Saturday, April 29, 2017

Summery April Saturday

It was a rather warm into the upper 80's...and I imagine that Kathy and crew thought that it was even hotter as they were outside most of the day doing their yard sale. From all accounts they had a very successful two-day sale...lots sold! Isaac spent a good part of the morning over here. We got busy and did some cleaning. He had been bugging me about needing to vacuum our bedroom floor...which gets neglected when I am sewing because I drop lots of threads, bits of cloth, etc. when I am I usually wait till a sewing spree ends. But today I decided would be a good day to vacuum that room while Isaac was over here. Isaac was a big help. He vacuumed part of the time and he also did some dusting for me. We also did a load of towels (which reminds me they are still in the dryer!). And, I cleaned the downstairs bathroom...about my limit to do in one day when it comes to cleaning! Woody did his usual Saturday errands...library, Aldis, WalMart. His exercise of the day was continuing with mowing the yard. After lunch, I deboned some chicken breasts and got them ready for the freezer. While I was doing that Isaac and Joseph came over and played in the living room. When I finished and went to check on them they had put all the toys away. Happy Grammy! The boys and I then went over to check on whether the yard sale was winding down. They hadn't totally finished, but Kathy was bagging up the clothes that hadn't sold. So I helped for a little while bagging up clothes. After I came home I just sat for a few minutes just to cool off and rest. I cut out two more skirts this morning and then late this afternoon I sewed one of them together. After I publish the blog, I plan to hem the skirt and then thread the elastic through the casing and another skirt will be done. Woody is downstairs relaxing watching TV, and either reading or doing a crossword puzzle. We are both settled in for a quiet evening...typical for a Saturday evening for us. During a break from our work this morning, Isaac and I sat on the front porch and watched for birds to come to the feeders. A little downy woodpecker came to feed at the suet feeder. Before we went outside to watch birds come to the feeder, we stood inside and watched a little tufted titmouse come to the feeder. Isaac thought that was pretty neat to see him fly in and get a seed and then go sit on a branch and hold the seed with its feet and crack and eat the seed...then come back for another.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Memory Lane

This morning I awakened much earlier than usual and when I woke up I decided that I wanted to go look at Zillow (for those who don't know this is a cyber real estate web site). The other day one of my friends on Facebook happened to mention to me that my parents' home was up for sale. This is the second owner since my mother sold many changes. This area in Glendale, AZ is now a historical district and there are shops in many of the homes. Daddy had his law office at the far end of this house and later my sister shared that space with him and had a gift shop. The little shops are falling by the wayside one by one and I guess that "our" house has fallen into that category. The entire house has been turned into a gift lots of walls, doorways, etc. have been changed. My sister and I have been looking at the pictures that have been posted on Zillow. Lots of memories...I didn't live in that house all that long as they bought the house my first year of college and I married Woody a couple of years later. But we as a family have visited and stayed in this house many, many times. Cheryl and I spent time on the phone today looking at the pictures that are posted on Zillow...she in AZ and I in TN...long distance viewing! We finally got all the rooms figured out. Tonight's photo I snapped on one of our visits after Mother moved in with it is not exactly the way it looked when we lived there and doesn't look like it does at present. I will say that it has been kept up very well. It's always a bit sad to see a house you once lived in all run down. I'm wishing that I lived a bit closer so I could go walk through it. The last time that I was in it, it was a shop but the entire house hadn't become a shop so we could only go into a few of the rooms when we went in "to look at the shop." I think that tonight's picture was taken the year that I went into the shop and "checked out" out how things looked (that was Nov. 2010). Besides looking at pictures online of my old house, I continued with my sewing. I did finish my top last evening after I blogged. Today I made a skirt to complete the outfit. And, I've started preparing to cut out another skirt. Woody has had an M&M day = Mulching and Mowing = his exercise of choice for the day. We have just returned from Elijah's baseball game. The other team won...but our boys really did a good job...lots of hits...Elijah made two hits...scored both times and got an RBI. Several of the boys on his team who hadn't gotten hits before got hits's so much fun to see the excitement/amazement over a first hit! So we have had a bit of late (for us) evening...not often are we out and about past 8pm! The neighbors (Nathan & Kathy) had a great yard sale continues tomorrow.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

What a Difference a Month Makes!

