Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hurdles Cleared!

Can you believe that jonquils greeted me at the end of our garden next to the driveway?!? I can't believe that they are blooming in January! Esther and Elijah joined us for a day of fun and games! The rest of their family is at a conference in Nashville. They will be home later this evening. Goosey (Woody) and I will be heading next door to get them ready for bed...into jammies and then read stories, so I thought that I would blog beforehand. They are cleaning up the toys so they can start over tomorrow when they return for another day with us. The hurdles that I referred to in tonight's title are that I managed to get hotel rooms for next week's trip to NIH. Getting the hotel rooms can sometimes be a hassle, but this time things were smooth sailing! So now the main hurdle facing us (me) here for the trip will be getting our suitcase packed. Then it will be the trip itself! Well, happy last day of January! This month has surely slipped by quickly.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Regrouping or is it Recouping?

I guess you could say that today was a day for me to try to regroup and recoup. I haven't accomplished anywhere near as much as I wanted to, but have gotten a bit done...a little wash...a little straightening up...a little reading...a little resting...a little work at the church library...but no cooking! Woody did make tuna salad for lunch. He didn't walk today as it has been such a rainy day. Once I got to sleep last night I was dead to the world! I didn't hear any thunder nor the tornado warning siren go off in the middle of the night. Woody did hear it and got up and checked the radar, etc. and I guess he decided that nothing was coming directly our way as he let me keep sleeping. Tonight's photo reveals our top secret mission while Erin was here. She got her hair cut and we wanted to surprise her mother when she picked her up. Melany did notice first thing.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Complete, unadulterated silence!!!!! Neighbor grandchildren left to have supper, Woody left to walk to the prayer room, Melany picked up Erin...need I say more?!?!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Busy, Busy Day!

Tonight's photos show the before/process and after of our efforts this afternoon. I got Erin, Graham, Abigail, Joy, and Esther to help me clean out and reorganize the toy closet. The children made a toy brigade...someone in the closet handing toys out to the rest who were lined up and taking turns taking them out into the living room. Then Abigail vacuumed the floor. Then we got all parts, etc. for each of the toys back with right toy or in its right box. Then I crawled in and had the children hand me the toys so I could put them back in...organized for the moment. The second photo shows Elijah checking out the toy closet after it is all straightened up. We "try" to keep a path so that the children can walk in and get what they want...there was no path earlier today and they were having to practically fall over toys to get inside! At least it is organized for the moment! Elijah is at the stage of really enjoying all that is in the closet. He loves coming over and playing with the things in the toy closet. The others still use it too, but not quite like Elijah does. Elijah, Esther, and Joy had school this morning. They enjoyed showing Erin some of the things that they do over here for school. Erin helped Joy with her spelling lesson. After lunch, Erin and I went next door to take care of Isaac while the rest of the family did a program at a local elementary school. When they got back, we came over to our house to clean up the toy closet. Then they played till supper time. We had an easy supper tonight. The kitchen is cleaned up and I have come up here to blog. Haven't had much sitting time today...I may doze off writing this!!! I "think" that Woody walked four miles today. He, Nathan, and Graham have gone to Monday night visitation at church. Erin has settled in with her DVD's from the library. She's trying to finish watching the ones she has as she is heading home tomorrow. I am going to go relax!!! It's time to get hotel reservations, etc. for our trip to Maryland next week. Tomorrow is another day!!!!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

To Grammy's Rescue!

