Friday, November 17, 2017

T-Day minus 6

I had better go on and blog while the blogging is good!  Having trouble with the internet tonight...and also with our laptop.  I don't think that I dare wait for the length of time that it has been taking lately to download a picture.  And, as I typed that last sentence the internet went away.  I will go on and type and hopefully I will get it back on long enough so I can post. I will put a picture at the end if I can get one to upload after I finish writing and getting the blog to publish...then I will edit and add the picture...maybe!

Our Thanksgiving Day (T-Day) preparations have begun.  Today Woody got items on the list that we need for our Thanksgiving family feast.  I have all the recipes that we use at Thanksgiving in a notebook of our favorite it is fairly easy to go through the recipes and add items we need to our grocery list.  I did a little double checking the list before Woody headed out the door to do our weekly shopping.  While he was shopping I cleaned the fridge.  Then I started a pot of soup, Ham and Barley.  I got the veggies cut that we had and just had to do a little more cutting once Woody got home with a couple of items that I needed to complete the recipe.  I imagine that this will be the last pot of soup that I make till after Thanksgiving. And, that  the next soup I make will be turkey soup.  Lots of cooking to happen here before that pot of soup!

After lunch, I took Abigail to pick up her new glasses.  Woody followed Nathan to the RV place in Manchester where they are going to do some work on the RV.  I did the last steps on the soup after I got back home.  Woody helped me clean up the kitchen after he got back.  He decided that today was a good day to get back to walking his four miles, as today was quite a nice day...but the weather is due to change over the next few days...rain and then much colder temps. Woody did say that the four miles seemed long today.

After supper tonight, we headed out for a one get one free Blizzards at the DQ. We both decided to get into the Christmas spirit and had a Candy Cane Blast...pretty good!  We are now settling in for another quiet Friday evening in this Dorrell household.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Thursday Comings and Goings

Today saw both Dorrell households up and at'm fairly early.  Nathan and Kathy left first.  They were heading to our local hospital for Kathy to have foot surgery.  Woody and I left just a bit after 7am and headed to McMinnville, TN as I had my 6-month check-in with my doctor for lab work and to see the doctor.  It started out quite foggy.
 The fog had pretty much cleared by the time we got to the doctor's office and blue sky was trying to peek through by the time we were on our way home.  We were on the road longer than my appointment took.  Kathy got home about an hour after we did. They didn't keep her at the hospital long at all.  I just texted with Kathy and she said that she finally woke up about 4pm and at this point wasn't in too much pain.  Abigail is keeping Kathy entertained...playing games and watching DVD's with her.  Abigail is very empathetic with surgical patients since she has been in their shoes so often.  I'm sure that she is treating her mama the way Abigail likes to be treated after surgery.  She has even cooked special for her.  Yesterday she came over here and made a surprise cheesecake for Kathy...and managed to keep it all a secret...or so I think.

I guess the morning of travel and seeing the doctor got to me as I wasn't worth much this afternoon...mainly read and dozed in my chair.  I'm feeling better after supper, but still feel like I could fall asleep very easily.

Woody has stayed in today after he got home from our morning trip.  He did his crossword puzzles which he didn't get printed off before we left this morning.  He has also read and watched TV this afternoon and evening.  He still can't hear and the TV is so loud it's about to drive me up the wall!  I told him that he should have taken the appointment to see the doctor and that I should have just gotten lab work!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Leaf Pick-Up!

When I headed out to go to work in the church library this afternoon, I spotted the leaf truck...always a welcome site in our subdivision as all the houses have MORE than a fair share of leaves at this time of the year!  The leaf truck makes a swipe through neighborhoods about three or four times a fall/winter season.  We had already had it come through our neighborhood once before the leaves had REALLY started to fall and we didn't have many next to the road.  This time was perfect timing as Woody and several from next door (Abigail for one) had blown a ton of leaves yesterday.  Woody got back out there today and blew off our driveway (which was almost knee deep in leaves...not quite...but close!). And, he blew off our front yard again today.  It was a good day to blow leaves and vacuum them up in this truck as they were dry and rain is a matter of fact it rained while I was working in the library...but after the leaf truck had picked up from in front of our house and Nathan and Kathy's before it rained.  But to tell you about how many leaves we have...our front yards were blown clean yesterday afternoon and by this morning you couldn't tell that that the yards had been blown at all.  It will probably look that way by tomorrow morning too.

