Thursday, March 31, 2011

Long Day!

Lots has happened today...I guess...hard to remember now as the day draws to a close. We have been making phone calls, receiving phone calls, having "meetings," running around, having things picked up... let's just say we will be glad when all is planned and when the actual service is OVER! This has certainly been a LOOONG Day...really a LOOOOOOOOOOOOONGER Week! We finally do have a time for the memorial service...3pm on Monday. We will have a private burial Monday morning. I just managed to send the obituary for the newspaper to the mortuary by email...not easy on my laptop as it will only receive email and not able to send it. Rachel let me use her email account and I finally managed to get it sent. With saying that...I have been meaning to say that I appreciate the emails that I have received, but I can only communicate on the computer by way of the blog and FaceBook. I have talked to Woody quite a few times today...mainly letting him know what is going on. He did request that I get him a doctor appointment as he seems to have a sinus infection. (The doctor's number is on my cell with me in I made his appointment.) He'll be going to the doctor in the morning. I also found out that he and Nathan arranged to have railroad ties delivered to the house today to use in our landscaping. I understand that Elijah was quite excited having the BIG TRUCK come to Goosey's yard!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Busy, busy! We have finally gotten time to sit down and we are both about to doze off! It seems like a million calls have been made. We are in the process of getting the times for services planned. We will be having a private burial Monday morning and then in the afternoon we are planning a memorial service at Mother's church. I have attempted to write Mother's obituary. We have been to the mortuary and to the cemetery making plans. I will know times for the services tomorrow after we talk to the minister who is going to officiate at the services. We found out last night that Melany is going to come out for Mother's services. We went to Corbin's Little League game this evening. And, then on the way home we realized that we were hungry so Cheryl and I stopped for Mexican food...mmmmmmmmmmm! We are now home and we are resting. We were waiting for the Hopice people to come pick up the bed and the oxygen tanks. Guess that won't happen till tomorrow. It has been absolutely gorgeous here today. It was very pleasant outside at Corbin's game. I think that we may have done other things...but at the moment I have forgotten! I have talked with Woody a couple of times today, but I really didn't find out what all he had done. I know that he was reading when I called him once. He said that it was drizzling and rather chilly. Tonight he went to his Experiencing God class.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Mother died peacefully this afternoon around 3:45pm Mountain Standard Time (AZ time). She was 98 years, 8months, and 12 days old...a long and good life! We will miss her, but are so glad that she suffered such a short time.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Life Goes On!

We had a pretty rough night. But the Hospice nurse was able to get Mother calmer when she came to the house today. Interesting on how many theories and ways to do things and not to do things there are. I think that if this information could be the same that it would help slightly. We have been told to do things so many different ways that our heads are spinning. Though I will say that each does bring something new that really helps. Today's nurse told us that it is ok to give mother chips of ice and also to run a popsicle across her lips and tongue to help her need for something to drink. One nurse told us to never lower her head below a certain level and today's nurse said that it was ok to lay her just about flat. One says to place the liquid medicine under her tongue and tell her not to swallow and another just puts it inside her cheek and tells her to swallow! She is sent home with oxygen and today's nurse questioned why she had it! All this advice has come from the same Hospice organization. Oh, well...guess we can just choose the methods that we like best! I see daily decline in Mother. I talked to Woody this afternoon. He had taken a long walk today, planted the rest of the seed potatoes, read with Abigail and with Joy. He ate lunch with Nathan, Kathy and family. When I called, Graham was over at the house taking apart K'nex structures. Woody had studied his Experiencing God lesson and also his Sunday School lesson. Tonight he was going to Monday night prayer meeting at church.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Life Isn't Always Fair!

Our mother often told us that life isn't always fair and she is definitely proving it to us! Poor Mother...she hasn't had the best of days. She is finally resting quietly...hasn't had many of those moments today. A Hospice nurse's aid came today and gave her a bath and helped us get the bed changed and gave us a bit of a rest. Her coming by unexpectedly was definitely a big help to our day. One of Cheryl's friends stopped by this afternoon and we had a nice visit in between trips into Mother's room. The hardest thing is that Mother can't have anything by mouth due to the fact that she is aspirating. A little while ago my niece, Rachel, offered her a washcloth. She said, "I don't care if you bring me a washcloth as long as it is WET!" (That's our mother!!!!!) I called Woody and he was watching March Madness and had been reading. He went to the early church service and then taught his Sunday School class. He came home and went on his three-mile walking route. He has made his favorite Vegetarian Chili. He was planning to go to church tonight to a special evangelism class. Tonight's blog pictures Spring in AZ...what I can see looking out my sister's kitchen window into her backyard! It is absolutely beautiful here has only been in the low 70'sF. I think that each day is supposed to get a little warmer here till we might see the 90'sF by the end of the week.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring has definitely sprung!

Here a picture that I took just prior to going to the airport yesterday. If no one had been home I had planned to post it last night and say..."Guess Where We Were!" This is a picture of the front of Melany's house...isn't it beautiful with cherry tree and tulips all in bloom! They have such a pretty yard...both front and back.

Spring is beautiful here in AZ too. Lovely temps in the 70's...birds blooming. Also we had some lovely flowers delivered from Melany, Wade, Erin and Alex. And, then Cheryl's grandchildren brought us flowers today too...and Cheryl is all decorated for Spring inside and outside here.

I talked to Woody this morning and he reported what he had done so far today! He got up early and started to go on a walk...but he could hear rumbles in the distance and decided that he'd better not head out at that time. He went to Kroger and WalMart for his weekly grocery shopping and later to the library. He said that he had tried to do a bit in the yard in between rain showers. He was watching March Madness when I called.

