Thursday, May 11, 2017

Bad Call!

I'll start off tonight's blog with highlights of the girls' softball game. The main thing that was noted by our family as well as the rest of the team, parents on our side, as well as family members for the other team...Esther was safe when she slid in...BUT the ump was behind the pitcher so didn't have a clear view of it. We said that we were giving her credit for that run! She was actually sitting on the base when the catcher tagged her and knocked her helmet off and bumped Esther's nose. But good sportsmanship abounded and the game was continued without protest except in our minds! I will now post a picture of her sliding "again" safely in...this time adding to their team's score! She is blocked by her teammate...but that is her leg that you see on base! She stole home when the catcher missed the pitched ball.
Joy had an exciting ball night too. Their usual short stop wasn't able to be there tonight and Joy was chosen to play shortstop. She took it very seriously as you can see by the expression on her face. She also crossed the plate a couple of times helping to pile up the numbers on their side of the score board. Their team won despite the bad call...12-3.
Woody got up early and headed off for a six mile walk. He continued working in the yard. Today he started raking up sticks and debris in our back yard and mowing after he got a section cleared. I had a usual Thursday school day. Esther had her long time and finished a section on her cross stitch project...slow progress...but progress none the less. This afternoon I sat for a while on the front porch and just enjoyed the breeze and watched birds coming in to eat from the feeders. And, I walked around the yard deadheading, pulling a few weeds, watering, and snapping a few pictures while checking out how everything was growing.
Later in the afternoon I took a short nap...and not long after I awakened it was time to head to the ball park...where the blog started tonight!

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