Saturday, April 1, 2017

Play Ball!

I finally got to use my Christmas present, a stadium seat! Little League season officially got underway today. Elijah's team, the Giants, played the Reds. Elijah played first base. Woody left the game saying that he couldn't believe that they (the Giants) had won. They had been behind the whole game...behind 5-0 after the first inning. But they rallied and won it in the bottom of the 6th 9-8. Good first game, Elijah and teammates! It was fun to be out at the "old ball park" once again. We will be seeing one field or another quite a bit this season as Joy and Esther are playing girls' softball. Their games begin next week, I think. Woody did his usual Saturday errands--library and WalMart. By the time he got home it was time to eat lunch and get ready to head out to the ball park. I have been finalizing tomorrow's Sunday School lesson.

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