Last month, when Marie and I went on our barn photography excursion, there was hardly a leaf on a tree or seen in tonight's photo. Now all the trees are just about completely leafed out. What a difference a month makes! If we were to drive past this barn now, it would hardly be visible from the road as I'm sure that the trees and vines on the fence would be all leafed out. The reason that we like to go out looking for barns in early Spring and late Fall is that leaves, vines, etc. aren't hiding the barns so they are more visible from the road. Woody went on a four-mile walk this morning. Esther came over and cross stitched for her long time. She was my only student this morning as she and her family camped out last night and didn't get home till late morning. They were helping a family with a newly acquired RV learn the ropes of RV Camping. Hope that the other family learned quickly as they headed off on a road trip to New Mexico when they left the camp ground this morning. Nathan and Kathy and family are getting things gathered and ready for a BIG yard sale that is to take place tomorrow and Saturday at their house. So if you are in need of a treasure and live in the area you might want to stop by! Remember one man's trash is another man's treasure! And, this yard has lots from lots of families. This is a fund raiser for Nathan and Kathy and family's mission trip to Poland that they will take later in the year. The girls' softball game, that should be going on right now, was cancelled once again due to the field not being dry enough. This Spring is causing a lot of postponed/make-up games! We had a storm pass through in the night which probably didn't help the field dry out enough despite sunshine for a good part of the day. I have sewn a good portion of the day. My top is almost finished...just a few finishing touches left to do. Woody has worked some in the yard. He also made up a recipe of "his" veggie burger patties made from quinua and veggies and black beans,etc. We had leftovers for supper so I didn't have to cook today. I guess I will head back to do the last stitches on my top and then just sit in my chair and rest and perhaps read for a while this evening. Woody is downstairs with the TV, books, puzzles, etc. to occupy his evening.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Another Wednesday

I had a normal Wednesday for school. Abigail had her long time. She continued to work on her sewing notebook. After we printed out some more pictures that she needed, she typed up title pages for each of her projects. Usually they tell me what they want on the page and I set up the pages and type the information. This time I turned the typing over to Abigail since she is taking typing this semester. She was very happy to be able to do it herself...I was happy too! She started putting the pictures on the pages. She still has a couple project pages to finish and then the sewing notebook will be caught up. Woody went to do out mid-week shopping mid-morning. He got back as Abigail headed back home from her long time. I helped put away groceries, ate a quick bite and then headed to the church library. We got quite a bit got underway on the next set of new books. And we went through some boxes that we had some things stored in...good job started. Woody has worked in the yard today. This morning Woody did some weeding and mulching. This afternoon while I was working at the library, he mowed the front yard. Mowing was his exercise of choice today. I fixed supper shortly after I got home. No sewing so far for me today. I did get some more done last evening. Thinking that I "might" do a little this evening. We have eaten and are now settling in for the evening...TV, books, puzzles, sewing, etc.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Last April Tuesday

Where is the year going? I can't believe that April is almost over. When I realized what the date was today...I then realized that Christmas Day is just eight months away. I'm sure those months will fly by, too! Isaac came over to spend the morning while the rest of the family headed to the church...his mommy to a Bible study and his daddy and siblings to practice juggling. He rode over on his horse and then the horse "decided" to sit and listen to him read! Isaac did several math activities with Magformers and then just built various structures with the Magformers for a while. At a point he remembered that he needed to do his "pay job." He got the Dirt Devil and vacuumed our stairs and the carpet right in front of the front door (base of the stairs). He got everything put away and then got his pay. This time we didn't stay just so busy that he forgot about having a snack. He snacked and then came back upstairs and played some more in the school room. I got up and put in some sewing time before school started. Then after lunch I sewed some more. My top is coming along. I am to another part that needs to be hand basted so will do that as soon as I blog. Woody took the car to be worked on and then walked home...a pretty good hike...longer than his usual 4-miles! Elijah had a make-up game this evening. They started out the game at 0-6. Other team had the six...and, the other team won, but not without Elijah's team getting back in the game and making a bunch of good hits and scoring several runs. In the fifth inning Elijah's team couldn't make up their deficit (can only get five runs in an inning) so the game was called, but the coaches decided that they would play on and let the boys have the fun and experience. On the way home, Woody stopped at the church and got out to go to the prayer room. I took over at the wheel and drove the car home. Woody just walked back in the door from walking home from the prayer room. He has definitely gotten his exercise in today! He also continued weeding and on a different garden...the joint garden in the front yard that Nathan and family share with us as it is on both sides of the property line. Our doorbell rang a few minutes ago and it was Joy and Esther delivering the donuts that we had ordered...a fund raiser for the girls' softball league. I warmed up my helping of left over casserole and ate that and then went down and made myself a cup of tea and warmed up one of the donuts! Yum! I usually refrain from glazed donuts because they happen to be one of the things that can cause recurrence of my old gall bladder gall bladder since I was 24...but can still get the pain (no fair/fun)...which I do try to avoid...but couldn't resist "just one donut!" I hope that I won't be sorry! Did taste good, though!

