Monday, February 29, 2016

Happy Leap Day!

Wish I had a picture of one of these goats actually leaping...but it was as the only picture that came to mind among my 1000's that would give the idea of leaping. I'm sure that I have one of one child or another jumping...but this one was easier to find. I took this one of these goats on one of our many trips to Vanderbilt back in 2009. It has been a pretty last day of February. Some of the neighbor grandchildren took advantage of the nice day and played outdoors. The children and I had our usual Monday school day. Elijah liked the picture of a possible case for his we got busy planning it...choosing fabric from my multitude of leftover scraps, measuring his iPod, and getting out other supplies that we will need. Abigail chose to sew during her reading time as she wanted to make another zipper pouch to give to one of her friends. She also came over this afternoon for a while and worked on it some more. Woody went to the Life Care Center this morning and had Bible study with Jeff and then visited with other friends who reside there. I sat down after lunch and finished my needlepoint piece that I had picked up to work more needlework piece completed that had sat dormant in a needlework bag for many years. Another afternoon activity was to take advantage of a sale on sewing supplies that was a one-day event honoring the 29th of February...29% off my order...sounded too good to pass up when I was needing several items that they sell. I also found a supplier of zippers and ordered some to keep Abigail supplied for her bags! Abigail can't seem to get ahead on her bags...she completes a couple and then seems to find someone to give them to. The one she started today she wanted to give to a friend tonight, but there just wasn't time to complete it. She will get it finished and give it to her the next time that she sees her. Abigail has a very giving spirit...she almost always plans to give away the projects she makes in her sewing time with me. Woody walked four miles this afternoon. We have finished supper and are settling in for the evening. I'm deciding what needlework project to tackle next. Doing needlework has cut into my reading time...good thing that I am ahead, at this point in the year, of my goal of one book a week! I'm way ahead of my goal of the year of completing needlework projects...since I hadn't set a goal!!! So long to another month...I guess we will welcome March tomorrow. Wonder if March will come in like a lion or a lamb.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Happy 14th, Graham!

Where does the time go? It just seems like yesterday when I first heard Graham cry over the telephone! Graham was born in Texas so our first introduction to him was with pictures via email and hearing him over the telephone! This has been a big year for Graham as a hunter as he has killed four bucks...thus this special ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. His silly hat was made from Magformers for him by his siblings...he was a good sport and donned it for a few minutes and then it fell apart...probably much to his relief! We have had a pretty much normal day for a Saturday. Woody went to the Credit Union, WalMart, the hospital(to visit a church member), and the library. After lunch he went on a four mile walk. I passed him on his walk as I went to the library to pick up a book that they had for me. Graham will be happy as it is The Lord of the Rings. The moment that he got finished with The Hobbit, he said that he wanted this one so I put in a request for it. I have had an interesting day puttering around in the house. I was determined that I would have the dining room back in complete order...BUT...the things that I needed to do before I headed into that room didn't "let" me meet my goal. I did start out in the dining room and put back everything that had been put away...even dusted the tea cup display shelves and got them back to preChristmas order. I got the dining room table cleared off except for the table cover. I was going to roll that back onto the big cardboard tube that I store it on...but I needed a large space and decided that I would do it in the living room before I moved the love seat back to its non-Christmas spot. I needed to vacuum first and decided that I really needed to finish vacuuming upstairs before carrying it downstairs. Probably a big I spent the rest of the time cleaning and puttering around in our bedroom. As I was moving a big basket that is next to my chair, so I could vacuum under it, I remembered that I wanted to try out a needlework gizmo that holds the hoop so my hands can be free...I hadn't used this particular contraption for quite a few years and thought the other night that it might work clipped onto the table that is next to my recliner. So I decided to get it out and give it a try...I found it...actually remembered right where it that was easy...then I remembered something else that I had stored in my needlework/photography cabinet...a BIG mistake to go into that!!!! I ended up taking a couple of things out and then ended up taking everything out of that particular cubby...dusted off the shelf and straightened everything that had been on it...came across several things that I had forgotten a needlepoint piece that I may work on after I complete the one I am working on. All the above to say that I chased a lot of rabbits and did quite a bit...but not a lot to show for it...and the dining room didn't get done to it what I had planned...oh, will wait till I get around to it! One plus...I have been looking for my ear buds for my iPad for some time. I kept thinking that they had probably fallen down into the recliner and did turn the recliner up on end when I was vacuuming behind it and there they were hung up in the recliner parts. I will end by wishing Graham a super 14th birthday!

