Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Outdoor Classroom!

What can one learn from about a ten minute break from school? Well, when a new driveway is being put in at your house, you come outside and see physics at work. Watching these machines at work was quite amazing. They even used a simple machine that Elijah and I had studied about recently...a ramp...the dirt that had been scooped out to widen the driveway was pushed up and used as a ramp for the little "scraper/lifter/loader" vehicle could drive up it so it could reach up to dump the load of asphalt into the HUGE dump truck. Nathan and Elijah were away on an errand when the work on their driveway got underway...but when Nathan stepped back into the yard, what should he spy but a hopping toad...more learning...especially for the littlest. Joseph loves toads. They had a toad a while back that they named "Toad Bump." I'm not sure what they named this one! We also spotted a milipede and they had fun making it roll up into a ball. Then as they were going back inside to get back to work, one of them spotted a moth on the screen of one of their windows and realized that she was laying eggs. I would say that a lot of learning went on in that little ten minute break. I had school with the little boys...that is until the truck sounds started happening next door and then they were interested in seeing what was going on. I was supposed to keep Isaac and Joseph occupied for most of the morning because the four oldest were taking standarized tests this morning. But once their daddy got home they decided to stay outside and stick with Nathan and watch progress on the driveway. After their short break the oldest went back in and completed their last two tests. Elijah did come over and we read another chapter in his book. They were finished with their testing by the time that it was time for Abigail to come over for her long time. Abigail, like Joy, is working on catching up her sewing notebook. We printed pictures today for her notebook. We still have a few more to print and then she will be ready to get the pages ready to put them on. I ate a quick lunch and then headed to the church. Donna and I finished the processing on several new books. So our patrons will be happy when they peruse the new book shelf and see some brand new ones. I came home and was ready to sit down and rest. Woody ran his usual Wednesday errands to Aldis and Kroger. I did have time to put the cold groceries away before it was time for Abigail's long time. Woody once again spent part of the morning and a good part of the afternoon working on his "never-ending" mulch job...or at least at this point it looks like there is no end...still lots to do...slowly but surely...bucket by bucket he is getting the job done. Today he completed the small triangle garden that the mailbox is in. Late this afternoon Woody walked to and from our pharmacy to pick up prescriptions for both of us. He came home with a HUGE bottle of pills for me...I guess when the doctor renewed the prescription she renewed it for three months...and it happens to be one that I take three a you can imagine the number of least the cost was very small! Can't complain and it will be a long time till I have to get that one refilled! We have settled in for another quiet evening...same ol', same ol'! I "might" trace the pattern for the top that I am going to make for myself...

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