Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Adieu, January!

And, what a beautiful last day of January it has been! The weather was very spring-like and then the beautiful sunset that I captured out our bedroom window just a little while ago. We definitely got a preview of Spring! Woody has spent a lot of time outside working in the yard. He has blown leaves and gotten underway with cleaning up the gardens around the house...getting the leaves out of the flower gardens is quite a job! I ventured out for another first today...went shopping with a friend for a little while this morning. After shopping she and I stopped and visited with another friend. That was the first time that I had been in a store this year. It was also the first time that I have written this year's date on a check...always hard to make a new year's number come out of the pen those first few times! I came home and ate lunch and then set back to work on getting Christmas put away. Today's job meant reorganizing part of the shelves in the buffet in the dining room. I needed to put something else in it so had to rearrange which meant taking everything out of that side. I managed to throw a few things away, put a couple of other things in other places and thus make room to put the new items in...success! By the time that I got that done I was ready to head back to my recliner...I had been "up and at um" for quite a while at that point in the day. I probably stayed up a bit too long as not long after I sat down I started having spasms in my back (another way I could describe what happened is that my back "seized up"...or that is what it seemed like to me)! I think that all the lying around that I have done has probably weakened muscles in my back. This is the second time that this has happened since I have been back up and doing things. I just have to remember the word "gradually!" I grabbed my heating pad and tried to relax and after a couple of the spasms "things" got better! While I was downstairs working on undecorating, the phone rang and I was surprised to hear my doctor on the other end of the line. She was calling to check to see how I and "my gout" were doing. I filled her in on the latest and greatest. She wants me to go on and start taking two of my gout tablets each day...oh, boy...not sure if I am ready or not...just hope that the daily taking of two doesn't trigger anything! But guess I will follow my doctor's orders/suggestions! Woody left a while ago to walk to the prayer room at church. Before he left I gingerly got up to make sure that I wouldn't crumple into a ball when I attempted to walk across the room. All was well so he headed off. He has yet to return. I am going back to my chair and do some reading. I finished another book last night. That put the total number of books that I have read this month/year at 12...well ahead of my goal of one a week! I have two more going at the moment...one that I can physically turn pages and hold in my hand...the other on my iPad where I swipe to turn pages. I'm enjoying them both. Hopefully I won't have as much time on my hands to read this coming month. I love to read, but there comes a time when other things really need to be done...but am glad that I have had all these good reads to fill up my time while not being able to move around much. And, these words bring a close to the January's blogs for 2017. I started this blog in January 2009...January 7th, 2017 started the 9th year. Time flies when you're having fun...and even when you're not!

Monday, January 30, 2017

Lots of Ups and Downs!

The "ups and downs" for me today have been lots of trips up and down the stairs and up and down the step ladder. All the Christmas decorative items you see on top of the china cabinet and hutch have been removed...quite a job. All Christmas decorations in the dining room now are either in their boxes or on the dining room table awaiting me finding their boxes. In the process of doing this I also put away some other things when I came upon their boxes. The Precious Moments nativity is all tucked away in their boxes and gave joined the growing pile of boxes in the upstairs hallway. I haven't found all the angel boxes yet. I will admit to lots of rest periods today but at least I did manage to accomplish something...several more steps in getting closer to the goal of having Christmas put away...still lots to do, though. I know that I took a nap late morning and when I sat down to rest and read this afternoon, I think that I did more snoozing than reading. I did finisha another book today. I just got through putting away a load of clothes...and I think that does me in for the day! Late morning, Woody went to the Life Care Center to have Bible study with Jeff. This afternoon he walked four miles. And, just a few minutes ago he returned from Monday Night Prayer meeting at church. So we are now in for the night! Let's see more firsts for me for this year...yesterday was the first time that I went to church and the first time that I drove...so little by little I seem to be adding things back into my routine. I'm definitely feeling lots better...guess it will just take a while to build my stamina back up.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Just a "So-So" Saturday

