Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Christmas Less Than Two Weeks Away!

We've had a pretty busy day.  I have gone here and there...took Abigail to her job at Montessori and picked her up.  I went in for a minute for old time's sake when I picked her up.  This morning I also took Isaac to the dentist.  This afternoon was routine...time spent working in the church library with Donna.  When I got home, I returned some dishes to a friend and cleaned up our kitchen and talked to Melany.  She's trying to figure out gifts for her "little" nieces and nephews.  I wasn't much help as it was hard for me to come up with their gifts this year!

I do think that all my Christmad orders have arrived.  And, I think that I only have one more grandchild to buy a gift for...and will do that here in pretty much set.  Now to get things wrapped. One of these days.

Three little chicks back in the roost...still waiting for three more...well, really four as Woody is at the church youth Christmas party, too.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Foggy and Frosty Morn

Part of our travels early this morning were quite sparkly when the sun came through the fog and really made the trees and bushes sparkle.

I had my six-month check in with the doctor and lab work. And, she seemed to think that I was healthy enough to at least walk out of her office.  We had a bit of an adventure getting there...found every red light and school zone while we looked for a new address for her office. Found it and it is closer to us than the former office.  It was a quick two turns and we were on the road toward the interstate to get us to Vanderbilt in Nashville. Since we had a bit of lag time between appointments we stopped in Murfreesboro at the Lifeway Bookstore and Woody bought his Sunday School boys Christmas gifts.  Then we we're on our way to Vanderbilt.

He got called in quickly, but then the quickly stopped!  It was a long wait till Dr. Holt came in.  She

felt like his cellulitis was much better.  Now she wants to see how it responds to no antibiotics in the next couple of weeks prior to him having surgery.  Yes, she scheduled Woody for surgery three weeks from this Friday on January 4.  He will have his preop appointment the day after Christmas...oh, boy! I'm not exactly sure what she and Woody decided to do...because she named off several options!  Woody isn't totally sure either.  But I "think" that they chose to do the easiest of the fixes...reinforce
what is already there...if not that then replace plate, screws, and bone cement.  The major fix was to replace the tibia...six-eight weeks in a cast.  Woody opted for an easier fix.  She mentioned a plate on the the other side and wrap something around...I have not a clue!  Glad that she is the one with the expertise!  Woody just wants his leg to be stable again and not hurt!  Hopefully she will find a fix!
On to the next "adventure" with Woody's health!  Stay tuned!

Monday, December 10, 2018

Cold! Cold! Cold!

We traded rain for rain...we only saw a few snowflakes before the moisture left us...others did get snow...just not for us.  At the moment I have five little chicks in the roost...still one to come home from a meeting and one is still away with a friend.

I just got back from rescuing Woody.  He went to the Furnace Room Prayer Meeting and couldn't get the car started when he came out.  He is home all safe and snug!

Tomorrow should be interesting.  I have a doctor's appointment in McMinville at 8am and Woody has an appointment in Nashville with Dr. Holt, his orthopedist, at 12:30pm.  Hopefully it will all work out!  Will let you know tomorrow, if all appointments were met!

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Rain! Rain! Rain!

...and more rain.  I don't think that it ever stopped raining either sprinkled or rained the moment harder.

Woody did the rest of our grocery shopping and ran errands with his friend who has no vehicle. This evening i am next door again...five chickens have come home to roost for the night.  Two are still with friends and their mom and dad are off galavanting.  'Tis the season!

Friday, December 7, 2018

Couldn't Be Ours!

I'm getting more in the mood for Christmas!  I'm sitting here looking at this tree...but anyone who knows us very well knows that it couldn't be our tree because we don't put lights on our Christmas tree.  I'm next door at Nathan and Kathy's taking care of Isaac and Joseph while the rest of their family are in various places.  Three of their siblings are at the Tullahoma Christmas Parade.