This morning after breakfast, Erin and I got back to work on the Christmas tree. We had been working a while when we heard a knocking at our front door. And, there stood some little munchkins from next door! They wanted to play with Erin, but we told them that we were working on the tree and needed to get it finished. Since they wanted to play with Erin, they decided to pitch in so Erin would get finished more quickly! And, what great helps they were, too! All ornaments were off and they still had time to play a little. Woody walked four miles today. He and Erin took all the ornament boxes upstairs and then they brought the tree box down. Erin and I made soup this afternoon. Later in the afternoon, Graham, Abigail, Joy, Esther, and Elijah came over to play while their parents and Isaac went to get Isaac's one-year photo taken. They had a great time playing. Nathan, Kathy, and Isaac came home with super pictures...amazing that one can go get a photo taken and walk out with it the same day...nice! They headed home and we sat down and had soup for supper. After supper, Erin and I took the tree apart and got it into the box. Erin and Goosey (Woody) took the tree box upstairs...not an easy feat! I'm glad that Erin was here to help Woody! Erin has done her wash today. She went down to get her clothes out of the drier and when I came into the living room after cleaning up the kitchen, there she sat playing a game on my iPad with the clothes basket in her lap! Guess she got distracted from the task at hand! I have the vacuum in the living room so am going to go back downstairs and vacuum where the tree has been and then get Erin and/or Woody to help me move the glider love seat back into place. Erin said that the room really looked empty! And, it will look strange for a while till I get used to seeing the house without all the decorations. But, I can now say that "things" are getting back to "normal!" And, it is only a month and a day after Christmas!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Getting There!

What do you think? At least the tree seems to be getting emptier compared to last night's blog photo. Erin and I have been at it for a good part of the day. Erin baked her cookies this morning after they had refrigerated all night. She and Goosey (Woody) did go to the library this morning. After lunch, Woody did our weekly grocery shopping. Erin and I put the groceries away and then headed back to the tree. I put ornaments on top of the boxes that they went in and Erin put them into the boxes. We have had quite a day hunting for certain ornaments. Some are still alluding us! After supper we got back to it. At a point, I heard a voice or two or three or...on our front porch! Our neighbors are back after being away for over a week. They came over to see Erin and us, too. They played a bit and then headed home for their bedtime stories. Erin is planning on extending her stay. Melany had planned to pick her up tomorrow, but Erin has decided that she would like to stay a bit longer. One of her last visits got cut a bit short so we will let this one draw out a bit longer. Well, the recliner is calling me. Undecorating the tree is back breaking work!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Major Accomplishment!

I think that we can say that all decorations EXCEPT for the Christmas tree in the living room are upstairs ready to be put away. Phewwwwwwwwwww! Erin and I started out the day running errands. We went to the Credit Union, then to WalMart to pick up a couple of things that we needed for a couple of recipes, and then a final stop at Walgreens to pick up a prescription for Erin. We had lunch and then we attacked the rest of the decorations that needed to be put away in boxes. I still have to redecorate things, but at least Christmas is less obvious around here! Erin has been wanting to make cookies so today she chose a cookie recipe. She put the cookies together while I put supper together. Dishes, dishes, dishes, everywhere!!! We have now had supper, emptied the dishwasher so we could reload it and Erin is putting some finishing touches on her cookie recipe. These cookies had to chill in the fridge for a while and then had to be rolled out, a filling added, and then rolled up again, and then refrigerated again...tomorrow they will bake. Goosey (Woody) has the TV on and is working crossword puzzles. Grammy needs to rest her back and foot (foot is better, but after a long day it still bothers me)!!! Erin has finished her cooking for the day and has come upstairs to watch one of Grammy's of my favorite movies...My Fair Lady. A BIG undecorating job faces us tomorrow! As Scarlett would say..."Tomorrow is another day!"

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

He's Still Taunting Me!

We have Scrooge before he was transformed and I keep hearing him whisper "Bah Humbug" from amongst the branches on our Christmas tree! We've had another busy day. Erin got the corner Christmas tree in the family room all undecorated and the tree into its box. Between the two of us we got all the ornaments for that tree packed away in their box. Woody started packing up one side of the Christmas closet once he had the corner Christmas tree box. Erin and I made Potato and Bacon Soup for our lunch. After lunch I headed off to work a couple of hours in the church library. Woody went on a walk while I was gone and Erin finished another book. She has read three books while she has been here. She also watched the last of the DVDs that she got at the library last Friday. She and Goosey may have to make another library visit. Not long after I got home from the library, Erin and I got started on supper. Tonight we had Shrimp Scampi, Corn Italiano, and a green salad. We have tried a lot of new recipes while she has been here and all have been very tasty. It warmed up a bit today. It actually made it to 50 deg. (according to Weather Bug). Well, I should head down and put a few more Christmas things in a box, but this Grammy may just be too tired! The recliner is sounding like a good alternate place to head!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Wintry Day!