I noticed the other day on one of my two trips out of the house this year that the jonquils and daffodils have popped their little heads up out of the earth. It won't be long till we have the color of flowers back! Woody did his usual Saturday errands--a grocery stop or two, the library, and visiting church members at our local hospital. I guess that it is too much to ask that I have two good days in a row! Yesterday I was feeling so much better (until late in the evening). And, today...hasn't been the greatest of days. One or a combination of the meds that I take seems to have messed with my digestive system. I had noticed for most of the week that I wasn't feeling the greatest and that food wasn't all that appealing to me. I had been quite careful with what I ate this past week...steered away from too many raw veggies, etc. as my "stomach" just wasn't feeling right. Well, last night I really got to feeling bad. Today I have steered away from anything that isn't quite bland...as in the BRAT diet. My stomach/digestive problems seem to be much better this evening but I am still being careful. I have slept off and on most of the day. I am through taking the new gout medicine and I know that I noticed last night that the itching that I have been having in the late evening and in the middle of the night didn't happen...that was a pleasant realization...that itching had been interrupting my sleep for some time. Now if it will only be, that once this med gets out of my system and my system knows it is gone, that my digestive system will be back to normal. I'm ready! It was a month ago today's date that my first gout pain reared its ugly head...at least the gout pain is gone for that attack...a very good thing. Woody and I are both settling in for another quiet Saturday evening. Woody is downstairs reading or working crossword puzzles and watching TV. I guess I will go back to my recliner and continue my day of dozing! Whenever this gets totally over I should be close to caught up on sleep! I have certainly slept a lot over the last month...along with reading (haven't even felt like reading today), playing solitaire on my iPad, watching reruns on my iPad, studying my camera manuals that I have on my iPad, etc. Hoping that I feel like getting back to undecorating in the next day or so! At the rate that I am going the tree will still be up this coming Christmas!

Friday, January 27, 2017

Last Refrains

Our Carolers have gathered once again in front of the Christmas tree for just a carol or two more before they get tucked away in their boxes till next Christmas! This afternoon Abigail, Joy, and Elijah came over and packed away the Fisher Price Nativity sets thus clearing the coffee table so the carolers could gather for their annual last sing. Soon the refrains of carols will only be a memory for this year! I have continued to put away Christmas today...still seems just like what I have done is only a couple of drops in the bucket when I look around and see all that still has to be put away...but I guess each item that gets tucked into its box is one step closer...just a slow process. It is still hard for me to go up and down the stairs too often and this is a job that requires a lot of going up and down. I rest in between boxes that get put back in the upstairs hallway...and that rest sometimes turns into a nap! Woody has been chief cook and bottle washer today. He made French toast for our breakfast, veggie burritos for lunch, and Winter Soup for supper. I imagine that he is beginning to wonder if I will ever take back over in the kitchen! He definitely has tried recipes that he wouldn't usually make. He is a very good cook! Despite all his cooking today, he did get in a four-mile walk this afternoon. One last piece of info about Woody and me that I will leave you with this evening...49 years ago today Woody asked me to marry him! Boy...a lot of water has gone under that proverbial bridge!

Thursday, January 26, 2017


I had school with the little boys this morning. Then I pretty much did "not a lot" for the rest of the day. I did get Graham's pants lengthened a bit and rebasted. He tried them on and we are going to go with this length. Woody walked four miles this afternoon. This has been another day when I just didn't have much energy so read, lengthened pants, basted the hems, and napped. Woody has read, watched some TV, has done crossword puzzles, etc. We are both settled in for the evening. I'm ready for my energy to rush back in!!!! I'm hoping to get back to undecorating tomorrow and over the weekend. Time will tell whether my body will be willing or just my mind!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Wednesday--Last One for January

Our routine was actually pretty normal for Wednesday...for a change...at least for me! I had school with Joseph and Isaac. Woody headed off to do his Wednesday Kroger and Aldis grocery shopping. Graham came over in the morning with his Civil Air Patrol uniform pants. They need to be hemmed. I made an attempt to mark them to the right length and then basted them up. He came back over this afternoon and we decided that they need to be a bit longer so I will rebaste and see if that length is better. At this point in his growth...better to have them too long than either just right or too short! Guess his first inspection wearing this uniform will tell if we came close to regulation length! After lunch I enlisted Woody to take me to the church library as I needed to take in a box of books and I felt like I didn't need to carry them in myself. That is all the library work that I did today...for that matter all that I have done this month! Donna and Fran did go in and put the place back to rights! It has been rather neglected due to me not being able to get around. I didn't stay at the library as I had a hair appointment. Since Woody took me to the library he just continued on my journey of the day and took me for my appointment. He stayed in the car while I got my hair cut and then we came home. At that point I was rather tired...been a busy day! That was my first time out and about in the car since Christmas. This has been a rather long month for me...though I can't believe that it is almost time for February already. I think that I just lost January somewhere along the way this year while I sat in my chair! My first gout pain struck December 28...so it didn't last quite a month. I would say that that attack is behind me. I just need to regain strength that I lost sitting around for several weeks. Woody went for a four mile walk this afternoon after he got home from running me around for my errands. We are now settled in for the evening. I have been reading, reading, reading. I think that I am on my 11th book for this year...so at this point in the year I am above my goal of reading at least one book a week. I put my name on the waiting list for several e-books and I keep getting notified that they are now available. I got one last night and finished it this morning before I started school with the boys. I will admit that I cut into my sleep last night reading...that's what happens when I "get into" a fast, sit on the edge of your seat read. I will be better tonight and get more sleep. I think that today is one of the first days that I haven't actually napped...just rested for a while after getting home from my haircut but didn't actually ever go to sleep. So I think that is a good sign that "things" are on the upward swing as far as my health. I'm ready to feel good! When I got back into the car after my haircut, Woody pointed out a blue bird to me. I wasn't quick enough to capture that one but decided that I would post a blue bird that I captured at another time for tonight's photo.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Great Vanderbilt Report!

