Saturday, July 21, 2018

Upon Closer Inspection!

 I never know where a title for the blog will come from...some evenings I never get a good idea.  Tonight when I was deciding on which picture to use of the flowers that are blooming in our little triangular garden that surrounds our mailbox, I realized that I had several views...a lot of flowers, a few flowers, and a visitor on one of the flowers (the one that gets you close enough to inspect just exactly what is also in the photo besides the flowers.  These Black-Eyed Susans are just so pretty this year...wondering if it is all the rain that we have had...but on closer inspection you can tell that they have been enjoyed by insects as their petals aren't as perfect as they seem in the top picture.  There is a visitor on one of the flowers in the middle picture, but the bottom gives you a closer look at something that is attracted to these flowers, but I don't think it is what is eating the petals.  I have a feeling that the top picture probably has a lot of visitors on the flowers...but we are just not close enough to see!  I'm sure that there is a life lesson in that, but I am too lazy to try to find one at the moment!!!

Woody's walk this morning was to the library and back.  Later in the day we made another trip to the library, as I got a call from them late in the afternoon that they had a book I had requested.  I knew that this book was one that both Woody and I wanted to read.  I had to check it out since I had requested it so we both took a little drive to go get it.  Woody was just about to finish a book that he had so was glad to get this one as he hadn't found the greatest books to read this morning.  We are going to have to hustle on this book for both of us to get it read in the seven-days we have to read it.  If only one of us gets to finish it, we will just put our name back on the waiting list and wait our turn once again.  I still have several books that I am in the midst of so I'm not really anxious to start another one!

Woody has worked out in the yard some today mulching and mowing.  We didn't get any rain last night during the storms.  I did hear in the middle of the night when the wind picked up, but that was all that we got from the bad storms that passed through TN yesterday.

I did get my sewing orders all placed so I have fabrics coming, buttons, sewing thread, hand embroidery thread, and a couple of new items to make my sewing easier.  One I am really looking forward to especially--a light box to help me when I have to trace this dress to help me transfer the embroidery pattern onto the bodice of the dress. I had been wanting one, but kept putting it off and then this one blouse that I am going to make suggested you use one because it was going to be hard to see through the fabric.  So I decided the time was right!  Now I just have to wait for three orders from three different places to arrive so I can get busy on Esther's birthday presents.  I have some extra time to sew at the moment, but will have to patiently wait and then try to fit sewing into busier times.  I'm pretty sure that I will have to give  promises to Esther.  I "might" be able to finish the one that doesn't have all the embroidery on it before her big day, but, again, it all depends when all these packages arrive!  I am going to find all pattern pieces that I need and have that part ready when everything does arrive.  I did do a little sewing today.  I worked on what I have decided is going to be a Christmas present.  What I did today I am pleased with so I think that it is going to work...I'm making this item by trying to make it look like something that I was gifted with.  The one given to me was made entirely in the hoop with a machine embroidered design.  I have done the machine embroidered design and am making the rest of it on the regular machine...but so far it looks like it is going to work.

Friday, July 20, 2018


As you can see, Woody is making progress on spreading mulch on the gardens.  I took this yesterday and today it is even farther along...last I looked he was almost down to the driveway.  This is a tedious job as he has to weed and then spread the mulch.  He has also been attempting to pull leaves out from under a very large Nandina bush...definitely not an easy task!

Woody did our weekly grocery shopping and then after he brought our groceries home for me to put away, he took off again to run an errand with his friend who has no transportation. Later in the day Woody did some cooking.  He made his slaw recipe (really yours, Connie) and he also made green beans to go with our supper.  He skinned some chicken breasts and I deboned them and put them in the freezer.

I worked some more on the next PDF file for my sewing club.  I think that I accomplished the first couple steps before taking notes on the video to transcribe into step-by-step directions which will eventually be placed next to pictures to both show and tell how to do a specific sewing technique.  I also continued to try to make decisions on the sewing that I would like to make for Esther for her birthday.  I checked some more websites and also called our local quilt store to see if they had one of the fabrics called for.  They do have that specific fabric, but do not have the color that I was looking for.  So now to decide if I order the exact thing called for from a different website or order a substitute from the website that has the other things that I need.  To be continued about final decisions...

Thursday, July 19, 2018

We Voted!

Woody and I early voted today.  For a change there were quite a few people at the polling place...often it is a very quiet place.  But today we even had to wait a bit.  We had an interesting new machine.  We voted in one computer "booth" and then a paper ballot came out and we took it to another machine and fed it in.  Woody thought that perhaps it was to help with voter fraud.  I have not a clue...but it was different and they were all excited about the new machines.  To show you the size of our town...we saw about 20 people while there and we knew probably about half of them.  Small town living!