Now for the report on "us." We are just muddling through here...sometimes wondering how we will get through...trying to figure out just how to do things in the situation we are in. Sometimes we are about to roll on the floor laughing due to our muddlings (you can not imagine some of the situations that we have gotten in trying to help Mother...we are definitely not nurses!) and other times things are not so funny! At the moment Mother is resting very peacefully. And, she had a fairly peaceful night. And, thankfully she doesn't seem to be in much pain. At times she has a horrible cough. The Hospice triage nurse did come in the middle of the afternoon and she did help to put a few things in perspective and helped us know how to do a few more things for Mother (maybe a bit easier?). I was told that I didn't pull as much weight as the nurse did when she was showing us how to "hoist" Mother higher up in the bed! There is no question that I have next to no strength!!!! But she did say that I did much better the second try! So we are settling into a different lifestyle...not exactly one that many of us would choose if we were given the choice! March Madness of a different kind!

Friday, March 25, 2011


No picture tonight and I'm late...but not real late since I am in AZ and it is only 8pm here!

We got up early. I started doing things around the house to get ready to go. Woody stayed out of my way...he vacuumed some for me and said that he would finish the vacuuming after I left. Joy came over to read to Woody (a trial!). He is going to listen to Joy read Super Books while I am gone. After he listened to Joy read, he went on a walk. I finished up getting rid of a few dust bunnies. I went over to bid the neighbors farewell. Woody was planting the rest of the onion sets that he started planting yesterday. Then we were off. We first picked up a prescription for Woody. Then we headed off the back way to Murfreesboro and stopped at Melany's to drop off a couple of things that we had had of theirs since Christmas. Melany was at a college class and I only saw Alex. Then we headed off to the airport. Woody dropped me off and I headed off on my adventure...checking in and then through security...I passed without having to be patted down or a body scan! Everything went on schedule from take-off to landing.

Woody headed home. He stopped on the way back and bought some potato sets. Then he stopped for the most important tires! Glad to have those! Woody then planted the potato sets. It took me a while to get logged on after I talked to I may have forgotten a thing or two that he did today.

Anyway, I am here. My niece picked me up at the airport and then we headed to my sister's house...we arrived at the same time as the transport arrived with my mother and sister. Mother is back in her room. She seems to be a bit more peaceful here than she was at the hospital. She recognizes me sometimes and sometimes not. We have had some "interesting" conversations to say the least. She is very sick. We will talk to the Hospice nurse in the morning. Then the Hospice team will come sometime the first of the week. So we are dealing with the "situation" as best we can. More tomorrow...perhaps even a picture!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Up In The Air!

At the moment things are both figuratively and literally (tomorrow) up in the air! Since I blogged last night lots of decisions have been made. My mother (98...really almost 99) has become very sick and the last time I talked to my sister she said that they were making plans to call Hospice in. I did get to talk to Mother for a short time this evening. She had asked my sister if I was on the way to AZ. So I told her that I would be there tomorrow. She told me that it was nice that I was coming and then told me by way of my sister "to have a safe trip." I will be leaving in the morning (well, we leave the house in the morning...the flight isn't till the afternoon). I am in the midst of packing (again...should have it down pat by now!).

Woody has been busy in the yard again. The gardens look so nice that he has mulched. Lots of work! He took a walk after lunch and then ran errands for me. I called and cancelled my hair cut appointment next week and asked if there was a way for her to work me in and she did! Thank you, Jody! When I got up early this morning, I started getting clothes out (I had been keeping up with my wash this week as I knew of the possibility of needing to fly to AZ.) to pack. I started packing before getting an airline ticket. I had said to Woody that I needed to fly there either tomorrow or Saturday or Sunday. He watched the weather and saw that there were going to be some strong storms over the weekend so we decided that I would go tomorrow. After my haircut, I headed over to Abigail's sewing/craft room and we worked some more on her skirt. I had told her that she would have it finished so she could wear it to church on Sunday. So we got to it and she did finish it! Yeah! It looks really cute on her and she is so pleased with her accomplishment. Before I left she was wanting to know what her next sewing project would be! This evening I have been packing. Woody is downstairs reading (I think!). Oh, and, watching March Madness with the volume turned down.

So...the good Lord willin' I will be blogging from AZ tomorrow (Of course, it will depend on internet connection...I know that I was able to when we were there for Thanksgiving so I figure that I will be able to this time.)

Tonight's blog picture = a brown headed cow bird (according to my internet research!). Bird experts please correct me if my research failed me!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Whirlwind day?

At least the day ended with threats of whirling winds...I am late posting the blog due to staying downstairs as our tornado warning siren went off as we were coming home from church and then went off again.

The day started off with Woody heading over to the neighbors with me following a bit later. This was the day that Nathan and Kathy took Abigail back to see her ear surgeon in Nashville. Goosey and I took care of the others. For the first part of the morning I stayed over at their house with Graham while he finished up his school work and Woody brought the rest of the crew over to our house to play. When Graham was finished, we joined the others. We had lunch over at their house and then came back over to ours till their parents and Abigail returned. Abigail did have good news...the ear drum that the doctor made for her seems to be doing well. There still is a small hole in the lower part of her ear drum, but the doctor said that it was about the size that an ear tube would she was fine with it. So for the time being things are good and Abigail is thrilled that no more surgeries were scheduled!

After they got home, I went next door and Abigail sewed the seam in her skirt and then came over here to press the seam and then pinned down the waist casing. She will sew that tomorrow and then insert the elastic. Then all she will have to do is the hem and she will have a skirt!

Woody, Nathan, and I went to church this evening. Nathan needed a ride because the rest of his family were going to the skating rink for a special children's emphasis due to it being Spring Break. But in the end they got disappointed as the skating rink people forgot and didn't come to open the doors for them! But they had pizza and movies back at the they still had a fun night!