It's a bit brrrrrrrrrrrrry today! It never got out of the 30's. Erin and I worked on the decorations some more. I think that we are doing great and then I see another area of a room that is still totally decorated...rather discouraging. Goosey (Woody) says that Erin can't go home till we are all undecorated! Erin and I ran a secret mission a little before lunch...more about that at another time...keeping it a secret a bit longer! We started getting medicare calls at 8am! Today we made our choice as to the supplement plan and got signed decisions have been made for the moment! Woody ran an errand after Erin and I got home from our secret mission. Woody left for the prayer room and Erin and I started dinner preparations. Woody got home shortly after everything came out of the oven. So we have eaten and are ready to settle in for a quiet night!

Monday, January 21, 2013

I Almost Forgot!

Last night when Woody came home from the evening church service, he saw me working on the iPad and he asked if I was blogging. I told him that I was about to go in to blog. He reminded that I wasn't blogging on Sundays! Oops...hard to break a habit of doing something one has daily for so long! Erin and I did a "little" undecorating today...very little! We did more cooking than working on getting the house back to regular every day living. We made Pilgrims' Bread--a multi-grain bread (whole wheat, corn meal, rye, and a small amount of bread flour). We were making it to use when we made tonight's supper of Club Sandwiches. We also made a pasta salad. Supper is behind us...another day of planned meals completed! I am pretty tired as I have hurt my foot and/or am hobbling...AGAIN!! It doesn't help in getting things done! In trying to walk around the house a bit less, I did dictate some more recipes into the iPad app. I am so glad that Erin brought it to my attention that I could dictate rather than type them in! Makes it so much easier. Of course, some of what the iPad hears me say is rather funny at times...but most of the time the typing is very accurate. Woody has spent a tremendous time today researching Medicare supplements for me. I did sign up for a prescription supplement one decision behind us! Woody did pull himself away from the computer to go for a four-mile walk after lunch. Tonight's photo shows our winter residents in the garden. I saw the one bird sitting on the stem through our kitchen window so I grabbed my camera and quietly went out the front door. It was still there AND I realized that I had gotten two birds in the photo. I hadn't realized that there was one sitting in the birdhouse with its little head peeping out.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Working Hard But...

As can be seen from tonight's photos we are working hard at getting the decorations put away...BUT...there are ever so many more boxes to be added to these. The photo on the left shows the school room/office after yesterday's efforts and the photo on the right shows the room after today's efforts. Good thing that we aren't having school for most of this week! Erin has been ever so much help once again today. But once again I have worn her out and she didn't last very long reading after coming upstairs after supper. She also helped me cook our supper. After supper, we divided up the tasks for tomorrow's lunch so we can get it going quickly as it needs to simmer an hour. I had another meeting with hopeful Medicare supplement providers--I am now more confused than I was before! I'm glad that Woody understands this better than I! Woody walked to the library this morning and on the way home ran an errand (a couple of things we lacked for our recipes for this coming week). I think that we have menus planned for the coming week up till Erin heads home next Saturday (I think!). I always feel better once I can see on paper/iPad just what we have are going to have at least for the evening meal. Woody is watching a DVD and I think that I'm heading towards the recliner to "crash!"

Friday, January 18, 2013

The Last Carol Sung!