Friday, February 26, 2016

"Say Cheese!"

Have you ever wanted to stick your tongue out when someone asks you to "say cheese?" Our oldest granddaughter used to love to do that when she was younger. Today, for our excitement of the day, we went to church and had our photos taken for the church directory. I always dread this as I am not fond of a camera when it is pointed at me! But today's "ordeal" was quite painless. The photographer made our session short and sweet and she didn't attempt to pressure us into buying any of we survived and will shortly have a free 8X10 that we could/might use to throw darts at and will be a part of FBC, Tullahoma's next church directory! Woody walked 5 miles today which included the Post Office. He got our tax forms filled out this morning and then mailed them while on his walk...good job done! I vacuumed the bathroom and got the scale, wastebasket, and hamper put back in their places and got the carpet shampooer cleaned up and put away. I also got started on vacuuming our bedroom, but got interrupted and never got back to it...perhaps tomorrow? While Woody was on his walk, I put together a pot of soup. That about sums up our day...I'm tired and ready to head to my recliner. I'm making some headway on my needlepoint piece. It's fun to be back doing needlepoint. My mother did a lot of needlepoint over her long life. I still prefer counted needlework...but enjoy doing needlepoint at times. This piece is a sampler of different stitches that I started years and years ago when I belonged to a needlework guild. (Do you remember doing a piece with nine squares, Connie?) I am doing mine in Christmas I stitch I am imagining it as a pretty pillow at Christmas. So...I'm off to work on it some more. Woody is downstairs watching TV and reading...typical evening in the Dorrell household! Woody has also been plugging away at attemptig the box puzzle in our Christmas of these days the Christmas boxes will once again be hidden behind those closet doors!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

When It Rains It Pours

Today's title I am saying figuratively...though we have had our share of rain lately. But today has been "one of those days" in our house. I got underway with school at the usual time with Joseph. Then when Woody walked Joseph home, Isaac wasn't "in the mood" to come back to the house for school so Kathy ended up swapping some times and let Abigail and then Elijah come over to read to let Isaac "come around in his mood." When he did come over, all was fine. He and I got underway with his lessons but not long into them he was "ready to go back home." But I was determined to have him stay for his time...UNTIL...Woody stuck his head in the school room door and announced that one of the toilets had overflowed...WELL...that put a stop to Isaac's lessons as I had to get in there fast and grab towels and get the water absorbed before it could go through the floor to the ceiling below! As I was racing in there, Isaac stated again that he wanted to go home, so I just told him that neither of us could walk him home at that moment and he said that he could go by himself...and, at that point I decided that it was "okay" for him to head on home and we'd catch up on his school on another day! I was still absorbing water into towels when Joy came for her reading time, but she did get to read not long after she got over here. Joy brought back the tray with the empty pumpkin pudding dishes. Woody took the tray from her and put it on the counter...BUT it didn't get all the way onto the counter or it wasn't balanced or something and it came crashing to the floor. I just heard the CRASH from the bathroom upstairs and knew that it sounded like "something" breaking! When I came downstairs to investigate, Woody had already started sweeping up the broken glass. We now only have four of those other words four broke. When I told Esther that we only had four bowls now, she was very disappointed, as she knew that wasn't enough bowls to put pumpkin pudding in for her whole family! We will be looking for more of these bowls, I'm sure! Esther got to do her long time with me, as things had calmed down by then. She, again, worked on her cross stitch project. She is getting very close to finished. She put in the last cross stitches today and is doing the outlining. After lunch, I had to get busy and do the various things that needed to be done after our two "disasters." Woody had run the vacuum in the kitchen, but I thought that I needed to mop the did that. And then I pulled out the carpet shampooer and shampooed the bathroom carpet. And, had to wash and dry two loads of towels. Anyway, we were quite busy today with unplanned cleaning projects! Woody walked to downtown Tullahoma this afternoon for a meeting. That was his walk for the day. We are settled in for the evening...Woody watching TV and reading and I'm going to go watch a show on my iPad and needlepoint...unless I fall asleep! I'm hoping that "disasters" are behind us for the time being at least!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Wet & Windy Wednesday