And, as I said when we got home from church there were tornado warnings. So we watched the TV in the family room...near our safe place (the downstair's bathroom). Watching radar, Woody never got too concerned this time. All is quiet at the moment at least! We really hardly got any rain at all out of this front passing through. I have known most of the day that a front was on its way--my aches and pains told me!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lots of Water Under the Bridge!

Like...42 years of water under the is Woody's and my anniversary. We have had a very nice usual. Woody told me to tell that he has done a lot of what he really likes to do...piddle in the yard. To me he is doing more than just piddling...looks like a lot of work to me! He has done a bit of raking, mulching, picking up sticks, mowing, etc...he stayed out a good part of the morning and part of the early afternoon. Joy helped him in the morning. Mid afternoon he walked to the prayer room at church. I got up very early and headed to the sewing room with the end of a project in sight. I did manage to get it finished this afternoon. Before Abigail and I could do her sewing lesson today, we needed to go to Janie's Sewing Center to buy thread to match her skirt and I needed white thread to finish my project. After we got back Abigail and I got busy getting the next steps on her skirt done...she finished off all the edges today with an overcast stitch. I have a serger to do the task...but wanted her to be able to say that this is "her project" and I'm not quite ready to turn her loose with the serger. Plus I feel like she needs to know how to use the machine that she has at her house and find out what all it can do. She pressed the fabric before starting to overcast all the edges, pressed the fabric again after overcasting, and then pinned the skirt seam together...ready for our next sewing session. That sewing session may not be tomorrow as she and her parents are going to Nashville to see her ear surgeon to see how the healing is progressing and to see if the ear drum the doctor fashioned for her is working as it should. And, as Abigail see if the hole in her eardrum is gone! I really think that she is hearing ever so much better and she indicates that she is. Abigail stayed on after she got her skirt ready for the next lesson...watching me finish up my project in my sewing room. I gave her two sewing magazines that I had duplicates of and she had great fun looking through them "drooling" over all the pictures and telling me what she wants to eventually make! I think that I have a sewing convert!

We have just returned from a very pleasant evening spent with friends and family. The parents of the friend that Nathan, Kathy, Graham, and Abigail went to visit in Southeast Asia invited Nathan and Kathy's family and us for dinner. Yummy! After we ate, Nathan and Kathy shared a DVD of the pictures that they took while on their trip. Nice ending to a very nice day.

Our weather has been delightful...once again we were in the low 80'sF. It is supposed to rain tomorrow and then our temperatures will go down a bit and it will be more typical spring temps for us (according to the weathermen).

Monday, March 21, 2011

First Full Day of Spring

And, what a beautiful day it has been...warm (80F) and sunshiny. The neighbors turned their day around and did yard work with Goosey for a good part of the morning and some even worked part of the afternoon. I got started this morning on a sewing project...a gift this time...which took me to WalMart and K-Mart before I found what I needed to proceed. I got home and had to wash what I bought so got busy making soup. I tried a new recipe...Beef-and-Barley with Vegetables. We had it for supper and it is quite good...a keeper to have again (and probably again and..!). Woody went on a walk this afternoon and I worked some more on the gift. Then Abigail came over here for her sewing lesson. She got it measured and cut out so she is ready to go back to the sewing machine tomorrow. Woody has just returned from Monday Night Prayer Meeting at church. Graham and Joy have been over playing and have just gotten their call to head home. Busy first day of Spring!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Branches Holding Up Supermoon Over TN

Ok I can't make this align to the left...oh, well, I'll try to do it this way! As you can see, I did manage to get a few pictures of the much touted "Supermoon." I stood out on a corner in our neighborhood for quite a while last night. I ended up coming in when I started to get chilly.
Today Woody and I went to the early church service. It was a very special service for us as Nathan was the preacher. Our minister was away and had asked Nathan to "fill the pulpit" for the early service and also for the 11am service. He told a bit about their recent trip to Southeast Asia and then preached a short sermon and made us proud! We both went to Sunday School...Woody taught his class and then we came home and had a healthy green salad loaded with lots of good things that Woody made for us. We then headed off in the car and went to walk the Tullahoma Greenway...a first for us this year. I kept thinking that we would soon be in shade...but hadn't thought about the fact that there are no leaves on the trees our walk was pretty sunny. Woody did wear a hat to keep the sun off of him. I took a lot of pictures....perhaps fodder for another blog! I am a day off in the pictures I post due to the supermoon pictures! The neighbor children and their parents have been in and out this afternoon...and I was over there taking a few measurements getting ready for my next sewing project...a Spring dress for Joy. Woody went to the evening church service.
Speaking of sewing clothing for Spring...Happy first day of Spring! Spring has finally sprung!
(And, now I note that tonight's collage isn't clickable to make it bigger...oh, well,...glad that it is a Supermoon that you are viewing...should be big enough to see without enlarging! (I think that these problems have arisen because I tried to not blog through Picasa...just post the collage from there.)

Saturday, March 19, 2011


I'm blogging while waiting for Woody to call me that he has spotted the supermoon! The camera is all mounted on the tripod awaiting a sighting! It has been a busy day for all. Woody got up early and went to the grocery store. Then a bit later in the morning he went to the library. When he returned he discovered three of the neighbor grands over (Elijah) was napping and the other two (Graham & Joy) were occupying themselves in my sewing room while I finished up with Abigail's blouse. Woody has spent a good part of the day in the yard mulching, raking, mowing, etc. He has also watched a bit of basketball and has read. I got a call from the library while Woody was there that they had a book for me...I tried to get them to let him have it...but they aren't supposed to let anyone but the person who requested the book check it out..."if" anyone else is on the waiting list. So later in the afternoon I headed to the library and got my book (tried to save gas by getting them to give the book to Woody...oh, well!) this is a REALLY thick book (almost 500 pages) and it is a 7-day book...yikes...I'd better get reading. But I don't do as much reading when I am sewing...we'll see if I can get it read in a week!