Today I had a fairly usual morning of school.  Isaac got to start a new Dick and Jane book.  And, we got the cover for his sewing notebook finished.  Esther had her long time and she sewed on the last on to constructing her apron the next time.  "Maybe" she will have an apron by the time they do their Christmas baking.  I worked the church library for a couple of hours.  We got a lot accomplished with our new books. We have quite a few new titles on our "new book shelf."  I have also finished another Christmas ornament--Joseph's.  Now to make Erin and Alex's and I will have grandchildren's finished.  I still one to make for Wade and Melany and one for Kathy and Nathan.  So if I have it figured right...those are the last ones that I need to make for this just four more...maybe.  I started to say that I didn't do any cleaning today...but that wouldn't be right as I did dust the living room and dining room this morning before school started...just so far back in the day that I about forgot that I had done it!

Woody has taken it fairly easy today...again his outside time was blowing some walk. He also ran an errand.  He has been reading, working crosswords, and watching TV.  His ears are still blocked so he can't hear very when the TV is on it is very loud.  At the moment there is silence except for the clicking of the laptop that means that the TV must be off!

I'm trying to decide if I am going to make another ornament tonight...'tis the season!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Finally I am able to log in to be able to blog.  I had about given up on our laptop opening up the blog this evening so was in the process of opening up the iPad to blog without a picture...and, what to my wondering eyes should appear...but the blog page on my laptop...guess it didn't want to give up ground to the iPad and decided to come through for me!

Woody spent some time outside this afternoon...blowing leaves...probably not the wisest thing for him to do since he already is having allergy problems and the leaves almost always give him problems...oh, well...
He chose not to walk to the prayer room this evening so drove instead and just returned.

I have worked around the house again today.  And, once again I haven't gotten into my sewing room except for a very short choose the thread colors for Joseph's Christmas ornament...but so far haven't gotten the machine turned on.  But I can say that the upstairs bathrooms are clean, the downstairs has been vacuumed and the kitchen has been mopped.  So I did accomplish something today.  But didn't accomplish getting any closer to being finished with Christmas sewing.

I did talk to Melany this evening and we made plans for Thanksgiving.  This year for the first time in many years we are going to have our family Thanksgiving on the actual Thanksgiving Day.  Melany, Wade, Erin and Alex have a family wedding reception to attend on the Saturday after Thanksgiving (our usual turkey day for the family).  I will have to rethink since I won't have those extra couple of days for preparation!  We also talked about when we might get together for our family Christmas.  So looks like it really is 'Tis the season!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Busy Monday

It seems like I have gone in a hundred directions today.  I started off doing some much needed cleaning. Last night I decided that today I would do a thorough vacuuming of the fireplace hearth and move what was on it and put out Mr. Snowman.  The other day when I was looking for ribbon in my Christmas wrap, I needed to move Mr. Snowman out of the closet and decided that he wouldn't go back in...that I would just put him on the hearth.  He is a large...over 5 ft. tall stuffed snowman...who has sat on our fireplace hearth for quite a few winters. He blocks the cold air that comes in around our fire place doors.  He will sit in this place of honor till the cold temperatures go away for good in the Spring.  But I guess you can say that I have started decorating for Christmas!

I vacuumed a couple of rooms, started cleaning bathrooms, washed, dried and put away a couple of loads of wash, ran errands, made a pot of soup, and probably several other things that just aren't coming to mind at the moment!  I am about "done in" for the day!  I "may" embroider another Christmas ornament this evening. One of the reasons that I ran errands was to get some felt and polyfil that I needed to continue.  Since I am restocked on sewing supplies, I can continue my Christmas endeavors...if my energy level rises to that task!

Woody went to Life Care to have Bible study with Jeff and then visited with some friends.  He is feeling better, but still taking it easy.  He didn't walk today. He has read, worked cross word puzzles, watched TV, etc.