Monday, April 24, 2017


Boy is it wet underfoot...but I think that the rains have passed at least for this round! We got a LOT of rain over the weekend. Woody went for his four-mile walk this rain delay today! Later in the morning he headed to Life Care Center to have Bible study with Jeff and visit with another friend. I had a different Monday morning as the children weren't here to have school. They and their parents had a program in Illinois last night. They got home early this afternoon. They have been enjoying their new driveway...skating, unicycling, skateboarding, etc. I have gotten underway with my latest sewing project. It is all cut out and the first stitches have been taken on it...machines are up and running! Mid-afternoon I put together a casserole for our supper tonight. We have eaten. Woody is at Monday night prayer meeting. I am planning to do a little more sewing. My online sewing purchases arrived in the mail today. I have already washed two of the fabrics so they are now in line waiting for my attention once I finish with what I am making. One of those pieces of fabric will become a skirt to go with the top that I am making. Lots to keep my sewing machine and serger humming!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Rainy Earth Day 2017

It has has has rained again and stormed again and again! Woody can vouch for the storm that awakened me this morning. He had already headed off on his walk after checking the radar on the TV. So much for that forecast! He ended up with a two-hour rain delay...sitting under cover at West Middle School! He was able to complete his four-mile walk and made it back home...eventually! He did his usual Saturday morning and Kroger. While he was gone I cut out my top from muslin and sewed it together as I wanted to be sure of the fit. That is about as far as I have gotten on the top as I really can't sew while there are storms rolling through. I did start laying the pattern pieces out on the fashion fabric...I did cut out the part that is done from a contrasting color. Now just have to get going on getting the rest of the pieces cut out. I have read and napped on this rainy afternoon. As I type this, it is raining again. We get a little break and then it starts up again. I guess God is seeing that, at least, this part of Earth is getting a good drink for Earth Day!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Four Trucks Full

Instead of Baa baa Black Sheep...three bags was Driveway, Driveway...four trucks full of cement to do Nathan and Kathy's new driveway. We all spent a good part of the day watching the process. Woody continued on with his mulching and made his goal...finishing the long garden on the side of the driveway. I attempted to take a panoramic picture but could never get the full length of the garden in...but I think that this photo gives an idea of the area that it covers and the work that went into getting it mulched. It really looks nice. So he has two gardens completely mulched...progress! Elijah had a ball game this evening, but about thirty minutes into the game it started to thunder and lightening and then started raining. The rule is that the teams wait thirty minutes to see if it clears up. We all headed to our vehicles to wait out the passing storm. About fifteen minutes into our wait, it started a gully washer. And it was pretty apparent that we weren't going to get the game in. Before the thirty minutes were up, Kathy got the call that the game was a rain a make-up game in Elijah's future. Elijah made the only base hit for his team. And, the other team was hitting the ball all over the place. The score that we will start with when we play this make-up game is 6-0...we are the 0. We came home and I finished our we are eating later than usual this evening. I made a new recipe: Asian Orange Chicken...pretty good! I never got around to sewing today...maybe tomorrow!?! We are both ready to settle into our chairs for another quiet evening.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Thursday Thoughts

We have had a pretty usual Thursday. I had school with most of the children. Joseph was playing outside when it was time for him to come over and he decided to stay outside. That made Isaac not want to come, but he did come and he read his next Super Book. He is finding out that he can read through these little eight-page phonetic stories pretty quickly. Lots of repetition of words and he is doing a great job remembering them by the last pages in the book. Elijah, Esther, and Joy all had their turns reading. Esther came over for her turn for long time with me. She continued on her cross stitch project and then used the Osmo app on my iPad...this time she worked with Mo the Monster and did drawings that became animated on the screen...pretty neat! After lunch, Abigail had her turn to read. Woody continued working in the yard mulching, etc. He got Nathan to come over and use a chain saw to rid one of our gardens of the rest of a dead bush. Woody had hand sawed and chopped the rest of it down, but wanted it even with the ground so he could mulch over it. Woody walked four miles today which included a stop at the barber to get a hair cut. I guess the rest of the day has pretty much been relaxing. Woody has read and watched some TV. I have mainly been reading as I am about to lose an e-book out in cyber space in the next couple of days when it becomes due. I only have a few chapters left so I should be able to get it read before it is whisked away from me. I have gotten the pattern for my top traced, cut out and pinned together to check the fit. I think that it is a "go" so will start laying the pattern pieces on the fashion fabric and get it ready to cut out for real...always a bit daunting when I am using really nice fabric. What I am using I bought at a couture fabric shop in AZ quite a few years ago. It is time to bite the bullet and commit the fabric to a certain style pattern and cut it out and then sew it together.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Outdoor Classroom!

