Thursday, April 25, 2019

Centrifugal Force and Herbs!

Today for Isaac's long time Joseph joined us.  We decided to start up the heirloom cherry tomato seed pods in my hydroponic kitchen garden.  Isaac loves tomatoes so it was an appropriate task for him to help with.  After we got the new water and plant food in the container, the boys put in the seed pod containers and then put on their little covers.  Isaac got the light going and the newest hydroponic garden was newly planted.  So far we have grown herbs and several heirloom lettuces.  After we did that, we headed out to see how the herbs and lettuce were doing where Woody had planted them.  Then we cut some thyme as we were out of dried thyme leaves and Woody needed some for his salad dressing.  We came in and put the thyme in our salad spinner and washed and dried them some...and that is where the lesson on centrifugal force came in.  All the plants started out in the middle of the spinner and ended up all around the sides after spinning it!  We dried them in the microwave and then the boys crumbled the leaves off the stems.  They used a funnel to out the dried leaves into my thyme herb bottle.  They had a lot of fun...learned a few things...and helped us out with a task that needed to be done.

Woody worked for a while in the yard mowing and working in the gardens, while we had school.  After lunch, I went to the church to work in the library.  Donna, Fran and I got a lot done...quite a few new books got put out on the new book shelf and in the library window.  It started raining while we were there and I commented that I guessed that put an end to tonight's ball games since last year at the least sprinkle the games were cancelled.  

But I was so wrong!  Joy and Esther both had games.  It started to rain in the middle of Esther's and Woody and I became fair weather fans.  We got home just a few minutes ago.  Joy's team lost, but  Joy did get a hit.  Esther's team was ahead when we left and Esther also got a hit.  Nathan said that he would fill us in on the rest of the game!  It stopped raining soon after we got to the car, but it has started again.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Chain Reactions

Once again it was a beautiful day and my reading time with all the children took place on the front porch with kitties in laps and birds singing in the trees.  I love this time of the year...not too hot and not too cold...but just right!  Elijah invited Esther to join him during his long time with me and he decided that they would do chain reactions.  They gathered up items from all over the house and made several different chain reactions.  They ended up doing them on the kitchen floor so there was more room and at a point both made their own.  I think that a good time was had by both.

While I ate a bowl of soup for lunch, I started to check out the appliances that I had "sort of" picked out yesterday...hoping that I would get a call back back from the appliance salesman...but never did.  After I checked out info about the different ones that I am considering and wrote down some more information in my notes, I decided to call the contractor's showroom and see if I could go in today and look at cabinet finishes and also at countertops.  And, I got an answer and also was told that I could come right then.  So I grabbed up my trusty kitchen renovation notebook and headed their way.  The contractor had chosen finishes that he thought might work and also had the quartz samples out for me to peruse.  And, peruse I did and then made my choices...hope that I made the right ones!!  Then I signed the contract and gave them the first payment!  Oh, my...I guess that this is really going to happen.  I am still holding up the show till I tell what appliances I have chosen.  I think that I will call the appliance place tomorrow and see if they have gotten the information that I need (current pricing).  I don't want delays to be on me!  I figure there will be enough delays without me causing them!!  But I think that "the show" may actually be getting closer to starting.

In the midst of me working through kitchen decisions, I got word that a longtime friend had been missing since yesterday afternoon.  She is a former member of our church and had taught both of our children in school.  She moved away to be closer to children and grandchildren within the past year or so and is now living in Nashville.  Yesterday she left her house to go to Walmart and hadn't been heard from or seen since.  There was a silver alert (an alert when a senior citizen is missing) and I actually saw on my iPad  when it was issued.  Talk about scary! Just before he left for church this evening, Nathan came over and said that she had been found about two hours from her home and that her granddaughter was heading to get her.  We are ever so thankful for this news ending on a good
note.  I was very happy when the drop-down news on my iPad showed that the silver alert had been cancelled!

Woody continues to work in the yard in one capacity or another.  This evening before supper, he took and planted the lettuce plants that you can see growing in the background of tonight's photo in the hydroponic planter that Melany and family gave me for Christmas.  He decided that he wanted to give them some outside growing time.  I guess I will plant the tomato seeds next in my hydroponic
garden.  He is very much enjoying the warmer weather and being able to be outside working once again.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

A Two-Game Tuesday

This evening we had two softball games.  Woody and were chauffeured to the ball field!  Abigail drove us and it wasn't to scary!  She's really doing quite well for such a new driver!  Esther's team won handily and Joy's team lost by a couple of runs.  Both were good games and both girls scored a run!