Woody headed off early and went to the Credit Union before he ran errands.  He put off the errands till after I got back from going out to breakfast with two special friends.  We figured out today that we had known each other for around 42 years.  We have done things together at Christmas for years.  After breakfast we went into the town that was near the restaurant and did a little looking and shopping.  The town looked very Christmasy...and with the cloudy gray sky it looked a bit like it could snow...very picturesque.  We went some really cute shops and saw lots of pretty things.

When I got home, Woody headed off to do some of our grocery shopping.  He said that today he only felt like going to one grocery store.  I ate supper with the neighbor grandchildren.  As soon as I post this, I am going to read some Christmas stories to these two little boys.  They have grown quite quiet...wonder if they are getting sleepy...I know I am!  Woody is at home holding down our fort!

Thursday, December 6, 2018

A Thursday Closer

Look who's happy Woody got a new pair of shoes!  She sits in there when she is in the sewing room with me!

We ar another day closer to Christmas...I pretty much seem to be treading water...not making much progress is doing what I had planned to do before Christmas.  Good thing that I'm not in the midst of decorating! I did get a little sewing done this afternoon while Georgia kept me company in "her" box.  Now I'm trying to catch up with our wash.  I may go back to sewing after I blog.  I had a little more problems with the laptop today...realized that we didn't have our word processor installed any more so had to hunt up another CD.  In the end I had to have a little help from Nathan.  But it is working.  I sent out an email to our Sunday School class and later realized that old addresses had been sent to.  So I had to redo that email and send it again.  One step forward and two back!  Wonder what problem will crop up next! Computers are wonderful until they aren't!!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

What a Headache!

This latest computer fix has proven to be more of a headache than I realized last night when I blogged.  Last night after I blogged, I decided to go work on a design in the computer and then transfer it to my sewing machine.  Well, I couldn't get to any of my software.  An icon showed on the computer screen, but nothing would open up when I clicked on the icon.  So...I had to find all the original CDs and redownload them.  I have managed to find all the CDs except for one so far of the ones that I have found not to "be there" any more.  I haven't convinced the blog page when I open it on my laptop that I am the one who blogs from that I can only read it on the laptop and can't post.  I will keep trying to figure out how to sign in...and eventually...?!? Maybe... In order to get this photo (I also had to download all camera and photographic CDs), I had to email this photo to the iPad. I still have to work on getting one of my sewing softwares to run.  I did get my machine specific ones working again.  It has been an exercise in patience!  I finally got the laptop and the printer to recognize each other.  I wonder how many other things I will discover that are no longer there...or not working or...

I had school this morning.  After lunch, Woody headed off to the oncology clinic and had his second iron infusion.  I left shortly after he left and headed to the library.  I worked on maintenance and got several books ready for circulation.  When I got home, Woody was already home.  I sat down to rest for a few minutes and worked some more on the computer so I could get Woody's crossword puzzle to print.  I took that downstairs for him so he could work it.  Then it was time to fix supper.  I started cleaning up the kitchen before coming up to blog...dishwasher is running, but the dishes that I have to wash by hand still need to be done.  I'll do those when I go back downstairs.   THEN...I will hopefully have enough energy to be able to sew a little tonight.  Or at least get that last sewing software back up and running.

The kitty is being her usual kittenish/curious self.  A minute ago I found her dipping her paw very delicately into the side pocket on my purse.  She hooked the strap of my little point-and-shoot camera on one of her sharp claws!  Never know what she will do next.  A house with lots of sewing things around is not the best place for a curious cat!  She also likes Chapstick...she absconds with the small tubes...carries them around in her mouth like they were her prey!  Then she bats them around and I find them in various places...usually she takes them downstairs with her.  One of the tubes is virtually gone, so I don't mind her playing with it...but I'd like her to keep her paws off my good tube!  Yesterday it was my eye drop bottle...never know with her...what will intrigue her next.  Also, yesterday, I lost a solid wood sphere that is part of the Montessori equipment that I have for the children's school.  I found it in "her room"...the sunroom/laundry room where she sleeps!  The school room and "her room" is downstairs. I am keeping more doors shut as she gets to feeling more "at home" around here!