The temperatures dropped throughout the day today...and with the wind and rain it has felt even colder. After Joseph had his school time with me, he headed off with Goosey (Woody) to do our weekly Krogering. I had my usual school morning with the children. Abigail decided to veer a little from zipper bags for her next project. She chose to make a cover for her Kindle. She found exactly the fabric that she wanted in my stash of leftover scraps and she got underway with cutting out the pieces. She is using the same pattern as Joy used. I did get online last night and found a pattern that may work for Elijah's he may get his wish for his next sewing project. After lunch, Woody and I headed off in separate directions. He went next door to take care of a napping Joseph while the rest of the family went to practice their juggling. Isaac stayed with him, too. I headed to the church and worked in the library for a couple of hours. Woody went for a four-mile walk after he childsat. He said that he walked in the wind, rain, and spitting snow. I was happy that we had leftover pasta for supper tonight so I didn't have to cook. Woody was peeling apples when I got home from church. He made cran-apple crisp for our dessert. We're all settled in listening to the rain on the roof...Woody reading and watching TV...and I plan to go read or maybe do a little needlepoint. It's a good night to stay in and stay warm and dry.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Yup...It's Tuesday!

Woody made pumpkin pudding early this morning. Then after Isaac had school, the two of them took it next door. I had school with my Tuesday pupils. It was Joy's turn to have her long time with me and she finished the cover for her tablet. I think that it was a hit next door when she showed them as I have heard from a couple of the others that they want to make covers for their various devices...Elijah wants one for his iPod...we will see...that will be adapting the pattern we have by quite a bit. They always have more faith in what we can accomplish without a pattern than I! After lunch, Woody headed off to the Post Office to mail a package to my sister and to check to see if they had the IRS forms that he needs. He got the package mailed, but no luck on finding the forms. Shortly after he left I headed off to get my hair cut. On my way home I stopped at WalMart to get what I forgot to get yesterday when we stopped there after voting. I came home and sat for a few minutes before I started our supper. Woody walked to the church prayer room after supper. I hope that he took an umbrella, as it is raining fairly hard now and he hasn't returned yet. I think that I am going to head to my recliner and either read or work on a needlepoint piece that I pulled out of my needlework bag. I'm feeling tired after being on the go most of the day. The sound of rain on the roof will probably put me to sleep!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Busy Monday

And, it "photo study" of barns. There are certainly many different styles, colors, etc. of barns. My favorites are red barns...but others not so colorful are very interesting, the one in tonight's photo. Woody walked six miles early today...getting ahead of the rain. The children and I had a normal Monday school day. Monday is Elijah's long time with me and he finished up the bookmark that he was making. Woody went to the Life Care Center while I was having school. He had Bible study with Jeff and then went to visit several other friends who reside and/or rehab there. After lunch, Woody and I went to early vote. Then we stopped at Dairy Queen for a treat. I hadn't had one of their plain cones in a long time...always brings back childhood memories. I needed to run an errand at Walmart so Woody made a stop there for me. When we got home, Woody went next door to sit with a napping Joseph while the rest of crew went to the church for juggling practice. We have just returned from next door. We were invited over for ice cream cake to celebrate Graham's 14th birthday a bit early as they will be juggling on his birthday. Oh...over the weekend I did get the tree down and back in its box in the Christmas closet. get the rest of the boxes all packed away in that same closet...quite a puzzle...but we know that they all fit in since they all came out and I didn't add any new ones...even may have eliminated a few...but it is quite a job just getting them in. At least now I can get the living room back to "normal."

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Modern to Tumbledown

On yesterday's photography trip through the hills and valleys of Middle TN we saw ever so many barns...and, like tonight's photos...some of the barns were on working farms and some were just off on the wayside having seen better days. Tonight's photos were taken within a mile of each other. We definitely saw the evidence of many, many working farms in our area...true pastoral scenes! Today I have spent a lot of time going through the pictures that I took yesterday...enjoying our pleasurable trip over again...culling out the rejects and working on some with my photo software. Woody did his usual Saturday errands with stops at WalMart, Harton Hospital to visit a couple of friends who are patients there, Credit Union, and the library. After lunch he went on a four-mile walk. Later this afternoon he made a trip back to the library to return several books and I hitched a ride so I could pick up a book I had requested. We have had another rather spring-like day...not quite as warm as yesterday, but still very nice. I understand that more cold temps can be expected in the next day or so...oh, well, it it isn't much longer till spring will really be here along with warmer temperatures...that will eventually stay...and at a point, in not many months, we will be wishing for these cooler temperatures to return!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Lots of Twists and Turns

My friend, Marie, picked me up this morning and we headed off on a photographic adventure. She loves to take photos of barns and there is no telling how many barns we saw today...lots and lots...some quite colorful and some lacking in color...but all had so much character! We travelled down roads "less travelled" and found barns and so many other things to photograph. My contribution of the day was to guide her to this farm just down the road from us that has these we got barns and alpacas in these first photos of the day. We ended up on roads in four counties...a really fun full day...left at 9:30am and didn't get back till 4pm. Woody held down the fort here at the house and also took a six-mile walk while I was away. I have barely had time to download the photos from my just randomly picked a few for tonight's blog. I have a feeling that the pictures that I took today will end up being fodder for several future blogs!

