Monday, March 19, 2018

Storm's Arriving

We are in for some storms tonight and the rain has just started so I decided to post tonight without a picture.  There are tornadoes south of us in Alabama...we are hoping that we are north of the main line.  There is hail accompanying these storms...some as large as baseballs which have been referred to as "siding shredding" hail.  We have experienced out siding having huge holes made in it by hail several years praying for no tornado or large hail!  We just got back from a quick trip to the Dairy Queen to get my free birthday Blizzard...a Blizzard for tornado-like weather! Woody has had quite a day of visiting.  First he went to the Life Care Center and had Bible study with Jeff and then visited with several of the residents.  One of the residents suggested that he go visit with another member of our church who needed a visit more than he did at Life Care!  So Woody did go visit with him.

I have spent most of the day finishing up my memory scrapbooks for my Cottey College reunion.  They are finished with two weeks and a couple of days to spare.  I still have to pull together pictures and some other things from another reunion that I attended (my 15th) and also some pictures of when Woody and I stopped at Cottey on a trip through Missouri.  But all my memorabilia is pulled together and is so close to being complete that I feel like I can take a big sigh of relief.

We have one of Esther's kitties in the house.  She was on our front porch meowing when we got home from the DQ and the storm was just breaking.  I think that she was afraid of the lightening and thunder.  Woody said to let he]r= \sh](she just typed that!)... her come in...she isn't used to being inside and just keeps meowing and looking around.  She is in my lap watching me type...probably dangerous for my hands!  I hope that her sister is in a dry place.  It is still pouring so we will let her stay in till it lets up.  So far no hail! She has finally settled down and is lying down in the floor in here with me.  Georgia is who came in...she is quite a purrer...but is also less affectionate than her sister, Peaches. Maybe she will be more affectionate towards us since we let her come in?!?  The rain is letting up.  She will probably be going out shortly to find her sister! She will have an experience to share with her sister!  Hope that Peaches isn't jealous!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

And, the Rest of the Day to You!

Woody headed out pretty early this morning.  I think that he woke up and decided to walk before the rain got here...well...he came back a bit wet.  He said that he walked six miles ...four of which were in the rain!  Guess he got his walk in rain or shine!  I got up and got busy in the kitchen. The rain didn't last very long (was pretty much over by the time Woody got home from his walk) so he was able to work out in the gardens again today. I made our traditional Corned Beef and Cabbage for St. Patrick's Day.  I also made a cake.  I don't often make desserts these days but for some reason I felt like making one today.  Woody made his usual Saturday trip to the public library and also stopped at the store and got a couple of things that we needed after his weekly grocery shopping trip yesterday. He has watched March Madness and worked crossword puzzles, read, and challenged the computer to Scrabble.  After my cooking spree, I was ready for a quiet afternoon.  I put the finishing touches on the Sunday School lesson that I'll be teaching to my ladies' class tomorrow.  And, now we are ready to settle in for another quiet evening.  The Easter bunny made a special delivery to our house today. (My sister Cheryl is the Easter Bunny's special helper and saw that this got delivered safely to our house!) I got three cute bunnies under a glass egg cloche.  It added nicely to my bunny and egg collection.  I decided this year to display some of my spring collection on my dresser...a bit hard to photograph with the mirror behind end up seeing everything twice plus other things that are in the room!  I had to stay to the side or you would have seen me too!  Tonight's blog title is the answer you give when someone says, "Top of the morning to you" so felt that it was appropriate to end the day with that expression on this St. Patrick's Day 2018.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Mid March

Does it seem possible that the middle of March has already gotten here?  Time marches on!  Today has been a fairly quiet day for me.  I am in the planning stages of another sewing project.  I realized that I needed something to help me with this project so made a quick trip to the quilt shop to purchase a notion.  I have done the first cut in the fabric with the rotary cutter (to straighten the fabric), but the rest is still in the planning stages...this is garment rather than quilting related even though I went to the quilt store. Woody's first task of the day was to do our grocery shopping.  He went to three stores and came home with quite a bit of food for me to put away.  He has also spent quite a bit of time outside today.  He is working in the gardens (cleaning out the leaves) and he also walked four miles this afternoon. He also took on a cooking task...cole slaw.  I have avoided the kitchen today except for warming up leftovers.  Woody is occupied with watching March Madness this evening.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Thursday Happenings

Woody just walked in from baseball practice.  Today he has worked out in the yard rather than taking a walk.  I have stayed in (per usual!) and have spent most of the day sewing.  I am tackling a pile of "need to-do's."  I needed to shorten one of my skirts so spent a good portion of the day doing that.  For some time I have wanted to make a skirt with a scalloped hem for myself.  I decided that I would make a scalloped hem on the skirt that I needed to shorten.  The best thing was that the pattern for the scallop that I had in a skirt pattern fit the the hem of this skirt.  It is all hemmed and hanging in the closet.  The other day I fixed a neck on one of my tops.  So both the skirt and the top are back hanging in my closet now and the pile of "need to-do's" is growing shorter.

