Friday, August 18, 2017

Be On the Lookout!

Have you noted family groupings in the back window of vehicles?  Well, Nathan, decided that their vehicle needed a personalized family grouping!  From left to right: Nathan (Crazy Tie Guy), Kathy, Graham, Abigail, Joy, Esther, Elijah, Isaac, Joseph.  Nathan has a new machine that will scan and cut things that he has drawn and he is enjoying using it for various things like this personalized family, a sign on the side of their van, their website lighted up on the front of the van, bean bag pieces cut from fabric so he can sew the bean bags, business card size of some of his reversible words, etc. Abigail and I had him attempt something the other day that didn't work the first time, but will probably work given another try. Anyway, he is having fun with his new "toy" and doing a bit of advertising of their ministry as they travel around the country.  Next on their slate is an Eclipse gathering in Kentucky.

Woody got up early and walked four-miles.  Later in the morning, he headed off to do our weekly grocery shopping.  I put away the food when he got home.  And, while he was gone, I walked down the street to a yardsale.  One of my friend's mother died recently and they were having a yardsale today which included a lot of her sewing things.  I got some buttons, a couple of patterns, and a throw-size piece of batting.  I pretty well refrained myself as I just don't need a lot more that has to do with sewing!  I did finish my pj pants today and have the fabric for the top ironed and spread out on my cutting table awaiting the pattern to be pinned onto it.  Woody made another recipe of his coleslaw.

We are settling in for another quiet Friday evening in our household...probably reading, watching a bit of TV, perhaps a crossword for Woody. I have finished my books of Sudoku no puzzle working for me these days. One of the books that I am reading is a cookbook...very interesting reading about the four elements of cooking: Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat.  I have a couple of fiction books from the church library that I'm reading also.  But I may leave the books in their stack and go cut out my pj top...lots of choices to do in the quiet of the evening! Let me know if you spot the above vehicle in your neck of the woods...they show up just about anywhere and everywhere that their vehicle can roam.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Mad Scientist?!?

Elijah had his long time with me this morning and we started doing science experiments.  He got candles to burn under water, made rice dance, and found out how to keep a balloon from breaking when it is held directly over a flame (put water in it)!  The bottom picture shows what happens to a balloon when there is no water in it...a big pop and balloon pieces flying! The rest had their school times another busy morning...and the first full week of Grammy School is behind us!

Woody walked his four-miles early this morning. Joseph spent time with Goosey (Woody) after his school time as he has done each school day.  Isaac continues to love to sew on buttons. Whenever he gets a spare moment, he shows up to sew one more.  He has quite a well supplied sewing basket (little scissors, a pin cushion, needle threader, needles, buttons, thread, fabric pieces) and is really loving it.  I guess I have created a sewing monster out of least for the moment till the newness wears off.  I asked him today why he was loving it so much and he said, "Well, I had to wait all that time till I was in kindergarten to be able to sew buttons!"  I think that he has sewn on 18 buttons in the short time since he had his first lesson!  He has sewn on two-hole buttons, four-hole buttons and just tried a shank button for the first time.  Anyone need any buttons sewn on anything?!? The button-sewing expert lives right next door to me! Elijah was funny when Isaac was trying to impress him with his button sewing skills.  Elijah just smiled and then said, but I know another faster way to sew them on...on the sewing machine!  I'm not quite ready for Isaac to try the sewing machine method! Sewing machine sewing starts in first you think that he will be able to wait that long?!?

Today the second video lesson in my sewing group was published and I enjoyed watching it after school was over.  This time it is about sewing piping and the teacher shared several tricks that she uses that do seem like they would make it much easier to do.  I haven't had time to try her methods out yet.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

First Sewing Lessons

Today Joseph had his first sewing lesson that I teach.  Sewing with sewing cards.  He was pretty proud of his "creation."  Isaac had been counting the days till he started kindergarten and would get his first lesson with "hand sewing."  That first lesson is sewing on buttons.  He did great!  He enjoyed it so much he came back over this afternoon to sew a few more on.  Note Isaac's Poland shirt!

Woody headed off to the local farmer's market before school started this morning.  He got tomatoes and some of the best peaches!  Joseph, again, spent most of the morning with Goosey (Woody) after he had his school time with me.  Isaac followed Joseph and got right to work on his reading and his math lesson so he could start "hand sewing."  Elijah, Abigail, and Joy had their reading times with me.  Then Esther came for her long time.  We got the fabric for a new apron into the wash and found all the pattern pieces that she will need to make her apron.  Then she practiced threading the machine and stitching straight lines and then stitched out some of the fancy stitches on the machine.

