Saturday, December 31, 2016

Time's A Tickin'

Just a few hours to go in 2016...boy has this year flown by! Woody headed out to walk four miles this morning before he ran his usual Saturday errands. Before he left to go to the store, he had Graham come over and check out our DVD player. It was on the blink...again. Graham has come to the rescue many times this year, but this time he wasn't able to fix it. So a DVD player got put on Woody's list of items to buy (or at least check out) today. He ended up getting one and Graham came over this afternoon to get it connected...of course we didn't have the right cables, connectors, etc. (Probably due to the fact that the TV is old...Graham told Goosey (Woody) that he had a choice go get the correct cables or buy a new TV!) Woody opted out for the cables...and they had to make two trips to Radio Shack before getting the correct ones. Graham was able to work his usual electronic magic and got it going and Woody was content watching DVD's from the library this afternoon. He is happy to have a new little remote that actually works so he doesn't have to punch buttons on the DVD box and he is happy to be able to once again pause a movie. I'm glad that this remote looks different from the others that are around here so we know which one goes with the DVD player! Sounds like he has needed a new DVD player for a while! I have mainly sat around today...not doing much due to my knee...still feeling appreciative for the fact that we have a knee stabilizer and ice packs because Woody needed them earlier this year. It makes getting up and down much easier and keeps me from bending my knee when doing so. I had wanted to sew this weekend, but my knee has sort of kept me from it. I did start making plans for the ornaments that I will make for family and friends next year. The internet company where I buy most of my machine embroidery designs had a New Year sale that let me get designs for a $1's hard for me to pass up the $1 sales! I made up my mind about which designs I would purchase using my iPad while sitting in "my recliner" and then came in to my laptop to complete the purchase as I needed to be able to download the designs on this computer. I did manage to finish the one book that I had been reading on for some time and was able to add it to my list of books read in 2016. I had decided that "my treat" for finishing that book was to get to pick out a book from the latest order that I made for the church library. I hadn't gotten them to the church to process yet so had several to choose from. I have gotten underway with the one that I chose so that will probably be the first book on my "Books Read in 2017" list when I complete it. In years gone by I used to stay up all night reading on New Year's Eve/New Year's morning so I could complete my first book of the year on New Year's Day...that goal no longer appeals! I plan to sleep tonight...and, only time will tell if I will see 2017 in or not! 'Tis the Season!

Friday, December 30, 2016

Unplanned Slow Down

Early this morning when I was sitting in "my recliner," I did something to my knee...bent it too much, I guess. Anyway, it has slowed me way down. I had to set aside plans for more clean up today and have pretty much just sat around today reading and watching things on my iPad. I'm just thankful that it happened after all the Christmas activities were over. I have been icing it off and on and a little while ago I decided that I would borrow Woody's knee stabilizer. It mainly only hurts when I attempt to bend it when I am getting up out of my chair. I was thinking yesterday about getting back to doing some needlework...perhaps now is the time! We have had a fairly quiet day. Nathan and the children were busy getting the house ready for Kathy's return. She got home late this afternoon. I know that everyone is very happy to have her back. Woody has been reading, watching some TV and taking it easy today. He walked a "long four miles this afternoon. 2016 is getting closer to saying "good-bye." 'Tis the season!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Soup's On!