Woody headed off this morning a little before 8 and returned a little before 4pm...typical Vanderbilt length of day. All is good/great!!! Scans continue to be clear. When I asked Woody about his report...His answer: "What we expected." Another plus, he doesn't have to go back for four months rather than the three month return that we have been following for a year. It seemed strange not to go with him, but he said that it was good that I didn't go as he had to park about a half-mile away from the imaging center. This imaging center is located in a residential area so not a lot of parking and Woody said that the parking behind the building this morning was covered up. I guess that was about the only "problem" that he encountered today. Everything else went pretty much like clock-work. He didn't get any contrast dye with his CT scans this morning as his creatinine level was high...BUT when he had labs at Vanderbilt his creatinine level was where it ususally is...just a bit high. His doctor said that the high read was probably due to the site where and/or how it was taken? We'll take the Vandy lab read over the imaging center's. I had another day of taking it easy as I wouldn't have had school if I had gone with Woody and we left it that way. I read and worked some more on undecorating...the pile of boxes is building up...slowly...but at least that job is underway...wonder how long it will take me this year! I also took a couple of naps in the eight hours that Woody was away. I can feel my strength building daily, though it seems to be taking all too long to build back up! I must be patient! Woody left for the prayer room at church a little after he ate supper. I am heading back to my chair to read. I think I have boxed up enough Christmas for today.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Easing Back Into Routine

Today I started back slowly into having school...just Joseph and Isaac. I also "started" putting away Christmas decorations...which amounts to stacking up the Christmas books and putting one item into its box...but...it is a start! Yesterday I left the house for the first time this year. I walked next door for Joseph's birthday. I also made my first pot of soup since getting sick--chicken noodle--maybe it will be good for what ails me!?! I am doing much better. Walking and moving around is getting much easier. But I still tire very easily...naps seem to be a necessity. But all in all I definitely feel like I am improving steadily. Woody made pumpkin pudding for the neighbors this morning. After lunch he went to the Life Care Center. This evening he is at Monday night prayer meeting. We never got a call about instructions prior to his CT scans in the morning. I never know which tests that they say not to exercise 24 hours prior to...but since he didn't hear from them he went on and walked to prayer meeting...he says that isn't exercise anyway! Oh, well... I don't think that I will attempt to go with him to Vanderbilt tomorrow...I'm afraid that the number of hours away might be too much for me to handle at this point in my "recovery." Woody made brownies for dessert for us tonight. He just returned from his non-exercise walk back from the church. He left again (this time in the car) to go visit one of his deacon family members who is in the hospital.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Newest Play Critic

Today was the day that Isaac (newly 5) and his daddy went to see "Paw Patrol Live" in Nashville. Now, Isaac dearly loves anything Paw Patrol and has watched all their cartoon shows many times over. He knew the story line of this live show as he had seen it in the cartoon form. He and his dad just got home and I asked Isaac how he liked it. He said that it was great EXCEPT...they had gotten one part of the story WRONG! They rescued the mayor from the water instead of a tree! So...moral of this story...best not to change the story line too much when it is being seen by young children who KNOW the story! Sounds like he had a very fun time! And, I think that wraps up celebrating Isaac's fifth birthday...now on to celebrating Joseph's third birthday which is tomorrow. Party! Party! Party! January is a very busy birthday month next door. Esther came over to report about her basketball game. She scored four baskets today...so she made 8 of the total 12 points for her team's victory. Good day for the Dorrells! Woody got up and walked part of his walk early this morning. Later in the afternoon he went out and completed his four miles...or perhaps between the two he went a bit more than four. Woody did his usual Saturday morning errands...visited at the hospital, went to the library, did our shopping at Kroger and I think went back to Aldis. While he was gone, I ventured downstairs and made chicken salad for our lunch...or whenever...I ended up eating some for supper! That first time cooking effort (in three weeks) took so much out of me I ended up sleeping several hours after I got back up to my chair. It is taking a bit to get my strength back. I am determined to get up and do a little more each day...but looks like it will be slow-go at getting totally back to "normal." Hopefully slow and steady will win the race!?!