Woody didn't walk today instead he got his exercise in the yard...mulching and mowing.  I'm not sure how much work he will get to do in the yard tomorrow.  We have been advised that bad storms are heading Alabama and Tennessee way.  I heard about the ones today in Iowa and would just as soon that they stay away.  But I think that they have issued a "high risk" warning about storms tomorrow.

I woke up early and didn't have any campers coming over today so I decided that I would work on another file for my sewing club.  I have another one finished, proofed by me and proofed by Woody.  I'm just waiting for corrections or approval from the club leader.  I have done a little reading, but mainly shopped on the internet for fabric to make something for Esther for her birthday.  I got a magazine the other day that had some really cute patterns/adaptations for patterns.  One was an adaptation of a pattern that I make a cute dress into a cute top.  That one has a lot of hand embroidery on it.  I have been looking for the thread that I need.  The other one can either be a dress or a top and I think that I will make it a top also.  I think I have found the fabric I want for the second one but am still trying to decide on the fabric for the first one.  Decisions!  Decisions!  The decisions are a bit harder to make online since I can't touch the fabric and know that it is the right weight for what I want to make.  I have posed a question to the fabric shop via email.  Now we'll see if they answer in a timely manner. I have other things to do while I make decisions and wait for my order to arrive. I have a feeling that, if this sewing comes about, that Esther may have to accept a promise for her birthday...especially with lots of hand embroidery on it.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Grammy Camp: Day 3 aka Last Day of Camp!

I don't know what is going on with the blog tonight...but all of a sudden everything went blue and underlined and when I tried to fix it, I kept losing part of the words...hopefully erasing all the words and rearranging the photos will make a difference!

Today was the last day of Grammy Camp and it was "building day."  We had lots of different building sets out and they moved around and played with the ones they wanted to.  Isaac said that today was much different than yesterday!  I "think" that he meant that building is better than doing art! So they REALLY liked Cooking Day, didn't much like Art Day, and liked fairly well Building Day.  I think that they had a pretty good time over all.  And, no one was dragging their feet this morning as I thought that one of them might be...the one who was "bored" yesterday!  At least he didn't say "bored" today!

 Woody got his exercise mulching today.  He also ran a few errands this morning.  And, he made one of "his" recipes (kidney friendly) for supper.  I had spaghetti and meatballs!  This evening Woody went to church for a new Bible study that started today.

I got a sewing assignment from Isaac--put a little girl's name on a couple of scrunchies.  He will be seeing her at camp soon.  He made friends with this girls several summers ago.  They write each other.  She is twelve and he is six!  This will be her last year to go to this camp so I guess they will bid each other farewell!  Isaac hopes that he will get to see her some other time in the future!  I got that sewing assignment done and got another one from Abigail--hem a pair of capris for her.  Both sewing assignments are done!

I worked in the church library this afternoon.  It was just Donna and I this afternoon.  We did some more work on the new book order and got several ready for circulation. I stopped at my sewing machine dealer to get something that I needed to be able to embroider the scrunchies.  After I got home, Isaac joined me to help pick colors for the thread and then helped me push buttons on the machine.  We talked a little about him starting to learn to sew on the sewing machine during his long Grammy time this year in school.  I usually start them sewing on the machine when they are six and in first grade...the time is here!

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Grammy Camp: Day 2

Today we had "Art Camp."  It was enjoyed quite as much as Cooking Camp!  They were ready to go home earlier today.  I thought that they would be so excited to get their hands on paint...well, I guess that they sort of enjoyed that part.  They also did pictures tearing construction paper and making pictures with it...that let them use the glue.  Isaac drew a magic marker picture.  And they also got to get their fingers all chalky using chalk pastels.  Joseph played with play doh, but Isaac decided that he was done at that point!  Wonder if they will come as willingly in the morning.  Tomorrow is the last day of Grammy Camp...wonder what is in store for them today.  I will just say that I got some bins out of the garage that I had to do a lot of cleaning on before they came inside.  I hope that they will be surprised when they see all of this and ready to to give it a try!  We'll see how cooperative they are after their boring (according to Isaac) day today!  Grammy does not like the word "boring!"

Woody got up and walked early this morning.  While I was having Grammy Camp, Woody went to his nephrologist's appointment.  He only found that his kidney function was less than the last time and that he needed to drink more water.  He asked no questions about his diet and if it was helping.  They also didn't give him a copy of his labs.  He's going to stop by their office and get a copy of the labs.  I want to see them before we head off to Vanderbilt in a couple of weeks. After lunch, I headed off to get my hair cut. We have had rain and storms this afternoon.  It was still threatening when it was time for Woody to go to the prayer room at church so he drove to and from today. The rest of the afternoon and evening have been pretty low-key...per usual!