Busy day of "doing nothing!" Neither of us has done a lot...but we have accomplished several things. Together we made a pot of Ham and Barley Soup. It just came off the burner a few minutes ago. It was a bit later getting cooked as I continued to sort pictures and wanted to do "just one more day" before I headed off to do something cook! When I got to the transfer of December 24th, I left the files transferring since I had taken so many during our family Christmas and knew that it would take a while, and headed off to work on my part of the soup. Woody was already in the process of chopping and peeling veggies. Woody walked four miles this afternoon. He thought that he was going to have to go to the store as we realized that he hadn't gotten the barley that was on Wednesday's grocery list. But I dug deep in our food cabinet and found just enough way in the extra trip avoided. The pictures are now all sorted...untilI take more! Good job done and it was fun to review all that we have done during 2016. My next goal before January 1 is to finish the book that I have been reading on for some time. I never read as much once November and December are upon us and there is so much to do...that when I do sit down and have time to read...I usually doze off before getting very many pages read. But, if I can get this book read, it will count as three on my list of "read in 2016" since it is a trilogy with all three books bound together. Along with reading I am hoping to get a handle on my sewing table that became a place to put anything and everything that didn't have a place over the holidays! I have been working on it today and can see more of the table top than I could yesterday! I'm also hoping to do a little sewing over the next couple of days. Kathy reported in earlier today that her dad was getting out of the hospital today. She drove him and her mom home and she hopes to head back TN way in the morning. I know a lot (7 to be exact!) of children will be happy to see their mommy as will Nathan to see his wife! Isaac told Woody yesterday that he hoped that his mommy would be home before his birthday...which is in a couple weeks! He was over here when I got a text from Kathy this morning and he guessed that it was from his mommy and was very pleased to hear that she planned to be home tomorrow. Elijah spent a little time over here today playing on my iPad...he hadn't done that in some time. Well, we are both settling in for the night...Woody with a book and a DVD and/or the TV. I think that I will head in to "my recliner" and do a little reading for a while...still enjoying the down-time of the aftermath of Christmas. 'Tis the season (for a little while longer)!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Chasing "Rabbits"...Well, Sort Of...

The rabbits that I chased today were really birds. Last night I found out about an app that will aid in the identification of birds...I can plug in a picture that I have taken and it will attempt to identify the bird from the picture. I couldn't resist trying this for a while my picture sorting became bird identifying! The app really did help me identify a couple of birds and confirmed that my guess had been right on a couple of others. I did finally get back to my real picture sorting. I have completed two more just two months to go. I "should" be able to meet my goal of getting them all sorted before January 1. This morning Woody took me on what he called our weekly date...hmmm...we went to Aldi's grocery store. I hadn't ever been and he wanted me to experience it! It is different...not my ideal grocery store...but very clean...nice wide aisles...everything neat and in place. We found several bargains...and I had my first experience of having to pay a quarter for a grocery cart, which is returned to you when you put the cart back. After Woody took me home from our date, he headed back out to do the rest of our Wednesday errands. I put away groceries from both our "shopping spree" and from Woody's Krogering. Woody went next door this afternoon to take care of the children for most of the afternoon. Isaac came over here for a while. I talked him into helping me in the sewing room. I had lots of thread out due to all my machine embroidery of ornaments and hadn't had time to put it away. Between the two of us we got it all put away in their right drawer, container, etc. He was a big help and did it very willingly...but he did say that next time I should put away the thread as soon as I was finished with it! Wise boy! Not so wise Grammy! And, I know that the next time that I do a lot of embroidery like I did just before Christmas that it probably won't get put away till there is an overwhelming amount out despite Isaac's suggestion!I cooked a turkey breast this afternoon...about the first thing that I have cooked since I did all my Christmas cooking. When Woody got back from next door, we ate supper. After supper he headed off on a walk. So he got his four-mile walk in today. Not long after he left I heard a couple of rumbles of thunder. It did rain some, at least here, before he got back home. And, he is back home safely! That means that we are all settled in for the evening...another quiet one...nice to have this quiet down-time after the holidays without really having anything that HAS to be done! 'Tis the Season!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Sorting Away!

My picture sorting continues...just finished with "just" four months to go! I think that I will make my goal of having this year's photos all sorted by January 1, 2017. When I get through with a month that means that I have them saved in two different places...hoping not to lose them if one of the external drives goes bad...surely they won't both go bad at the same time! Graham came over this morning and put together Joy and Esther's sewing table...except...holes didn't line up correctly on two of the pieces. I had to call the company and they are sending replacement parts. Several of the children have been in and out today playing with some of the things that they got that stay over here (the pickle present gifts stay at our house). Woody stayed for a while next door this afternoon. Not long after he got back home, he called up the stairs that he was heading to the prayer room at church. That was his walk for the day--to and from the prayer room. We worked hard on getting through paper, boxes, etc. so they could go out in the trash and recycle for tomorrow's pick-up. We had lots of cardboard boxes, containers, etc. that we needed to knock down for recycle pick-up...and I didn't want them hanging around till next week. Several of the neighbor grandchildren helped Goosey (Woody) carry them to the curb. We are settled in for the evening...enjoying the down time after the pre Christmas rush!