Tonight's photo shows the gingko tree that is in front of one of the Lutheran churches here in town.  I happened to drive passed it on my way home from my errands.  It is such a pretty tree!  And, the amazing thing about this tree is that in just a few days the tree will be totally void of leaves and its leaves will make a lovely yellow carpet on the ground.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Veterans Day 2017

We have had a fairly quiet day.  I have felt lazy almost all day...have only done a little of this and a little of that.  I did manage to get all the ornaments that I have made so far (24) completed and ready to give...well, as I typed that I realized that I have to put names and the year on the ones that we give to our neighbor grandchildren so at a later date I will come up with how I will label them this year!  I still several to make...but the list is winding down.  I have to make ornaments for our two oldest grandchildren and our two youngest.  I know what I am going to make for Erin and Isaac, but am still considering what I will make for Alex and Joseph.  Then there are a couple more for friends and then I will be done with ornaments for gifting this year.  I just completed another one to start newest stack of ornaments just stitched but not yet in ornament form.

Woody has stayed close to home today too.  He did attempt to go to the library and after getting there realized that they were closed for Veterans Day.  I started smelling onions upstairs a little before lunch time so went down to investigate. Woody had sliced onions and green peppers so I could cook them for Philly Steak Sandwiches for our lunch.  That's all the cooking that I have done today.  The rest of the day has been scrounge for leftovers.  Which reminds me that I haven't gone down to scrounge for my supper!  I got intent on finishing another ornament.

I have a big mess in the upstairs hall...reminds me that it is about time to decorate for Christmas.  I needed some ribbon to put on the gift basket that our class is giving to the new preacher and his family tomorrow and had to pull out my Christmas wrap from the Christmas closet looking for it.  Now I'm tyring to figure out if I want to put it all back or just leave it out since I will be wrapping gifts soon and...probably starting to decorate too.  Just don't know if I'm ready for that mess in the hall along with all my sewing mess upstairs!  I guess I may as well go on and say it for the first time this year...'tis the season!  I found my Christmas CD's when I was looking for ribbon and I may pull them out...I hadn't gotten in the mood quite yet for them as you can't hear the music over the noise of the sewing machine when it is had waited...but now that I see them and they are within arms reach... I don't know how much more sewing of ornaments that I will be doing the rest of the weekend as I am nearing the end of my supply of several things that I need and I never got enough energy to go shopping will make do till Monday (as we don't shop on Sunday unless the "ox is in the ditch").  I guess I will go get a load of clothes out of the drier.  I did manage to get one load washed and to put them away!

Friday, November 10, 2017

Finishing Touches

Another beautiful fall day here in Middle Tennessee.  The leaves are falling, falling...soon the colors will pretty much be gone...the brilliant colors fade fast once they turn.  And, the trees quickly drop them...unless they are certain oak trees (of which we have an abundance) which wait to drop their last leaf when the new ones come out in the spring. I'm glad that I have so many picture at their I can remember the brilliance when it is a bit dull during the winter!

Woody got his exercise at the three stores that he went to today to do our weekly shopping.  I think that he is some better...but the TV continues to be quite loud.  He still isn't feeling the greatest.

I spent quite a few hours trying to figure out with Nathan's help what was going on with our internet connection.  I'm not sure what either of us did...or if the computer just decided that it was time to reconnect...or if perhaps the combination of various things that we did finally got our computers back to being able to communicate with the world.

I decided that today I would work on finishing touches on some of the ornaments that I had made over the first nine days of November.  The pile is growing and I inventoried them yesterday and listed what I have made and paired them up with those I will give them to.  I still have a few to make, but the majority are now on to finishing touches.  I am using the sewing machine that the children use to learn how to sew on (my original embroidery sewing machine) to do the sewing that  needs to be done on some.  This way my machine is still ready to do the last few ornaments.  There must be 50 or more spools of embroidery thread surrounding that machine!  It gets too complicated to keep putting them away...because as soon as I get them back in their storage area, I need to get them out again.  So I am working around them and moving the ones to the front that I need for designs.  And, I will put them all away when I am through with the marathon sewing of ornaments.  I have 24 either finished or just waiting for finishing touches...some of those finishing touches are no more than adding a ribbon or cord to hang them with.  Some need to have the disolvable washed away and then dry and they will be done.  It is good to be at the place that I am with this part of my Christmas sewing.  I wish that I had done them over the whole year...but by putting the goal of two a day starting on November got me going in the right direction.

Woody is downstairs watching a library DVD...and will probably read some this evening.  I am going to continue on my bent of finishing the ornaments and figure out what are left to be made.