Aren't the tulips in tonight's picture lovely?! I received these bulbs for my birthday and decided to watch them bloom inside and them outside later. I'm so glad that I did...they are just beautiful to look at. One is definitely reminded that Spring is just around the corner when looking at them!

Woody has just reported that the moon is up! Off to take pictures that hopefully I'll post tomorrow!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Maybe I'll learn

Perhaps if I loose what I have written enough times, I will realize that I should publish the blog from Picassa but with only the collage and then write the blog at blogspot! I had tonight's blog all written and then it bogged down over at picassa where I create the collage and wouldn't publish over now to remember what we did today and write it all again!

By the way this was first titled "accomplishments & anticipation." Woody accomplished a lot today...he finished mulching one of the large gardens in the back on the left. He also read and completed his "Experiencing God" homework. Abigail's accomplishment was finishing her scissor case. We are anticipating lots of lillies of the valley...they are just peeping their leaves above the mulch in the top middle picture. Then I was anticipating the "super moon" when I saw tonight's moon and decided to take a few pictures. Tomorrow night I will get out the tripod! I realized that I should have taken one more picture of anticipation. I received a package of beautiful fabric in the mail today (hopefully Spring finery for some little neighbor girls) and it is all washed and now "upholstering" our family room couch...anticipation as to what it will become!

Joy and I had a reading lesson today...she decided that was enough. Esther is still in a "playing hooky" mood (guess that is the right of a preschooler!). After supper Woody and I made a quick trip to the Credit Union and then on to of my allergy medications has become over-the-counter and I had run out. We picked up a couple of things in the produce dept. Now Woody will only go to Kroger in the morning. Woody is watching TV at the moment and I'm planning to work a bit more on Abigail's blouse.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Make Hay While the Sun Shines!

And, that is exactly what Woody and most of the neighbors (Nathan and family) did today. Woody has spent most of the day out in the yard...mulching, raking, and mowing. He enlisted the help of Nathan, Kathy, and several of the grandchildren at various times. He has worked really hard. Kathy remarked toward the end of the day that it was amazing how strong Goosey is compared to two years ago!

I had school with Joy over here this morning (Esther decided to play hooky today). I had a sewing lesson with Abigail after Joy's lessons. Abigail is getting close to finishing her scissor case. She is really working hard. This afternoon while everyone was working outside, I was inside sewing on a blouse for Abigail. Her next sewing project is going to be a skirt to go with this blouse.

Woody got a call from one of his Vanderbilt research nurses. She was just checking in. He told her that one of the tumors that they had been measuring at NIH was gone. She said that was good and that she would report to Dr. Sosman.

This evening we were invited next door for supper. They were trying a new veggie lasagna...all the adults voted it "a keeper." Some of the children said that it "wasn't their favorite" (their polite way of saying that they really didn't like it...but everyone of them ate a helping!) We also had yummy yogurt/fruit popsicles that Joy and Esther had made! Kathy, Joy and Esther are "good cooks" (as Elijah told them)!

Woody was pretty tired when he came in from doing the yard work. I think that for a minute he wasn't sure that he would be able to get up out of his chair and go next door for supper...but the call of food won out! He felt much better after eating and sitting at the table for a while. I don't know if he is watching TV or resting his eyes...I hear the TV going...but that doesn't always mean that he is watching!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Where is/are MY...

The neighbors are at it again...moving rooms, furniture, etc., etc.! I went over to take Esther back after her school and what do I find but just Graham downstairs doing his school work...and it very quiet everywhere else. In a few minutes, one of the girls came downstairs and told me that they were moving things and that I should come up. Kathy suggested that I not come up till they were through...but I suggested pictures! Imagine that. So I ran home and got the camera. The best was when Graham came upstairs and said, "Where's my room?" (Now perhaps you can understand why Woody put Elijah in the wrong room a while back!) The two boys are going to bunk (literally) together and the three girls are going to all share a room, and they are now going to have a sewing/craft room in what had been most recently Elijah's room. I think what got this all started was Kathy needing to get to the spring/summer clothes for the children...which she stores in the boxes that you see stacked on the bed in Nathan and Kathy's room and in the hall. Nathan knew that Kathy was wanting to make another change so he when he went to get the clothes boxes out he took it upon himself to dismantle the bunk once that was done...then there was no turning back! I'm wondering if they got things together enough for them to have places to lay their heads tonight! Abigail also misplaced her shoes in all this confusion and is wondering "where are my shoes" in the above picture of her on her unicycle. She had found a pair of shoes by the time I got over there for sewing lessons!

I had school with Joy and Esther this morning and then after lunch I had a sewing lesson with Abigail. Graham came over here and read some more to Goosey from the "Chronicles of Narnia." When I got back from taking the above pictures, Woody headed out the door to take about an hour walk. This afternoon I went to the church library to work for a while. One of my co-library workers and I got several things done that have some new books closer to being put on the shelves. I came home from working in the library and Woody left to go to his "Experiencing God" class. We have sort of been like two ships passing in the night today...I arrive and he leaves, he arrives and I leave...
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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tiring Tuesday!