Monday, December 26, 2016

Year in Review

Look at the perfect ornament that Cheryl (my sister) tied on one of my presents! It is still 'tis the it is in wind-down mode! We had a great time on the 24th as a family. It was a fun day filled with lots of talk and laughter...and eating! The Proctor's left mid afternoon as Erin wasn't feeling well. The two Dorrell families went to the Christmas Eve Candlelight service. Yesterday, Christmas, was a quiet day. Woody and I both taught our Sunday School classes and after went to church. Nathan and the children joined us for lunch to eat up some of the leftovers from our family Christmas feast. Kathy left yesterday morning to go be with her mom and dad in Georgia. Kathy's dad is in the hospital in Augusta quite ill, though on the mend. Yesterday I didn't do very much...though did start sorting my pictures...always my goal to have the entire year sorted before January 1. I have been bad this year and haven't kept up very well with the have quite a few months to go through (March thru December!). I got March and April done yesterday and have finished with May and started June today. Sorting pictures is how I got the title for tonight's blog because it is giving me a review of a lot of what we have done during's been a fairly busy year...lots of baseball games, lots of visits to Vanderbilt, lots of children to photograph, etc. I couldn't believe how much the children have seemed to have grown since the first of the year! Woody did his usual Monday "doings." He went to Life Care to have Bible study with Jeff and visit with another friend. Woody took a gift for Jeff today. Last week Woody had asked him what he would like for a Christmas gift. Woody had been trying to figure out just what to get for a quadriplegic so decided to ask him what he would like. Jeff's answer was a Bible. Today when Woody took the Bible to him, he asked where he would like Woody to put it and Jeff told him to put it on his lap. We hope that it gives him comfort. This afternoon Woody walked four miles. Not long after he got back from his walk, he went next door to sit with the six of the children while Nathan and Esther went hunting. Abigail was their cook of the day and tried several recipes in the cookbook that we gave her. She made supper while Woody was over there and invited us to eat with them. When we were finishing up, Nathan and Esther came in and announced that they had gotten a buck. After they ate, everyone turned to to do what needed to be done to the deer...Grammy and Goosey slipped away...not wanting to witness any of said preparations or actual doings to the deer! (Grammy and Goosey aren't much into hunting or anything to do with it!) All has grown quiet most must have been done! They were trying to get done before the rains move in. Nathan is happy to have gotten a deer before the end of the season. I have been straightening up the house today when I wasn't sorting. I have cleaned up wrapping paper, tissue paper, gift bags, etc., etc. I also cleaned up what I call "wrapping central," the guest room. That is where all the gift bags, wrapping paper, etc. gets put while we are getting ready for the time Christmas gets here it looks like an explosion has gone off in the room. I wanted to get it cleaned up so Graham can put together Joy and Esther's Christmas present, a sewing machine table. We are sewing on a school desk at the moment and some of us can't get our legs under the desk. I think that this table that is made for sewing will be a big help to them. Well, back to reviewing the year aka sorting pictures! 'Tis the season!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Christmas Eve service at First Baptist, Tullahoma, TN: Abigail is the angel, Joy is Mary, & Graham is Joseph
Birthday cake for Jesus: A Dorrell family Christmas tradition

Friday, December 23, 2016

'Twas the Night Before OUR Family Christmas!