Thursday, February 18, 2016


Thursday has proved, so far, to be a fairly normal day. I got up and got the beans started simmering prior to having school. My usual Thursday crew of students filed through at their appropriate times. Esther continued to work on her cross stitch picture. She just has a few more cross stitches and then she will be ready to do the backstitch/outline. During Abigail's reading time she chose to sew because she was trying to finish a zippered bag. She and her sisters have been invited to a birthday party and the bag is her part of her of the gift...from what I understand her sisters are going to choose an item or two to put into the bag as their part of the gift. This time Abigail personalized it...she used my machine to machine embroider their friend's name on it. After lunch, I finished up the white chili. Abigail came back after her piano lesson to finish the bag so...her part of the present is finished. A little after Abigail left, we had friends stop by...though Woody was off on his six-mile walk and missed getting to see them. I had a nice visit with them. After they left I fixed myself a cup of tea (Thanks, Linda and Doyle, the Downton Abby flavor is yummy!) I sipped tea and read for a while this afternoon. We had white chili for supper and for dessert, a piece of the gingerbread that Woody made yesterday. I did manage last night to finish getting all the ornaments boxed up...but the boxes still haven't been brought upstairs nor has the tree left its stand yet. Eventually the mess will only be a memory. But I doubt that I will get much done on it tomorrow as a friend called this afternoon and we have planned a photography excursion for tomorrow. Perhaps I will come away from it with at least one photo worthy to post on the blog...time will tell!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Wednesday Doings

Tonight's photo shows the first time that I heard Esther play the violin...on Valentine's Day. She started taking lessons a few weeks ago. I could actually recognize the tune she played for me. Today has been a pretty routine Wednesday in our household. Woody got up early and did his Krogering. Then he came home and got busy with his he made pumpkin pudding for the neighbors (Nathan and Kathy and family)and then made pumpkin gingerbread...mainly for me as he doesnt care for gingerbread much...but I think that even he thought that this recipe is pretty good...not a real strong gingerbread flavor...but very good. I guess you can see the theme in the baking that he has been doing lately...usually something to do with pumpkin. He froze quite a bit of pumpkin when he first cooked a pumpkin so now he is trying to use it up in different recipes. We are almost to the end of the pumpkins that I used for fall decorating...I think that there is only one fairly small pumpkin (compared to the last two that he cooked)and then all the Fall decoration pumpkins will have been cooked in one form or another. I had pretty much a usual Wednesday for school except I think that one slipped through the cracks...I just packed up ornaments while waiting for the next reader. The ornaments on the dining room table did get all packed up before I left to work in the church library. I now just have the handmade ornaments to get boxed up...light at end of the tunnel is getting brighter! While I was working in the library, Woody went on a four mile he is back to his daily walk. On my way home from church, I stopped and did a couple of errands. Woody has beans soaking to make white chili tomorrow. I have chicken thawing to cook for the chili. Guess it will be a white chili making day tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The End is Near!

