Saturday, April 8, 2017

She Scored!!!

Today was the first day of girls' fast pitch softball. Joy and Esther are on the same team. This is their first year to play softball after playing Fall Ball (baseball) this past Fall. We are all having to get used to watching softball...different than Little League Baseball. The pitching is rather sporadic so there are lots of walks...and with those walks come lots of base stealing. Esther managed to draw a walk and then stole herself around to score! Woo Hoo, Esther! Joy is contemplating her next at bat while waiting in the dugout in the third picture and her next at bat is the fourth picture. They both managed to connect the ball to the bat which most did not. They played a game this morning and then another this afternoon. They were supposed to play two more but they needed to leave for a ministry gig so had to miss the last two games. Grammy was rather glad that she didn't have to sit out in the sun for two more games!! It was a bit chilly this morning, but by afternoon it had warmed up very nicely and got rather warm with the sun beating down. Esther is the youngest and smallest on her team. The other teams they played had some really big girls on their teams as can be seen by the picture of Esther on third base next to the other team's third baseman. I'm sure that it was a bit intimidating to be out there playing against some so much bigger than you! Some of the pitchers could really get it across the plate fast...others struggled. Joy and Esther's team lost both games but made a very good showing...only losing by a couple runs in each of the games we watched. Because of the ball games, Woody headed off to do his Saturday errands early that the library wasn't opened yet. He only went to WalMart today. He has also worked out in the yard. The games wore me out and I haven't accomplished much since getting home...did take a nap and read a little. We are now settled in for another very quiet Saturday evening...both of us are ready to put our feet up! I will end the blog wishing our daughter, Melany, a very happy birthday!

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