Busy, busy around here! I have gotten a lot done today...the last gifts got wrapped (those that arrived from Amazon today) and are under the tree, cooking down to the last dish that I plan to make things are coming together. It's a good thing as "the EverReddy Bunny's" batteries are about to run down! Of course I have left the scalloped potatoes till last...not exactly the easiest of the dishes! But at least it is the last for today! Woody walked four miles today and he is now at the last evening of this year's "The Night in Bethlehem." We have had fantastic weather. And, the people have flocked in! The first night they estimated that we had 3,000 people! That's a lot for a town our size. Last night was equally as well attended if not better and we expect that tonight will be even better attended since it is Friday night. Tonight's pictures give just a taste of what went on last night. The first picture is of Esther and Elijah's choir. Esther is closest to us at the microphone...getting ready to sing her solo. Elijah is on the other side of her obstructed by a microphone...but he is there. I have some pictures on another camera that show him. The next is a glimpse of the juggling show from the balcony where I sit. That is Joy riding on the giraffe unicycle. The next two depict some of the craftsman shops around the "Little Town of Bethlehem." And, then the last...two cute little lambs making friends with one of the camels...and the camel in the back giving a big smile for the camera...what teeth! Those little lambs were rather shy the first night...but by last night they were having the best time leaping around and going up to see the camels. Their mama is tied so she won't leave...but the lambs are free to roam and roam they do...except never too far from their mama. Well, guess it is time to go peel some the morning we will make the sweet potato casserole before everyone arrives, hopefully. This year we are having family favorites for our Christmas meal together. 'Tis the season!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Wrapping and Cooking All the Way!

Tonight's title is what I have been doing all day...humming those words rather than "laughing and singing all the way!" Yesterday Woody shopped for our family Christmas "feast." When he got home, Esther and I sorted the ingredients according to recipe. And, I did a little preliminary preparation. We spent the evening at First Baptist...Woody greeting visitors to Bethlehem and I scurried around taking pictures...mostly I stayed inside and took pictures of the juggling. We had a gorgeous night and another is forecast for tonight and also for tomorrow night. I can't remember when we have had three nights of A Night in Bethlehem when it didn't rain at least one of them. We are preparing to head back in a little while. Woody headed over to Shelbyville this morning to buy one last gift. I stayed home and got ready to wrap the last of the gifts that we are giving. After lunch Esther came over and she made a gelatin salad that the kids will be very happy she made! I am in the process of finishing the salad that I had slated for me to make today...something has to cool before I can complete it. Hope that I can get it made before we need to head off to church. Tomorrow will be a VERY busy push to be ready by 8am on Saturday (Alex has set the time as he needs to head off with his girlfriend to her family.). We'll see if we can get everyone here by 8 on Saturday!Woody had managed to walk is four-mile goal both yesterday and today. I am running around like a chicken with its head cut off!!! 'Tis the season!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

First Day of Winter = First Night of A Night in Bethlehem

If you live close by or even a bit of a drive away, it would be worth your while to head to Tullahoma and take in the sights, sounds, smells of Bethlehem many years ago. While at First Baptist, Tullahoma, check out other venues including our son and family, The Dazzling Dorrell's, as they will juggle Christmas for you. There will be shepherds watching their flocks, Christmas music nightly, refreshments...Best of all it is our gift to all who's kind of Christmas present! 'Tis the season to be reminded about its reason!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Before and After

