Thursday, April 30, 2015

Fueling Up for May

A little while ago I decided to watch out the living room window and see what activity would happen at the suet bird feeder. The suet is disappearing rapidly and we often see the suet cage swinging wildly when we go out the door, but so far I hadn't caught any birds feeding there. These pictures aren't the greatest as they are taken from inside through the glass and also through the is a ways from our window to the feeder...but at least these show some of the varieties that fed there in a very short period of time this evening while I was watching. In the few minutes that I watched I saw red headed woodpeckers...two on the feeder at one time, a couple of downy woodpeckers (the one pictured is the red on her head), a mockingbird, and the funniest...a robin. The robin is just not adapted to swing upside down on feeders like a matter of fact in all the time that I have had feeders out, this is the first time that I have seen a robin at one of them. He was quite awkward and would swing wildly around on the feeder trying to get to the bottom of was rather comical as he would swing upside down. We bought a new suet block today, but I will wait to put it in till this one is gone. I guess that the birds are fueling up on this last day of April...getting ready for the month of May. As for me, I can't believe that April is already just hours from being over. Woody walked early this morning...I'm not sure how far...but at least four miles. I can't check as he is next door taking care of seven younguns. Nathan and Kathy are off on a date. They decided to go out to eat at a local restaurant that is located out in the country not far from here...Granny Fishes. I told Nathan that they might see folk that they know...he texted me a while ago to say that our friends the Hasty's are there as well as his preschool Montessori teacher (my former "boss") and also his fifth grade is a very small world here in Tullahoma! I had school today with all my little pupils. Joy got started sewing the pair of shorts that she is making...cut them out and sewed a couple of seams...she is well underway. After lunch, Graham came over for his time of reading with me. When he finished reading, Woody and I headed off to run some errands...a stop at the pharmacy, a stop at the fruit market (and, no "real tomatoes" to be had today), then off to WalMart and Lowes to look at plants and seeds and containers. We came home and planted seeds and plants...really Woody did most of the work I just helped by placing pots and opening a seed packet or two. We ended up planting the new cedar planter that Nathan and Graham made with herb seeds. We used the new container that we bought to plant rosemary (a plant rather than seeds). And we bought a container of "hen and chicks." I remember Woody's parents having "hen and chicks" in their container gardens and I decided that we would try our hand at them. Woody also planted some flower seeds out in two of our front gardens. Now we will see if these seeds sprout. He planted a packet of parsley seeds a week or so ago and they have hopefully at least some of these will too. This last day of Apri definitely was a busy I am ready to settle in and read for a while.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Usual Wednesday

We have had a pretty "normal" Wednesday. I had school with Isaac and then Elijah and then Abigail and Joy came over to read with me. Then Graham came over for his time with Goosey (Woody) and Esther came for her time with with me. After Graham left, Woody headed off to do his weekly Krogering and not long after he left I headed off to work in the church library. Donna and I managed to get quite a few books just a step or two away from being ready for the shelves...a good thing as there is another big book order on its way. Never many dull moments in library work...a librarians work never seems to be done! After I worked for a couple of hours at the library, I went to JoAnn's before going home. Joy and Esther need fabric to make shorts. Joy will start hers tomorrow. I had to get the fabric so I could get it washed and ready. I just put it in the drier a few minutes ago, so I guess it will be ready for her sewing time with me tomorrow morning. After getting home I was ready to sit and rest for a while. Woody headed off for a four-mile walk a little after I got home. When he got back we had supper. This evening I have talked to my favorite (and only) daughter and also to my favorite (and only) sister. Now I am going to head to my chair and read for a while. Woody is probably reading since I don't hear the TV.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

To and From Vandy...Yet Again!

And, as this photo shows, we found the rush hour traffic once again...not quite as bad as sometimes. Note that the two cars in front of us are in the HOV lane and only have one passenger in the car. It is obvious that the rule of not using that lane unless having two or more people in the vehicle is not enforced...and the people who travel this interstate seem to know that it isn't enforced. They think nothing of coming right over in the lane to pass a vehicle in the lane they were in and then staying in the HOV of our pet peeves! We left the house at 7:30am and returned at 4pm...another long day. We got good news from Dr. Sosman...nothing showed as a "hot spot" for Woody's melanoma...except for his left shoulder and his right knee...and Dr. Sosman couldn't say if it was cancer or if they were just places that had been so "traumatized" by surgery and/or radiation that they showed up as hot spots. He did say that even these places were smaller than last time. But there wasn't anything else in Woody's body that showed cancer. Praising the Lord. He did have another Keytruda infusion. On our way home we did make our now traditional stop at Steak and Shake and then headed on down the road towards home and were very glad to pull back into our driveway. Nathan and Graham greeted us, as they are in the midst of building us a planter or two for our little back patio. They had questions to ask Woody before they cut into the wood. As of a while ago, the planter was all built. Woody walked to the prayer room a while ago and has just returned. I don't know about Woody, but I am ready to sit back and relax. Vanderbilt always takes "something" out of me...and I'm not the patient! The patient seems to tolerate that trips better than I do!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Monday Musings

