Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Too Many Places to be at One Time!

Elijah's team and Joy's and Esther's team played at the same time. I made the decision by which ball field we were playing on...the one with the higher stands so I can take some pictures above the fence rather than through it all the time. We also made the decision to go to Elijah's as the girls were playing the team that has so many older/bigger girls on it...the first team they played on Saturday. Tonight's photos show the sequence of Elijah's first triple! The boys put in a lot of effort again tonight, but tonight wasn't to be a win for them...but they had loads of fun and learned lots...win or lose. I just got the report on Joy and Esther's game...THEY WON!!!!!!! They beat the BIG team! Woo Hoo! I know that Joy had an RBI and Esther walked. So they both helped in the effort of their team to pull from behind and win. Good job girls...sorry that we weren't there to see the excitement! Woody once again worked a lot in the yard. He had a goal to finish getting the last of the leaves out of the side ornamental garden...this is a large garden that runs along the side of our driveway and almost to the property line of our neighbors (not Nathan and Kathy's side). It has lots of ground cover and bushes that he has to get them out from under...plus it is on a slope...just not the easiest garden to work in. Woody changed his goal as the day went by to just get the part next to the driveway done and work on the other side tomorrow. I actually got out this morning and ran a couple of errands...the first time that I have run errands THIS YEAR! I fixed an early supper...we ate before the 5pm game because Woody wanted to walk to the prayer room at church right after the game. That is where he is now. After I hit publish, I will head to my chair...my back is saying that it is time to rest. I did get some more sewing done last night after I blogged. I got my top done. Now I have the fabric for the skirt layed out on the cutting table...I don't think that any more sewing will happen today, though.

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