Saturday, October 20, 2018

Saturday Doings

I was looking through pictures tonight and decided that I would show Esther's blouse that I finally finished last weekend.  It really looks cute on her.

Today's sewing project: get going on some Christmas sewing and I finished my first gift for this year.  I'm afraid that I am a bit behind this year, but at least I have gotten started.  I realized today that next Saturday is the all-day sewing/quilting event that I participate in each year and that I need to get something underway to work on that day.  I can work on some of the gifts that I am planning to make, but I will need to do some preparation before Saturday so I need to get going in doing that.

Woody did go to the library today.  And, a while ago went to a Deacon meeting at church to meet a new possible minister of music for First Baptist.  Mid afternoon I ran an errand...other than the library, church, and an errand, we have both stayed pretty close to home.  Woody is still trying to take it easy on his leg.  I am hoping that the antibiotic is working and that his leg will start to not hurt so much.  I think that he is moving a bit easier today than he has been.

The cat seems to be feeling better, though her wounds still aren't healed...they have to heal from the inside out and that takes a while.  But she seems to be feeling pretty good if the way she can take off and run around the house is any indication.  Elijah and Nathan built her a scratching post today...she is inclined to try to use out furniture as a scratching post and we definitely are discouraging that!  I'm not sure that she has figured out what the scratching post is for, but hopefully she will figure it out quickly!  She needs to come into the main part of the house part of the is just too confining on the small sun porch...but if she can't keep her claws where they belong...she will be only staying in the sun porch!  We want her to settle down and get used to being around us again.  We are afraid that she will bolt the moment that she regains her outdoor freedom once she is healed.

It is definitely beginning to feel like Fall outside these days.  We have actually had the heat on already this Woody's request!  Woody is usually the last holdout for wanting the heat on...the reason that I am glad that we have two units..."his and hers!"  "His unit" heats and cools the downstairs where he spends most of his time and "my unit" heats the upstairs where I spend a good portion of my time.  Usually works out well.  Note that I say "usually!"  But the shock this year was that "his unit" was turned on for heat before "my unit"...a rarity!

Friday, October 19, 2018

Friday = Baking Day!

Busy day for both of us.  Probably busier than either of us needed it to be...especially Woody.  Even though I told Woody that I would do the shopping, he said that he could do it.  So he headed off a little after 8 am.  He got home after 10 am.  He carried in one bag of groceries and I got the rest while he rested.  He ate some grapes and then headed out the door to run errands with his friend who has no transportation.  He didn't get back home till 12:30 pm...or maybe a little later.  He was definitely ready to collapse in his recliner!  And, has stayed pretty close to the recliner for the rest of the day. Hopefully his leg is getting better...still has a way to go to be healed.

Speaking of healing, Georgia, Esther's kitty seems to be doing fairly well.  We let her roam in the house today and...she went wild going up and down the stairs...her wounds must not hurt her too much for her to be able to zip around as fast as she was!

While Woody was at the grocery store, I got underway with making English muffins.  We found out that the bought least the ones that we had bought recently had additives that Woody isn't supposed to have so I decided to venture into making them.  Erin and I had made them some time back, but I couldn't use that recipe as it had ingredients that Woody can't have.  So I found a recipe that was "Woody friendly."  They really aren't very hard to make.  We each just had one toasted with the jam that is "Woody friendly" and they tasted pretty good.  Before Woody got home from his second errand trip, Isaac and Joseph came over to see if Isaac could work some more on the placemat that he had started yesterday.  I had a lull in the baking "schedule" while the dough was rising so helped him finish up the placemat.  He was happy.  When I went over to Nathan and Kathy's later in the afternoon, I looked to see who I had used the blue corduroy and baseball print for their one-year photo and it was Isaac!  So he chose well...and looks like he approves of what I made him so many years ago!  He gave Joseph the first one that he made.  Joseph was happy with that decision.  He was happy as long as he got one, I think!

I rested for a while after my bread making and wasn't sure if I had it in me to make the apple pie after the morning of bread making.  But in the end I decided that I would go ahead while the flour, etc. was still out.  I tried a new recipe for pie crust...not happy with the this point.  The pie is still in the oven due to come out in a little while.  Smells good around here!  Guess I had better head downstairs to keep an eye on the pie in these final minutes!  Just wish that we had vanilla ice cream!!!!! cream is not "Woody friendly!"

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Red-Letter Day!

Joseph finished the first of the Bob Books today.  He took it home and has been attempting to read to anyone who will listen.  Nathan said that he read the whole book to him.  It is composed of  four stories.  He was rather pleased with himself.  He had been wanting a book that he could read all by himself...there aren't too many books out there that are pretty much totally this one he had to learn the sight words "the" and "a."  The rest he could sound out and by the end of the book he wasn't having to sound out words that were repeated a lot in a story.  He did a great job!  I'm really proud of him.