Friday, January 20, 2017


I think that I have made progress today. I actually ventured downstairs at three different times. I sat downstairs for a while a couple of the times. The last time I went down to give Woody information about his upcoming Vandy appointments. We got another friendly automated call from Vandy a little while ago reminding him about his scan appointments. I hadn't realized that the scans would be done at an "off-site" imaging center. I either didn't know this when they were made or I had forgotten. Earlier Woody and I had been talking about his upcoming appointments. Woody is thinking that he will be going by himself this time as we're not sure that I will be able to walk as much as will be needed. I still feel rather wobbly. I forgot to tell in last night's blog about yesterday's progress...I can once again get shoes on. That means that the swelling is waaaay down...a very good thing. After spending a couple of hours downstairs this morning, I was ready to head back up to "my recliner" and rest. It wasn't long after I was seated that I dozed. I still don't have a lot of stamina...but, I guess, when I consider that it was three weeks ago today that this all started, it is understandable that I am a bit weak after not doing much for all that time. My problem in nogotiating the stairs is that when you go up the stairs you are supposed to lead with your "good" leg/foot and when you go down you are to lead with your "bad" leg/foot. Well, neither legs/feet are all that great. I have decided that my left leg is my "good" leg since it never had a knee problem. But the left foot is the one that got the worst as far as pain and swelling...so it still resists a bit being considered the "good one!" Woody went for a four-mile walk after lunch (while I was napping). We are both now settled in for the evening with TV, books, iPad, etc. Another "exciting" Friday evening in our household!!!!!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Walker Aside

Woody got up and walked four miles first thing. I think that he walked early to get ahead of the rain. It has rained a good portion of the day...just a steady rain. I made up my mind that today I would put my walker aside and attempt to get my legs "back under me." I have done pretty well, but I am still not going to win any races. Woody went next door this morning looking for some boys to help him take aluminum cans to the "can man." Isaac and Joseph volunteered. Once they got the cans turned in, they came back to the house because the rest of their family was at the church having juggling practice. I decided that I could use their help in the school room. It needed some things put away and back in their proper places before we could hold school in the room once again. Isaac and Joseph were a big help. I managed to get into the room and then sat down in a chair and asked them to do various things and by the time we worked for a while, it once again looked like a school room. Before we started on the school room I had the boys go in and decide if we could have school in there and they both came and reported that we couldn't. So by the time they finished they could see that once again we could have school. They even both sat down at the little table and got some of the school things out and had a little session of school by thenselves. I was ready to head back to my chair. After lunch I was ready for a nap and the rain on the roof lulled me to sleep pretty quickly! Woody is next door as Kathy and Nathan have gone on a date. I don't have any great plans to do anything except read or do something that can be done in my chair for the rest of the evening. My little cleaning venture of the morning was enough for one day! Hoping to build my strength up a little each day now that I am back to being able to move under my own steam. Heading back to my recliner to read and listen to the rain on the roof.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Wednesday Rolls Around Again

Pretty much the "same ol', same ol' Wednesday routine" around here...at least for Woody...and the same routine for me for quite a few weeks now! Woody went to Aldis and Krogers today and did our mid-week grocery shopping. I sat in my chair and read and snoozed. I talked to my sister on the phone after lunch. Woody went on a four-mile walk. I read and snoozed some more...there seems to be a pattern in what I have been doing for 2 1/2 weeks now and I'm hoping that said pattern will be broken shortly! Definitely I am in a lot less pain. My feet still don't feel right due to some swelling...I guess. I have had two doses of the new med and will shortly have the third...hoping that it is targeting what it is supposed to target! We got a recorded message a little while ago reminding us of Woody's appointments at Vanderbilt next week. I will end by wishing Kathy a very happy birthday. We got some of her birthday cake shared with us...made with duck eggs. Quack! Quack! They have found out that Joseph can have duck eggs in place of the hen eggs that he is alergic to.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Light at the End of the Tunnel?