We have had another pretty spring day...a bit breezy and on the cool side...but at least a sunshiny day...always love to see the sun shine. We got the week started off with school. We are on the downhill slide for this school year. When it is a day like today, they would just as soon be outside...but we got lessons and reading done. Abigail worked some more on the pair of shorts that she is making. She got the hems done...usually one of the last things but on this knit it was easier to do them first while the legs are flat. She used the serger cover stitch to do them and did a very good job. After lunch, I worked in the kitchen...preparing ingredients for tonight's veggie burger patties. I discovered that we had some onions that weren't long for this world so I worked with them...salvaging what I could of least they weren't a total what I had to peel off of each onion to find the good ended up in the compost pile...good to make rich dirt for future use! I got the veggie burger patties prepared and then refrigerated them till it was time for supper. I loaded the dishwasher and then went upstairs to read for a while. I talked on the phone with my sister for a while, too. Woody went for a four-mile walk this morning. He has once again spent a lot of time out in the yard mowing and raking. Tomorrow we will be on the road again...heading back to Vanderbilt...the story of our lives lately...this will be the third trip this month. He will have lab work done, see Dr. Sosman, find out the results of the PET scan, and have his next Keytruda infusion. The first appointment isn't super early...which is a good thing...hopefully we can avoid most of the Murfreesboro/Nashville rush hour. I'll report tomorrow night on our day and what the doctor said about the scan results.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Saturday Doings

Woody headed off to do his usual Saturday doings...Credit Union, Walmart, even added in Krogers, and the library. I put the groceries away and then decided that I would make a recipe that I had found on the internet the other day. It was a copycat recipe for Red Lobster's Cheddar Bay biscuits. I must say that they are pretty good. Woody did say that he thought that they had less salt in them than Red Lobster's...and that was the idea of me making them...I could control the amount of salt. They were plenty salty enough...not overly salty as I find Red Lobster's...though, Red Lobster's are irresistible to me when we eat there! Nathan and Kathy and family were planning to run some errands after lunch and Joseph was ready for his nap so they brought him over here to nap. Isaac decided that he would rather stay with Grammy and Goosey (Woody) than shop. Isaac and I played pirate ship for a while and then read books for a while. Then he and Goosey went outside to pick up sticks in the front yard and then they sat on the front porch and talked until they saw Isaac's family return. Woody headed off on his four-mile walk. Joseph woke up from his nap very shortly after his family got back so I took him back home. Tonight's picture shows part of what we call "the back 40." This is the lot directly behind our house (you can see the back of our house (yellow siding and steep pitched roof) through the bushes (blueberry bushes right behind the garden)and trees and the back of Nathan and Kathy's house (red brick) is to the right in the picture through the trees. The back 40 belongs to Nathan and Kathy. It is one of the few places on either of our properties that gets enough sun for a garden. This year they are hoping to control weeds and also supply the proper growing conditions for melons...that is their plan for the garden pictured this year. Joy is growing green beans in part of Goosey's garden that is towards the back of our yard. I'm not sure what Woody plans to grow in the rest of his garden...probably some tomatoes...not sure what else. Woody also has a raised garden that he has lettuces, spinach, some garlic and also basil and sage. We have some containers/barrels on our back "patio" where we grow herbs and this year a tomato plant. Woody and Nathan are planning for Nathan and Graham to build me a planter box that I plan to grow more herbs in. Nathan and Kathy also have another garden on the other side of their fenced in back yard. I noticed a little while ago when I looked out the window that Nathan was working on that garden and all seven children were enjoying the swings, etc. in their back yard...part swinging and part pushing their siblings. Nice evening activities for a very nice spring day. It rained during the night and we had had storms predicted for this afternoon...but the afternoon storms never it ended up being a good day to be outside...either playing or working...or just sitting and enjoying.

Friday, April 24, 2015

On The Road Again...