Here are our Carolers all gathered together on the coffee table singing their last carol for this Christmas season! They knew that it would be a while till they were all together again! Erin and I have accomplished quite a lot today...BUT...ever so much more to do! How do you eat an elephant???? One bite at a time!!!! We have managed to take several bites out of our elephant today! Woody did walk to the drugstore today to pick up prescriptions for him and for me. He thought that much exercise would be good for his knee...fairly level walking and on a sidewalk. He said that his knee is getting better. Other news about prescriptions...Fed Ex did deliver his prescription from NIH. It was overnited yesterday, so no sign of what was supposed to have been sent last week. Woody and Erin went to the public library to stock Erin up on books and DVD's. So she has something to do when her grammy gives her a break! She has worked hard today.
Here she is changing out my shadow box in the family room.(Take note how bright the kitchen is! The sun came out today for the first time in many days!) She also did the shadow box in the kitchen. So far we haven't had to get a step ladder out as she has been able to reach things that were up high. Her height has certainly come in handy several times today! Woody ran errands and did our weekly grocery shopping this afternoon. Erin helped Goosey (Woody) bring in the groceries. And, by the time that we got them put away, it was time to begin our supper. Erin and I made one of the new recipes that Woody and I had tried last week. I knew that it was fast and easy. Woody ran one more errand while we were finishing preparing supper. Then we all sat down and ate a family meal together. Woody tried to get Erin to talk about how she felt about a couple of political issues...she answered with a safe answer...that she hadn't made up her mind yet (though in "Erin wording!"). We cleared the table. I filled the dishwasher. Woody washed the ones that couldn't or don't go in the dish washer. Now we are settled in for a quiet evening. Erin was reading...but I think that I have worn her out today...and I think that she is now "reading" with her eyes closed! I guess I will go do some reading myself and will probably find myself in like manner..."reading" with my eyes closed! Woody is watching a DVD that he got at the library this morning.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The British Have Landed!

Our granddaughter, Erin, got here a couple of hours ago...and thus the "British" have landed...she enjoys talking with a "British" accent. I'm sure that she will keep us in stitches while she is here. Tonight's photo is about as close as I got to seeing a snowflake today. There may have been a flake or two float through the air but not when I was looking out the window. We did have a very short time of what is being called "thunder sleet." It was thundering and sleeting at the same time. About the time that the front that was to bring us some snow got to us it started breaking no snow! Woody didn't walk today as he has a gimpy knee. He doesn't know what he did to hurt it or when he hurt just hurts! He has kept the heating pad on it for a good part of the day...good thing that my back isn't acting up at the same time...this may be the time to get another heating pad! I have done a LOT of loads of wash today. The last is in the drier. All the rest have been put away. Melany joined us for supper, since they got a later start than they planned. Erin headed to her room a little while ago. She said that she was tired as she had worked all day. She volunteers at Melany's school...helping her mom with her art classes. Today they were getting art projects ready to be fired in their school's kiln (reason that they didn't get away as soon as planned). I told Erin that this was going to be a working vacation for her! We are going to undecorate! It will be good to have an extra pair of hands! Hopefully we will get underway with that job in the morning...what a job! Bah Humbug!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Damp and Dreary!

Tonight's photo was taken yesterday when it was really rainy. Today it has pretty much been a dreary, drizzly, damp day. Latest prediction is for snow tomorrow...time will tell! This morning I continued working on the guest room...dusting, vacuuming and changing the bed..."almost" finished. I stopped for lunch and then headed out the door to go work at the church library before I got finished. And, when I got home from the library all my get-up-and-go had left! I have dozed off and on in the recliner since coming home. Woody went for his "daily constitutional" after I got back from the library. I figure by the amount of time that he was gone that he walked four miles...too lazy to go downstairs and check! Maybe I'll find enough energy to go finish the guest room..not much left to do...surely I can dig down deep enough to be able to do it! Wondering if I'll be posting a snowy photo tomorrow night!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Water, Water Everywhere!

It has rained...and, then it has rained some more today! There has hardly been a moment when you couldn't hear rain on the roof this entire day. Luckily to this point it hasn't been ice...though there was some in the night, but not enough to cause a problem (at least for us)...our electricity has stayed on. Woody did run some errands this morning as he needed an ingredient or two for a new vegetarian chili recipe that he was that has cooked all day in the crock pot. I think that it is about time to open up the crock pot and test the product of the all day cooking. I stewed a chicken and made more "liquid gold" (chicken stock). I have started working on getting chicken stock moved into the freezer. This takes a bit of time as we only have so many containers that hold the two-cup amount that we like to store it in. I had to empty most of those containers of frozen pumpkin (about froze my hands!). Now those containers are in the dish washer so I can proceed to freeze more broth. Woody braved the elements and walked to the prayer room late this afternoon and has made it back! I am working on getting our guest room back to being a guest room rather than Christmas wrap central. It will need to be a guest room towards the end of the week as our granddaughter Erin is coming for a visit. I have had several spurts of energy today, but most of the rest of the day I have felt very lazy...probably partly the weather and partly not getting the best night's sleep. I did manage yesterday to finish the e-book that I have been reading...finished before it disappeared back into cyber-space! This was the first e-book that I had checked out from our public library site. I still much prefer to have a book in my hands over my iPad when it comes to reading. But in finishing that book I have read three books so far this year and am half-way through another. I just realized when I downloaded (or is uploaded?) some pictures from my camera, that today is the 15th of January. Can you believe that we are already half-way through January!?! Time continues to fly by at too fast a rate! The kitchen timer should be beeping momentarily...guess I'll head down to taste test the chili.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Winter Weather Advisory