I'm switching from a Christmas theme to talk about the tornado that happened a few weeks ago now in Tullahoma. Today, I witnessed for the first time just what that tornado did on the other side of town. My friend, who cuts my hair, lives in one of the areas that was hardest hit. I almost always take a picture of Lake Tullahoma from her backyard when I go to get my hair cut. So I have Lake Tullahoma documented in all seasons and all types of weather. Today I took several pictures from her back yard of the aftermath of the tornado...there has been clean up going on for weeks. I was amazed when I drove through at how many trees were down and how much roof damage, etc. was caused by this EF-3 tornado. I am going to attempt to show a before and an after picture of several areas that I usually photograph. First is a shot across the lake...the photo is the before of the one at the end of this group of pictures...most of tree damage is on this side of the lake in this area. Next is a lovely dogwood tree that is in Jody's backyard both in the winter time and also in bloom in the spring...then what is left of it today...just an uprooted stump. So many trees were just uprooted and laid flat on the ground...usually taking large pieces of the yard with them...this is a small uprooting compared to so many of the huge oaks that were blown over. In the last picture you can see the trees laying flat on the ground close to where I am standing and on the other side of the lake there is not a lot of damage (at that spot).
Now I am going to post a few pictures of before(1st photo) and after where I have just turned a little to my right from where I took the above pictures.
As you can see the trees were just plowed down! Our friend who lives two doors away from Jody had a tree come right through the roof of her house...luckily she was in her safe spot. I was talking to her and her daughter the other day and the thing that they notice the most is that they could never see their neighbors' houses across the lake due to the trees except in the winter they could just barely see the they have a clear view of the houses. Here's a few more just random photos of the destruction that I don't have a before pic:
You can see the height and breadth of some of these trees. Hundreds of very old trees were downed that day. Even though it has been several weeks since the storm hit, the streets in this area are lined with work trucks and the sounds of chain saws fill the air. And, these pictures don't do justice to what it really looks like...and to think that this is the aftermath! Now on to more fun and seasonal topics for this blog! My friends and I had a very good time at brunch this morning. We hardly stopped talking and filling each other in on what is going on in our families from the time they got her till they left about three hours later. Woody spent the morning at the public library working puzzles, reading and looking/finding books to check out. A while after the party was over, I headed out the door to get my hair cut...the reason that I have the pictures that I posted tonight. Woody bundled up a while ago and headed off walking to the prayer room at church. He has yet to return. I guess my next task is to move on to planning for the next party! I need to plan the menu since Woody is going to do our Wednesday shopping in the morning. Party! Party! and on to Party next! 'Tis the season!

Monday, December 19, 2016

Party! Party! Party!

Getting ready for the third party that we have had at the house this season. Just a party animal here! Tomorrow I have two friends coming over for brunch. We get together at this time each year to exchange gifts and eat and talk...sometimes we eat out and sometimes we go to one or another of our houses. This year I decided that it would be fun to have them here. So today I have been getting things tidied up from yesterday's birthday party for Woody. In case you didn't see I did make a photo blog yesterday on my usual day off from blogging. We had a very good time at that party, too. As far as I know, we only have one more party this week...our family Christmas on Saturday. Woody did his usual Monday visit to the Life Care Center to have Bible study with Jeff and visit another friend who is a resident there. He also ran an errand for me. This afternoon he headed out into the deep freeze and walked four miles. Shortly after he left on his walk, Isaac came in freezing cold. He and Elijah had been playing outside in the leftover ice from what had lightly accumulated yesterday. Elijah had dressed more warmly for playing outside...Isaac neglected to zip his coat or put on gloves. His little fingers were freezing. I told him that I would rub them. He looked concerned and said, "Won't that cause blisters?" He did let me rub them and we got them warm so he could help me for a little while. He crawled under the dining room table and dusted the legs and cross pieces that are down low. I call these jobs that he does for me "his low down" jobs! After he did that he contented himself with turning my vacuum on and off for me when I needed that job done. He's a good little helper. Woody returned a while ago from Monday night prayer meeting at church. We are all settled in for the evening. It's going to be another cold one...already 23 degrees. Brrrrrrrrr! It's supposed to warm up some over the next couple of days. We're hoping for warmer temperatures and no rain for the three nights of our church's "Night In Bethlehem." That will begin on Wednesday and go through Friday. Nathan and Kathy and family will be juggling Christmas once again this year. I will be their unofficial photographer. I usually camp out in the balcony for two of the nights. On the third night I don't usually go as I am usually in over my head with last minute details for our family Christmas on Christmas Eve morning. 'Tis the Season!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Party Preview