Are you wondering if I am being prophetic by tonight's title?!? Well, what I am referring to is that the end of the Christmas tree and ornaments is in sight. On the coffee table are the handmade ornaments and their boxes that they will hopefully fit into. And, on the dining room table are all the other ornaments that still need to be tucked away. The only box that is totally is the white one on top. The others just have places them in to tuck a few more ornaments around the boxes that are already in them. I am hoping that all that are left will fit in...not sure at the moment. Each year my goal is to not add any additional boxes to what have to be packed into the Christmas closet. Time will tell! But at least there are no more ornaments on the tree. Woody got up this morning and made pumpkin muffins for our breakfast. I had school on a normal Tuesday schedule. Joy continues to work on a cover for her tablet. She is very close to finishing it. I just hope that it works and holds her tablet securely enough that it protects it. She chose very pretty fabric to make it. I got a call from the public library this morning that they have a book for me that I had requested. I think that it is The Hobbitt that Graham and I have been reading together. I was going to go get it, but it started to rain harder so I decided to wait till the rain quit...and it never did when it was convenient for me to head out. So I did a little cleaning...I actually ran the vacuum in a couple of rooms. Then I worked some more on the tree and then I sat down to read for a while and ended up taking a nap. When I woke up it was time to fix supper. We had tacos...a good change up from our soups of late. Woody waited for the rain to subside before he headed to the church prayer room. This is the first time that he has ventured out on a walk since last week when he hurt his knee. He hasn't returned yet. I am planning to either read or stitch some more on my needlework piece. I am just about finished with this one. As I stitch these last stitches I have been trying to figure out if I will start the companion piece to this one or if I want to finish something else in my needlework bag that is unfinished or...their are many other needlework options tucked away around the house...lots to choose from...either new or unfinished.

Monday, February 15, 2016

A Rainy Back to Routine Monday

We have had rain off and on all day today...and in the last few hours it has just come down continuously...I've been listening to it on the roof. I'll bet Rutledge Falls (a local falls...pictured above)is really rushing after all the rain. I took this picture in the Fall about a year and a half ago...I was looking for rain pictures and saw my folder with Rutledge Falls in it and decided that it would be a good picture for a rainy day. We got back to a school routine after being off last week. We missed several days due to Nathan, Kathy and family being off on ministry opportunities. And, then missed at the end of the week since I wasn't feeling very well. Elijah had his long time with me today and we got underway with making him a machine embroidered bookmark. He came back over mid afternoon with a camo t-shirt that needed to have a seam or two redone. He had told me about them this morning and I told him that I could fix he didn't forget and came back. I just finished redoing the hem in the shirt so it is "almost" like new! Woody went to the Life Care Center this morning to have Bible study with Jeff and then visited several of our church members who are residents there. This afternoon he cut up the last of our pumpkins and cooked it...guess I have a job to go down and use the immersion blender to puree the cooked pieces...guess I will do that after I post this. I am almost finished with the gets barer and barer...which is a good thing at this point! All that have specific boxes are in their boxes so the rest just have to be wrapped and/or layered into boxes...mass packing at this that should go pretty fast. Woody didn't walk today for two reasons...too rainy and he is still being careful of his knee, though he says that it is a lot better. If we were on our usual (as in the last year +) routine of going to Vanderbilt every three weeks...this would have been the first three weeks out of twelve has passed since his last visit to see Dr. Sosman...this is the second Keytruda infusion that he has not taken since he was declared to be in remission.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Lazy Saturday

Well, it has been a rather lazy Saturday for both of us today. For Woody, he only went to the library out of his usual Saturday errands. He has then read, watched TV and a library DVD or two. I slept in late, but have managed to pack away some more Christmas ornaments. The packing up of the ornaments gets to my back pretty quickly. So that has meant time sitting with the heating pad (Woody gave it back to me this morning...good thing as I have needed it several times today). I have read and dozed during those interims. Just before coming up to blog, I put out the boxes for ornaments that I needed to find and found the ornaments on the tree and put them on top of their box...and that is it for today...I will put them back inside their boxes tomorrow. My recliner is calling me. Woody says that his knee is improving. I finally asked the right question today and found out that he thinks that it was black ice on the driveway on Wednesday that caused this foot slipped and the other one gripped...and the one that gripped caused the problem...but on a positive note...the one that gripped kept him from falling.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Task is Begun

I doubt that it is very noticable that I have begun taking the ornaments off the tree...but I can assure that I have taken many off and am putting them in their individual boxes. I am feeling a lot better today, but still have taken it easy. I have done a lot of reading in between taking ornaments off the tree. Each time that I go down I take several more off or search for one that I still need for a specific box. For the box on the dining room table I am to the point of just having a couple of larger generic boxes that need to be filled with ornaments that don't have a specific box of their own. When I fill those, I will repack the big box on the dining room table and put that upstairs in the hall...that will be one done! While I was searching for certain ornaments, I have been taking off hand made/stitched ornaments and putting them on the coffee table. And have also been taking off certain ornaments that are always hard to when I find one I am putting my hands on it and putting it on the coffee when I come across the box for them I will have already found them and not have to go round and round the tree searching for them. Woody still has a gimpy knee, but managed to do some cooking...he made cranapple crisp this morning...made a yummy lunch! And then for supper he broiled some talapia and also steamed some is never a favorite of mine...but it filled in an empty spot! We are both settling in for a quiet evening...Woody in his recliner and me heading to mine as soon as I post this.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Wimpy and Gimpy