What can one learn from about a ten minute break from school? Well, when a new driveway is being put in at your house, you come outside and see physics at work. Watching these machines at work was quite amazing. They even used a simple machine that Elijah and I had studied about recently...a ramp...the dirt that had been scooped out to widen the driveway was pushed up and used as a ramp for the little "scraper/lifter/loader" vehicle could drive up it so it could reach up to dump the load of asphalt into the HUGE dump truck. Nathan and Elijah were away on an errand when the work on their driveway got underway...but when Nathan stepped back into the yard, what should he spy but a hopping toad...more learning...especially for the littlest. Joseph loves toads. They had a toad a while back that they named "Toad Bump." I'm not sure what they named this one! We also spotted a milipede and they had fun making it roll up into a ball. Then as they were going back inside to get back to work, one of them spotted a moth on the screen of one of their windows and realized that she was laying eggs. I would say that a lot of learning went on in that little ten minute break. I had school with the little boys...that is until the truck sounds started happening next door and then they were interested in seeing what was going on. I was supposed to keep Isaac and Joseph occupied for most of the morning because the four oldest were taking standarized tests this morning. But once their daddy got home they decided to stay outside and stick with Nathan and watch progress on the driveway. After their short break the oldest went back in and completed their last two tests. Elijah did come over and we read another chapter in his book. They were finished with their testing by the time that it was time for Abigail to come over for her long time. Abigail, like Joy, is working on catching up her sewing notebook. We printed pictures today for her notebook. We still have a few more to print and then she will be ready to get the pages ready to put them on. I ate a quick lunch and then headed to the church. Donna and I finished the processing on several new books. So our patrons will be happy when they peruse the new book shelf and see some brand new ones. I came home and was ready to sit down and rest. Woody ran his usual Wednesday errands to Aldis and Kroger. I did have time to put the cold groceries away before it was time for Abigail's long time. Woody once again spent part of the morning and a good part of the afternoon working on his "never-ending" mulch job...or at least at this point it looks like there is no end...still lots to do...slowly but surely...bucket by bucket he is getting the job done. Today he completed the small triangle garden that the mailbox is in. Late this afternoon Woody walked to and from our pharmacy to pick up prescriptions for both of us. He came home with a HUGE bottle of pills for me...I guess when the doctor renewed the prescription she renewed it for three months...and it happens to be one that I take three a you can imagine the number of least the cost was very small! Can't complain and it will be a long time till I have to get that one refilled! We have settled in for another quiet evening...same ol', same ol'! I "might" trace the pattern for the top that I am going to make for myself...

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Sporadic Showers

We had quite a bit of rain during the night and then have had a shower off and on during the day and a rumble here and there. Woody was able to continue on with his mulching between showers...which made weed pulling much easier! I had my one student today...just Isaac on Tuesdays. We really worked on his reading and then did some fun math count the money that he got in some of his eggs yesterday on his family egg hunt. He also did his weekly paying chore for me...vacuumed the stairs. That pay added to the money that he had so we got his money back out and counted it again so he would know the new total. He also enjoyed Osmo Pizza Co. on my iPad. We were so busy that we realized as he was heading home that we hadn't stopped for a snack today...just water breaks! I had a lazy afternoon...I guess due to the overcast day...I just couldn't find much rested and even took a short nap. Then I still didn't have any energy so decided to do some fabric shopping online from my comfy chair. I have my work cut out for me (wish that it really was cut out!)over the next few weeks if I get back to sewing as I plan. I already have fabric for a top that I want to make, but needed something for a skirt. I got fabric for two skirts, one t-shirt, and a pair of jeans. So sewing energy needs to come to the surface! I will get started on the top while I am waiting for my order. I love ordering from Mood Fabric in New York, New York! Woody has just returned from his walk to and from the prayer room at church. So I guess we are settling in for another quiet evening in our household.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Many Hunts!

