Tuesday, June 27, 2017

He Does Have a Red Belly!

This is a picture of a red-bellied woodpecker.  I had always questioned why they were named that as the main thing that I notice when they come to visit our feeders is that they have a red head...or course the red-headed woodpecker has a much redder head!  In this last picture that I took this afternoon while sitting on our porch shows some red feathers on its belly!  This is the first time that I have ever seen the red on the belly. I sat for quite a while this afternoon and watched the birds.  I am always amazed by how many birds come to visit our feeders while we are sitting there so close...and just amazed at the variety that come.  I guess they have figured out that we aren't a threat.  I'm also glad that I can silence the electronic shutter button on my camera...that way they don't hear me clicking away with the camera.

I spent some time this morning cleaning the school room.  I had pretty much left the school room alone since our intruder had been in there.  I had cleaned up the mess that he (intruder) made, but hadn't cleaned up the art mess that the children had made one afternoon.  So today I remade the bed that had been unmade since the last sleepover and cleaned up the remnants of an art project or two.  I also vacuumed so it is is pretty good shape once again.  I folded a large load of towels and got them put back in their proper places.  After that I decided that I "deserved" some time on the porch.  I finished filling bird feeders.  Yesterday I took one down and cleaned it really well and had to wait till it was dry to fill it and hang it back up.  The hanging up part of the job was Woody's.  The birds and the squirrels are thanking me for all the new seed, etc. that is out there. They were definitely flying in this afternoon to check things out and enjoy a seed or two or... I even saw a little chipmunk out there this morning eating seeds that had fallen to the ground.

Woody has spent quite a bit of time outside today...another great day to spend outside.  The high for today has only been in the 70's...just beautiful.  Woody did quite a bit of mowing today.  I even took advantage of the nice temps and did a little weeding and also dead-headed some of our flowers.  Woody walked to the prayer room at church (his walk for the day) after supper and is still there.  Earlier he cleaned up the mess that I had made cooking.

I think that I am going to go read or maybe watch something on my iPad...time to put my feet up!

Monday, June 26, 2017

May-Like Day in June!

What a beautiful day!  When Woody went on his walk early this morning, he needed a sweatshirt.  The humidity is even low...a very, very pretty day.  Woody had his usual busy Monday.  He went to the Life Care Center and had Bible study with Jeff and then visited with several church members who are residents there.  This afternoon he mowed a little.  And, this evening he went to the Monday night prayer meeting at church.

I feel like I have done nothing...and really haven't done a lot.  I started studying for the Sunday School lesson for this coming Sunday.  I did manage to gather all the thread spools together and get them put in their appropriate place...lots out due to so many sewing projects...all kinds...regular sewing and embroidery thread spools.  They are stored in various places...drawers, plastic cases, and with projects.  Good job done and my sewing machine table looks lots better without all the tangled thread that kept catching on things!

Melany has just called so guess I will close for now and catch up on her and Wade and Erin and Alex.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Look Who's Eight (Almost)! (Oops looks like this didn't post correctly last night!) So this was Friday's post and Saturday's is below this one!

We celebrated Elijah's eighth birthday today after lunch.  We celebrated a bit early as he and his entire family will be on a mission trip to Poland on his actual birthday.  In the bottom picture I'm not sure if Isaac is singing to Elijah or attempting to blow out the candle before Elijah gets a chance to blow! I think he is actually singing...but it does look a bit suspicious!

Woody got up early and walked during a dry spell from Cindy.  We got lots more rain at various times during the day...but had no threatening weather, as in tornados, etc. Goosey (Woody) took Abigail to the orthodontist as she had a bracket come loose.  After the orthodontist appointment, Abigail and Goosey headed off to do our weekly errands.  They went to the library, Aldis, Kroger, and WalMart.

I got up and started to sew on a project that Elijah asked me yesterday to do for him.  He wanted an over the shoulder carrying bag for one of his electronic hand-held games.  He and I discussed what he wanted yesterday and then he helped me make a "sketch."  Last night I chose lettering to put his first two initials on it (EZ).  This morning I got busy trying to find the right fabric scraps and then attempt to make this item without a pattern.  I am a person who really likes to follow a pattern that someone else makes...but this worked out pretty well.  I worked on it this morning before Elijah's party and then again this afternoon.  I took it over to him a little before supper time.  And, it worked for what he wanted...something to help him keep track of it on their travels.  A few minutes ago, he brought me a shirt that needed some mending before it could be packed!  So I guess that this was an Elijah sewing day.