Today's my doctor for a six month check-in and lab work...took us right through the "nursery capital of the world." Once you get out of Manchester on the way to McMinnville you start seeing green houses, lines of baby trees, etc. We left the house a little before 8am and were back home around my doctor trip doesn't take as long as Woody's do! We stopped on the way home at our favorite fruit and vegetable stand (less than a mile from our house) and bought some more "real tomatoes." That was our only stop except for the doctor's office. We ate lunch pretty much as soon as we got home...I was it was fasting bloodwork. Not long after I finished lunch, Nathan came over with a dilemma. They have been waiting and waiting to get their RV fixed and they got the call today that the parts were in and to bring it in. They thought that they would take it tomorrow, but the weather forecast is for lots of rain and storms. He was checking if it would either be possible for Woody to follow in our car (so Nathan would have a way home) or if we would take care of the children and Kathy would go. In the end we took care of six of the children and Kathy, Abigail and Nathan went. What an afternoon...I am in awe of how they get everything managed over there. Joy had an appointment for speech so I took her to that. When I got home Esther was on "kitchen duty" for today and that included making two loaves of bread in their bread machines. We got started on the bread and realized that we needed more soy milk (Joseph can't have any real milk they make their bread with soy milk so he can eat it). So Woody and Graham went to the store for soy milk...found out later from Kathy that we could have used almond milk which they also had...but the recipe "said" soy and Esther and I were trying to follow the recipe. When Woody and Graham got back we got to work on the bread and Woody and Graham went next door to do Graham's weekly hour lesson with Goosey (Woody). We had to have Joy show us how to get one of the bread machines working and Graham had to come over to get the other one started! Grammy makes bread the old fashioned way...I don't know anything about bread machines! After bread making was finished, we all headed outside. Isaac, Joseph and I stayed inside the fence and got some fresh air. The bigger kids went off to work in their gardens on the other side of the fence and out in back of our house. Joy was planning to work on getting the garden turned that is on "the back 40." Joy amazed her parents in getting it all turned.
She came to me one time and told me that one of the neighbors told her that it would be easier to turn it with a tool that "started with a "t"" but she wasn't sure what that tool was. She wanted to know if Goosey had one! The only thing that I could think of was a "trowel" since I was thinking of small garden tools. She said that she didn't think that was the tool he said. About an hour later, I thought...ah! a tiller! Well, we are not sure which of the backdoor neighbors helped her out...but that plot got tilled. Ahhhhhh the wiles of a young girl! Wouldn't you help her out, it you saw her pretty smile?
After gardening, they came in and the girls got going on the finishing touches of their supper...they made the salad for the family. Esther's job on kitchen duty was set the she did that and she and Joy had fun getting it set up "like a restaurant"...wrapping their utinsels in a napkin. When I found out that Nathan and Kathy and Abigail were almost home I served up the children's it was pretty much time to sit down when they walked in the door. Everyone was pretty hungry as it was a bit later than they usually eat. I came home, but had to run back and get my camera...and boy did the baking bread smell good when I walked back in the door...Esther's bread at least passed the smell test! Woody and I are now settling in for a relaxing evening...I'm ready for my recliner...Woody is already sitting in his. There was never any time for Woody to take a walk you might imagine! Busy, busy day for this Grammy and Goosey!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Me Tarzan, You Jane

It has really been a pretty day today. The neighbors (Nathan, Kathy & children) and Woody have enjoyed being outside working in gardens, mowing, raking, etc. Tonight's picture shows Elijah and Esther having fun in the little wooded area that is behind our house(part of their property that backs up to our lot that we call "the back forty")...lots of wonderful vines to swing and climb on. Looks rather "jungly"...don't you think? Woody went for a four-mile walk about the time that Isaac came over for school. We pretty much had a normal day of school. The morning ended with Joy and me getting a shorts pattern to fit her. Now for the next step...real fabric. I just came inside from inspecting the big job that Nathan is undertaking for us...washing off the siding on our house. Our house is shaded so much by trees that not much sun hits it...thus mold tends to grow on it. It is looking so much better. I cooked our supper and even had enough energy to be able to clean up the kitchen afterwards...but I think I was only able to accomplish both tasks due to the fact that I managed to doze off for a while this afternoon while I was attempting to finish a book. Finishing the book is next on my list of to-do's this evening.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Another April Shower

A shower popped up just a little while ago...caught Woody out on his four-mile walk. I was the winner on the one who woke up first this morning--before 3am...I fell asleep early last night and when I woke up at 3:00 it was like I had had a long I couldn't go back to sleep. I read, worked on another book order for the church library. Woody woke up early but not as early as I did. He decided that it was time to fix the bed in the school room (the slats had fallen out from the frame)...then I straightened up the decorative pillows on the bed and got the room ready for Isaac's school time. Woody headed off to do our weekly Krogering sometime after 7am...I guess he was hoping to be the early bird and get more opportunity at their specials. I was working with Isaac when he got home. I later found out that he had also gone to Walmart and gotten some flowers and other things to plant. When Isaac got finished with his school with me, he helped Goosey (Woody) plant. Then Elijah came over and he read and then did several math things...including me introducing him to multiplication. Abigail and Joy read and Esther had her long time with me. Esther cross stitched for a while (till her hands got tired) and then she straightened out her sewing basket. Then we went upstairs and we started working on getting a shorts pattern to fit her. After lunch, I headed off to the church library to work for a couple of hours with Donna. We both kept busy and managed to get several things done. I came home and was ready to sit down. Woody worked a good part of the afternoon on the yard...mowing and various and sundry other things. As I mentioned, he came home a little while ago...rather wet from his walk of the day. I'm ready for this very long day to come to an least ready to head to my recliner and read for a while. Here's Abigail and her doll in their matching dresses...she made both dresses:

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Cup of Tea to End a Busy Day

We got underway this morning about 5:45...a bit later than we had planned as neither of us responded as well as we planned to the alarm...I dozed back off after hearing it and Woody said that he was awake waiting for it to go off and he never heard it! Oh, well, we got going in time to make the appointment in plenty of time. It did take us around two hours to get there due to rush hour traffic. Everything went pretty much like clockwork...I figured that Woody would be finished with the PET scan around 10am if all stayed on schedule and we were leaving the PET scan area just minutes after 10:00. One of our church members is a patient at Vanderbilt so we stopped by to see her and then we were on our way back toward Tullahoma. Since we were prior to lunch time we went right by Steak and Shake and instead stopped at a shopping mall in Murfreesboro. I had been wanting to buy some new mugs and we did find some that I liked...pictured above. I decided a while back that I wanted to replace my missmatched mugs with six that were the same...and, decided to do that with birthday money that my favorite sister, Cheryl, gave me for my birthday. So that mission was accomplished today. We got home a little after 1pm and ate lunch. Woody worked some out in the yard. And, after supper he walked to the prayer room at church. Woody will find out the results from the PET scan next week when he has appointments for labs, the doctor, and another infusion. Three appointments at Vanderbilt in one month come all too close together...we just turn around and it is time for another one!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday Munchkins

We had a thunderstorm in the middle of the night...with rather strong winds. First thing this morning, Woody spent about an hour outside picking up branches that had been blown down and still probably didn't get them all. He left to run errands before I started school with Isaac. Elijah came over and read another Dick and Jane story and then I read him a book that had a Viking in it...which got him interested in knowing more about Vikings. We headed to Grammy's iPad and looked at info about Vikings on several kids' sites and even found a short video. Then it was time for Esther to read, then Joy. After Joy read, Woody and I headed over to their house to get instructions from Kathy as to what needed to be done with and for the children over the next several hours. Nathan and Kathy had dermotologist appointments in Murfreesboro. They go to the same dermotologist as Woody does. As soon as I heard lunch instructions, etc. then Abigail and I headed over to our house to finish up her doll dress and then get ready for her next sewing project...a pair of shorts. The pattern is pinned to the that project is started. At that point, it was time for lunch at their house. Not long after lunch it was time for Graham to come over here and we broke away and left the rest of the gang with Goosey (Woody). After Graham, Elijah came over for his "long time" with me. He wanted to sew on fabric today. So he chose a stitch and then sewed a straight line and then would pivot and eventually made a shape that ended where he started off...a good way for him to learn how to control speed and move around on the fabric. While we were over here the mailman delivered a box of children's books that I had ordered for the church library...a privelege for the church librarian's grandchildren is to get to read them first if they would like. Elijah and I read a couple and then I took a couple over and read them to Isaac later on (and several others listened in too). Nathan and Kathy got home around 4pm and Woody and I headed home. Woody decided that tonight was a good night to try a new recipe that he had gotten ingredients for at the store on Saturday...Supreme Crispy Quinoa Vegetable Burgers. We shared the task of getting the various ingredients prepped for the burgers. I have never been very fond of veggie burgers. I will say that these were better than ones that I have had before...not exactly as tasty as a juicy all-beef hamburger...but edible and as Woody says this recipe is a keeper and we will make them again. Woody has now gone to The Life Care Center to turn the TV to a baseball game for the gentleman that Woody does Bible Study with. Woody asked him this morning if he wanted the game on tonight and he let Woody know that he did by showing him with his eyes. Can you imagine being so totally dependant on people to do things for you...what would be a simple thing to do for most of us is impossible for him to do...change the channel on the TV...and unless someone knows that he wants to watch baseball he wouldn't get to. Luckily Woody has found several interests of this man's by asking "yes" and "no" questions and is trying to help vary his existence a bit. Woody said that he wouldn't want to lie in bed all day and only have the history channel on...the only channel Woody has ever seen his TV tuned to. I am going to go turn on the drier and then fold clothes while watching Dancing With the Stars. Then I will have to pull together whatever I want to take with me in the morning when we head off to Vanderbilt. We have to leave very early as they have asked him to be there by 8:00...and one never knows how long it will take to get there with morning rush hour traffic. Sometimes it takes hours and hours and sometimes we sail right in with no delays. Tomorrow is only a PET scan appointment..."maybe" we won't be there for hours and hours and hours...time will tell!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Things are Greening UP!