Today was about the third hunt that the neighbor grandchildren participated in...but today was the one most anticipated...their hunt at home. Friday they hunted eggs in the dark with flash lights at a church where they did a juggling program. Yesterday a friend from church invited them to join in their family hunt down the street as they had many, many eggs and not enough some of ours helped fill out the numbers and came home with many, many eggs! Then today was the one they really look forward to...the one where their parents hide the eggs. The two little boys had school while two egg hunts were set in the back yard for the two little boys and then one in our back yard that extended into their lot behind ours...their "back forty" for the five oldest children. Both hunts were acompanied by lots of laughter. The little boys discovered an "egg" of a different kind in their turtle pool/sandbox...a real box turtle that their mommy found while they were having school. The festivities were over by the time it was time for Joy to have her long time with me. She continued bringing her sewing notebook up to date. She trimmed pictures and got the pages ready to put pictures on the next time. Elijah came over after lunch for his long time. We read for about half the time and then he used the Osmo app with my iPad.Woody continued with his mulching job and also mowed...his exercise for the day. He patiently waited and his patience paid he held off watering in case we got some rain which we did a couple of hours ago. Woody went to the Life Care Center this morning and had Bible study with Jeff and then visited with a church member before coming home. He just returned from Monday Night Prayer Meeting at church. I think that means that we are settling in for another quiet evening.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Much Mulch!

Woody got his six-mile walk in this morning before he had to watch for the mulch delivery. It got delivered and Woody has made a start at getting it spread...a bucket at a time. I just wish that the oak wasn't dropping its froo froos or blooms or whatever they are really called. We will be covered in them for a few weeks to come. There will be a point that these oak droppings will totally cover the driveway...they will have to be swept or shoveled away. Mulching all the gardens is quite a job. What Woody did today is only the tip of the proverbial iceburg! We didn't get quite as much mulch as we have at some times because we had to be sure that it didn't block the garage door. Woody expects that he will have to order another load before he is done. Woody also did some mowing today. I have cooked most of the day...for tomorrow. We are having a non-traditional Easter meal...pasta. I made two different sauces and will cook two different pastas tomorrow. We are eating next door. All we have to do is take our part of the meal over there. I am really glad that I waited till today to do the cooking as my gout is a lot better. I guess that the rescue gout drug did its job...or at least this bout didn't stick around very long. It no longer hurts to use my hand. It only hurts when I extend my arm or bend it a lot. The swelling on my elbow is going down. It does hurt to touch my elbow...just found out! Today I witnessed a truly miraculous event...the birth of a giraffe calf...truly amazing. Yes, I got pulled into the April Giraffe hype...and have been following her for a while...checking in on her daily since about the beginning of March. I have learned a lot about giraffes and their plight as an endangered species. This morning I happened upon a live feed of April and realized that the little one was finally going to make its appearance. They announced a few hours later that it was a boy. I looked a little while ago and he was up skipping around the area...amazing that he was standing less than an hour after he was born and already cavorting around this evening. I understand that our youngest grandchild (Joseph 3)was traumatized by his visit to WalMart the Easter Bunny! Jospeh would not go into K-Mart till one of his family checked to make sure that there was no Easter Bunny! Wishing each of our readers Resurrection Sunday blessings.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Good Friday

Woody and I have both stayed pretty busy today. Woody walked six miles early this morning. Woody once again worked out in the yard quite a bit. He is getting ready for a load of mulch to be delivered tomorrow. I have done a little of this and a little of that in the house...some washing...some picking up...some cooking, etc. Woody made our lunch...tuna salad's been a while since we have had tuna sandwiches and they really tasted good. He also made our supper...vegetable burritos. The cooking I did was a little preliminary cooking for our Easter lunch. I'm still using my right arm a bit gingerly...but I can do more with it than I could yesterday. Hoping that this bout with gout is working its way out of my system! Mid afternoon Woody and I went to WalMart. I needed to get a few things and he decided that he would do his usual Saturday shopping at WalMart today. I really can't drive with my bum right that worked out...we killed two birds with one stone. This way he will be freed up to wait on his mulch delivery tomorrow morning. There is a delightful smell wafting its way up the stairs...Woody has a Sock-It-To-Me Cake in the oven. Our part of the dessert for Sunday.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

