Saturday, September 21, 2019

Saturday=Pie Day

This is the first pie that I have made in our new kitchen!  This is one that Woody can eat.  It is French Cranberry-Apple Pie.  Pretty good!  And, the crust turned out really good once again.  I have been having trouble making the good crust that I had always been able to make.  Today's was like my crusts of old!  Maybe I just needed a new kitchen?!?

Woody made his weekly trip to the public library.  I made the pie this morning and then in the afternoon got busy on finalizing tomorrow's Sunday School lesson.  The lesson still isn't totally finalized.  I'll get back to working on it after I publish tonight's blog! Woody has been watching college football, reading, and doing his crossword puzzles.  I think that I even heard him blow a few leaves. I know for sure that he made the trek out to the compost pile to empty the compost bucket, a job that I have been doing of late.  By the description, I guess you can tell that it has been a pretty tame day in our most are these days!

Friday, September 20, 2019


Nathan was successful last night installing the damaged shade in the laundry room.  So he came back over this afternoon and put up the kitchen honeycomb shades.  He got them up in time to shut out western sun that glares into the window over the sink every afternoon that the sun is shining, and, lately, what with no rain, that is daily.  So we felt the insulating effects of the shades as soon as he had them up and we pulled them down.  We will keep them down till in the morning.  So at least in the kitchen and laundry room we are tucked in for the night!  We're both very happy with them.  Nathan made it look like it was easy to install them!

There is now one item left that is to be hung on the wall that is straight ahead in the picture.  That is the spot that we have always had a kitchen clock and we are missing having one hang there.  I keep looking to see what time it is.  That habit hasn't been broken even after months of the clock not being there!  I have one picked out to order and had some trouble with getting it I went over
and Graham got me all straightened out.  It's a special order (will have one of my photos on it) so it will be a week or more till it gets here, but at least it is ordered and my order has been confirmed!  Grandson and son were big helps today!

Woody did our weekly grocery shopping this morning.  I brought the groceries in from the car and got them put away.  Woody rested in his recliner for a little while and then headed out to run errands with his friend.

Woody has upcoming appointments at Vanderbilt.  He got one reminder/confirmation call about the first one.  That is next week to see his infectious disease doctor.  If all continues to go as planned, he should be taken off one of his antibiotics and only be left on one...probably for the rest of his life.  When he had to reschedule the infectious disease appointment, he attempted to get it on the same day as his appointment with his orthopedic surgeon...but no such luck!  So he will make a trip towards the end of the week next week and then have to go back at the first of the week the next week.  He has certainly been on the road a lot for doctor appointments lately...and most haven't been for him.  I guess it is his turn now.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Fall Ball Game Night

We have just returned from Elijah's ball game.  Tonight his team played the early game.  Elijah played 2nd base.  He also made the only real hit of the night and ended up scoring.  The other person who made a "hit" got on base because of a fielding error.    Their team lost, but it was again a learning experience for all.

I had school this morning.  We all moved along in what we are doing.  Isaac came over for his long time and he invited Joseph to join him.  They ended up playing one of the Osmo games...a math game and Isaac was really doing a good job with figuring out the math facts and having fun at the same time...a fun learning game on the iPad.  Joseph also did a little with Osmo during his time.

While Esther was reading with me, Woody headed off to pick up Abigail at Montessori school. Her mother was otherwise occupied and Nathan was at the BCM.  I think that Kathy is counting the days till Abigail turns 16 and can get her driver's license.  I'll bet Abigail is also counting the days!!

We stayed in pretty much this afternoon until it was time to go to the ball game.  I sort of had a lazy afternoon.  I did a little cooking for lunch and the rest of the eating was salads or leftovers.  I got the kitchen cleaned up and then rested for a while.  I believe my eyes closed for a little while. Nathan came over and checked out the blinds to see if he could figure out how to mount them.  He thinks he knows.  He will get a trial run because the damaged one fits our laundry room window so he is going to put that up first so he can make mistakes there instead of in the kitchen!  If we like these blinds we are planning to get them for the sunroom so having the one in the laundry room will already have one  installed at the back of the house.  I peeked and the new shade doesn't have tape wrapped around perhaps it was just a fluke or someone not doing their job properly on our first set!

Nathan has come back over.  I'd better go down and supervise! Ha!

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Tea for Two and Lights!


A week or so ago, Donna and I decided to forego our usual library work day and meet at my house so  I could show off the new kitchen and we  could visit and munch cookies and sip tea.  We had such a refreshing morning!  Before she left, our contractor showed up and fixed the lights.  So Donna was able to see the full effects of all the lights turned on before she left!  And, I am happy to once again have under counter lights that aren't falling down.  What happened is that his workers put them up without dusting off all the dust that was under there and they just wouldn't stay stuck.  One less thing to wait for in the final phase of the kitchen redo!  Still have the shades to wait on.  And, I may have to wait a bit on those as...wait for this...Nathan has to go to prison on Saturday so he won't be home to be able to do them that day!  Now, an explanation is due!  Nathan drives to Kentucky periodically to work in the prison ministry at one prison or another in the state.  He usually goes on a family visiting day and juggles, etc. for the prisoners and their children and spouses.  And, so far, at least, they have always let him out of prison at the end of the day!