And, what you are seeing in this photo is not water droplets...but water freezing to the leaves. Let's just hope that it doesn't become a major problem! Woody got up and made another batch of waffles (he already had a double batch frozen)to take next door. We were birthday celebrating...again!!!! This time we were celebrating Kathy's birthday a few days in advance...sweet potato waffles with rainbow sherbet...pretty good! We ate and then Kathy opened her presents. It has been pretty cold, breezy, dreary, and drizzly most of the day. I happened to notice as I started fixing our supper a little before it got dark that the leaves had ice on snapped this photo out the window. Woody says that he wishes that he had gotten up and walked really early this morning as the rest of the day it just wasn't fit walking weather. He did walk six miles yesterday morning when we were still having balmy temps! I made more doll clothes yesterday. Today each of the girls collected the items for their underwear, long pants and "t" now they each have a play outfit. After the party I started machine embroidering a Christmas ornament...maybe I will get ahead of the game this year?!? Good intentions... Woody took care of the neighbor grandchildren for an hour this afternoon so Kathy and Nathan could go cash in on one of her presents from us...DQ Blizzards. Here's hoping that the weather doesn't get very bad...every time that there is icing conditions it makes me think back to our really bad ice storm when we were without electricity for almost a me chills both literally and figuratively just thinking back to that week!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

I'm Becoming Very Popular!

Daily I get more and more mail and am now starting to get phone calls...all from insurance companies hoping that I will choose them for my Medicare supplements. Oh, boy...just about a month-and-a-half to go! Time is marching on! This afternoon I had an in-home visit from insurance representatives. So shortly it will become decision time! Am I really old enough for this?!? I have spent a lot of the day sewing...still working on doll clothes. I am very pleased with yesterday's efforts of pattern drafting...a success...undies for all three of the girls' dolls! Now I am working on something else...jeans. I think that this pattern is going to fit without having to alter. I was just about ready to try them on Ellie and I realized that it was time to blog. Woody walked to the library this morning and also walked an errand for a total of about five miles. He has read, watched a library DVD or two, done a crossword puzzle, etc. Well, I'll be back on Monday...first day off from blogging in a very long time...I wonder if I'll remember NOT to blog tomorrow night!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Let Me Introduce You!

Joy is holding Ellie. Abigail is holding Abbie. And, Esther is holding Noel. These are their new Favorite Friends Dolls that Goosey (Woody) and I gave them for Christmas. They are modeling their nightgowns that I made for the three of them. I have spent time today trying to redesign a pattern for underwear for the dolls! I had to set my efforts of pattern designing aside to do some other things so not sure if my pattern is going to work or not. Woody walked a circuitous four-mile route today that included a stop at the pharmacy to pick up one of his prescriptions. Speaking of prescriptions, Woody did get an email from his Fellow at NIH telling him that she had issued the pharmacy a new prescription for Woody's antibiotic and that they would be Fed-Exing it to him. So that should get it here before he runs out next week. Woody ran errands and did our weekly grocery shopping. After getting the groceries put away, I started in on tonight's supper...another new recipe. It is called Okra-and-Corn Maque Choux (pronounced "mock shoe"). It is a Cajun/American Indian dish--sort of stew-like. It was very tasty and filling...especially with corn muffins (another new recipe) served on the side. Woody bought chicken breasts which he took the skin off and deboned. I dropped the bones into some water with celery tops, a carrot, an onion, a couple of cloves of garlic and some parsley and let all that simmer for quite a few hours. We were in need of more "liquid gold" (broth). It is now strained and cooling. I will chill it and then take any fat off the top and then we will freeze it for recipes that call for it down the road. By the time that I had our supper finished and eaten and the broth simmering, I was about done-in so I headed upstairs to the recliner and the heating pad. It didn't take long at all till I dozed off (had planned to read!). I woke up just a little before it was time to take the broth off the stove and strain it. While I dozed Woody worked on cleaning up the mess I had made in the kitchen. That about sums up our Friday.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

It's Official!