At this time of the year I love to just go out into the yard and "look up." It is amazing to me how much greener it gets overhead everyday. The first picture shows two interesting trees in our backyard--shagbark hickories taken today and the other picture was taken yesterday as I just stood in about the middle of our front yard and looked up. You "might" get a perception of how very tall the trees are in our yard...let's just say that looking up can cause a dizzying effect! This week our world has been colored with the "spring green" crayon in the crayola box! When I moved to TN, I found out that there really was a difference in the greens at different times of the year...and right now the leaves have that very light green that pretty closely matches the spring green crayon. It is a light and airy time of the I can look up and still see through the trees to the won't be long till we won't be able to see the sky for the trees and their canopy of leaves. The leaves get bigger every day...almost seem to grow right before my eyes. Woody went to WalMart and Kroger this morning and then after he came home with the groceries he headed off to the library. Then he pretty much spent most of the rest of the day outside working in the yard. He mowed, mulched leaves, cleaned off our little patio, raked, etc. Everything is really looking good around here. Later in the afternoon, he went on his four-mile walk. I have done a little of this and a little of that around the house. I did some washing, some vacuuming, some picking up, and I did manage to finish the crop pants that I was making for myself...finally got over having to pick out every seam that I sewed! I went out and sat on the front porch to watch for birds. My little friend that I pictured last night, a nuthatch, returned quite a few times to get seeds from the bird feeder. I didn't see the hummingbird nor did I see any little birds go to my new bird feeder nor any go near the new houses. I talked to Cheryl (my favorite sister (only sister)) while I sat there so perhaps I scared some away. A blue jay did fly in for a minute and I figure he was thinking about the suet feeder as I know in the past blue jays were frequent feeders there. So next time I will sit more quietly and perhaps more will come. I had fun watching our across the street neighbor and his date for the prom pose for pictures. She had on the prettiest yellow dress...I have always been partial to a matter of fact my prom dress was yellow...but paler than this young ladies. I got sleepy after supper and dozed for a little while. I woke up feeling chilly and then realized that my arms were achy...guessed that rain was coming...checked the forecast...and sure is predicted to rain sometime in the middle of the night...Well, we are both in for the evening. We both have books to read and I hear the TV running downstairs. Looks/sounds like another typical Saturday evening in the Dorrell household!

Friday, April 17, 2015

A Little Birdie Told Me...

This has been a day for the birds. And, the first of the day for me was really "for the birds." I got up and decided that I would do some sewing. I managed to make the same mistake twice...meaning that I had to pick out four rather long seams. I finally got it that time it was time for lunch! After lunch I went outside and sprayed a clear coating on the bird houses. After they dried (quite quick drying stuff), Woody attempted to attach the mounting hardware, but he found out that the bolts included with the poles weren't long enough to go through the hardware and the bottom of the birdhouse. So he had to go to the hardware store to get some more bolts. He managed to find the right size and came home and got the hardware mounted and then put the poles together. Then we went outside and decided where to place the new birdhouses. I like these birdhouses...but not as well as the ones we had before. The poles are better than the ones before, though. Hopefully some little birds will be glad that they are there and take up residence. Besides all his birdhouse work, Woody has really worked hard outside today. He has mowed and mowed and mowed. He defintely seems to be feeling better and also stronger in his upper body strength these days. He has to rest periodically...but no where near as much and doesn't seem to come in huffing and and puffing like he was there for a while. Now...about tonight's blog title...a little birdie did actually tell me something today. I was sitting on the front porch after we got the bird houses put up and all of a sudden something buzzed really close to my first I thought that it was one of those big bees but then realized that it was a hummingbird. As soon as he buzzed me, he headed to where the hummingbird feeder used to be. I decided he was trying to tell me something! So I went inside and made some hummingbird nectar. After it cooled, I filled the hummingbird feeder and hung it back where it had been last year. After that, I filled the suet feeder and put seeds in our other two feeders. So the birds should be happy in our yard for a short while at least. I sat on the porch and listened to all the birds up in the trees and hoped that some would come visit the feeders and/or the houses. Shortly after I filled one of the feeders a nuthatch flew in and got some seeds. I never captured him with the camera when he was on the feeder but spotted him on the tree where he landed to eat the seed and gota picture of him there. Not long after that a pretty cardinal landed in our yard and then a robin posed for a while up in the dogwood tree. I have created a collage of some of the pictures showing part of our day for the birds! You can click on the collage to see the photos larger.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Thundery Thursday