It's a Two-Handed World

I'm finding out how hard it is to get along without one hand...especially if it is the right hand. Last night sometime after I blogged, I had another bout with gout "hit." This time it is my right elbow...and it is affecting me using my right hand. I am typing using both at the moment, but it is not without pain!!! I am blogging early tonight because the girls have a late ball game. Woody worked in the yard again today...just that time of the year...and when it is pretty...even quite is time to put in some hours out there. He made a bit of a different loop for his walk today as he stopped at one of his deacon family member's homes to drop off a magazine...visited for a while and then completed his walk. I didn't sleep very well last some time after 2am I decided that I would hem my skirt while I could still use my hand. Then before school I deboned some chicken for the recipe that I am going to make for Sunday dinner...again, figuring that I should go on and do it while I could...with gout attacks I never know when it will get better or worse! I did decide to go on and take my gout rescue med...I hesitate because in the past it has made me very sick to my stomach...sometimes it is hard to decide where the trade-off is in feeling bad! Joseph didn't come for his school time because he fell and got a boo boo just before heading over. So Isaac came by himself. Then Elijah, Esther, and Joy each came over to read. I rested this guess I am good to go for a ball game...doubt that there will be any pictures tonight as I can't bend my arm to get the camera up to my eye...perhaps I will be able to use my point and shoot with just my left hand? I'll try but think that tonight will be a "just-watch-the-game" kind of night. We won't be settling in for a quiet evening quite as early tonight as we usually do! Don't know if Grammy and Goosey are up to these "late" night events or not!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Wonderful Wednesday

Woody continues to work a lot out in the yard. Today he met his goal by getting the last of the leaves out of the long ornamental garden that runs along our driveway. I went out for inspection a little while ago and pronounced that it looked good! This morning I just had school with Isaac and Joseph as their parents had planned a surprise family picnic. Their whole family headed off to Tims Ford State Park (just down the road from us) and spent some time hiking, fishing, and picnicking. I saw some pictures on Facebook that showed the fish that Joy and Esther caught.Woody headed off mid morning to Kroger and Aldis to do our mid week shopping. I managed to get my skirt cut out before heading to the church to work in the library for a couple of hours. I came home and rested for a bit before going down and making a favorite recipe of my mother's...Baked Hominy Casserole. I also used my airfryer to cook a did a great job. I'm wondering why it took so long for me to "really" use the airfryer. Last night we had chicken tenders that I breaded and cooked in it...very good and crispy. So far the food that I have cooked in it has turned out quite good and it doesn't take very long. From what I read it cooks like a convection oven...with air moving around the food all through the cooking time. It has been a beautiful spring day. I even sat on the porch for a little while after supper. The birds have discovered the new feeder/wind chimes that Melany, Wade, Erin and Alex gave me for my birthday. I finally got it hung up the other day. I was glad to see a little bird eating from it this afternoon. We are now settling in for the evening...another typically quiet one for our household.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Too Many Places to be at One Time!

Elijah's team and Joy's and Esther's team played at the same time. I made the decision by which ball field we were playing on...the one with the higher stands so I can take some pictures above the fence rather than through it all the time. We also made the decision to go to Elijah's as the girls were playing the team that has so many older/bigger girls on it...the first team they played on Saturday. Tonight's photos show the sequence of Elijah's first triple! The boys put in a lot of effort again tonight, but tonight wasn't to be a win for them...but they had loads of fun and learned or lose. I just got the report on Joy and Esther's game...THEY WON!!!!!!! They beat the BIG team! Woo Hoo! I know that Joy had an RBI and Esther walked. So they both helped in the effort of their team to pull from behind and win. Good job girls...sorry that we weren't there to see the excitement! Woody once again worked a lot in the yard. He had a goal to finish getting the last of the leaves out of the side ornamental garden...this is a large garden that runs along the side of our driveway and almost to the property line of our neighbors (not Nathan and Kathy's side). It has lots of ground cover and bushes that he has to get them out from it is on a slope...just not the easiest garden to work in. Woody changed his goal as the day went by to just get the part next to the driveway done and work on the other side tomorrow. I actually got out this morning and ran a couple of errands...the first time that I have run errands THIS YEAR! I fixed an early supper...we ate before the 5pm game because Woody wanted to walk to the prayer room at church right after the game. That is where he is now. After I hit publish, I will head to my back is saying that it is time to rest. I did get some more sewing done last night after I blogged. I got my top done. Now I have the fabric for the skirt layed out on the cutting table...I don't think that any more sewing will happen today, though.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Magnificent Monday!

What a beautiful day! It got into the upper 70' skies...just a beautiful spring day. Woody spent a lot of the day outside taking care of yards. He watered all the grass seed that he and Nathan and Kathy planted and worked in one of our large ornamental gardens...a big job getting all the leaves out from under bushes, plants, ground cover, etc. I didn't have school today so was on a different Monday schedule. I planned to sew, but decided that I should do a little cleaning before sewing. So I vacuumed and dusted the living room and dining room. Woody vacuumed the family room and I dusted in there. Woody went to Life Care and had Bible study with Jeff in the morning. I eventually got my pattern altered and have my top cut out. I experimented with our dinner tonight and cooked a meatloaf in our air fryer...worked quite well. In a little more than 30 minutes we had a meatloaf and some "fried" potatoes. Woody went to the Monday night prayer meeting and has just returned. So I guess we are settled in for another quiet evening per normal!