Or at least for me it has been a tiring day. I got up a bit late this morning and then immediately got a load of wash going, then had Esther come over to do a bit of school and then Joy came over and had time to read to me before it was time for an early lunch at her house. When Joy left, Woody and I ate out lunch. Then I got rice cooking for a casserole that I was going to make a little later. While it was cooking Abigail and Graham came over...Graham read to Woody and Abigail and I had her sewing lesson over here. She is learning how to cut fabric. I got her a pair of scissors that are a better fit for her and still sharp enough to cut fabric. So she practiced cutting long strips and by the time that she had cut quite a few she was definitely cutting smoother. We also watched a couple of videos on the computer about the uses of different presser feet for the machine. Then we made plans to make a special scissor case for her new scissors...we made a pattern today and found the fabric that she wants to use. At that point it was time for me to go to the church for the historical committee monthly meeting. As library director, I am an ex officio member of the committee. I could only stay a short time as I had to get back home to make Spinach Rice Bake. Our Sunday School class was providing a meal for one of our members who had knee replacement surgery last week. On Sunday we made plans that everyone who was helping with the meal would get their part of the meal to our house and then Woody and I would deliver it this evening. When I had my casserole baked and the rest of the food had been delivered to our house, Woody and I headed out toward Winchester...about 10 miles away. We visited for a short time with her and her husband (and their BIG dog) and then we headed back home to eat our own supper. I doubled the recipe so we would have some of the Spinach Rice Bake also...a favorite of Woody's and we hadn't had it in a long time. I could tell, when I mentioned to him that I thought that I would make it for the meal we were taking, that he wanted some too! It did taste good after not having it for so long. Shortly after we finished supper, Woody headed out the door to walk to church for his time in the prayer room. And, I came to blog. It has been a rather nippy, windy day today. Woody has also done a little TV watching, a lot of reading, and has written a prayer today, too. So...that about sums up our day!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Evening showers bring...

We've had a busy day today. We got up pretty early. I started in getting things ready to go work in the library. Before I had those things all gathered we got a phone call from next door inviting us for fresh homemade donuts! yum! yum! I knew that Nathan borrowed our donut cutter yesterday...and I wondered what he was planning...glad that we got to be part of the special donut party. They were celebrating because they had a couple of their cousins visiting. They find lots of reasons to celebrate...fresh yeast glazed donuts are a pretty good way to celebrate! They definitely rated right up there with Krispy Kreme and Dunkin' Donuts (I would say they were better!)!

After our special breakfast treat, I got the rest of the things ready so we could head to the library. Woody helped go through the nonfiction shelves and decide which books needed to be archived and which needed to be deleted. We are going through the shelves prior to moving all the books off the shelves when we renovate the library in a couple of months...trying to get some things out that won't have to be moved when the time comes. I worked on getting quite a few books ready for their next step in processing...a bunch more books ready to be entered into the computer. I also went through the newest book order and set aside some books that can be assigned for memorials. We brought those home along with the list of memorials to fill so I can get on with the next step in the memorial process. We came home for a late lunch. I flopped on the bed for a few minutes to help an aching back. Then we went back to the library to gather up a few things that I had decided that I needed here at home. I took a few before shots with the waiting to take the after in a few months!

After we got home, we went on a short walk. We walked to a little pond. You could really hear frogs this afternoon. I saw one in the pond...but then it disappeared and I never spotted another one. The clouds were rolling in while we walked and about a half an hour after we got home it started raining. I think that we are due for some pretty good rain throughout the evening. We will have to keep an eye on the wireless rain gauge...last I looked it had already measured some.

Woody just returned from Monday night prayer meeting at church. I didn't give him much chance to read today...although he did take a book with him to the library just in case he had some down time...not likely...I kept him busy! He'll probably read and watch TV this evening. I think that I will do the same.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Springy Sunday

This is the tulip tree that we set out to capture in a photo on today's walk. It is just down the street from us...but it is very difficult to get a picture of without lots of wires, etc. blocking it. We walked across the busy street behind our house and then walked around a block and came up on the tree from the opposite side of the street. I managed to get a pretty good picture without a lot of interference from other things. These are the colors of Spring at the moment around us!

We managed to set our clocks ahead (Spring forward!) last night and got up at the proper time to get to the early service at church. There were a couple of folk who obviously didn't set their clocks as they came into the church service just prior to it being over! It must have been rather confusing in their minds as to what was going on...the preacher was finishing up his sermon rather than things that are usually happening just prior to the service starting! I kept thinking how confused I would feel if that had happened to me! Woody and I both went to Sunday School after the service. We came home and had lunch. Woody watched basketball and prepared his Vegetable Chili ingredients and got it to simmering before it was time for him to go back to church for a deacon ordination council. He put me in charge of the seasonings so it wouldn't be too hot...trying not to have it five alarm hot!!! It is pretty spicy...I may have gone overboard a bit this time...but still very good! When Woody left for his meeting, he left me in charge of stirring the pot!!!! Shortly after he left I heard a cry of distress outside. It was Esther...she and her sisters and her cousin were out in the front yard...the rest were on bikes, but Esther was walking/running and she had taken a tumble. I came to her rescue....brushed her off and held her on the front porch for a minute or two and then the girls decided that they wanted to come inside rather than ride bikes. So they came in and built with K'nex and some lego type blocks. In a while the big girls decided to go home, but Esther decided to stay here. In a bit Graham came over. While all this coming/playing/going was happening, I was attempting to trace a pattern for a blouse for Abigail (trying to think in centimeters, again!). Esther decided to go home, so I walked her back home (she's not tall enough to open their front door.) at that point just Graham was over here. Woody came home while Graham was still here and found his chili simmering to his liking so he decided that it was finished. It can cook anywhere from one to five hours...according to the recipe...the longer the better. Woody had time for a bowl of the chili before it was time to return to church for the evening service. I worked on which picture to post tonight and decided that the one that should be tonight's blog picture was the one that we set out to capture today. I almost have the pattern traced for Abigail's guess that is where I will head after posting tonight's blog. I'm really off due to the time seems earlier than it is according to the clocks...guess the clocks haven't convinced my body clock...yet!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Super Saturday