Woody spent the morning upstairs challenging the computer to Scrabble games, while Donna and I visited.  This afternoon, Graham came over with something for both of us to do.  He needs me to sew on a couple of buttons on his CAP dress uniform coat and also on some patches on his camoflauge jacket.  Patches are about my least favorite thing to sew...especially to military precision!  I told Graham only for him would I see on patches because I loved him so much!  I did get a smile out of him.  Graham's job for Woody was to proof read his first college English essay.  I warned Graham that Woody was pretty free with the red pen and not to let it bother him!  There really weren't as many red marks as I expected!  Graham has until 11:59 pm tomorrow to get his paper submitted via
computer.  At least it was completed to the point of being able to proof if internet stays up and electricity on so he can submit it before the deadline!

Off to clean up the mess that I made cooking supper.  Tonight I made one of Woody's favorites: Philly streak sandwich with cooked peppers and onions.  Tonight I made more red pepper sauce so he would have a condiment to put on his sandwich.  So lots of messes await me.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Still Waiting?

This morning we got a phone call saying that our contractor was going to come by at 8:00 to see about a problem we are having with our undercounter lighting.  So far haven't seen him...maybe he'll show up at 8pm...highly doubt it!

The two youngest and I rearranged our school meeting place.  We brought the work downstairs so we would be downstairs to let him in!  Elijah had his long time today.  We did science experiments with Pop Rock and Nerds candy.

Woody once again left fairly early as his friend had two more Doctor appointments in Murfreesboro.  And, once again he didn't get home till after lunch.  After supper, Woody picked up some of our prescriptions at the pharmacy and then went to the prayer room at church.  He is home and settling in for the evening.

I finally decided after lunch that the only way to get the worker here was mess up the kitchen!  I needed to make a casserole for our supper and it had quite a few steps involved in making it. I also roasted another chicken that Woody had bought.  Roasting in the convection oven went better the second time around.  I think that I got the oven temperature probe placed properly this time. I'm heading back downstairs to finish cleaning up the kitchen.

One item that we are no longer waiting for is the one shade for the kitchen window.  We had one damaged that had to be replaced.  The replacement arrived today.  So maybe soon we will have shades to pull down when the sun is shining in in the late afternoons...or to pull down in the evenings.  We are depending on Nathan to put the shades up.  And, he isn't around as much as he used to be now that he is the Motlow Baptist Collegiate Ministry director!  We will wait patiently...since we have gotten pretty used to waiting for one thing or another for the kitchen!

Monday, September 16, 2019

Fall Arrived at Our House


 By yesterday evening, I had the Fall decorations put out around the house.  I enjoy the little touches here and there of Fall colors.

 Woody left fairly early this morning to take his friend to several doctor appointments in Murfreesboro and he didn't get back till mid afternoon.  He has to take him for more appointments again tomorrow.  I hope that tomorrow's don't take as long.  Tomorrow he only has two appointments so hopefully they will take less time than three!  By the time Woody gets these appointments taken care of for his friend, it will be time for him to head off to some of his own appointments come next week and the next.  Unending doctor appointments...or so it seems at this time.

I had school today.  Esther did a chalk pastel picture during her long time.  I sent a picture of it to my good friend who I have known since nursery at church...we went to the same school 1st through 8th and then the same high school and then even went off to college together.  I enjoy staying in touch with her via Facebook.  We also saw each other at our 50th Cottey College reunion.  She has given us some good suggestions about drawing with chalk pastels that I will share with Esther.  

Woody went to the Monday Night Furnace Room Prayer meeting and will head to the ball park after he finishes at church.  I chose to stay at home.  I was in the midst of a tearing apart job...tearing apart our old clothes hamper.  It was not easy to knock down so I could put it in the garbage.  I guess for it to have lasted for 50 years, it should have been built fairly sturdy!  I'll bet our new one isn't so sturdily made!  I got that job done and it is in the trash.  I am in the midst of getting my sewing things set back up.  I'm starting to get in the mood to sew something.  Now we will see how long till I feel like I have things the way I want them in order to get back into the swing of sewing once again.  

Saturday, September 14, 2019

A Twisted Saturday

Saturday's baking accomplishment: Olive Oil Soft Pretzels.  These are for Woody...a way for him to have some pretzels sans salt.  I tasted a small pinch of one and it tasted pretty good.  Maybe the next time I will infuse the oil with garlic and rosemary to give them a bit more flavor.  Woody didn't complain so guess they passed his inspection and were something different for him to snack on that fall within the parameters of his strict diet.

It seems like I was in the kitchen most of the day!  I did manage to get out one of the tubs that have Fall decorations in them...haven't gotten out the other one nor have I opened the first one...except to check to make sure that Fall decorations were in it.

Woody went to the public library this morning and also ran a couple of errands.  The rest of the day he has watched a DVD, some football, read, done crossword puzzles, and played Scrabble with the computer.