Woody's Find of the Day!

Woody has an uncanny ability to find four-leaf clovers just by standing above a patch and spotting the one and only four-leaf clover in that patch.  I don't remember him ever bringing in a "sprig" of clover that has two four-leaf clovers on it.  I think that it was a first for him.  He put them in a bowl of water so they would survive for me to see them.  I decided that they were photo worthy!

Woody walked early this morning.  Later in the morning he went to the library and visited church members who are in the local hospital.  He has read, done puzzles, and watched TV.

I got up with intentions to clean up sewing messes created by my pillow making spree and also from Elijah's carry case that I made yesterday.  Well, as so often happens I got a bit distracted while putting things away.  I ended up making plans for my next sewing project rather than getting everything put away.  I still want to get all the embroidery thread and regular sewing thread that seems to have exploded all over my sewing room.  I did "almost" get my sewing cutting table cleared off before I put possible fabrics for this new sewing project on it.  The sewing table is hardly ever cleared for very long!  As soon as I publish this I am going to go over my notes for tomorrow's Sunday School lesson.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

"Come Set A Spell!"

 I finally got all the pillows finished this morning and got the last rocker all wiped clean and snapped a picture.  The porch is all ready for doing some good old fashioned Southern Settin'!
 I sit on the glider rocker most of the time...puts me in the center of the action, I guess!  But it also lets me have a camera or two next to me either on the seat or on one of the tables next to me.  The two smaller "lumbar pillows" were made by appliquing designs from one of the other fabrics onto the base stripe fabric. I really like this stripe fabric. It reminds me of paint brush strokes. The larger pillow in the middle is a good way to use an old bed pillow...I just made a pillow sham to go over one of our old squished pillows...just right to go behind one's back and not be to thick!  The flowers that I appliqued onto the one pillow came from the fabric that I had left from the last time I made porch pillows.  That flowered fabric is on the back of most of the pillows.
 Above is the pillow that I did machine embroidery on.  When I got this machine embroidery design a year or two back I imagined it being used on a pillow on the porch...from imagining to reality! This design is a rendition of the Mola art form of the Kuna Indians of Panama.
 The above pillow has a strip of the "seaside print" and I bordered on the top and bottom with the stripe fabric.  This was the pillow that I finished this morning.
Here is the rocker that I bought the cushions for and it has the "porch sweet porch" pillow on it that my sister gave me last year for my birthday (I think).  Also take note of the thermometer on the table next to this chair.  I took this picture after lunch today...and it was 69.6...Cindy has brought us a lot of rain and kept the temperatures lower...pretty humid out there, though!

Woody went to a retirement party for one of his former co-workers today.  He enjoyed getting to see a lot of the folk from work once again.  They met at lunch time at University of Tennessee Space Institute which is fairly close to Arnold Air Force Base where all these folk work and/or worked.

Elijah came over after lunch to tell us that we are going to celebrate his birthday tomorrow.  They will be on mission in Poland on his actual birthday.  Before Poland they will be flying into Iceland and staying a couple of days before flying to Poland.  Talk about world tavelers!

I went out on the front porch with Elijah and we sat and talked for a while and watched the birds fly in to eat at the two feeders.  We couldn't believe how many different kinds of birds we saw in a very short time.  Woody came out to join us and tried out the rocker with the new bought cushions.  He says that that rocker sits pretty well.  I sat for quite a while and took bird pictures after I took pictures of the front porch for the blog tonight...I know that Cheryl, my sister, has been wanting to see pictures...so here they are for all to see who read this!  Now Cheryl just needs to figure out when she can come see us so she can "set a spell" on the front porch...one of her favorite places to be when she visits from Arizona.

I made simmer steak for supper tonight.  Shortly after Woody finished eating, he went next door to "set a spell" with the grandchildren while their parents went on a date.  He did take an early morning walk this morning...hoping to beat the rains of Cindy...but the rain had already started even though he was up and out quite early.  I'm not sure how much rain we have gotten due to Cindy...but quite a bit.  It had stopped for a while, but started up again a while ago.  I think that we are supposed to get more from her tomorrow.

If you are ever in our area...do come and "set a spell" with us on our porch!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

I Was Served!