Woody continues to take it easy.  Earlier he said that he thought that his leg was a little better.  When I asked him just a few minutes ago, he said that it was about the same...don't if that "the same" was that it was "a little better" or the same as it was yesterday.  He is still using the walker to help him maneuver through the house when he isn't sitting in his chair.

I had a pretty much the same as usual day of school.  I just realized that I forgot to have "Osmo Day" with Joseph.  We got so involved in getting finished with the first Bob Book and then with our counting lesson that  Osmo slipped our minds!  He was pretty anxious to head home and let everyone know that he had a book that he could read all by himself.  This week has been a bit topsy turvy due one thing or another...yesterday I only had Joseph, Isaac and Elijah come over.  They went to Montessori School to juggle for Abigail's birthday.  On Tuesday we missed school all together because Woody had the appointment at Vanderbilt.  So I guess that it didn't seem like Thursday to either Joseph or me!  Isaac read and later came over for his long time.  He came over all ready to make another placemat...this one for Joseph...except he found some fabric with baseballs and baseball bats on it and I think that he plans to trade the one he already made to Joseph so he can keep the baseball one!  Whatever!  We also got back into the reading mode with Isaac, Elijah, Esther, and Joy this morning...moving forward in each of their books.  Joy took hers home since she is getting to the place in the mystery that she wants to know what happens next.

I rested for a little while after I ate  And, then got busy on making supper.  I made another pot of cabbage soup with the other half of the cabbage.  Woody told me when I made it earlier that it was the best thing that he had eaten since this strict diet.  It still isn't my favorite, but since it tastes so good to him and I had all the ingredients I decided to make it again.  Tomorrow I plan to make a pie and some bread...we'll see if I follow through on said plans!

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Here's Looking at Fifteen and Thirteen!

Abigail turned 15 today!  She got "Flamingoed!"  Joy turned 13 last week, but she wasn't home on her birthday so I didn't get a picture of her on her birthday.  We celebrated as a family on Sunday...a day that I don't blog so no pictures that day either!  I decided that I would post a couple of pictures today on Abigail's official birthday day!  I think that they have both enjoyed celebrating separately and together!  Joy has one more celebration.  She still has a sleepover with friends.  So the celebrating goes on...and on...and on...and...

Woody is still having a lot of pain with his leg.  So he has taken it easy and stayed pretty close to his recliner today. This afternoon, he even had me pull out the walker which helps him maneuver a bit easier and he doesn't have to put as much pressure on that leg when he walks and the walker helps him get up from his chair.  I hope that this antibiotic is the answer to his problem and that it "kicks in" quickly!  

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Over the River and Through the Fog to Vanderbilt We Went!

Parts of our ride both going and coming home took us through fog...more on the way to Nashville.  Today Woody had a yearly check in with his orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Ginger Holt, at Vanderbilt.  This was a appointment that was set up last year just to keep him in "the system."  Dr. Holt told him last year that if he was doing okay that it would be okay to just cancel the appointment.  In the end he was glad that he had the appointment as his leg had been bothering him...not the bones...but the area that had been radiated. The skin in that area had become very sensitive and was hurting quite a bit.  She took x-rays and those showed that the bone/bone cement that was her creation was doing well and looked fine.  She took a close look at the red area in the radiated place on his leg and decided that it was perhaps infected.  She felt like he needed a round of antibiotics.  After we got back in Tullahoma, we stopped at our pharmacy and picked up his prescription.  He is to take it for two weeks.  I am hoping that is what it is.  She wants us to let her know how it does.  She took a picture of the area on his leg and was going to put it in his records for a reference point.  I can send her a photo of what it looks like "after the antibiotics."  Technology is so funny these days.  She pulled her phone out to take the picture.  Back when she did his first surgery to remove the melanoma tumor on his upper arm bone, I sent her a picture when his incision started getting blisters.  She determined that the pattern of blisters showed that he had had a reaction with the adhesive on the tape that had been used.  So we have a history of using photos between Dr. Holt and us.  I guess that tradition will continue.

We have both just lazed around after returning from our trip to Vanderbilt.  That trip always seems to do me in these days!  Going to the orthopedist is a much shorter visit...we left a little before 8am and we were back before 1pm and had stopped to pick up his prescription. They were running over with patients today but it still wasn't a bad wait.  They called him in for x-rays almost as soon as they knew that he was there so that helped to move things along.  We had a little rain on the way home and the rain seems to have settled in now and we have had a slow continuous rain for a while.