It's official...we have a one-year-old! Today is little Isaac's first birthday. Kathy called me up this morning and asked if I wanted to come over for a "photo session!" And, when I got over there, Isaac had on the outfit that we gave him for Christmas...the one that I made for him. He looked so cute in it and also so cuddly warm! Tonight's picture is one of the first times that I have gotten a picture of him standing and not holding on to anyone or anything. He opened up his present from his Auntie Cheryl and all were intrigued from Daddy on down to was a basketball bathtub toy AND it included three that family three balls = JUGGLING!!! So Nathan, Graham and Abigail all juggled them at one time or another. And, Isaac just hoped that he would get to play with his toy at some time! He says a "b" sound for ball. This tower is also one of his presents. His siblings stack them all up so he can knock the tower down...a favorite activity of Isaac. It reminds me of Nathan...any kind of tower built was an invitation for him to head straight to it to knock it down. So Isaac is following in his daddy's "footsteps." Woody walked six miles today. Today hasn't been all that rainy...just cloudy and dreary and later in the day the wind picked up. More rain and storms are in the forecast. I have sort of taken the afternoon off...I just read, napped and typed a recipe or two into my iPad app. I finally got up enough energy to head downstairs to make our supper. Woody is watching a DVD and I have been downloading pictures from Isaac's birthday photo shoot and then choosing one for tonight's blog. I managed to borrow an e-book from the library the other day and have been reading that. I finished my second book of the year yesterday and have three others in the process of being read. I don't often have more than one book going at a time. I'm sure that I will end up deciding on one of them and finish it before I do much more reading on the other two. It will probably be the e-book as it will disappear into cyberspace in five more days. So I would like to have it finished before it disappears! I'm also planning my next sewing project for the girls' 18" dolls...have to get into a new doll pattern and find the pattern piece/s that I need. I'm making them each a pair of underwear...that way they won't have to wear tights all the time! Joy has let me have her doll over here so I can make sure that they will fit them! So I have Ellie watching me as I type tonight's blog...she is standing on the table near me. Well, I will end with a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Isaac...such a sweet little one-year-old!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hard Workers!

The children are such hard workers when it comes to their school work. Tonight's photo shows Elijah with the words that he made with the movable alphabet. He's doing a great job knowing the sounds that the letters make. Today he also spent time tracing letter shapes in a pan of salt. He really likes doing that and that is getting him ready to write his sounds/letters. Esther got underway with another Dick and Jane book. Joy worked hard on handwriting and finished up a test in one of her books. Graham is getting underway with a sewing project. He is making himself an apron. He and Abigail have outgrown the aprons that I made for them some time ago so they have passed them down to their younger siblings. Abigail has already completed her apron and now Graham is beginning one for himself. His is going to be camo and hunter's orange. Woody and Elijah spent time together reading and making a picture with some new blocks that the kids got in the pickle present. After lunch I headed to church to work in the library. We checked in and shelved books and then got some more new books ready for the shelves. I passed Woody on my way home. He was walking to the library in the rain. It has drizzled and rained most of the day.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Lots Going On!