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Saturday, April 8, 2017

She Scored!!!

Today was the first day of girls' fast pitch softball. Joy and Esther are on the same team. This is their first year to play softball after playing Fall Ball (baseball) this past Fall. We are all having to get used to watching softball...different than Little League Baseball. The pitching is rather sporadic so there are lots of walks...and with those walks come lots of base stealing. Esther managed to draw a walk and then stole herself around to score! Woo Hoo, Esther! Joy is contemplating her next at bat while waiting in the dugout in the third picture and her next at bat is the fourth picture. They both managed to connect the ball to the bat which most did not. They played a game this morning and then another this afternoon. They were supposed to play two more but they needed to leave for a ministry gig so had to miss the last two games. Grammy was rather glad that she didn't have to sit out in the sun for two more games!! It was a bit chilly this morning, but by afternoon it had warmed up very nicely and got rather warm with the sun beating down. Esther is the youngest and smallest on her team. The other teams they played had some really big girls on their teams as can be seen by the picture of Esther on third base next to the other team's third baseman. I'm sure that it was a bit intimidating to be out there playing against some so much bigger than you! Some of the pitchers could really get it across the plate fast...others struggled. Joy and Esther's team lost both games but made a very good showing...only losing by a couple runs in each of the games we watched. Because of the ball games, Woody headed off to do his Saturday errands early that the library wasn't opened yet. He only went to WalMart today. He has also worked out in the yard. The games wore me out and I haven't accomplished much since getting home...did take a nap and read a little. We are now settled in for another very quiet Saturday evening...both of us are ready to put our feet up! I will end the blog wishing our daughter, Melany, a very happy birthday!

Friday, April 7, 2017

Moon Over the Ball Field

Elijah's team played in the moonlight tonight. Well, they do have lights on the field so the moon was just added illumination. Brrrrrrrrr! Hope that warm spring temps hurry up...can't take too many late games when it is this chilly! Elijah's team stayed ahead for most of the game...until the other team tied it...being home team was definitely an advantage as once they went ahead the game was over...good for the shivering fans! Elijah's team won 12 to 11...another close one! Good game Elijah...good hitting, good first base playing. Friday is my day off from school and I pretty much took it easy for a while this morning. My major accomplishments of the day = skinning and deboning six chicken breasts = getting most of that in our freezer = then cooking two for our supper= Rosemary Chicken and Corn Italiano. By the time that was cooked and eaten it was time for the ball game. Woody worked out in the yard despite the chill and wind. He went on a four-mile walk this afternoon. He had batting practice with Elijah late this afternoon...getting him warmed up for this evening! And, Elijah came away with three hits for three at batting practice worked! We are now home trying to warm up. Hope we can warm up before it is time for the girls' first game in the morning!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Which Winter is This?

I have been cold all day. I guess this is one of our many "Spring Winters." Just not sure which one it is. One place I heard that it was Dogwood Winter and another Redbud Winter. Both are blooming so not sure which winter it is and I can never remember the order our "winters" come in! I just know that it is so much chillier than it has been...and my old bones are not happy! I had a usual Thursday school day. Esther had her long time and she cross stitched and then did a little drawing. I had a rest after lunch and then got busy making Chicken Zoodle Soup (noodles are spiralized zucchini). We had that for supper...perfect day for a good hot bowl of soup! We are slowly approaching the time when it won't be soup weather...but today it definitely qualified for soup to taste extra good. It has been much cooler, a bit windy at times, and misting a good day to stay inside. Woody did walk four miles mid afternoon. When he got back, he went next door for a while as Nathan and Kathy went on a date. We are both now settling in for the evening...books in hand, TV or iPad in front of us, and an easy chair to support us. Looks like another quiet evening for these Dorrells. Tonight's picture I took when Marie and I went on our "barn photography trip." He was posing up on a mound of dirt when we turned down a road next to his farm and he was still posing when we came back. I think he knew that we were looking for subjects for pictures!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

And, The Wind Doth Blow!

