Sunday, March 26, 2017

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Once Red

This morning I worked for a while on the pictures that I took last week on my friend and my "barn excursion." Tonight's photo stood out to me because you can tell that it was once a red barn and is now pretty much weathered gray. Woody started out the day working out in either our yard or Nathan and Kathy's. He ran his usual Saturday morning errands--library, Aldis, and WalMart. Isaac came over while I was working on pictures and stayed till lunch time. After lunch, I got busy putting the final touches on tomorrow's Sunday School lesson. I am teaching my ladies' Sunday School class in the morning. Woody went for a four-mile walk this afternoon. He got back just in the nick of time as the bottom fell out not long after he got home. It rained hard for a little while. Now it is just a gentle rain that I am hearing on the roof. Woody is settled in for the evening with March Madness and a book or two. I am ready to settle in too once I get everything packed up for tomorrow's lesson. Tomorrow's lesson should bring back memories of several ways...and perhaps they will learn a new biblical fact or two that wasn't brought out to them all those years ago.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Pulled Pork & Yard Work

Tonight's title pretty much describes Woody's and my day...I made our recipe for pulled pork that just about took up my whole day and Woody worked a lot out in the yard. He helped Nathan and Kathy get some grass seed down before the rain that is supposed to come tomorrow. Isaac spent a good part of the morning and afternoon with me. He assisted me in getting all the ingredients in the pot for the pulled pork and then he played. He did wonder how many times I was going to have go and stir the pulled pork...a lot since I was constantly skimming fat, etc. for quite a few hours. We had pulled pork sandwiches this evening...once again very good. But I always wonder while I am preparing it if it is really worth all the effort! Woody walked four miles this morning before he got busy with working outside. We are now settled in for the evening. Woody said today that he was enjoying having a "new" computer...and, it really is acting very nicely once again. The tech told us not to expect too much in the way of it being very fast...but compared to the way it had been it is very least to us, who know no better!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

It's Baaaaaaack!

We got a call this afternoon that our laptop was as ready as it was going to be. And, it is very much improved! The main problem is getting settings back to the way they were! Sort of like having to set up a new's not. I have spent quite a bit of time hunting for things and resetting passwords, etc. So a bit of a pain...but it is working and so far we have been able to get places we needed to go with just a bit of effort. Luckily I have settings recorded so have, so far, been able to find the settings, etc. that we needed. I am sure that we will eventually get things set up correctly. The tech told us that it had gained some speed but not to expect too much. Compared to what was happening just prior to taking it in it is very speedy...and we don't know any better about speed...this is the computer we use and have used it for years. I had school this morning. Esther had her long time. She cross stitched for a while and then did tangrams using the Osmo app on my iPad. This app has manipulatives to use with it along with what is seen on the iPad screen. I ended up doing them with her...there was one that puzzled both of us...but with one hint Esther was able to solve it. Woody has been working in the yard off and on today. He walked four-miles this afternoon. While he was on his walk, the tech called to say that the laptop was fixed. Woody headed off to get it soon after he got back from his walk. After getting it home, we have both been trying to get it back to the way we like it. Woody can now print off crossword puzzles each day. I think he probably missed that aspect the most of not having this computer. After I worked on getting settings back, I worked some with my sewing software and then worked some more on my photographs. Tonight's photo is part of the group that I took last week...there are still lots of those to share!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Anniversary Casserole

Twelve days ago it was birthday soup for my birthday. Today it is anniversary casserole for our 48th anniversary! I asked Woody wanted for our anniversary dinner and he asked or Company Tuna Bake, an old tried and true recipe. I laughed, though, when I was looking on the page that this recipe was on, I spotted right under it what I served for our first anniversary dinner: Cornish Game Hens and Rice Stuffing. A bit fancier meal than 47 years later! Woody headed off on his four-mile walk before he went grocery shopping today. While I was having school he headed off to the store. I had a usual Wednesday school day. Abigail finished up another zippered bag and we attempted to start on putting together the photos that I took step-by-step during the process of making a zippered bag. Now we plan to put them into a document so it will be able to follow...what stitch to use, what machine foot to use, etc. I pretty much did nothing for a while after lunch...taking advantage of another day off from the church library due to Spring Break. After I rested for a while I made our supper. We have eaten and now I am upstairs resting in my chair. We did hear from the tech who is working on the computer. He had a question for at least we know that it is being worked on. Maybe I'll be back to posting pictures by tomorrow or the next day. Plus it will be very nice to be back on that computer for the blog. Typing on the iPad to do the blog isn't the easiest thing. Will be glad for a regular keyboard and larger screen...and ready to post pictures again...and look at the pictures that I took last week. I never got to look through all of them due to the computer being so slow. Looking forward to a faster, more cooperative computer. Woody thought about doing something today and realized that he couldn't do it because the computer was gone. I thought about a sewing project that I'm planning...can't do it without that definitely ready for it to come home!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Stormy, Stormy!

At the moment a pretty severe storm is going through...rain, lightening, thunder. Woody is waiting for the storm to pass before he walks to the prayer room at church this evening (his walk for Tuesday). I had another day of school following our regular schedule. This week we are back to doing the children's long Grammy times. Joy had her time yesterday. She made great headway on her jeans skirt. She should be able to finish it next week. Isaac had his long time with me today. Joseph came over for a while and then Isaac had time by himself with me. After lunch Abigail and Joy came over to have their reading times. Isaac helped me clean put a kitchen cabinet. It was the one over the stove. I handed him things and he put them on the counter. I am really glad to get that cabinet organized has certain Herb's and spices, olive oil, vinegars, pancake syrup and sundry other things. That's about the only cleaning I did today other than putting some dishes in the dishwasher. We had leftovers for no cooking other than warming up what struck our fancy. Woody worked out in the yard again this morning. It was quite warm...felt like a day that could produce some bad storms...there is just a feeling in the air both temperature and humidity-wise that just says potential storms. They had been predicted so these weren't a surprise. Welcome, first full day of Spring!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Spring Has Sprung

Happy first day of Spring! No photos till lap top gets back from its visit to the tech doctor. Woody dropped it off to see if there is any hope of it getting some speed back. And, hoping that it will be more cooperative when it gets back. After he dropped it off he headed to the Life Care Center to have Bible study with Jeff. I had school this morning...back to a normal school week. After lunch Woody, Elijah, and I headed off to Dairy Queen for free ice cream cones...DQ was giving them away for the first day of Spring. After we finished our cones, Elijah and I had his long time. Isaac helped me get supper tonight. Woody has just gotten home from Monday night prayer meeting. Sorry if there are any typos...very hard to correct in the format that I get for the blog when on my iPad. Blogs will probably be pretty short and sweet till laptop gets back. Tonight's picture would have been of a tulip--Nathan, Kathy and family gave me a tulip for my birthday and it bloomed today...pretty appropriate for the first day ofnSpring! A pretty yellow tulip--you will just have to imagine it!