I'm letting this squirrel check in on you tonight as Woody and I aren't up to doing much checking on anyone! Woody has twisted his knee (or something) so he is the gimpy one (note title of blog)...he is limping around...AND stole "my" heating pad! (I was just wishing the other day that I had two heating pads...and now I don't even have one!)I am still feeling a bit under the I am the wimpy one in tonight's title. I have just sat around reading, cross stitching, watching a show or two on my iPad, and dozing. I am definitely feeling better than I did yesterday...just not up to par yet. Woody has likewise pretty much stayed in his recliner today...reading, watching TV, doing puzzles, etc. What a pair we make! Tomorrow is another day!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wednesday Morning View of Our World

It was almost a "black & white" world this morning so I decided to turn tonight's colored photo into a black & white photo. Our snow didn't last very long into the day. The roads cleared off pretty quickly. Woody headed off to do his Wednesday errands even before our street's road had melted. He said that after he got out of our neighborhood the rest of the roads were just wet. So he didn't let the snow keep him snow bound this time. He went to the Credit Union, Kroger and stopped at our pharmacy to pick up prescriptions for both of us. I stayed in the whole day. I was feeling under the weather. I am feeling some better tonight, but still moving slowly. I didn't venture too far out of "my" recliner today except when necessary. I have read, cross stitched, watched a couple of shows on my iPad, and dozed. So my plans to get underway with the Christmas tree got put off for another day! I'm sure that the tree will still be there when I feel like attacking it! Woody went on a four-mile walk this afternoon. He also visited a friend who had surgery yesterday...another time that he ventured out with the car. Well, I'm ready to head back to "my" chair...feeling better than I did this morning, but still feeling pretty wiped out. I'm hoping that a good night's rest will have me feeling even better tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

A Flurry Day

We have had snow flurries off and on for most of the day. We got enough overnight that the ground was covered when we woke up this morning. The roads around here were pretty much just wet for most of the day...but after it got dark what was coming down started sticking to the roads. It is supposed to be a very cold night...down into the teens...makes me shiver just thinking about temperatures getting that low again. Woody continued in his baking he made pumpkin pudding for the neighbor grandchildren and their parents for their lunch. I spent most of the morning packing up the last of the Christmas I just have the Christmas tree to attack. I'm planning of getting started on it tomorrow. I am hoping to just enjoy the process as I touch each ornament and think back over memories that each one brings. Woody headed next door around noon to take care of six of the children. Joseph had an appointment in Nashville this afternoon to see his pedatric was time to see if he is still allergic to milk and egg products. I spent the afternoon making pea soup. It really tasted good for our supper on this cold winter evening. We are in for the night. Woody is watching TV and reading. I am planning of doing a bit more needlework and then do some reading. The needlework is cutting into my reading time!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Wintry Monday

Woody walked four miles this morning because he knew that it was just going to get colder as the day went on. I got up and went to work on putting more Christmas back into its boxes. The stack in the upstairs hall has definitely gotten taller and longer. I have gotten quite a bit done. When I needed rests, I worked on my little cross stitch project...and, actually got it finished. A little while ago I got out another project to work on. This one is one that I started many years ago. It will take a bit to get back into the swing of this piece. It is an AZ sunset. I bought the graph for this and a companion piece when visiting in AZ many years ago. I can remember working on it at Nathan and Kathy's when they lived in that definitely dates the piece! Woody went to the Life Care Center and had Bible study with Jeff and also visited with some other friends at Life Care. He stopped and got us Arby roast beef sandwiches on his way home. I fixed some French fries to go with that took care of our lunch. I am planning to go pack up snowmen while I watch some TV downstairs...that is unless I am too tired. I am feeling pretty tired at the moment. I have just about met my quota of boxes packed today...but I can slightly see a light at the end of the tunnel. I will be happy when it is only the tree that I have left. Not exactly sure as to what to expect with our weather. It has spit various forms of frozen precip since noon...but no accumulation. Woody heard on the Huntsville station that Nashville has an inch or two. I'm not sure if we are supposed to be in the band of snow or not...time will tell!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Simply Saturday