Woody and I got up quite early. I started working on the computer...getting a fabric order ready and he headed out to do the grocery shopping quite early (he beats the Saturday crowds that way). A while after he headed off, I got sleepy and decided that I would go back to sleep for a while...well, I had no more than shut my eyes and the doorbell was ringing...Woody was at the door bringing our groceries much for that nap! We got the groceries put away and I went back to my fabric order (I was making sure that I didn't need anything else before I placed my order.). While I was still working on my order, Woody headed off to the library. I made my order (hopefully have what I need to make two little dresses...the third one I already have the fabric, etc. for). Then I worked around in my sewing room some more getting ready for the project that I plan to work on while waiting for the fabric order to arrive. Part of the next project involves Abigail's sewing lessons...she's going to make part of it! I have also been working with my photography software learning some neat tricks of the trade. Woody has worked off and on both in the morning and in the afternoon on mulching gardens. He got two done today...the raised garlic/basil/sage bed and a raised bed around a dogwood tree in the back yard. He has gotten a lot of fresh air today. After lunch we both headed off to take a walk and enjoy all the things that have started blooming. It was a beautiful day for a walk. I took lots of pictures...tonight's blog picture being one. I did take a nap after our walk (Woody worked outside some more.). Tonight he has been watching basketball. I have been going around the house trying to move clocks ahead an hour. I don't like this time change...moves me an hour farther away from my mother and sister in AZ, as AZ doesn't change time.

Friday, March 11, 2011


Waiting for this BIG TRUCK (as our youngest grandchild would say) dictated our day. Woody called up early this morning to order a load of mulch. They said that it would be after lunch...well, it didn't get here till after 5pm. We're just sorry that Elijah wasn't at home to see the BIG TRUCK back into Goosey and Grammy's driveway and then see it dump the mulch. I took the picture out an upstairs window.

I don't feel like I have accomplished anything today...except shiver...I have felt cold all day...hurry up Spring!!!!! Woody spent some time outside today working in one of the raised beds (the garlic/basil bed)...weeding and getting it ready to be mulched. He went to the Credit Union, has read, worked crossword puzzles, and watched some basketball. I have been picking up the mess I made sewing this week...getting ready to make the next mess when I start my next sewing project. We had planned to work a while in the church library today but that got postponed due to the wait on the BIG TRUCK.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

3-Ring Circus!

Our morning started out with a traditional birthday breakfast of waffles and ice cream at the neighbors. As you can see I was celebrating my 29th birthday! I couldn't help but remember my father as he never got beyond 29...he would say "plus tax" or he would tell you what anniversary of his 29th birthday that it was. After breakfast we were treated to one of the "Greatest Shows on Earth!" What a fun morning!

This afternoon I met some friends and we went out for lunch. Then after that I stopped in at Janie's Sewing Center and just enjoyed visiting for a while. It has been a cold, drizzly day with some sleet thrown in. Woody took a walk while I was gone. He has read, watched some TV, rested, worked a crossword puzzle or two. I have spent some time going through all the pictures that I took this morning of the show...we have quite the little gymnasts...with a juggler or two or...thrown in too!
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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wet Wednesday

Since midnight we have had over an inch of rain. March has definitely been a rainy month...getting ready for all the Spring flowers! I got up and set to work on finishing Esther's outfit. I had to stop last night as I wasn't sure that the t-shirt would go over her head. So I took it over to their house to slip it over her head. It did fit so I came back with the shirt and Joy. Joy read to me and then she set to work on some things that she could do independantly so I headed back in to sew some more. When Joy was finished, we went over to see if Esther was ready to come over for school...well, she was still in her jammies so I told her that I would go home and finish her shirt and then bring her whole outfit back for her to get dressed in. I had it finished before noon. She was very happy with her outfit that was dreamed up in Finland and brought to reality on Grammy's machine here in TN! And, I'm "slightly" more familiar with the way Esther is 94cm tall...these patterns are based on height and then you check other measurements as needed. Since the little jumper was loose fitting...I never checked any other measurements...and thus the confusion over picking up Elijah's 86cm height. Worked out well as a short jumper over leggings. I knew that Esther was wearing some leggings that I had made for Joy a couple of years used that pattern again.

After lunch I went over and had a sewing lesson with Abigail. Later in the afternoon Graham came over for a short time and built with K'nex.

Woody got up early and made pancakes this morning. He makes a large batch and then puts those not eaten in the freezer for other breakfasts. Woody went for about an hour walk this afternoon. He has read, watched a DVD, and rested. This evening we both went to church. He went to his Experiencing God class and I worked in the library.
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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Rainy Tuesday

Woody and I both got up early this morning. I have had a busy day as has Woody. I started out the morning sewing for Esther...still working on a little outfit for her. In the end what was supposed to be a dress is a top...but that will work. I made her a pair of leggings to go with the top and now I'm making a t-shirt to go under the top which is a jumper style. Woody has done a lot of reading today. He also took it upon himself to help me with a book order for the church library. He got a fairly large order ready to be taken to the church for the next steps in processing them in to be checked out. Joy came over for school this morning. When Joy was finished with her school, Esther came over to play and then Graham and Abigail joined them. After lunch I went over to their house for a sewing lesson with Abigail. I came home from their house and made a pot of soup. While I was cooking, Esther came over to play while her older three siblings went to gymnastics. She enjoyed being an only child for a while! When she comes over now, she settles right back into the routine of when she stayed with us last month...much more at home over here than she used to be. After we had a bowl of soup for supper, Woody headed out the door with an umbrella. He was walking to church for his time in the prayer room. I'm trying to decide if I have enough energy to attack the little t-shirt for Esther...I'm pretty tired this evening...the dampness of the day has sort of gotten to me along with the early hour that I got up this morning.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Nippy Monday

