. It was a pretty day to take a few photos through the windshield on the trip.  Even managed to get a shot of a barn and a worker in one of the fields that we passed along the way.  My doctor and I continue to map a plan to deal with my gout...upping one med and waiting to see if my lab work shows the improvements that she is wanting.

I didn't have school today due to my morning
appointment.  After lunch, I headed to the church library to work for a couple of hours.  Tonight I cooked some pasta to finish off the marinara sauce that I made the other day.

Woody is changing his shopping routine.  Kroger no longer has Senior Adult discounts on Wednesday, but they do have double gas points on the weekend so he is going to start doing all our grocery shopping on Fridays. He did do some yard work today...his exercise of choice today...not really a good time to walk today due to my appointment this morning and then it was a rather hot day to go for a walk in the afternoon.  While I was at the library working, he did yardwork and also made liquid gold = vegetable broth.  He has also been doing a different type of word puzzles than his usual crosswords.

Hot summery temps here in Middle TN close to 90 if it didn't get there.  Humidity is supposed to be on the rise...oh, boy (not)! After all these years of living in Tennessee, I am still an Arizona dry heat kind of  person!

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