It has been another very pretty spring-like day...a little cool but quite pleasant with the sun beating down. Nice seeing the sun shining through the windows.  Felt good inside and outside.  It was quite pleasant on the front porch today...I stood out there long enough to talk to one of my friends who stopped by when she was walking her dog.  Woody said that it felt better at ball practice tonight than it did two nights ago.  He said that ball practice went well.  It's been a while since he coached minor league Little League...back when Nathan was playing. Now Nathan is coaching and Woody is one of his assistant coaches.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Took a Double-Take

I just walked outside a little before 7pm and couldn't believe how light it still was..made me take a double-take! It made me look at my watch.  I thought that I knew what time it was, but felt that it couldn't be that late with how light it was! Still getting used to the time change!

The flowers that Rachel gave me for my birthday are even prettier as they open up.  I used my new lens to capture several close-up photos of some of them.

I had a fairly normal school day.  Esther didn't read with me because they were doing something as a family at her time.  Joy came over and had her long time.  She wanted to make a rag doll since her part of the quilt is done. I had hunted around on the internet and found a pattern for a very basic rag doll.  She got her cut out today and stitched around her and has gotten her turned.  This afternoon Elijah came over to have his long time as he won't be here on his day.  We got water to travel down a string and go into another example of cohesion and adhesion.  We didn't get another experiment to work because all my red food coloring was gone...we will try that one again.  It was supposed to show water currents.  Maybe next time!

Woody is currently at the prayer room at church.  He had Nathan and Elijah drop him off after ball practice.  Nathan is coaching Elijah's team this spring and asked Woody to help him off to the ball field they went a little after five.  Woody also had a doctor appointment this afternoon with a nephrologist.  This doctor is trying to find out why Woody's creatinine levels remains high...of course with all that he has had done to him over the years with his melanoma treatments there is plenty of reasons for his kidneys to be affected.

Last night I managed to get the binding sewn around two sides of Joy's quilt.  Today I have made a quilt label for the back of her quilt and plan to work some more on sewing the binding down this evening.  I need to go attack the kitchen first and then if I have enough energy I will work some more on it. Hope that I don't fall asleep over it...I'm feeling rather tired this evening!  I still say that the time change has my internal clock all messed up.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Rooftops: Bluebirds & a Bit of Frosting

This morning we woke up to a bit of frosting on the tree limbs and rooftops.  Winter isn't giving up yet...but the bluebirds are interested in moving into birdhouses.

I had a usual Monday for school.  Joseph, then Isaac for preschool and kindergarten activities and then Elijah first, then Esther, then Joy to read, and finally Abigail to have her long time.  She continued to work on a zipper bag that she plans to give as a gift.

While I was having school, Woody headed off for the Life Care Center.  He had Bible study with Jeff and then visited with various residents.  He has quite a list of folk he visits since he handed out Valentines and several indicated that they would be interested in him visiting with them.  He had given one of the ladies one of his "Prayers from God" books.  She has vision problems so she gave it to a friend who could read it.  Now those two ladies and eight or so others get together daily to read one of the prayers from his book for a devotional time.

This afternoon I have worked on getting the binding attached on Joy's quilt.  I managed to get the binding sewn on with the machine...and, now I have to sew the binding down by hand...getting very close to finished...but sewing that binding down by hand is not a fast process!  I am hoping to get a good start on it this evening.

Woody has just returned from the Furnace Room prayer meeting.  I don't know about Woody, but I know that my internal clock is very confused by the time change.  I keep being surprised by how late it is and then realize that it is "really" an hour earlier...or at least for the last few months it has been an hour earlier.  Woody said that it never warmed up enough today to go on his daily walk.  Woody has settled in for the evening downstairs in front of the TV with books surrounding him...I'm sure that he will do a bit of reading and a bit of reading this evening before he goes to sleep.  I am going to go down and straighten up the kitchen and then settle into my recliner upstairs and work on getting the quilt binding sewed down.  And, that describes the quiet evening activities in this Dorrell household!