We've had a pretty busy day. Esther came over for school and then stayed to play. While she played I got busy on my sewing for her...on plan B. I am using a Norwegian pattern (I subscribe to a sewing magazine (Ottobre) that is published in Norway and it has patterns included in the magazine.) I'm having to think in metrics...not one of my strong points! I kept thinking while I was making it that it looked rather small...but kept on. Well, when I was just about finished, I looked at the paper that I had taken their measurements in centimeters...well, I had traced off the wrong if I had traced off a 2 instead of a 3 I would have realized the difference in the numbers...but when it is 86 cm...well...I just didn't clue in that I had traced off the pattern size for Elijah (all Nathan & Kathy's fault for naming two of their children names that start with "E"...that's my story and I'm sticking to it!)...don't think that Elijah wants a dress! I don't think that all is lost as I have thought of a couple of solutions after I see it on will be on to plan C! Well, even if it doesn't fit her, it turned out cute! I just hate to disappoint Esther as it is made from the fabric that she loves so much...the fabric (minky) that her lovies are made from. I asked her today what she thought about her dress...she told me that it was going to be soft! I have pretty much sewn all day...haven't done that in a long time.

Woody walked to the Post Office and the pharmacy this afternoon. After he got back he watched a library DVD. It isn't as cold as it was yesterday but still pretty chilly. It only got to the upper 40's today. Woody is at church now for Monday night prayer meeting.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Chilly Sunday

I took tonight's picture on our way home from Bethesda on Friday. Woody stopped at an overlook that looks down over a TN valley. The overlook is just before you come to the waterfall that is just off the side of the road on the opposite side. It's a very pretty view...but it seems that I can never get a good picture...always just looks hazy and doesn't show the multi-layers of hills and valleys and colors. Thanks to my new photography software I was able to make a half-way decent picture out of at least one that I took. I have been sitting here at the computer for over an hour just trying to figure our which picture to use tonight and then figuring out just how to make the software make it look the way I wanted.

This morning we went to the early church service. And, then both went to Sunday School. Woody taught his 6th grade boys' class. We came home and had lunch and then we both took it easy for a while. Then it was time for Woody to go to the deacon's meeting. After that meeting, the deacons met with the prospective candidate for Minister to Students. Woody came home and practically turned right back around and went to the evening service. After the service, there was to be a vote on whether to call this young man and his family to come to our Woody still isn't home. I traced a pattern off to make Esther a dress this afternoon, but realized after I started laying it out on the fabric that I really didn't have enough fabric to make the dress that I guess I need to go on to plan B...whatever that is...either don't use this fabric or find another pattern that it will work with! Just don't know if I'm up to tracing off another pattern today.

It has been so very cold today...never got out of the thirties...hovered around 32 all day long...and part of that time the wind chills were in the 20's. Brrrrr after having some pleasant spring-like weather for a couple of days! Yesterday and into the wee hours of this morning we received just smidgen less than 2 inches of it is damp and cold.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Too Close for Comfort!

Well, I'll try first attempt went off into cyberspace! Here are some of the pictures that I took yesterday, as we drove by some of the tornado damage that happened probably less than three miles from our house. Note the trees just snapped off like toothpicks in the lower left picture. The top left and center pictures are of the same barn...just different angles. The middle picture shows a huge oak...just uprooted...and that wasn't the only one there was a whole row behind this one just lying on their sides with roots out of the ground. The blue tarps show roof damage. I have been thinking about all the people who suffered damage today as we have had a lot of this point our rain gauge shows almost 1 1/2 inches...not good for clean up or for those with damage. When we drove by with my window down so I could snap a few pictures, we heard chain saws. What these pictures show is what is left after four days of clean up. Our hearts go out to the families who suffered loss...those who lost a loved one and those who are recovering from loss of homes, businesses, etc. A mobile home landed on the gentleman who was killed in this tornado.

I was in the midst of writing this blog and I got a phone call and after that I had to get a bowl of the vegetarian chili that Woody made today. Woody got up really early and headed out on a six mile walk (to Kroger and back). Then before 7am he headed off to do our weekly grocery shopping. Later in the morning he went to the library. This afternoon he prepared all the veggies for the chili. Then he went to a meeting at church to meet a candidate for the position of Minister to Students. When he got home, he finished making the chili. By the way, it is very good! I have spent the day in the sewing room...finishing up a couple of things and getting ready to start something else. This evening Woody has been watching basketball and resting his eyes.
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Friday, March 4, 2011


We pulled into our driveway around 2:15pm after leaving VA this morning around 5:45 our time. Once we got back into town and before we got back to our house, we did take a short side trip down the road a mile or so to see some of the tornado damage from Monday's storms. We had a good day for rain...just getting cloudier as the day progressed. It's good to be to settle back into a bit of normalcy for the next two months before we have to return!

Tonight's picture is of Wildcat Falls. It is right on the road that we take back through the TN countryside on our way home. I spotted it on our way out Tuesday morning and we looked for it on the way back and Woody got us turned around and pulled off the road so I could get a picture today.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wispy no more!