The wind is really blowing. When I looked out the window to see what was happening, I was met with this beautiful sunset! I guess the winds are blowing the storm clouds away. Of the storms that have been happening today across the South, we were pretty much missed...only a little thunder, a little hail, and very little rain. We did have a tornado warning (which means one has been spotted on the ground), but I think that it was in another part of our county. The siren didn't sound very long for us. Woody and I both went downstairs and headed towards our safe place...the downstairs bathroom which has no windows. I did stand in the bathroom for a few minutes...Woody never did. Woody took his four-mile walk early this morning...getting ahead of predicted storms for the day. I had school this morning on the usual Wednesday schedule. Abigail had her long time and she finished with her step-by-step directions of "How to make a zippered bag." Then we started catching up her sewing notebook. Woody headed off to Aldis and Kroger mid morning. I put away the groceries after Abigail finished her sewing time. I ate a quick lunch and headed to the church to work in the library for a couple of hours. Donna, Fran, and I accomplished quite a bit with a new book order and I got the printer to print (a dilemma that I left last week). Woody was working in the yard when I got home. I came home with the intention to make Chicken Zoodle Soup (zucchini noodles instead of pasta noodles), but I just didn't have it in me to do it. Headed to my chair and have been listening to the wind whistle around the house. Woody is challenging the old computer to a game of Scrabble. I am about to head back to my chair and do some reading.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Nail Biter!

Just home from Elijah's ball about a nail biter! The Giants, Elijah's team, had been ahead the whole game...and then came the last inning...the Giants were ahead by five...and the other team started getting hits and no outs...all the other team could do was tie it, as there is a five run limit per inning...but Elijah's team managed to hold them to "just" four runs and won the game 8-7. Way to go, Elijah and the Giants! Next game for Elijah is Friday and then the girls will have two softball games on Saturday. Woody and Graham kept the official score board. Nathan is helping to coach Elijah's team so that is a new experience for him. I had school with just Isaac today. He got a lot of good work done for school and then he also did his weekly paid job of vacuuming the stairs with the hand-held vac. Woody worked out in the yard planting flowers today among other things. I headed off to get my hair cut early in the afternoon. Then stopped at Ruby Tuesday's for a late lunch...had to get my free birthday burger before time ran out! It was good were the fries! We headed off to the ball field around 4:30 and got home at 7:00. After getting home and parking the car, Woody headed off on his Tuesday walk to the Prayer Room at church. I headed upstairs to blog...and that pretty much concludes another busy day!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Busy Monday

Seems there wasn't much time to sit and rest today...then when it was time to blog, I had trouble getting out of my chair! I started out the morning, as usual,with school. Isaac and Joseph came over first for their time of preschool. It was raining when they came over. Woody decided that he would take his four-mile walk in the rain today. Sometime while I was reading with either Elijah, Esther, or Abigail, Woody went to the Life Care to have Bible study with Jeff. Joy had her long time today. She decided that it was time to update her sewing notebook so we spent most of her time finding pictures of her sewing projects and printing them. Next time she will put them into her notebook and it will be up to date once again. After lunch, Elijah came over for his long time. Today we finished the book that we had started to read this morning and read another one. He then built various geometric shapes with the magformer set that we have over here. He also chose the next book that we will read during his reading time. He's going to read an e-book this time that we checked out from the online service that our local library provides. While we were checking out that book online, I got a notification from his baseball we read that. That notification stated that his ball game that was supposed to be this evening was cancelled due to the field being too wet due to the rain. So next game for Elijah is tomorrow and the girls will start their games on Saturday. Woody and I went to a funeral visitation for a "young" man (he is definitely young when he is 11 years younger than you are!). He died of a massive heart attack while trimming some trees in his back yard. He was the picture of health. We really just don't know from one day to the next...When we got home, Abigail came over and asked us to come eat the meal that she had prepared. Abigail's day to cook is Monday's. She had used the cookbook that we gave her for Christmas for the lasagna and for the peach crisp. Both were yummy! Good cook, Abigail! I then came home and collapsed from all our activity! Woody headed off for Monday night prayer meeting. We are home and settled in for the evening. The next time I sit in my chair I don't think that anyone will be able to pry me out!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Play Ball!

I finally got to use my Christmas present, a stadium seat! Little League season officially got underway today. Elijah's team, the Giants, played the Reds. Elijah played first base. Woody left the game saying that he couldn't believe that they (the Giants) had won. They had been behind the whole game...behind 5-0 after the first inning. But they rallied and won it in the bottom of the 6th 9-8. Good first game, Elijah and teammates! It was fun to be out at the "old ball park" once again. We will be seeing one field or another quite a bit this season as Joy and Esther are playing girls' softball. Their games begin next week, I think. Woody did his usual Saturday errands--library and WalMart. By the time he got home it was time to eat lunch and get ready to head out to the ball park. I have been finalizing tomorrow's Sunday School lesson.