Thursday, April 27, 2017

What a Difference a Month Makes!

Last month, when Marie and I went on our barn photography excursion, there was hardly a leaf on a tree or seen in tonight's photo. Now all the trees are just about completely leafed out. What a difference a month makes! If we were to drive past this barn now, it would hardly be visible from the road as I'm sure that the trees and vines on the fence would be all leafed out. The reason that we like to go out looking for barns in early Spring and late Fall is that leaves, vines, etc. aren't hiding the barns so they are more visible from the road. Woody went on a four-mile walk this morning. Esther came over and cross stitched for her long time. She was my only student this morning as she and her family camped out last night and didn't get home till late morning. They were helping a family with a newly acquired RV learn the ropes of RV Camping. Hope that the other family learned quickly as they headed off on a road trip to New Mexico when they left the camp ground this morning. Nathan and Kathy and family are getting things gathered and ready for a BIG yard sale that is to take place tomorrow and Saturday at their house. So if you are in need of a treasure and live in the area you might want to stop by! Remember one man's trash is another man's treasure! And, this yard has lots from lots of families. This is a fund raiser for Nathan and Kathy and family's mission trip to Poland that they will take later in the year. The girls' softball game, that should be going on right now, was cancelled once again due to the field not being dry enough. This Spring is causing a lot of postponed/make-up games! We had a storm pass through in the night which probably didn't help the field dry out enough despite sunshine for a good part of the day. I have sewn a good portion of the day. My top is almost finished...just a few finishing touches left to do. Woody has worked some in the yard. He also made up a recipe of "his" veggie burger patties made from quinua and veggies and black beans,etc. We had leftovers for supper so I didn't have to cook today. I guess I will head back to do the last stitches on my top and then just sit in my chair and rest and perhaps read for a while this evening. Woody is downstairs with the TV, books, puzzles, etc. to occupy his evening.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Another Wednesday

I had a normal Wednesday for school. Abigail had her long time. She continued to work on her sewing notebook. After we printed out some more pictures that she needed, she typed up title pages for each of her projects. Usually they tell me what they want on the page and I set up the pages and type the information. This time I turned the typing over to Abigail since she is taking typing this semester. She was very happy to be able to do it herself...I was happy too! She started putting the pictures on the pages. She still has a couple project pages to finish and then the sewing notebook will be caught up. Woody went to do out mid-week shopping mid-morning. He got back as Abigail headed back home from her long time. I helped put away groceries, ate a quick bite and then headed to the church library. We got quite a bit got underway on the next set of new books. And we went through some boxes that we had some things stored in...good job started. Woody has worked in the yard today. This morning Woody did some weeding and mulching. This afternoon while I was working at the library, he mowed the front yard. Mowing was his exercise of choice today. I fixed supper shortly after I got home. No sewing so far for me today. I did get some more done last evening. Thinking that I "might" do a little this evening. We have eaten and are now settling in for the evening...TV, books, puzzles, sewing, etc.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Last April Tuesday

Where is the year going? I can't believe that April is almost over. When I realized what the date was today...I then realized that Christmas Day is just eight months away. I'm sure those months will fly by, too! Isaac came over to spend the morning while the rest of the family headed to the church...his mommy to a Bible study and his daddy and siblings to practice juggling. He rode over on his horse and then the horse "decided" to sit and listen to him read! Isaac did several math activities with Magformers and then just built various structures with the Magformers for a while. At a point he remembered that he needed to do his "pay job." He got the Dirt Devil and vacuumed our stairs and the carpet right in front of the front door (base of the stairs). He got everything put away and then got his pay. This time we didn't stay just so busy that he forgot about having a snack. He snacked and then came back upstairs and played some more in the school room. I got up and put in some sewing time before school started. Then after lunch I sewed some more. My top is coming along. I am to another part that needs to be hand basted so will do that as soon as I blog. Woody took the car to be worked on and then walked home...a pretty good hike...longer than his usual 4-miles! Elijah had a make-up game this evening. They started out the game at 0-6. Other team had the six...and, the other team won, but not without Elijah's team getting back in the game and making a bunch of good hits and scoring several runs. In the fifth inning Elijah's team couldn't make up their deficit (can only get five runs in an inning) so the game was called, but the coaches decided that they would play on and let the boys have the fun and experience. On the way home, Woody stopped at the church and got out to go to the prayer room. I took over at the wheel and drove the car home. Woody just walked back in the door from walking home from the prayer room. He has definitely gotten his exercise in today! He also continued weeding and on a different garden...the joint garden in the front yard that Nathan and family share with us as it is on both sides of the property line. Our doorbell rang a few minutes ago and it was Joy and Esther delivering the donuts that we had ordered...a fund raiser for the girls' softball league. I warmed up my helping of left over casserole and ate that and then went down and made myself a cup of tea and warmed up one of the donuts! Yum! I usually refrain from glazed donuts because they happen to be one of the things that can cause recurrence of my old gall bladder gall bladder since I was 24...but can still get the pain (no fair/fun)...which I do try to avoid...but couldn't resist "just one donut!" I hope that I won't be sorry! Did taste good, though!