I am hopeful that I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! The doctor's office did call me today. The doctor had gotten my email and had printed it off to respond to me...and I guess it got lost in the shuffle. Anyway...they had gotten my resend of the email this morning (I guess it was waiting for them after Martil Luther King holiday yesterday). The doctor wants me to continue on the schedule that she has me on for the gout medication. She also phoned in a prescription for a med that is supposed to stop the gout attack (my light at the end of the tunnel...hopefully). The medication is rather pricey...but Woody decided that it wasn't out of the question price-wise and picked it up this afternoon. I am to take this med twice a day. I have taken my first dose. I am COUNTING on it to work...positive thinking! I had another rough time with pain in my right foot in the night and this morning...but it does seem better this evening. I am still too wibbly-wobbly to let go of the walker quite yet...but hopefully in a few days! It has been sort of a drippy day and this evening we keep having gusts of wind. At the moment things seem calm. Woody walked to the pharmacy this afternoon to pick up our prescriptions. Then after supper he walked to the prayer room at church and has yet to return. I have spent my time today and yesterday with my nose buried in my iPad reading e-books. I finished the one that I was reading yesterday and then checked out another on my iPad that I am now more than half-way through. Enjoying my escape through reading! I have also done a lot of dozing. I didn't sleep well last night due to the pain in my foot...so I read. Woody brought me my breakfast and I ate fairly early this morning and then I dozed and slept away most of the morning. Isaac and Joseph came over for a little while before lunch. They told me a little about their trip to the Nashville Zoo yesterday. Isaac came back for a while after lunch and brought the zoo map so I could see what animals they saw. Then this later this afternoon Joy and Eljah spent some time in the school room doing Snap Circuits...my little electricians! I had planned to start up school again in the morning...but am just not up to it yet so put off starting till Monday...hopefully by then...Tuesday Woody goes back to Vanderbilt for scans, labs and to see the doctor. I definitely have a goal of being able to walk without walker by then...guess time will tell! Now for these new pills to get to work! Watching for that light at the end of the tunnel of gout!

Monday, January 16, 2017

What's Happenin'?

This little squirrel is just checking in on you, our blog readers! Decided that I needed to check on you since you all check on us when you read the blog! Woody had a rather busy day. Me? Well, I continue to spend most of my time reclining. I definitely continue to improve, but still am rather limited in my movement. I have considered walking off without my walker several times today, but find that I need it close as I never know when a pain will shoot through one of my feet and sort of knock me off my feet...not really...but having sporadic pain in both feet make me a bit unstable. So, I guess, better safe than sorry...the walker stays near me and I am not venturing very far...coming into the sewing room to blog is about as far as I have ventured today...my main trips during the day continue to be to the bathroom and back to my chair. I am no longer needing Woody's assistance to get into a standing position...a good thing for both of us! My main activity today was to finish my third book for this year. It was a book that a friend wrote that I had bought and I had started it in late summer and because it wasn't a library book I didn't have a time limit for completing it. I read other books while reading it and then put it aside when the holidays were upon us and I was busy sewing, etc. I hadn't checked out an e-book in a while so I went to the online part of our library and found a book in a series that was available that I hadn't read yet. So I have enjoyed reading on that most of the afternoon...when I wasn't dozing! Woody got us a treat at Dairy Queen for lunch...a Blizzard. We both enjoyed them. Today was definitely a treat as he used a buy one get one free coupon that had come over the internet and then used a gift card that a dear friend gave me for Christmas...so sweet treats thanks to DQ and a friend! More sweet treats to come! Woody walked four miles this morning. Later in the afternoon, he went to visit a gentleman in his deacon family and then went to Life Care and had Bible study with Jeff and visited with another friend. Later in the afternoon, he headed to church to pick up Graham. Graham had been at a church youth conference in Pigeon Forge, TN. Graham came in and visited with us for a while after he got back and told us some of the things that he and the group had done over the long weekend. Woody left a little while ago for Monday night prayer meeting at church and after that he and a friend are planning to go visit a couple from our church. As you can tell, Woody has been on the move today. He also did some raking this morning. Guess I will head back to my e-book and do some more reading. I am more than half-way through this book. It's a fast and enjoyable read. I've enjoyed getting lost in the story/mystery.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Mid-January's Fast Approach