Woody worked in the yard.  He mowed and worked in the gardens.  He just dropped me off after the game and headed for the prayer room at church.

I am back in communication with our contractor.  I have been given the task of choosing the kitchen appliances.  I wanted to go by the contractor's showroom prior to looking at appliances, but I was too late this afternoon.  So I went on and looked at appliances and think that I have "sort of" decided what I want.  The appliance salesman is supposed to call me with more information that I need in the next day or so.  I will also try to get into the contractor's showroom to choose the stain for my cabinets and also look at countertop colors.  Maybe we are getting closer to a start day?  Time will tell!!!  

Monday, April 22, 2019

Monday Mumblings!

Joy completed her Africa colored pencil drawing of a giraffe.  And, appropriately enough she had put in African braids over the weekend!  It was so nice today that the "readers" and I read out on the front porch...such a pretty morning!

This evening Elijah, Isaac, and Joseph came over while their parents and their other siblings went other directions.  They got special screen time so we're happy about that.  Part of the time Elijah and Isaac played outside.  Nathan and Abigail took Joy and Esther to their ball practices...good time for Abigail to practice her driving!  Kathy and Woody went to Monday Furnace Room prayer meeting.  Graham went to his Civil Air Patrol meeting. Nathan and the girls are home and the young boys have gone home. Woody and Kathy have just gotten home.  

I made a variation on my favorite potato soup.  I added chorizo sausage to it...trying to use up things in our freezer.  It really turned out quite good.  I had the idea of adding it, but checked online to see if there were any recipes for such a soup!  And, there were some.  The only change I made other than adding the sausage was to substitute cumin for tarragon. It turned out quite good.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Resurrection Sunday Blessings!

At the time of the crucifixion, the dogwood had reached the size of the mighty oak tree. So strong and firm was the wood that it was chosen as the timber for Jesus' cross.
     To be used for such a cruel purpose greatly distressed the dogwood. While nailed upon it, Jesus sensed this, and in his compassion said. "Because of your pity for my suffering, never again shall the dogwood tree grow large enough to be used for a cross. Henceforth, it shall be slender, bent, and twisted, and its blossoms shall be in the form of a cross–two long and two short petals.
     "In the center of the outer edge of each petal will be the print of nails. In the center of the flower, stained with blood, will be a crown of thorns so that all who see it will remember." 

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Celebrating Both Late and Early!

I couldn't decide if we were celebrating Melany's birthday late or Easter and Mother's Day early...I guess you can say we did all three!  Melany and Erin came for a short visit today.  Melany brought my Mother's Day definitely Mother's Day early.  And, we can say our lunch was for both Melany's birthday and for Easter!  Lots covered in one day.  I will confess to not getting out my camera so didn't capture our visit that way.  But we did have a good time visiting and eating and then visiting some more.  Erin got to love on Esther's cats, as did Melany.

Woody went to the library prior to Melany and Erin getting here.  It rained off and on all day.  I "think" that the rain has finally moved on...but left us quite damp and chilly.  It has gotten cool enough that the heat is back to running.  It is supposed to start warming back up again tomorrow.

Wishing everyone a blessed Resurrection Sunday tomorrow!

Friday, April 19, 2019

An Up and Down Friday

I have done a lot of climbing today...both up and down our stairs and up and down the stepladder.  The result of that climbing is more things packed away and out of kitchen cabinets.  I packed and labeled quite a few more boxes today.  Put some of these boxes along with some cookbooks along a wall in the living room...soon every room will have boxes in them!

Woody did our weekly grocery shopping today and then ran errands with his friend who has no transportation.  He gets quite a shopping workout by the time he gets both sets of errands run!  Today hasn't been a day that any work can be done outside.  It has rained or drizzled most of the day and hasn't stopped yet.  It has gotten quite chilly again.  Wonder which Middle Tennessee winter this is!  I'm hoping that these "winters" are about to be behind us!

Melany called a little while ago and I think that she and Erin are coming to visit us tomorrow.  Before I came up to blog, I got the kitchen straightened up from whatever we have done in there today and got things ready to do a little cooking in the morning.  We can call tomorrow's lunch a late birthday lunch for Melany or an early Easter lunch!