Woody (and I) received very good news from the doctors today. When Dr. Rosatti came in she had a big smile and shared the good news with us, after she found out that Woody was "fair to middlin'" (Woody's answer to the doctors when they ask him how he is doing...unless he isn't doing ok...then he just says "I'm here."). The report was that the tumors that they are measuring were smaller! Last time they were slightly larger...the tumors had shrunk below the amount they had grown and a bit now the total shrinkage of the tumors they are measuring from prior to having the TIL protocol is now between 35% and 40%! Great news to hear!

This morning we checked out of the hotel and left on the 9am hotel shuttle. We first went to the voucher office and turned in the information that they needed...but still needed another authorization. Then we went to the car and put our suitcase, etc. into the car. Then we went upstairs to the clinic and got the paper work that we needed to get our ID's updated and got further authorization for the voucher. We went back to the voucher office and got that paper work underway. Then we went on to the place to get our updated ID's. We got our pictures taken and were given our new ID's. Then we found a quiet spot and read for a while. Then we went downstairs and had soup at Au Bon Pain, again. This time I had their New England Clam Chowder and Woody had Chicken Gumbo. After we ate, we picked up the reimbursement check from the voucher office. Then we headed up to the clinic. Woody was the first patient to sign in for the afternoon clinic. He was called back (almost as soon as he signed) in to be weighed and have his blood pressure taken. He came back out to the waiting room and had no more than sat down than he was called back to an exam room. And, not long after that Dr. Rosatti came in and gave us the report and checked him out. Then she told us that Dr. Yang would be the "doctor in charge" to see Woody today. Dr. Rosatti is our Fellow till July...then she rotates to another place in the hospital. Well, we waited and waited and waited and waited and...finally Dr. Yang came in...about an hour later and spent a short time with us. He did answer Woody's questions and then we were free to head out. We had to make a stop at the pharmacy to pick up two prescriptions. We got those very quickly and then we were out NIH's doors and on our way back to TN. We were on the way by 2:45pm Eastern 15 min. prior to DC's rush hour start. We are only on the beltway for a very short time so we were off the beltway just before rush hour started. We drove 225 miles and have stopped for the night in Troutville, VA.

The reason for tonight's blog title is that there was one place that they were watching that Dr. Rosatti described as wispy when she told us how large it was. That description was back in September when Woody went back for his four week check up after his TIL protocol. Well, she can no longer see that place at wispy no more!

Tomorrow night...the good Lord willin' I will be blogging from home.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Scan Day

I'm going to go on and blog early today as the computer has given me nothing but trouble since I logged on a while ago to send an email...figured that I'd better go on and blog while the bloggin's good (while the computer will allow it!). Today's blog picture is a picture of the sun behind the clouds shortly after it rose yesterday morning.

We left the hotel on their shuttle at 8am and as soon as we got to building 10 of NIH we headed straight to the lab. Then we read for a while and then headed to the CT scan waiting room. Woody got his banana "shake" and he was called back in record time and was out from his scan by 11am. We had a bowl of soup at Au Bon Pain and then headed off in the car to "explore" a bit. We went back to the speciality grocery store and bought a couple of things. Then we walked across the street to Giant Foods and bought a couple of other things (fine noodles for my chicken noodle soup and several different types of whole wheat pasta that we can't find at home). Then we walked back to the little speciality strip mall and walked around there. I enjoyed looking in several of the clothing stores (getting ideas for my sewing...not exactly the type of customer that they want...but it was fun for me...and it didn't take any money out of Woody's wallet...yet...just wait till the ideas gel and I get ready to execute them in fabrics that I will need to purchase!). Then we headed back to NIH and found a parking place in almost the exact same spot as where we had parked yesterday. Then we headed back to the shuttle waiting room...had about a 20 minute wait to head back to the hotel room. Woody, I hope, is resting. I came downstairs to use the free wireless that is in the hotel lobby. I wanted to email Woody's research nurse so she could have paper work in order for us to renew our ID badges. Just think...the end of next month they will has been a year since our visit when April 27th rolls around. I figure that our next visit will be after that date so want to get them renewed so we don't have to go through so much red tape without id's the next time that we come. I figured that if I let the nurse know that she would have the needed papers all ready for us when we see them tomorrow afternoon.

So we have had a good day. Woody has survived another round of CT scans and is now under the orders to drink a lot. I got him ice prior to coming down here so hopefully he has been downing water along with resting. Tomorrow we will meet with part of the research team sometime around 1pm. Then we will do whatever needs to be done after seeing the picking up the voucher check, getting any prescriptions filled, and renewing our id badges. After that we will head on down the road to take a few miles off Friday's drive home. So...the good Lord willin' I'll be blogging somewhere between Bethesda, MD and Tullahoma, TN tomorrow night!

Happy Birthday to my sister (I won't tell you how old she is...especially since she is seven years younger than I am...well, I guess technically till next week she is only 6 years younger than now you know her age IF you know how old I am and when I add another year!). There, Cheryl, you made the blog!

And, with these words...I have just completed my 800th blog post!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

In Like a Lamb!

March came in like a lamb. We had a beautiful day to travel. We left our driveway at 5am central time and arrived at the NIH waiting room for the shuttle to the hotel almost exactly 12 hours later. We are approaching the Maryland border and are in rush hour traffic (their rush hour is from 3pm to 7pm...and it is 5:10pm Eastern time in this picture) in the above picture. The green sign in the middle of the picture says that we are 4 miles from the split that we take to get off the beltway. It took us between 20 and 30 minutes to go that four miles...not as bad as it was the last time. We were in the NIH waiting room 10 minutes prior to the shuttle's departure to our very good timing. We are settled into our room and ready to relax after a long day in the car. I slept a lot during the trip...Woody did not!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow Woody will have lab work and a CT scan and then we are free till we have to go back the next day for his appointment (1pm) with the doctors during their clinic time. So not a lot happening this time (at least as far as we know at the moment!).