It has been quite a busy day. Woody started out his day by heading next door sometime between 6 and 6:30. Nathan and Kathy had prison ministry a couple of hours away from here. Five of the children were involved in a Christmas party for the children at church. Woody piled them into their vehicle and delivered them. Abigail went along to help with the party. Graham and Joy came over here. Graham helped me clean the sensor on one of my point and shoot cameras. Joy read and crocheted for a while and then helped me with rolling out a pie crust. Then they checked out the presents under the tree...especially the ones that had name tags in code. By the end of their time over here they had cracked the codes! Woody ran Saturday errands while the children were at their Christmas party. I stayed at home and made pies...they are on the counter in the background of tonight's photo. We had several deliveries is the balloon bouquet that is on the kitchen table in the picture above. My siser and her family sent them to Woody for this BIG birthday. Since getting the pies made, I have been attempting to get things straightened up and ready for tomorrow's family birthday party. Woody helped me get the kitchen cleaned up after he came back home after Nathan and Kathy got back. I guess that I had better cut this short as I have a couple of floors that need needs mopping and one needs vacuuming. 'Tis the season!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Tying Up Loose Ends?

We are trying to get things done. Woody has been wrapping presents...most names on tags are in some form of a code...wonder how long it will take to figure out who the recipient is! I continued today finishing up my sewing. I machine embroidered five ornaments today. I "think" that I finished with the last ornament for this Christmas just a few minutes ago. I still have to make them into ornaments but at least they are machine embroidered. The rest is pretty much hand sewing that I can do when I am relaxing in "my chair." Woody ran errands on his walk today...mailed a package at the Post Office for me and made a stop at the public library. Several of the neighbor grandchildren came over this afternoon. Joy came over to finish some Christmas presents. Joseph sat on my lap for a while and watched the sewing machine "draw pictures" really fast! Tomorrow we will be busy...more about that tomorrow evening! I hope that I can say that I have birthday pies all baked when I blog tomorrow night! 'Tis the season!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

School's Out (for me)!

Today was my last day of school for this year...sort of sounds good...but I also know that I am in for busy times between now through December 24th. I spent the afternoon working on gifts. I have another package ready for Woody to take to the Post Office tomorrow. I still have a few things that I hope to work on this evening. Abigail finished her top when she came over to read this afternoon. She got the hem sewed in using the cover stitch on my serger and then we read. She went home with only a chapter left to read in the book that we have been reading. Esther finished her book yesterday. Joy and Elijah took their books home so they can continue to read over these next several weeks. Isaac even met a milestone in his reading today...he has read through all the strips of three letter phonetic words (and we have quite a few of these strips). I talked to Melany a little while ago and we finalized our meal plan for Woody's birthday on Sunday. My part is birthday pies (pecan and pumpkin...pecan for Woody and lots of others...but there are a few of us who prefer pumpkin so I decided that I should make pumpkin too. Plus Melany missed out on her mommy's pumpkin pie this year at Thanksgiving since they were sick. Woody walked four miles this morning and didn't freeze. After lunch he took off on a shopping spree...he found just what he wanted in record time...especially for shopping in Tullahoma! We don't have all that many places to choose from to purchase things and he had something specific that he was looking for...and found exactly what he wanted...rather amazing! I have pretty much holed up in my sewing room this afternoon and evening...something that I can do and not walk a lot. My foot still has a gout problem...but so far it isn't as bad as it has been in the past. We have had quite a cold day today. It never got above freezing today and is already down to 23 and supposed to get into the teens tonight. Brrrrrrrr! But guess...'Tis the season!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Time to Put Our Feet Up!