Today started for me with the phone ringing...a call from the NIH pharmacy telling Woody that they didn't have orders for his prescription. So I have attempted to get the ball rolling on getting the prescription filled and in the mail...not sure where we stand on that. Guess we will know in a few days--if it comes or not! I had school with Abigail, Graham and Joy this morning. Then had lunch and then headed out the door to get my hair cut. When I got back Esther came over to finish another Dick and Jane book. Elijah fell asleep on their couch so he didn't have a turn at school today. After Esther got finished reading to me, she headed out to ask Goosey (Woody) to read to her. Joy joined Esther over here and the two of them ended up helping me get our supper ready. We made homemade cream of mushroom soup to put in our Turkey Tetrazzini. While we were cooking, Woody headed out to walk to the prayer room. The turkey tetrazzini was a new recipe that we tried tonight. It was a quick-to-cook recipe, but I made it harder by making my own cream of mushroom soup. By the time that I got the dishes loaded up after cooking, I was about done in! Woody walked home from the prayer room and had a late supper. We both enjoyed the new recipe. Again, we have found a "keeper recipe." I will be adding it to my recipe file on the iPad. Graham joined us after supper and is spending some time over here this evening. He helped me get started on putting away Christmas decorations. He separated out the pieces of the Fisher Price Nativity so they could go back in their correct boxes to be put away till next year. So I guess you can say that I am finally underway undecorating. Erin is supposed to come spend some time with us and I am thinking that she can be a big help in getting things put away...and will save me a few trips up and down the stairs! This is the part of the Christmas decorating that I don't care for! This is when it is no longer "'tis the season" but becomes "bah humbug!"

Monday, January 7, 2013

Two Birthdays to Celebrate

We had our family celebration of Isaac's first birthday this afternoon. He won't be one till the 10th, but celebrating today worked out better with everyone's schedules. This is Isaac's first encounter with cake and ice cream! I think that he found that big scoop of ice cream pretty cold on his hand and later in his mouth! He enjoyed the cake's warming effects! Opening presents was funny...he just isn't into gifts yet and it is hard for the others to understand. At the end of the party Abigail said that it was the longest time opening presents that they had ever had! He would get into one gift and be content with the present in that one and then not be interested in opening any more! His cake is a replica of his favorite blankie...the blanket is in the photo where he has such a big smile...he is happiest when he has his blanket to cuddle...his security! I had school with Elijah, Esther, and Joy. Woody made soup while I had school. We had lunch and then went next door for the party. Woody walked four-miles late this afternoon. He ran an errand after he got home from his walk. Note that I said that there were two birthdays to celebrate? Well, four years ago on this date I started this blog and here we are 1477 posts later! My how time flies! I will say that I am glad to be posting the drivel that I post these days rather than all the medical stuff in reference to Woody's melanoma that I was posting four years ago. Haven't we (Woody and I and you, our faithful blog readers) been through a LOT together!!!!! We appreciate all your prayers over the years and ask that you continue praying for us.

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Look who will turn one this week! He's peeking at you! I just got home from taking care of Isaac while the rest of the family went to the evening activities at church. We had a good time...especially once Grammy found his blankie! Woody got up and walked six miles before church this morning. We went to the early service and then we both taught our respective Sunday School classes. We came home and I made one of the new recipes...really good! Pasta with Zesty Pecan is a keeper...already added to my recipe app in the iPad. It was very quick and easy and very tasty. I headed into the sewing room this afternoon and started working on something to go with the dolls' nightgowns...slippers (a surprise that the girls don't know about...nor do their dolls!). Aunt Melany gave the girls each a pair of shoes for their dolls. Joy got bunny slippers for hers so I decided that the other dolls need slippers too and since there is a pattern for them I am attempting to make them (adapting the pattern as I go as I think that there is a better way than the pattern instructions tell you to do them...hope that I don't get myself in trouble! But if my way doesn't work, I do have plenty of fabric to do them another way! So far so good, though!). This afternoon Woody went to the deacons' meeting and then this evening he went to the evening service. I am thinking about cutting back a bit in my blogging...taking Sundays off (after all, Sunday is a day of rest!). If anything extraordinary happens on Sunday, I will fill you in on Monday! I'm going to give this a try at least...habits of daily blogging for four years may die hard...might even cause withdrawals!!!! So this will be the last Sunday least for a while!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

My Little Helper!