I woke up to thunder rumbles this morning and we have had them off and on all through the day. Our new birdhouses arrived this morning. We were busily getting them unboxed and Woody was trying to figure out how to attach them to the poles and I happened to read a paper that had been put in with the birdhouses. This insert suggested that they be coated with polyurethane to protect the painted surfaces. So we hopped in the car and headed to our local Lowes. We found something that hopefully will work. While we were there the bottom dropped out and it rained really hard for a little while. When the rain started to let up a bit, we struck out for the car..and didn't get too least we didn't melt. The weather has never allowed me to go outside to spray this coating on the houses so the little birdies will have to wait a bit longer for their new homes. Woody waited till after lunch to go on his four-mile walk today. We have both dozed a couple of times today...a good day to laze around! I have been reading some as has Woody. I made us a ham and macaroni of my mother's recipes...a favorite recipe to use leftover ham in. Now the ham bone is all that is left. We will make soup, but since I don't have any plans for using the bone immediately I put it in the freezer for another day. I had planned to sew some today, but the intermittent thunderstorms today didn't make it a good day to sew so have put that off for another day too. If I was real ambitious I could do a little cutting out of some future projects but not sure that ambition is there!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Decisions! Decisions!

Woody walked four miles this morning after the last of the rain passed through. I got up and read a little more on the e-book that I have been reading and then got busy on some library work...addressing envelopes to send the overdue notices. Woody put the stamps on them and took them out to the mail box. I left a little after I ate lunch so I could stop at Office Max to pick up some colored paper clips for the library. Donna and I used the clips to mark the cards of the books that we have notified folk about. I also got the addresses that I didn't know from the church secretary. I still have to address those envelopes and get those in the mail tomorrow. Then the "overdue task" will be finished till another time. We just have to sit back and see how many of them come back! We also deleted books from our computer records that had been very long overdue and never came back after the last time we sent overdue notices. We're not like the public library...not very strict on how long folk keep the books...but there comes a time that it is just time to check to see if the items have taken up permanent residence with the library patron! We don't charge a no one gets too worried about them being overdue! Not my favorite library task! On my way home I stopped at the public library and picked up a couple more I have two church library books, two public library books, and two e-books checked out...of those I am in the middle of reading two of them. At least when I am ready for a new book to read I have them stacked up and ready to choose from! Woody did our weekly Krogering. He also had a local doctor appointment today...they called and moved the appointment to later in the afternoon. When Woody got there they told him that they had called again and left a message that they wanted to put his appointment off till another day. He told them that the only reason that he had the appointment was to get his prescription the nurse renewed the prescription and his appointment was taken off the calendar! So worked out okay. The doctor was in surgery longer than in many hours longer...I made a green bean recipe to go with our ham leftovers for tonight's supper. Lately I have been going back to older recipes that we have made for years...those oldies are really tasty. I got to wondering today how many recipes we have tried over the years that we have been married...lots and lots! My sister called while I finishing up the green beans and we ended up talking a long time. I sent her pictures of the pictures that I am considering put on canvas. And, that is where tonight's title comes from...lots of decisions to be made. One thing I know I have way too many pictures when it comes to choosing a couple to print in this manner. I sent some of the pictures that I was considering and then sent her pictures of the pictures on the iPad with the picture on the screen in a place that it might be hung in the living room. In the end I think that we decided on maybe it is time to stop looking and just go have that one done! After all those decisions I am ready to settle into my recliner and read one of the books that I have started. Woody has been reading and watching some TV.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

"Woof Woof"

Joseph has a major interest when he goes outdoors these days...these "woof woofs." They live right next door to Joseph and he loves to go up to the fence to try to get them to come over to him. These dogs have been the escape artists of the neighborhood...but no their yard is now wired electrically to keep them back from the perimeter of their yard and keep away from the places in the fence that they have been able to escape through. Woody made banana bread early this morning and then cleaned up the kitchen. I had a normal Tuesday school time with the children. While I was having school, Woody walked to the barber to get a haircut. After lunch I went to get my hair cut (I didn't walk!). So it was a haircutting day for this Dorrell household. Woody has spent a lot of time in the yard today. He has done a lot of mowing. I came home from my haircut and walked around the yard trying to capture some of the flowers that are blooming and ended up next door and captured tonight's blog photo. We had leftovers for supper. It's a good thing that I wasn't supposed to cook tonight as I sat down in my recliner and didn't wake up till it was time for supper. After supper, Woody walked to the prayer room at church and hasn't yet returned. I have had trouble waking up from my nap...I ate supper and then started reading again and kept dozing off...still feeling the effects of the if the blog doesn't make sense...(That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!)

