Monday, April 3, 2017

Busy Monday

Seems there wasn't much time to sit and rest today...then when it was time to blog, I had trouble getting out of my chair! I started out the morning, as usual,with school. Isaac and Joseph came over first for their time of preschool. It was raining when they came over. Woody decided that he would take his four-mile walk in the rain today. Sometime while I was reading with either Elijah, Esther, or Abigail, Woody went to the Life Care to have Bible study with Jeff. Joy had her long time today. She decided that it was time to update her sewing notebook so we spent most of her time finding pictures of her sewing projects and printing them. Next time she will put them into her notebook and it will be up to date once again. After lunch, Elijah came over for his long time. Today we finished the book that we had started to read this morning and read another one. He then built various geometric shapes with the magformer set that we have over here. He also chose the next book that we will read during his reading time. He's going to read an e-book this time that we checked out from the online service that our local library provides. While we were checking out that book online, I got a notification from his baseball we read that. That notification stated that his ball game that was supposed to be this evening was cancelled due to the field being too wet due to the rain. So next game for Elijah is tomorrow and the girls will start their games on Saturday. Woody and I went to a funeral visitation for a "young" man (he is definitely young when he is 11 years younger than you are!). He died of a massive heart attack while trimming some trees in his back yard. He was the picture of health. We really just don't know from one day to the next...When we got home, Abigail came over and asked us to come eat the meal that she had prepared. Abigail's day to cook is Monday's. She had used the cookbook that we gave her for Christmas for the lasagna and for the peach crisp. Both were yummy! Good cook, Abigail! I then came home and collapsed from all our activity! Woody headed off for Monday night prayer meeting. We are home and settled in for the evening. The next time I sit in my chair I don't think that anyone will be able to pry me out!

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