Monday, July 16, 2018

Grammy Camp--Day 1

They have their fingers up to show you that it is Day 1!

Theme of today's camp = COOKING!  Isaac and Joseph made cucumber jello and play dough.  They had fun playing with the play dough for quite a while after we cooked it.They took the jello home to serve for one of their meals today.

Isaac and Joseph were feeling a bit left out as over the last few weeks everyone except for the two of them and their daddy had been to one or two camps and this week four of their siblings are off at another camp.  Abigail chose not to attend this one and the little boys are still too young.  Last night Kathy called and asked if they could have Grammy Camp for a few mornings this week.  I had to get my thinking cap on and decide just what we would do during those three days!  I thought about making play dough and then remembered about all the cucumbers that were coming in in their garden.  Woody had bought the jello so it came to me that the boys and I would make them cucumber jello = lime jello & pureed cucumber and water.  Pretty easy and they all like it.  Plus it is something that Joseph can eat and make with his allergies...not a lot of those recipes exist with ingredients that we have over here. They enjoyed themselves so much that they came over after they had supper and were begging for more Grammy Camp!  Plus they were trying to worm out of me just what they would be doing tomorrow...but I kept tomorrow's plans a BIG secret!  Partially a secret from me at the moment too!

Woody got up and walked four miles this morning.  About the time the boys got here for their camp, Woody left to go to Life Care and also to make a hospital visit. He has worked in the yard a little.  We did have a few drizzles this morning.  This afternoon he read, did crossword puzzles, played Scrabble, watched TV, etc.  At the moment he is at the Furnace Room Prayer meeting at church.

This afternoon I made meatballs and spaghetti sauce for our supper.  I hadn't made meatballs in a long time.  I decided that was a way that Woody could skip the meat if he wants to...but he can't have much sauce either since it has tomatoes in it.  But he can have the spaghetti noodles!  What a diet!  I've got my hopes up that his diet restrictions may be lifted a bit after his visit tomorrow to his nephrologist.   Time will tell!

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Quite a Job Ahead of Him!

Here's the pile of mulch that got delivered yesterday by this big dump truck.  Getting in and out of our narrow driveway is always a bit of a challenge for these dump truck drivers...they barely fit...but usually they do a pretty good job of backing in...don't run over too much of the gardens that run along the side.  Looks like the mulch pile sort of tipped the basketball goal backwards a bit!  We have to have them put the mulch as far as possible at the end of the driveway so we can get our car in and out of the garage.  I guess we will see how well they did placing it when Woody gets the car out in the morning. The car hasn't been used since they delivered yesterday. Woody got a start on mulching the gardens in the front today...has quite a ways to go till they are all done!  But gives something to do!

I spent part of the morning finishing up tomorrow's Sunday School lesson for my ladies' class.  Before I was finished, I had two little boys over asking me to come over to their house for a little while.  They wanted to show me a new Wii game they had gotten recently.  It is all a mystery to me as to just what they are doing as they jump characters across the big screen of their TV.  But they were happy just to be able to show me!  I stayed over there till Nathan and the Graham, Esther, and Elijah got home from running an errand.  Then I got busy on the lesson again.  I put the finishing touches on before noon.  Then I was free to do "whatever!"  I did finish another book.  So I'm down to two e-books and one in-hand book.  I did get a notification that the cyber library had purchased an e-book that I had recommended and that I am now on that list.  Hopefully I can get these two done before it is sent to me through cyberspace!  After I finished the book, I sort of put away my iPad as my eyes were bothering me...I don't know if I have been reading too much on a screen or if it is allergies or not getting enough sleep.  I just know that I have spent part of the afternoon just resting my eyes (didn't sleep, though).  Joy came over and asked me to shorten a pair of capris for her so I got busy on that.  I will finish them up as soon as I publish the blog.  I went down to make us some supper and Woody had already started one of "his" recipes so I left him to it.  I'll cook another day!  He has done his usual group of daily crossword puzzles, read, watched TV, played Scrabble with the computer and made his weekly trip to the library.  I have stayed in except for a trip to the garbage can to throw something away!  It is just too hot to spend much time outside especially with allergies perhaps trying to bother me!  When I came back in, the air conditioning surely did feel good! Well, I guess I had better go hem Joy's capris.  She asked me to have them ready tonight as she has a camp to attend starting tomorrow!