I can't believe that mid-January is almost here...and, that I have spent most of it in my recliner! I will say that it doesn't seem possible that we are this far into January...but I will also say that these last two weeks have just crept by. I do think that I am on the mend. I have been much better today, though, I still spent most of the day in the recliner as I am attempting not to aggrivate either my feet or my knee. I have had some pain in my hip today...not sure if it is a catch in the hip or if some gout has crept up there. Heat seems to have helped and it isn't bothering me as much as it did at the start of the day. Woody did his usual Saturday errands. He came home and made veggie burritos for our lunch. Later in the afternoon he went on a four-mile walk. Isaac and Joseph spent some time over here. They were filling me in on Isaac's birthday party with friends that happened next door this morning. Sounds like a wild and good time was had by all!

Friday, January 13, 2017

Positive and Negative

Well, on the positive the swelling in my feet and knees seems to be going down. That, though, leads to a negative in that the pain in my feet is once again more...so it is harder for me to get around. Today starts in on the third week with "this mess!" I'm ready for it to all be a positive report. Still haven't heard from the doctor...and, of course Monday is a holiday...so...Oh, well, this too will pass with or without the doc's imput! Woody has had a busy day. He undertook making one of our favorite soups. It was much appreciated when lunch time rolled around. After lunch Woody went on a four-mile walk. Some of the children have been in and out at various times today. Isaac stayed till it was time to go with Kathy and part of his siblings to pick up one of his cousins. Joy voted to stay here so she could finish her school work in peace and quiet...or so she told me! She ended up eating supper here as the trip to pick up the cousin grew longer than planned. She and Goosey (Woody) chose what would be on her menu...she also had the option of leftovers in her fridge...but chose to eat Goosey's offerings. After supper, she got out the box of Snap Circuits and made electrical circuits until her family returned. I continue to mainly sit with my feet up hoping that eventually the swelling AND the pain will go away. I have spent quite a bit of time reading today. I didn't feel like reading early on into this gout bout...but the last couple of days I have gotten back to reading a bit more. If I manage to finish the book that I am reading at present before I go to sleep for the night, then I will be on track for my goal of reading one book a week. Time will tell if I stay on track! If I do...fine...if I don't...no big deal! I decided that I would post a black and white picture due to tonight's title referring to positive and negative. This barn was taken from the car window when we were on our way to AZ for Thanksgiving back in 2010. It was the picture that I thought of when I thought: "black and white."

Thursday, January 12, 2017


Not much photography going on around here so I am just going into "my archives" and pulling out one that seems a bit cheery! Today has been cloudy once again, but it has warmed up quite nicely. The neighbor grandchildren have enjoyed playing outside today. It was good to hear their cheery voices coming through my windows! I know that it was good for them to get to play and get fresh air. Woody stewed a chicken this morning. We were in need of "Liquid Gold" (broth) once again in our freezer. He also made a large recipe of Italian Cauliflower to take to the church tonight. Our church is feeding the Motlow College athletes this evening. He walked four miles this morning and made a stop at our pharmacy for a couple of prescriptions for me. The first time to use my new Part D prescription plan...looks like my new card/plan worked fine. I continue to just take it easy. I have reclined most of the day and have kept my foot elevated. The swelling seemed some better earlier in the day, but as the evening approaches it is back to being quite swollen. But I am still more mobile so that is good...though I am trying to be good and not move around too much. I haven't heard anything back from my doctor yet, but that doesn't surprise me. I just hope that I hear by early next week. I continue to do a lot of nappimg...certainly not very lively at our house!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Rather Dreary TN Day

Maybe this little bird will brighten up the day! It rained off and on in the morning. Woody did his usual Wednesday Krogering and now he includes Aldis in his stops. This afternoon he walked four miles. I continue to do what I have done now for almost two weeks...NOTHING...or at least next to nothing. My activity of the day that wore me out was taking a shower. I took it after lunch and then slept away most of the afternoon. I also had a nap this morning while Woody was doing the shopping. If nothing else I should be catching up on rest! I need less and less assistance...which is a good thing. My feet continue to be swollen and don't like being walked on all that much...so recliner is where I stay most of the time...with my feet up hoping that will help the swelling. I did email my doctor this afternoon and let her know what has been going on. I need to know if she wants me to up the gout medication next week according to schedule...or if I need to continue on with the amount that I have been taking since December 17...which is one a day. She has me on a schedule that I will be taking 2 a day by the 17th of February which is the amount she wants me on. She is easing me onto the medication as one of the side effects is that it can cause gout attacks when starting on it...ummmm...do you think...or was it just a happen chance that this bout happened...probably will never know. Everytime that I swallow one it makes me wonder if it is going to make my current problems worse! But I have been good and stayed on the scheduled dosage upping the amounts as the doctor instructed. I continue to read, watch reruns of shows on my iPad, play solitaire on my iPad, etc. to pass the time...oh, and sleep! When tomorrow comes to an end this will have lasted two weeks...enough already! Woody continues to be a very good care taker!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Happy #5, Isaac!