We are ready to put our feet up after a busy day. Woody did our usual Wednesday errands this morning along with attempting to do some Christmas shopping and doing an errand for me. I had school on a usual Wednesday schedule. Abigail got her long sleeved t-shirt finished except for the hem. We will fit in some time over the next few days to get that done before Christmas. After lunch, I headed off to the church library to work for a while. Woody headed off for his daily four-mile walk shortly after I left for the library. Donna and I mainly did maintenance. We were attempting to get the library in good order as we will only be sticking our heads in for short periods of time till after the New Year. I just finished a book order (the last one of the year). And, I have one note to write and then library work will be shelved till after the first of the year. I also placed my last Christmas order before I headed down to cook supper. I made an easy supper--a pot of chili. Sounds like the temperatures that we are going to experience over the next few days will be "chili weather." I am ready to put my feet up for another gout has returned...well, it has been attempting to rear its head over the last week. It first showed up on the top of my foot near the ankle...but after a while during the day that pain went away...then another day last week it showed up in my toe...again the pain leaving after a while...then it showed up in my elbow...same thing...that pain was gone by the end of the day. I was hoping that the med that the doctor has me gradually taking was helping to lessen the amount of time that gout would hang around and lessen the pain. This med can trigger gout attacks so she has me easing into taking it...for the last month I have been taking it one pill other day and in a few days I will start taking one pill every day...easing in till after four months I will be taking two every day. Anyway today I woke up with gout pain in my foot and it hasn't gone least not like the other days over the last week. I can still hope! So I guess I will go put my foot up for the rest of the evening. I have some handwork that I need to do to finish up those hand ornaments that I made sometime back. I have all but three completed so guess tonight is a good night to get back to work on finishing those. Woody is downstairs reading with his feet up. And, as soon as I click "publish," I am heading for my chair to put my feet up! 'Tis the season! (Oh, my sister reported this morning that our package had arrived at her house in AZ..."only" mishap (that we know of)...the mailman fell down on his way up to her house with the package! I'm trying to remember if there is anything very breakable in the box! Hope that the mailman won't be hobbling too badly tomorrow! That's a record quick time for a package to get there when it wasn't sent priority...just took two days regular first class mail...guess the U.S. Post Office is attempting to impress with their service this year!)

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Things Seem in a Whir

Everything seems to be going in fast motion...until...I get on the laptop to blog...and then time slows down! Let's just say that the computer hasn't been very cooperative this evening. I seem to be underway finally. I started the morning out least it was on a day that I have a shorter day so I was able to get Joseph's and Isaac's time in. Woody was making another batch of chex mix...we have gifted and/or eaten the first batch. Then I did a couple of things to plan another party. I'm going to have a couple of friends over next week for brunch...that took several texts back and forth, but all is set now. Then Melany called and wanted us to come to their house to celebrate Woody's birthday...but our days seem pretty full between now and Christmas Eve (when we will have our family Christmas)! In the end it was decided that they would bring lunch here on another party in the plans! I ran a quick errand before lunch. Then Joy came over and read. Abigail came over after Joy and sewed and read. We were making up the day she missed last week. Woody walked to and from the prayer room at church this evening. We are both settled in for the evening. I'm trying to figure out if I might have enough energy left to make another machine embroidered gift this evening. Or perhaps I should start trying to figure out what we will eat for our family Christmas gathering. 'Tis the season.

Monday, December 12, 2016

"Wrapping All The Way!"