Monday, April 13, 2015

More April Showers

Woody walked four miles early this morning in order to beat the showers that were on their way. We haven't had rain all day long but several times of showers. I had school this morning. Then this afternoon I took it and rested and then mid afternoon I put together a casserole for tonight's supper. Woody had Bible study at the Life Care Center this morning with one of their residents. This young man is a quadrapalegic due to a motorcycle accident...only in his fifties. He can only communicate with his eyes. Woody has found out various things about the gentleman by asking "yes" and "no" questions. One thing that he has found out is that he likes baseball...especially the he is originally from New York. Tonight Woody stopped by Life Care to get his TV turned to a station that had a Yankee game on. After doing that Woody went to church and picked up a name of someone who had recently visited in our church and stopped by their home and delivered a homemade loaf of emphasis that our church does once a month called "Bread of Life Outreach." I got the dishwasher loaded after supper and then came upstairs and just a few moments ago finished the book that I was reading...definitely this one in the series was better than the one before it. Now it is time for Dancing With the Stars.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Saturday Doings

The day seems to have flown all seem to these it my age?!? Woody did his Saturday errands = Walmart, Kroger, fruit and vegetable market (its opened again after being closed for the winter...and we can once again get "real" tomatoes), and his weekly library visit. I have once again gone from one job to another...sewing (altered the pattern and cut out a pair of crop pants for myself), church library work (overdue book letters...composing and printing out the letters and also finalizing one of two library book orders),finding birdhouses online and making an order. Our old birdhouses had seen better days...pretty run down even for the lowest birdies in bird society, reading (my breaks when I needed to sit down), looking at some of my photos on the laptop (still trying to choose one to have put on a canvas to hang). I put the groceries away along with some pots and pans...a job that takes getting down on the floor to put them away...not easy for either of us these days...but still easier for me than it is for Woody. We have both enjoyed leftovers from the no cooking of any import today. Woody has taken advantage of the sunny day and worked out in the yard some. He also went on a four-mile walk which he has just returned from. It has been a beautiful day...but I have enjoyed looking at the day through the windows as the pollen count is high and I want to "try" to avoid bad allergy problems this year...not always easy to do. I will end on the note that Melany called a little while ago to say that she had posted a picture on Facebook of Alex and his girlfriend heading off to their senior prom...oh, my...see, I told you that days and, yes, even years just seem to fly by lately...there is no way that Alex should be old enough to go to his senior prom...much less graduate from high school in a little over a month. Oh, my...

Friday, April 10, 2015

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Well, those rascally squirrels have decided to turn my new birdfeeder into a squirrel feeder. I knew that it was only a matter of time till they figured out a way to help themselves to the seeds! This morning was the first time that I caught one of them in the feeder. I snapped this picture from inside since I knew if I opened the door that it would scare him away. There was another one out on a limb just waiting his turn.
Woody got up and cleaned up the kitchen. Yesterday I was too tired to totally clean up after my cooking stints with the turkey and then the eggplant parmasan. So Woody had the kitchen all spic and span when I went downstairs first thing this morning. He did spend some time in the yard...not as much as yesterday since it was quite a bit cooler today. He did take a four-mile walk this afternoon. I have been making plans for the next sewing projects for the girls and also for myself. I told the girls that hopefully they could each make themselves a pair of shorts for summer. Now to find patterns in the correct sizes. I looked through my stash of patterns and found a couple that will possibly work. After lunch, I went to JoAnn's to look around. I managed to come home with only one piece of fabric...which was good as I went in looking for something specific and they usually don't have what I am looking for if I go in with something in mind. I came home and continued to put away things from past sewing projects that are now completed...trying to find the top of my cutting table once again. I did manage cut the turkey off the bone and put in the freezer several packages of slices and pieces for future cooking/eating. I took breaks today reading on two books that I am in the midst actual book and one e-book. Woody finished the book that he was reading. And, read a book that that I was considering for the church library. I have been working some more on the overdue library list. It was a sort of jump from one thing to another today...not a lot accomplished...but it has been a relaxing where I didn't "have" to do any specific thing. Our weather was quite a bit cooler than yesterday after the rain and storms that passed through in the wee hours of the morning. I don't know if this is considered another "winter" or not...but one of the winters is Dogwood Winter and the dogwoods are the pink, red and white very pretty!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Thursday Capture

Here's a new "capture" for me...a rufous-sided towhee. I looked away and looked back and there he was sitting on top of the bird feeder. He's the largest bird that I have seen come to this feeder...though I never saw him get any seeds...he just sat there and posed and then shook his tail and away he flew (remeniscent of a nursery rhyme!). Woody went on his four-mile walk early this morning...he was gone when I got up this morning. I lazed around a bit longer than normal as we didn't have school today because the neighbors (Nathan and Kathy and family) had a gig that took them away during school time. After I got up I got the turkey breasts roasting in the oven. Then I fixed my breakfast and went out on the front porch to eat it and drink my morning cup of tea...enjoying the prettiness of the day and watching for birds. I hope that I didn't stay out longer than I should...pollen is pretty heavy and I don't want it to get my allergies going...but I hate missing sitting on the porch on pretty days. I ran an errand this afternoon...picking up a prescription at the pharmacy. Then I read for a while. Woody stayed outside a good part of the day working in the yard and in the gardens. After I read for a while, I went downstairs and sliced the meat off one of the turkey breasts. I will do the other one tomorrow after it has had time to chill well. I plan to freeze part of the meat to use at a later time in some recipe/s or another to be determined as the mood strikes when I decide to pull it out to use it! I fixed us eggplant parmasan for our supper. We are ready to settle in for the evening...probably both of us will read as we both have good books at the moment. Storms are predicted for the middle of the night. I just looked at radar and they are definitely on the way...time will tell how severe they will be.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