Who could be happier than a five-year-old little boy on his birthday?! Isaac loved every minute of his family birthday party...each present topped the one before in his five-year-old eyes. His enthusiasm came across loud and clear! The party venue was changed so Grammy could attend the party...the party came to us rather than us going to the party! I ventured downstairs for the first time in more than a week and we had his birthday party in front of the Christmas tree! He is still very much "into" Paw Patrol and that theme was seen in many of the presents that he received...he surely has close to everything "Paw Patro," but according to him...he doesn't! One of the best presents that he got...though he doesn't realize it yet is that he is going to go with his daddy to see "Paw Patrol Live" later in the month in Nashville. A good time was had by all...as birthdays are always exciting celebrations with this crew! I am definitely more mobile today. I will admit that I am a bit slower this evening than I was earlier in the day...but defintely improving and the pain is definitely subsiding. After the party, I came back upstairs and gladly sank into my recliner. I "thought" that I was going to read...I'm almost finished with a mystery and was at an exciting part...but just couldn't keep awake so took a fairly long nap...guess the partying wore me out! Woody let me direct this morning while he helped me clean off my sewing table so we could fold it down in case we had to have the party in our room. Nice to have that space in our room cleared for a change. He accomplished something that I had been attempting to do for some time now...just never had the time to get it fully done. Woody brought my supper up a while ago and then he headed off to walk to the prayer room at church. He has yet to return. I am ready to head back to my recliner. Happy 5th birthday, Isaac! Your name, Isaac, means "laughter" and you definitely bring much laughter into all our lives.

Monday, January 9, 2017

When Will It End?

I am beginning to wonder when this "gout bout" will end...fast approaching the week-and-a-half mark and end is not in sight as far as I can tell. Pain may be subsiding a little. I was in pretty much constant pain yesterday, but today not so much...though walking is still very difficult. I continue to have trouble getting up and down due to not have a "good leg" to stand up on. I am very ready for this bout to be over! I can come closer to being able to bend my right leg and pain in that leg and foot seems to have lessened greatly...so if only the pain in the left foot would decide to depart. Woody went to the Life Care Center and had Bible study with Jeff. He also stopped and got a present for Isaac. Tomorrow is Isaac's birthday. It sounds like the venue will change slightly...sounds like present opening will happen over here in our bedroom. Isaac came over several times to discuss birthday plans, etc. He's a pretty excited "almost" five-year-old! Woody left a few minutes ago to go to Monday Night Prayer Meeting at church. He did walk four miles this afternoon. The temperatures seem to be on the rise...actually got into the 40's today...a heat wave! Woody made butternut squash and apple soup for our supper. Very good...it hit the spot.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Super Cold!

Not sure if it ever got to 20° today. I had no problem staying indoors today...couldn't have gone out anyway...was glad to stay inside and keep warm! Woody did venture out to do our Saturday errands. He also took a walk this afternoon. My gout remains stubborn. I am less mobile due to both feet hurting. Makes it very hard to stand much less move! I'm trying to be patient...I guess!

Friday, January 6, 2017

Same Song!

Same song second or third or fourth or...verse! Things haven't changed a lot for me. "Perhaps" things are a little better...but still very difficult to maneuver across the floor...staying seated is recommended in my mind! We woke up to a dusting of snow on the yards and white roads. Kathy discovered that they were slick when she attempted to drive Joy to her orthodontist appointment. A pretty steep hill kept her from getting their vehicle to cooperate. So I guess she left it parked and she and Joy walked the rest of the way to the appointment. Woody has stayed in today and didn't walk. Last year on one of our snowy days he twisted his knee on black ice and ended up having to have arthroscopic knee surgery. So he took it very easy and didn't risk another injury due to slick surfaces. He continues to take good care of me. I know that it has to be getting old for him...I know it is getting old for me! I'm ready to have free range in my house again...for the moment our bedroom is my domain. It is very cold here...already in the teens...so Woody has been closing curtains, opening bathroom cabinets, and letting faucets drip. Attempting to keep from having frozen pipes. My main activity today was to manage to take a shower...not an easy endeavor but I was glad to have at least accomplished that. I took my shower a little before lunch, ate lunch and then napped off and on during the afternoon. I haven't even felt like picking up a book to read...maybe I will attempt a little reading after I post. Woody is downstairs either reading or watching TV or a DVD. When I need him I call our landline with my cell phone...more than one way to communicate! Stay warm if you are in a deep freeze like we are!