I was in the mood to post a winter landscape. I decided that the place to find one quickly was to look back to the photos from our National Institutes of Health (NIH) trips and try to find one in one of the trips that took place in February. I found this one in our first trip of the year to NIH in February 2012. This was taken out the car window while going along at a fair clip on the interstate. We have had a pretty typical Saturday. Woody headed out this morning and ran his weekly Saturday errands...library, Credit Union, and WalMart. I got up and looked through the recipes that we were planning to make and added some things that we needed to the grocery list before he headed off. I continue to pack up the Christmas. The pile of boxes ready to put away is growing...but just not fast enough! I also did a couple of loads of wash. There is still one in the drier waiting for me to go get the clothes and put them away. Woody took a four-mile walk this afternoon. He continues to be in baker mode. Today he made cornbread. So for supper we had cornbread and butternut squash soup. After making the cornbread he continued his cooking ways and made Spicy Vegetable Beef soup. So I have escaped kitchen duty today! For my breaks today I have been reading...haven't picked up my needlework yet today. I have managed to get in a nap or that I think back on it...I think that I dozed off before and after supper...guess a lazy Saturday for me.

Friday, February 5, 2016

February Friday

Tonight's photo shows my latest needlework project. As I mentioned last night, I am enjoying reacquainting myself with my needlework by picking up some small projects that will hopefully be able to be finished quickly. I am going right along with this one. I have been picking it up during my resting times between going up and down the stairs with boxes to pack up with Christmas stuff. I will admit that I probably did more stitching than undecorating...but several more boxes have been added to the growing pile of repacked boxes that are stacking up in our upstairs hallway. It continues to be a "slowly but surely" project. I just can't stay with the undecorating for long periods of time...trying not to end up with my back going out carrying boxes up and down the stairs...or a knee getting messed up climbing the stairs so much, etc. Lots of excuses!!! So I take lots of breaks with needlework, reading, napping, etc. Woody continued in his baking mode. Today he baked LOTS of mini pumpkin muffins. His Sunday school group is responsible for the breakfast snacks for the youth on he has gotten his part of the "eats" prepared and ready to head out the door on Sunday morning. He took a four-mile walk this afternoon. About the time that he headed out the door for his walk, I headed out the door to go to the public library. One of the librarians called this morning to tell me that one of the books that I had requested had come in and was waiting for me. I was hoping that it would be The Hobbit for Graham, but it was another book that I had requested for me. I also picked up several other books that belong in a series that I am I am well supplied with books for the time being at least. I asked Woody today if he was feeling any different after being off Keytruda for a week and a half. He said, "yes." And, then he explained that he was once again having a few allergy sniffles that had totally cleared up while he was on Keytruda...interesting! When I went downstairs a few minutes ago, Woody was watching a library DVD and had a book in his hands. I plan to either pack up another Christmas item or two...or head to the recliner that seems to be calling my name and either read or work on my needlework piece. One way or another, I guess we are settling in for another quiet evening.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Thoroughly Thursday

Last night after I blogged I added the beads to this cross stitch project that had been in the making for a looooooong time. Then today, while Esther was cross stitching during her long time, I added the swan charm and cut it out to fit into the top of this small shaker box. I had had a Christmas cross stitch picture in it and decided that I would use the box year-round...this during the regular part of the year and the Christmas one during Christmas. This design is called "Swan Lake." I had made it some time back and made it into a Christmas ornament for my sister. Then at some point I ran across another swan charm so decided to make it again and keep it this time. So...a cross stitch project completed. I had school today on a normal Thursday schedule. Then after lunch Graham came over and read The Hobbit with me. Woody walked four miles late this morning, as he knew that he was going to be going next door to watch the neighbor grandchildren while their parents went on a shopping/dinner date. They drove to Murfreesboro so it was a longer date than usual. Woody is still over there. I ate supper with them, then Graham and I came back over here and read some more from The Hobbit. We have managed to get half-way through it (Definitely not my choice of literature genre...but Graham is really enjoying it.). I expect that I will lose it into cyberspace tomorrow at some point. I have requested it in book form from our library. And, Graham and/or his daddy are supposed to get online and get on the hold list for the e-book. Then we will be back in business in one form or the other for reading it after the copy we now have has been whisked away. I decided that I wanted to continue to use the above pictured needlework lap stand and so started a new small project today. It uses specialty threads and beads and has three hearts framed by cross stitched vines. I figured that a heart project was a good one to start in February. Maybe doing a couple of small things will get me back to doing needlework once again and then I will be ready to get busy again on one of my large needlework pieces. Something that can be finished quickly sounds good to me at the moment. Another school week is behind I hope that I can get motivated "again" to work on our Christmas. I would "sort of" like to have it down by Valentine's Day...I'd better get motivated quickly...Valentine's Day is fast approaching! Well, off to either read or cross stitch. I am half-way through my 12th book of the year...well above my desired average of one book a needlework can take up some of that reading time and I can still stay on "schedule" with my reading.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Active Wednesday

