Thursday, April 6, 2017

Which Winter is This?

I have been cold all day. I guess this is one of our many "Spring Winters." Just not sure which one it is. One place I heard that it was Dogwood Winter and another Redbud Winter. Both are blooming so not sure which winter it is and I can never remember the order our "winters" come in! I just know that it is so much chillier than it has been...and my old bones are not happy! I had a usual Thursday school day. Esther had her long time and she cross stitched and then did a little drawing. I had a rest after lunch and then got busy making Chicken Zoodle Soup (noodles are spiralized zucchini). We had that for supper...perfect day for a good hot bowl of soup! We are slowly approaching the time when it won't be soup weather...but today it definitely qualified for soup to taste extra good. It has been much cooler, a bit windy at times, and misting a good day to stay inside. Woody did walk four miles mid afternoon. When he got back, he went next door for a while as Nathan and Kathy went on a date. We are both now settling in for the evening...books in hand, TV or iPad in front of us, and an easy chair to support us. Looks like another quiet evening for these Dorrells. Tonight's picture I took when Marie and I went on our "barn photography trip." He was posing up on a mound of dirt when we turned down a road next to his farm and he was still posing when we came back. I think he knew that we were looking for subjects for pictures!

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