Georgia seems to be settling in to her confinement on our sun porch. She has done a lot of sleeping.  She doesn't seem to be walking stiff legged today.  She is ready to greet us whenever we walk out there.  She would like to get out into the rest of the house...maybe when she has healed a little more?  She is the purriest of the two kittens and her purr hasn't left her!  Being on the back porch (which is a very narrow "room" on the back of the house half of which is the laundry room) she has floor to ceiling windows on one wall, the back of our house.  So it is a good place for her to look out in the day time and see what is going on in the world.  Peaches keeps coming up the back steps to look in the door to see what is going on inside.  Esther thinks that Peaches is wondering why that other cat gets to stay in all the time and she is only invited in for short periods of time! Georgia is still sleeping a lot which is good for her healing.  The children enjoy coming over to check on her.  A little earlier everyone except for Nathan and Graham were crammed in that small space checking on her.  She has been good about taking her medicine...thank goodness!  When I look out the family room door windows, she is usually in her basket (the one the children made a pillow for the other day...made for Peaches but has become Georgia's...or in the cat carrier.  She has a litter box and a bowl of food and a bowl of water and quite a bit of  loving throughout the day...what more could a wounded kitty want?

Monday, October 15, 2018

The Lost is Found!!!

When I took this picture, I think that Georgia had begun to feel the hurt
 in her leg due to the shot the vet gave her. She was limping a bit when I
went out to check on her and then when she went over to get
 a drink, she kept her leg stiff and laid down to sip her water!
Poor kitty!  But considering four months away,
she is really in pretty good shape...though I didn't take a picture
from an angle that would show her wounds!  They show that
she is a bit the worse for the time away from us!

I can't believe that I can tell the tale that I will tell tonight!  And, a true tale it is!  Last night after 9pm Kathy received a phone call which she figured was a telemarketer due to the number being an she didn't answer it.  Well, soon after the first call another came from the same number and she decided that she would answer.  The voice on the other end of the line informed her that he was calling from an 24-hour veterinary clinic and that he had her cat Paula Peaches.  Kathy asked where he was as she had just seen Peaches in their window in the last 20 minutes.  He said that he was in Murfreesboro.  After getting a description of the cat, she realized that he was describing Georgia.  Georgia has been missing for a little over 4 months now so this was a big surprise.  Someone had found her outside a Subway (guess Georgia was hungry!) and had brought her to the vet due to her having some injuries.  She had been chipped (though, obviously their chips had been mixed up since she had the one with Peaches' name!). Nathan called on his sister to go to the vet and rescue her.  Melany did and they kept her in one of their bathrooms for the night.  Tis morning Nathan drove Esther and Joseph to Murfreesboro to pick up Georgia from Melany's house.  Erin was taking good care of her till they got there.  They came back to the house and picked up Georgia's papers from her adoption and vet records and took her to a vet here in town.  They had originally gone to a vet in Winchester, but getting a vet closer to home made sense.  The vet is pretty sure that she had been in a fight with a cat and that Georgia hadn't come out on the winning side.  She has several wounds on her chest.  The vet shaved her, out some salve on them, gave her a shot and also some oral antibiotics that Kathy plans to start administering tomorrow morning.  The vet told them that she needs to be kept inside for at least a week...till her wounds have healed.  Nathan is allergic (He was having a terrible time by the time he got home from having her in the van with him and also being at the vet...he headed to the shower to hopefully clear his head!).  Since they can't have her in their house, she is now being sheltered on our sun porch at the back of the house.  I went out to take a picture of her so I could I post it but the laptop says that we have no internet connection so I have had topmost on the iPad so no picture tonight.  Just able to share the good news that Georgia is home!  Esther is very happy, as everyone is! (Nathan came over and got the laptop up and going with the internet again so I have added the picture of sweet Georgia!)

Woody goes to his orthopedic surgeon tomorrow.  This is his yearly checkup, but I think the timing is right, as his leg has been bothering him lately.  I'll report tomorrow night.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Simply Saturday

We've had a pretty quiet Saturday. Woody did go to the library and also ran a couple of errands.  I have stayed inside all day.  I got the buttons sewed on Esther's blouse last night.  This morning I got up and pressed it.  It is now ready for her.  They have had a pretty busy day...two ministry performances and a party.  Woody made Italian Cauliflower and I made Italian Bread!  Just realized that we cooked with a country theme!  The bread does taste really good.  For supper I melted some Havarti cheese on a couple of slices...very good!  I really like my new silicone pastry mat.  It was so easy to knead the dough on slipping around that I always got with my pastry glad to have disposed of the two pastry cloths!  When shaping the dough it was so easy to make it the exact size rectangle that the recipe called for as the mat has inches on two sides and centimeters on the other two sides.  I lined it up with the inch sides!  The mat is all cleaned off.  When dry I will roll it and  put it in the baking utensil drawer.  I'll probably have to rearrange it as I will need the full length from front to back of the drawer on one side as the mat is pretty big. While the bread rose I read.  Woody has been watching football and reading this afternoon.  Looks like another quiet Saturday evening for our household! That last fact certainly isn't a surprise!