Here's what the sky looked like when I got to the church library this afteroon...such a clear crisp blue with white whispy clouds. When we left a couple of hours later, the sky was back to looking very wintry.
The streaks are the sun shining through the clouds. Woody seems to be in a baking mood. This morning early he made pumpkin muffins. He also made pumpkin pudding for the neighbors' lunch. Then late this afternoon he made cranberry apple crisp for our supper dessert. Joseph has graduated from a 15 minute time to a 30 minute time for school with me. We have robbed Peter to pay Paul to get him that extra 15 minutes...took 5 minutes away from each of the three morning readers' times with me. So now Joseph had 30 minutes and Isaac has 45 minutes and the three readers get 25 minutes and then whoever's long time it is still gets an hour. It was Abigail's long time today and she started on two more zipper bags. She's making two smaller ones this time. After Joseph's school time, he went to help Goosey (Woody) with his Krogering. I went to the church library after lunch and on the way home stopped at the public library. I was looking for an Annie Oakley biography for Joy (and found another book for me too). Joy bought Graham's BB gun from him last week. So we've been saying that when she walks around with her gun that she looks like Annie Oakley. Since Joy didn't know who Annie Oakley was, we are going to find out by reading the book I found as soon as she finishes the book she is reading to me right now. While I was at church, Woody walked four miles. It's been a busy Wednesday...or so it seems as I look back on the activities of the day. Our weather never got really bad last night...just lots of rain and some wind. I think that I saw one streak of lightning and one clap of thunder...of course I could have slept through some that I don't know about!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Bracing Ourselves

We are bracing ourselves in different ways today. Abigail, for one, went to the orthodontist to brace herself...or have him put her braces on. It wasn't so bad to get them on...but I understand that she couldn't eat her sandwich at lunch today. We are all bracing ourselves for possible severe weather as the evening goes on. We are under a tornado watch, which means that conditions are right for one to form...NOT that one is on the ground...when one is on the ground, a tornado warning is issued. Woody headed off for the hospital early this morning for lab work. Dr. Sosman had requested that he have his creatinin level checked in a week as it was a bit high last week. I had a usual Tuesday school morning with most of the children and then Graham came over late this afternoon and we continued to read The Hobbit. After Graham left I got our supper into the oven. Woody headed off before school was finished and went on a long walk. I can't ask how long as he isn't here now...he is off on another the church prayer room. Hope that he doesn't get blown away or stormed on when he walks back home. I would have thought since he had gone on such a long walk this afternoon that he would have driven to the prayer room tonight since storms are predicted. The dishwasher is running and I am ready to sit for a while and read. And, whether our groundhog saw his shadow depended on when he came out today as we went from cloudy to sunny back to cloudy and and on most of the day. But if it was early then he didn't see his shadow in an early Spring? Time will tell!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Page Forward...Page Back

So the calendar pages were turned forward and then with tonight's photo I paged back! This is a picture my father took of me taking a picture of cacti. Things haven't changed much except for me...except is still in front of my face! I did play around with special effects on this picture as it wasn't the best scan. It couldn't lay flat on the bed of the scanner. My sister brought this picture when she came to TN. Well, on this first day of February, we pretty much followed our usual Monday for me with most of the grandchildren (Joseph graduated from a 15-minute slot to a 30-minute slot and did great...Bible study with Jeff at Life Care for Woody. After the Bible study time, Woody also visited with some of our church members who reside there. Woody went on a four-mile walk this afternoon. I read this afternoon as I "needed" to finish an e-book that was going to disappear into cyberspace if I didn't finish it by tomorrow. I accomplished that and then went hunting for the next in the series. I had to place a hold on it so decided to look for another to read while I waited for the one I was after. I couldn't resist and have already started that one. I did break away and vacuumed and mopped the kitchen was to the condition that it was about to pull off our socks...I believe that some juice got spilled on it. So that is a good job done. We're settling in with the TV and our books for the evening. I wonder if the ground hog will see his shadow tomorrow!