After lunch, I headed to the church to work in the library for a couple of hours.  We mainly did maintenance and a couple of other routine tasks since we had finished processing the book order last week.  I came home and flopped in my chair for a little while and Isaac sewed a few more buttons.  I did make a casserole for our supper while Woody went to try to visit with one of his new Sunday School boys.  We are now settling in for the evening.  I'm feeling the effects of a pretty busy day...not much energy to sew this evening.  I did sew more last night and am ready to put the elastic on the waist of my pj pants.  But I think that task will wait for another day unless I get a surge of energy in the next little while!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Rainy Tuesday Afternoon

This afternoon we have had several hard showers move through...I was out and about and luckily each time a shower started I was in a store and was over by the time I came out...that happened twice and then when I went next door to give Abigail something another shower...again...over before I headed home. Showers like these continue to make our flowers and plants quite happy...they still look good for this time in the summer.

Woody didn't walk this morning because he usually walks to the prayer room on Tuesday evenings.  But tonight he combined attempting to visit some of his Sunday School boys with his prayer room visit.  So no walk today.

We had our second school day and it went a lot happier for Joseph today!  He popped right in and got busy and when school was over he wasn't ready to head back to his house.  Instead he spent most of the rest of the morning with Woody downstairs.  Joy had her first long Grammy time.  She continues to learn how to paper piece small quilt blocks.  She is going to make a few more and then I am going to show her how to make some larger quilt blocks so she can make herself a throw-size quilt (maybe).

After lunch I went to get my hair cut.  My next appointment will happen a few days before Cheryl comes for her visit...that means her visit is just a little over 4-weeks away.  After my haircut I went to JoAnn's to get some felt for a project that Abigail is doing and found a piece of fabric for me..  Then I went to WalMart to get a few things.  All my gadabouting didn't allow for a nap today...maybe that will mean a better night's sleep tonight?  I started making my pajama pants after supper.  I guess I got motivated because I found a piece of fabric to make a pj top this afternoon at JoAnn's.  I guess I will head back to my machines and sew a little more this evening.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Grammy's School...Back in Session

This morning we got underway with the new school year over here.  Joseph was the first to come...he had a bit of a problem coming over as he had to be "pulled away" from something that he was watching...I hope that he comes over happier tomorrow!  He ended up having a good school time with me and then went downstairs and worked in the family room with the set of forrest animals and didn't leave till the end of Isaac's time.  Isaac came over with a happy face and we got going on his school work a bit more quickly than Joseph and I.  Everything is review at this point...just getting back in the swing.  Elijah, then Esther, then Joy came for their reading times.  And, then it was time for Abigail's long Grammy time.  She is planning a banner type thing for a group that she helps teach at church.  She needs some felt colors that I didn't have so we switched back to working on a pair of shorts that she cut out just before summer vacation began.  She also was the first one to sew on the machine for this school year so she "got" to clean the machine before we started sewing.  So a busy morning for me to get back in the school routine...started at 8:30 and ended at noon.  It wasn't very long after lunch before I found myself napping in my chair! It's going to take my body a while to get used to being back in a school routine...I can tell!

Woody stayed around till after Joseph went home.  And then Woody went to the Life Care for Bible study with Jeff and also visited with friends who reside there.  After that he made a stop at the hospital to check in on a friend there.  He made another trip back to Life Care after lunch to take something to one of the residents. This evening he is at the Monday night prayer meeting at church.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

It's Been 17 Years!

Happy 17th anniversary to Nathan and Kathy!  They have had a busy day.  Kathy and Abigail left early to go to a church conference in Nashville and Nathan left shortly after them for a meeting in Cookeville.  Abigail came home with the church group after the conference.  Nathan picked up Kathy after her meeting and they went on an anniversary date somewhere between Nashville and here.

Woody headed over next door before Nathan left this morning and we have rotated back and forth during the day.  He stayed next door most of the time.  I took advantage of Woody not sitting in his recliner and ended up spot cleaning it.  He still isn't sitting in it as it hasn't quite dried.  It must be a week that I have been in the mood for my mother's recipes as today I made her recipe for Boston Baked Beans.  They take all night soaking and then all day cooking.  They were done just in time for supper.  One of the times that I went next door for a while, Woody went visiting at the hospital. After he got back from visiting, I headed back to the house and put the final touches on the Sunday School lesson that I'm teaching tomorrow.  Woody is home now and as soon as he got home he started making his favorite recipe for slaw.  He likes to have slaw when we have baked beans.  Anyway, it seems to have been a busy day all, cleaning, keeping an eye on six children, Sunday School lessons, hospital visiting...yup...a pretty full day!

Friday, August 11, 2017


It has been a fairly normal Friday for us.  Woody got up early and walked his four mile circle.  Later in the morning, he went to the grocery stores to do our weekly shopping.  While he was at the store, I cleaned out the refrigerator...getting it ready for more food when he got home.  I put away the groceries.  For our supper I made a recipe of Mother's for pork chops and mashed some red potatoes with the skin new favorite way to make mashed potatoes...much easier than peeling them...and we really like them that way.  It wasn't very long after we ate, that I sat down in my chair to rest for a few minutes...and the next thing I knew it was past time to blog!  Then when I did get in here, the computer decided to be as slow as molases.  Kathy and I talked today and we came up with a schedule for my part of their school week.  We will try the new schedule this next week.