Saturday, September 23, 2017

Volleyball & Visiting

Abigail's team was in a volleyball tournament today.
Her team placed second. Way to go Lady Knights!

Melany, Wade and Erin joined us this afternoon for a family get-together.
We cooked over here and then went next door to eat.  We had a really nice
day.  Erin is staying till we take her Auntie Cheryl back to the airport.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Frequent Visitors


Carolina Chickadee

Tufted Titmouse

Downy Woodpecker

These are some of our birdie frequent visitors.  Cheryl is impressed with our southern birds' manners...they come into the feeders one at a time...sometimes several waiting in surrounding branches for their turns...we have very polite birds.  They come in take one seed, fly off, eat the seed, and then come back for their next turn!

Woody got up this morning and walked four miles...the first time that he had taken an early morning walk in a while.  He said that his congestion is better today.  Later in the morning he did our weekly grocery shopping. When Cheryl and I came downstairs, we got busy cooking...getting ready for the family get-together tomorrow.  We made three different salads.  Woody will get the hamburgers ready tomorrow.  After I rested for a while, Cheryl and I went shopping once again.  She needed to get something to take back to her grandchildren and pick up a couple of other things.  We came back and I fixed supper.  We had the chicken dish that I made and froze a week or so before Cheryl came..made for a bit easier supper...though we are still trying to figure out where all the dishes came from that we had to do after supper.  We loaded the dishwasher and still had quite a few to wash by hand.  Cheryl did the dishes and I put food away and then put dishes away.  We're trying to get things straightened up a bit for our "company" coming tomorrow.  In the morning Cheryl and I are going to go to one of Abigail's volleyball games...her team is playing in a tournament most of the day tomorrow.

 Abigail just came in the door...wonder what she is wanting us to do!  First Skip-Bo game of the day...I'll bet!

Thursday, September 21, 2017


Erin and Alex joined us of those rare times that all nine of our grandchildren are here at the same time.  Alex had the day off so brought Erin to spend a few hours with their Auntie Cheryl.  They had time to play a game of Skip-Bo with their cousins, eat lunch and then play a game of Sorry with Cheryl and me.

After they left it was time for me to have my 20 minute power nap!  After my little snooze Cheryl and I headed off to the quilt store so she could help me choose fabric for my niece Rachel's (Cheryl's daughter) Christmas present.  We were successful in finding to find time to make the gift!  After supper, Joy and Esther came over and played another game of Skip-Bo...getting those game rules drilled into our heads after so many games!  We probably will be playing several more games before Cheryl's visit ends.  Tomorrow we will have to do some cooking since we will have our family get together on Saturday. Tonight Cheryl and I may look at family scrapbooks again tonight.  We have to start cramming everything in that we planned to do while she is here...the time is growing less days than we have already spent together. Time is going too quickly...wish that it would slow down for at least a few days!  Woody is still having allergy problems so he didn't take his daily walk.  All ball games were cancelled tonight because we had pretty heavy rain for a while this morning.  Elijah and Isaac were pretty excited because they were invited to a birthday party at Jump Street tonight.  I think that Isaac was looking more forward to the pizza than the jumping!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Marble Runs & Shopping!

This morning Cheryl was entertained by Isaac and Joseph making marble run structures.  Joseph especially enjoyed this...he gave many of his rare smiles when the marbles went down their paths to the bottom of the run.  After lunch Cheryl and I went shopping.  Cheryl planned to purchase October birthday presents for Abigail and Joy while she is here and I wanted to get something for her grandchildren who also have October birthdays.  We were both successful.  We came home and sat on the front porch to rest before supper. We have had supper and are waiting now for a rousing game of Skip-Bo as soon as the neighbors get home from church in a little while.  Last night Abigail and Kathy came over to play.  We will see who comes over this evening.

Woody is still having some allergy problems.  Woody just got his friendly reminder from Vanderbilt.  It is once again time for him to have a CT Scan and labwork and see his melanoma doctor.  It seems like quite a while since he went but still too soon to be going again!  We will drop Cheryl off at the airport and then start wending our way over for his Vandy appointments.

Well, our Skip-Bo players have arrived (Abigail and Joy and Kathy) so I guess I had better go down and keep everyone straight on the rules!  I took several days to figure out how to now I have to make sure that rules are followed!!! Quite an entertaining time here in our household for our guest!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

RAIN! Entertainment for our Guest!

Rain is a welcome occurance for our guest from Arizona.  Cheryl got entertained well today as we had a storm pass through with quite heavy rain.  At a point Esther, Cheryl and I went inside and played a game of Skip-Bo as it started blowing in on us on the porch.  Woody walked to the prayer room late this afternoon after the rain passed by.  He made a stop at the pharmacy to pick up some of his medicine.  Isaac and Joseph spent a couple of hours with us this morning while the rest of their family went to practice juggling.  Right now I have Kathy and Abigail and Cheryl waiting for me as we are going to play another game of Skip-Bo.  Cheryl and I have shared a lot of laughs over this game!  If laughter adds years to ones life...then we will probably live to a ripe old age!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Late Night Entertainment for Our Guest!

Took Cheryl out to the ol' ball park this evening!  Elijah has a new nickname = Little "E" = because there are two Elijahs on his team...and there is quite a size descrepancy...the other Elijah is Big "E."  The Bucks (Elijah's team) won the game.

Woody decided not to walk this morning since he is still having allergy problems and decided that one length of time outside would be enough for today.  Cheryl and I haven't done a lot...mainly we've sat on the front porch talking and looking at the birds.  We have also taken great pains to learn a new card game...Skip Bo...I think that we have the rules down finally!  It has been a bit of a learning curve for us at our advanced ages...ha! ha!  Cheryl won't admit as much of an advanced age as I since she is seven years my junior!  We have periodically had entertainment join us on the front porch with the names of Isaac and Joseph.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Sunday Blessing!

Elijah was baptized today!