Monday, April 24, 2017


Boy is it wet underfoot...but I think that the rains have passed at least for this round! We got a LOT of rain over the weekend. Woody went for his four-mile walk this rain delay today! Later in the morning he headed to Life Care Center to have Bible study with Jeff and visit with another friend. I had a different Monday morning as the children weren't here to have school. They and their parents had a program in Illinois last night. They got home early this afternoon. They have been enjoying their new driveway...skating, unicycling, skateboarding, etc. I have gotten underway with my latest sewing project. It is all cut out and the first stitches have been taken on it...machines are up and running! Mid-afternoon I put together a casserole for our supper tonight. We have eaten. Woody is at Monday night prayer meeting. I am planning to do a little more sewing. My online sewing purchases arrived in the mail today. I have already washed two of the fabrics so they are now in line waiting for my attention once I finish with what I am making. One of those pieces of fabric will become a skirt to go with the top that I am making. Lots to keep my sewing machine and serger humming!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Rainy Earth Day 2017

It has has has rained again and stormed again and again! Woody can vouch for the storm that awakened me this morning. He had already headed off on his walk after checking the radar on the TV. So much for that forecast! He ended up with a two-hour rain delay...sitting under cover at West Middle School! He was able to complete his four-mile walk and made it back home...eventually! He did his usual Saturday morning and Kroger. While he was gone I cut out my top from muslin and sewed it together as I wanted to be sure of the fit. That is about as far as I have gotten on the top as I really can't sew while there are storms rolling through. I did start laying the pattern pieces out on the fashion fabric...I did cut out the part that is done from a contrasting color. Now just have to get going on getting the rest of the pieces cut out. I have read and napped on this rainy afternoon. As I type this, it is raining again. We get a little break and then it starts up again. I guess God is seeing that, at least, this part of Earth is getting a good drink for Earth Day!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Four Trucks Full

Instead of Baa baa Black Sheep...three bags was Driveway, Driveway...four trucks full of cement to do Nathan and Kathy's new driveway. We all spent a good part of the day watching the process. Woody continued on with his mulching and made his goal...finishing the long garden on the side of the driveway. I attempted to take a panoramic picture but could never get the full length of the garden in...but I think that this photo gives an idea of the area that it covers and the work that went into getting it mulched. It really looks nice. So he has two gardens completely mulched...progress! Elijah had a ball game this evening, but about thirty minutes into the game it started to thunder and lightening and then started raining. The rule is that the teams wait thirty minutes to see if it clears up. We all headed to our vehicles to wait out the passing storm. About fifteen minutes into our wait, it started a gully washer. And it was pretty apparent that we weren't going to get the game in. Before the thirty minutes were up, Kathy got the call that the game was a rain a make-up game in Elijah's future. Elijah made the only base hit for his team. And, the other team was hitting the ball all over the place. The score that we will start with when we play this make-up game is 6-0...we are the 0. We came home and I finished our we are eating later than usual this evening. I made a new recipe: Asian Orange Chicken...pretty good! I never got around to sewing today...maybe tomorrow!?! We are both ready to settle into our chairs for another quiet evening.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Thursday Thoughts

We have had a pretty usual Thursday. I had school with most of the children. Joseph was playing outside when it was time for him to come over and he decided to stay outside. That made Isaac not want to come, but he did come and he read his next Super Book. He is finding out that he can read through these little eight-page phonetic stories pretty quickly. Lots of repetition of words and he is doing a great job remembering them by the last pages in the book. Elijah, Esther, and Joy all had their turns reading. Esther came over for her turn for long time with me. She continued on her cross stitch project and then used the Osmo app on my iPad...this time she worked with Mo the Monster and did drawings that became animated on the screen...pretty neat! After lunch, Abigail had her turn to read. Woody continued working in the yard mulching, etc. He got Nathan to come over and use a chain saw to rid one of our gardens of the rest of a dead bush. Woody had hand sawed and chopped the rest of it down, but wanted it even with the ground so he could mulch over it. Woody walked four miles today which included a stop at the barber to get a hair cut. I guess the rest of the day has pretty much been relaxing. Woody has read and watched some TV. I have mainly been reading as I am about to lose an e-book out in cyber space in the next couple of days when it becomes due. I only have a few chapters left so I should be able to get it read before it is whisked away from me. I have gotten the pattern for my top traced, cut out and pinned together to check the fit. I think that it is a "go" so will start laying the pattern pieces on the fashion fabric and get it ready to cut out for real...always a bit daunting when I am using really nice fabric. What I am using I bought at a couture fabric shop in AZ quite a few years ago. It is time to bite the bullet and commit the fabric to a certain style pattern and cut it out and then sew it together.