Elijah (3) told me this afternoon that he wanted to problem!!!! I fixed the handle so it was just his size and away he went. The school room floor looks great! He also told me today that he wants to learn to sew! I got up all ready to cook a new recipe, but soon realized that I needed broth so made broth instead. It is in the refrigerator cooling so I can skim it and then I can cook with it...another day! Woody walked to the library this morning. After he got back, he invited Esther over for stories...which ended up in a craft session. They read all about Fancy Nancy and how to have tea parties. I had to find paper doilies and then pink construction paper and some "jewels" so she could make a a butterfly placemat with "jewels" glued around the edges of the butterfly. She went home for lunch before she had finished so she so came back after lunch. Her mom, two sisters and two little brothers came back with her (her daddy and big brother were hunting). Joy ended up making a placemat too (and also needed a doily and jewels!). One of my new Passport external drives arrived in the mail today so I have spent a good part of the rest of the day transferring pictures over to it. I also finished the doll night gowns. A little while ago, found out that my Sunday School class' teacher is sick, so I have had to quickly get a lesson together so I can at least lead the lesson tomorrow. Woody has read, done crossword puzzles, and watched DVD's when he wasn't walking or reading or crafting with Esther and her siblings!

Friday, January 4, 2013

He Would Have Been 100 Today...

Here's a picture taken of my father doing one of the things that he liked doing best--taking a picture. Do you think that I might have inherited something from him!?! He died in 2005, but today would have been his 100th birthday. I have done a little of this and a little of that and very little of either! I did get back into the sewing room and the two little nightgowns are getting closer to being ready for two dolls next door. Woody walked, went to the library, ran errands, did our weekly grocery shopping, and had a play time with Esther and Elijah. They came over to see if Goosey would come outside and play with them (push them in the swings). Esther announced that they were doing "once a month cooking" at their house and that she had "quitted!" Elijah told Goosey that he needed to get his coat and his scarf as it was cold outside. Woody said that he lasted outside longer than they did!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Dates, Dates, and More Dates!

This morning I attempted to get back into school mode. Esther, Joy, and Abigail came over to do school work. Elijah was feeling a little under the weather and didn't come for his time. After I had school, I had lunch and then headed to the recliner upstairs. I read, napped, and worked on my major project for the day--creating a calendar for 2013 in my iPad. I have attempted to put in family and friends' birthdays, holidays, appointments that are already made, and Nathan and Kathy's schedule as it stands at the moment. I have things all color coded...time will tell if this helps me keep up with "things" better! One thing that I the time that this year is over we will have grandchildren ranging from one to twenty!!!!!! Oh, my! Woody's walk today included running an errand for me--mailing something at the Post Office. I have pretty much stayed in and taken it easy this afternoon. I had wanted to run an errand, but just didn't have the energy or inclination so that will wait for another day! I think that I am feeling better...then I question it!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ringing in the New!

2013 has gotten off to an interesting start. I ended the year getting all my photos sorted for the starting over...and, will be really starting over as the Passport external drives that I have been using are just about maxed out so I have ordered new larger ones and will be transferring all the photos onto the new ones and use the old ones for backing up the laptop. So I have more photo/computer work ahead of me once these external drives arrive. But at least all pictures taken in 2012 and prior years are sorted...a good feeling! I started out yesterday morning going great guns...catching up on my laundry now that the drier is back in working order and getting the house straightened up (vacuuming and putting some things away). But as the day continued, I started to fizzle and not feel the greatest. I haven't done much today. I'm still not sure what my "problem' is, but definitely my "get-up-and-go" has gotten up and gone! I have a feeling that it is my Transverse Myelitis causing me to hurt and body is just saying that it has had enough of holiday activities. Unfortunately TM masks a lot of things...or sometimes other things mask the TM. I got worried for a while yesterday that I was getting the flu because I was aching so badly...but the aches seem to have pretty much gone away and that wouldn't be happening that quickly if I had the flu. Anyway, I have given in and done as close to nothing as one can do on this second day of the new year...have gotten a good ways into a new book. Woody has been up and about as he usually is. Since I have reported about his walking he has walked 14 miles...6 on Monday, 4 yesterday, and 4 today. He has read, worked crossword puzzles, watched a bit of TV...staying in keeping warm when he hasn't been out on his walks. Yesterday Joy, Esther and Elijah each came over separately for some special "Goosey (Woody) time." Joy and he worked on a marble run. Esther and he made pumpkin bread. And, Elijah and he played Junior Monopoly. While they were over yesterday,I hibernated in our room and pretty much slept the afternoon away! I haven't slept as much today, but just don't have much energy. Good start to the New Year?!?