Yesterday was quite a busy day. We had church and Sunday School in the morning, a meet & greet the new interim pastor and his wife in the afternoon, and then in the evening the children's musical: "Wrapping All the Way" and our White Christmas (presenting non perishible food items to be given to those in need in Tullahoma). We only had two in it this year...much easier to keep track of they were pretty close to each other. Elijah is in the front row on the right end and Esther is third from the right...just one child between them. Made it much easier to get pictures of both of them. It was a very colorful and active performance. The children did an amazing job as they always do! This choir is made up of first through fifth graders. I was pretty tired after attending all those activities. I thought that I would sleep really well, but not to be so...woke up with bad leg cramps (top of my foot and front of my leg...ouch!) Then later in the night I woke up with my knees hurting really badly...I had bent them too much while I was asleep. It was probably a good thing that I didn't have a usual morning of school! Nathan, Kathy and children went to church to pack the White Christmas boxes and then deliver them. Woody also went to pack boxes AFTER he went to the Post Office to get our package off to Arizona. While they were gone, I worked on getting dishes from last week's party put away. I hadn't gotten that done because I took off running trying to get the presents ready to send to AZ. After packing and delivering food boxes, Woody also did Bible study with Jeff and visited with members of our church who are residents there. Joy got home in time to have her long time. She once again worked on a Christmas present and had time to work some on the plaid shirt that she is making for her doll. After lunch, Elijah came over and we finished his card ball ornament (bottom photo). Woody walked to church for the Monday prayer meeting since he hadn't gotten his walk in today. I worked on supper...getting things out of our freezer and refrigerator so we can get ready for the next Dorrell/Proctor feast...this time for Christmas on the 24th. I made Turkey Tetrazzini to finish up the last three cups of cubed turkey. I also used up a two cup portion of frozen turkey broth and some other odds and ends in the fridge and freezer. I served the turkey tetrazzini as a sauce over spaghetti squash...pretty good. We have enough to have it over real pasta the next time. I'm later blogging because I hadn't had time to download the pictures from last night and it took a while. Now I am ready to go put some Christmas presents out of sight that arrived in the mail today. Then I think that I will open boxes that have arrived from AZ...a treat for myself...guess I could/might indulge in a little package shaking?!? 'Tis the season!

Saturday, December 10, 2016

"It's A Miracle!"

When I walked downstairs the other day and spotted the sun streaming in on the Fisher Price Manger set...shining right on baby reminded me of many years ago when Melany was three or four. She walked into our living room (not at our present house) and saw the sun streaming in on our manger scene that we had at the time and like this time it was shining right on baby Jesus. Her reaction was to say, "It's a miracle!" So I guess I saw a miracle of my own the other morning! I got up and went straight back to sewing. I did complete the one project last night, but had another one. I managed to get that one done but with next to no time to spare. Between the two of us we got the presents wrapped and into the box and Woody headed out the door just a little before noon. When he got to the Post Office, there were still people standing in line to mail packages...BUT the door had been we will have to wait till Monday. Woody ran his usual Saturday errands plus went to the store before those errands and bought wrapping paper and one more gift for AZ. I had to go to JoAnns this afternoon when I ran out of white felt that I needed to make another ornament. After I got home I machine embroidered another ornament for a gift. 'Tis the season!

Friday, December 9, 2016

Sew! Sew! Sew!

I have needed the sewing angel pictured above several times today...but today definitely has gone better than yesterday. At this point in the day I am nearing the end of the main project that I have been concentrating on the last couple of days and I made another ornament. I have sewn just about all day...hardly coming up for air!Woody drove Abigail to her orthodontist appointment this morning and later in the day walked four miles today. Sometimes they walk when he takes her to her appointment, but not today...a bit too cold. When I checked sometime between 6am and 7am, it was 21 brrrrrry degrees. Woody also played with/read to/watched Isaac and Joseph...they have entertained me a bit too while I sewed. Esther had her long time with me this morning since we didn't "do school" yesterday. She cross stitched on her picture and I sewed on my project...very companionable activities. We talked some when Esther wasn't having to count her stitches! I was doing hand stitching on what I am making so no machine noises to interfere with our visiting. We listened to a Christmas CD to get in the mood for least it helped me get in the mood...I think that the children are in the mood with or without music! Well, back to my sewing. My goal is to have the AZ package ready to mail tomorrow...that doesn't give me many more hours since the Post Office closes at noon on Saturday. So off to continue my sewing! Woody is watching TV and reading. 'Tis the Season!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Almost a Bah Humbug Day!

Either Scrooge or Murphy visited my sewing room today! It was trouble from the get-go this morning. What I should have been able to finish this morning, I just finished a couple of minutes ago...finally!!! And, what just got finished doesn't complete that project...but at least it is underway. Woody needed to run an errand in downtown Tullahoma today so he made that his walk for the day. We are seeing a cold snap...already down to 28 this evening. It's supposed to be quite cold all day tomorrow. Well, since, hopefully, both Murphy and Scrooge have left the sewing room, I had better get busy before they pay another visit! 'Tis the season!