And the way was served wasn't at a tea party...as you can tell by tonight's photo!  All I can say is that this is a first...I have never been subpoenaed before.  Looks like I will be driving over to Manchester next week.  They had an incident the day before yesterday at the building where I have to go...two sherrifs were shot and injured by an escaping prisoner who was there for a hearing.  I guess that the building will probably be safer next week than it was earlier this week!  I now know the name of our intruder. The sherrif who served me with the subpoena said when he handed me the paper and told me that I had been served...that he guessed that I knew the person named on the paper.  I told him that this was the first time that I had heard or seen his name, but that I assumed that he was the person who had broken into our house last week.  After the formality of serving me the paper, Woody, the sherrif, and I had a pleasant talk.  He just lives a couple of streets over from us and he was hoping that our neighborhoods weren't going to start having problems with crime.  We also talked about the incident at the Coffee County Justice Center where a prisoner shot at two sherrif deputies injuring both and escaping and ultimately turning the gun on himself and killing himself  and  we also talked about two escaped prisoners from Georgia who had escaped after killing two officers...those escapees ended up in a nearby town and held a couple hostage for several hours before stealing a car and going over to another community not far away and they ultimately gave themselves up to a civilian.  Too much crime! TOO CLOSE!!! Anyway, I guess I will have a "day in court."

Woody walked early this morning.  He included the local Farmer's Market on his walk and came home with terragon to add to our herb garden.  He filled a pot with dirt and I planted our latest herbal addition.  He also cut oregano this morning as it was starting to go to seed.  I will need to dry it...just haven't had time since he cut it. He worked in the yard some this morning.

I continue to plug along with the pillows for our front porch. I got another one made this morning and it is now outside on the rocker that I cleaned before placing it.  Just one more pillow and then I will be finished with the front porch sewing and cleaning project.  This afternoon Donna and I worked in the library for a couple of hours.  We finished reading the shelves...so for the moment books are in their correct places on the shelves. I came home and rested for a little while and then made Caprese Salads for our supper.

I guess it is time for me to go load the dishwasher.  Happy first day of SUMMER! It's been rather warm and quite humid here as a starter to this season.


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Last Day of Spring!

We have stayed pretty busy this last day of Spring 2017.  Woody was in and out a lot during the day...when he was out, he was mowing.  He did his good deed for the day = mowed the neighbor's (Nathan and Kathy's) front yard.  Later in the day he made Cole Slaw (I think...anyway I think I heard the food processor going and now there is a container in the fridge that he usually puts slaw in.)  And, I can't ask him as he has disappeared.  I guess he has walked to the prayer room at church.

The reason that I don't know exactly what is going on is that I have had my sewing machine going this afternoon.  And when I am machine embroidering it is hard to hear what is going on.  But considering that it is Tuesday, I'm pretty sure that he has gone to the prayer room and I just didn't hear him tell me that he was going...all lights are off downstairs so that usually indicates that he has gone farther than just out in the yard!  I decided that it was time to do a little cleaning...so this morning I vacuumed the downstairs and even got out the spot cleaning machine and did some spot cleaning.  In the afternoon I "played" with my iPad trying to figure out what to do with the photos stored on it.  I really try not to use the iPad for photos and/or photo storage...but none the less the photos end up stacking up.  Today I found out a way to let Google store them for me on an app that they offer so decided to try it.  All my iPad photos are now backed up and stored in the Google photo app...and I have decided to delete them from my iPad to free up space.  Even if there is a problem with this method of storing them I won't lose much...as anything I really wanted I have transferred over the laptop and then onto my passport hard drive.  I don't like taking pictures with the iPad and the main ones that I save are either screen shots or photos that others send me.  I think that this new method will work.  I had been thinking about deleting a lot of them and this way I will still have them...just not stored directly on the iPad.  Guess I'll see if it works!  Just before blogging I completed the embroidery design that I am going to use on one of the pillows for the front porch.  That was a major step as it took more than an hour of machine embroidery to get it finished.  Now I just have to decide exactly how big I want the pillow and then cut it to size and then cut a back the same size...stitch it up and then stuff it...and one more will be done with only one more to go after that.  I never had time today to sit on the front porch.  I did watch out the living room and saw that the birds (and the squirrels) were enjoying the food in the feeders.

I guess I'll go and see what I can do about organizing the pictures in this new app...supposed to be easy...we'll see!  Enjoy the last hours of Spring...Summer is hot on Spring's heels!  See if you can spot the bee in tonight's photo!

Oh, and my gout rescue med seems to have done its job.  I'm going to stop taking it since the pain is gone.