Thursday, January 5, 2017


Tonight's one word title describes my gout to a "T." It just isn't ready to leave me alone. Tomorrow will be the 7th day since it started...a bout lasts sometimes from a week to a week-and-half. Looks like mine is aiming for the longest time...or at least feels like it won't be gone tomorrow. My knee still doesn't want to bend...but it doesn't hurt as much as it did at first. My right foot is still quite painful when I put any weight on it. And, now it feels like my left foot has gout in it...not as bad as my right...but makes it rather difficult to walk. I can't walk without Woody's Walker. A trip to the bathroom takes just about everything out of me...nap needed by the time I maneuver my way back to my chair! My left side is taking the brunt of any maneuvers along with my arms...strength is gone by this time of the day! As my sister told me...I am a mess! And, I'm ready for "this too to pass!" Woody continues to putter around the house...providing us with food and cleaning up the kitchen, etc. Four of the children came over late this afternoon wanting a "pay job!" He came up with the idea of having them make pumpkin pudding. It became their dessert for this evening. Earlier in the afternoon Woody went on a four-mile walk. (I will be so glad when I can go back to posting on the laptop...the iPad keeps inserting words that I don't mean to write...so if it makes no sense blame it on the iPad!) Oh, just looked back at blog posts and realize that this has been going on since last Friday...so it's been a week today.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Snail's Pace

So far this year things are going at a snail's pace...at least for me pretty much confined to my chair. I'm ready for this bout to be over, but so far it doesn't show that it is ready to give up the fight! I'm ready for the pain to let up so I can move about more easily. I pretty much hurt all over...if it isn't due to the gout, then it is due to me having to strain another part of my body in an attempt to do various things...mainly the effort it takes to get across the room to get to the bathroom and back again. The pain hasn't really ever gone away in the last couple of days...sometimes it is just achy, some times it is a burning pain and sometimes a stabbing pain. Ready for this to all be behind me and get on with life! Woody continues to be a good caretaker and househusband! He did more vacuuming today. He also did his usual Wednesday Krogering and I think a stop at Aldis. This afternoon he walked to and from the public library for his walk of the day.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Bout Redefined

Late last night I realized that what I thought was a knee injury or pulled muscles above the knee was really a gout bout. I realized thins when it got more and more difficult to walk because the pain wasn't just in my leg but was in my foot too. At that point I realized that my problem was gout. I am thankful for Woody's walker to get me across from my chair to the bathroom. And, that is the only place that I have walked today...staying pretty close to my chair. Quite painful to move! Woody has been a good househusban...bringing my meals, even vacuuming the living room. He gathered up the last of the boxes and wrappings that didn't go out with the trash last week. So I guess the living room is finally back to preChristmas state. He just left the house to walk to the prayer room at church. I'm not going to post a picture tonight as I'm not going to walk into the sewing room where the laptop is. I'm pretty happy at the moment to stay in my recliner...hoping that gout symptoms start leaving soon! What a way to start 2017!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy 2017!

The acorns that hang on our Christmas tree remind us that out of something small can come great things...a good thought for the new year. We had a usual Monday...except I didn't have school with the children because my knee/leg is still causing me problems. I decided that another day of rest was needed and decided a little while ago that I would take another day of rest for tomorrow. I have done pretty much nothing today. Joseph kept me company for a while this morning and then Isaac this afternoon. I have also done a lot of dozing, reading, and other things that can be done in my recliner! Woody walked four miles today and also went to Life Care to have Bible study with Jeff and visit with other friends who reside there. Abigail tried another recipe this evening from the cookbook that we gave her and invited us over for supper. Woody went and he brought me mine "to-go." She made bean burgers...reminded me of refried beans...quite good. It started raining a little while ago so we are off to a good start for rain in 2017...praying that we don't have a drought like we had in 2016. Woody is downstairs either watching TV or a DVD and perhaps reading. I am heading back to my chair as soon as I hit "publish." Happy New Year to our readers from Woody and me!