"Each One, Teach One"

Tonight's blog title is a saying that the "sewing community" touts. The idea being teaching someone else how to sew will help the sewing art from becoming a dying art. So we are encouraged to teach at least one person how to sew. Let's see...Elijah becomes my fifth "someone" to teach how to use a sewing machine. So I guess I am keeping up with than my part of this "sewing bargain!" It's so much fun to see his eagerness...of course for him, being a boy, it is the fun of learning how to run a MACHINE! He did great and was quite precise sewing around this square and learning how to pivot at the corners. We start out sewing on paper...learning how to maneuver around various shapes. He now has the start for a sewing more to keep up to date! Both Woody and I got up early this morning. I woke up to the light shining in my face...I guess I fell asleep before I meant to as I also had my glasses still book was closed, though. Woody headed off to the grocery store a little after 7...early bird gets the worm on Kroger specials on Senior Adult discount Wednesdays. Today's bargain was fresh turkey breasts. Guess I will be doing some cooking tomorrow. We had our usual Wednesday school schedule. Graham worked with Goosey (Woody) and Esther cross stitched with me for their long times. Graham is working on memorizing the various elements and their abbreviations and atomic numbers. Woody has some memory techniques he is using to help Graham learn these. Esther is getting great at following a cross stitch she can stitch along and I read out loud to her while she stitches till she needs a little help. Elijah asked for some more sewing time during his regular time so after he read and did a couple of other things he got to sew for a little while. After lunch, I headed to the library. Donna, Fran, and I got together a list of overdue books. Then we had to check the shelves to make sure that they weren't on the shelf before we ask patrons if they still have them. We couldn't believe how many were back on the shelves that didn't show checked in on the computer...wonder if it was computer glitch or human error. We decided in this case to blame on it on the computer since it can't talk back to us! I came home and collapsed with my book and even dozed a little. We had leftovers for supper tonight. Woody has done a lot of yard work today...he was in and out a lot today. Everything is getting so green around Middle TN. It was so nice to see how everything is greening up around here. Couldn't see colors on the way home as it was dark by the time that we got away. We were out of the infusion area a little after 6:30...but it took quite a while to get our car. We use the free valet parking when we go as it is so much easier than self-parking. The valet parking closes around 6pm and after that one has to call a number to get your car. Well, I called. They asked if we were already downstairs and I said that we were so they said that they would bring it right to us. Well...we waited and we waited and...finally someone else came out and they called for their car. For some reason their car was parked right where we were waiting, but they had to get their keys. So the man came right away with their key and we asked him about our car explaining that it had been 20 min. since I had called. He went and got our car and we finally got under way around 7:20. This meant that we didn't get home till 8:45...a very long day. Our next few appointments are earlier...thank goodness. We are not fond of the ones that are late in the afternoon. We have had a very warm day the 80's! Woody is taking an evening walk tonight...I'm guessing that he will walk four miles. He asked me to my "get-up-and-go" has gotten up and gone. Now, I'm off to attempt to call our birthday girl. It's Melany's birthday today...I won't tell how old she is since it would reflect on my age!!!! Let's just say I can't believe that we have a daughter THAT old...just couldn't be so...seems like yesterday that we were holding her in our arms as a newborn! Happy Birthday, Melany!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Vandy Day

Woody is hooked up and finally getting his Keytruda infusion...just started at 6pm. We got here early but it didn't really help. Everything has gone pretty much on schedule. It took a while for the lab reports to be posted...I think that is what held up the infusion...infusion appointment was for 4:30. Anyway, it is finally is a 30 minute infusion and then the lines have to be flushed. We should be away from here before 7pm...then it is 1 1/2 hour drive least...depending on traffic. This morning I had school with Isaac and Elijah. I went to the library to get the next book in the series...yes, I finally finished it. I looked at what the next book in the series dealt with and found out it continued the story that I had just finished. So I got the next one and so far it is reading better than the one I just finished. I have read close to 100 pages during our wait. After I got back from the library, we headed off. We drove the back road...really pretty with all the signs of Spring. We decided to stop for our Steak and Shake treat on our way this time since we knew that we would probably be leaving Vandy fairly late. We got to Vandy about an hour prior to Woody's first appointment. And, we continue to hang our here! I decided that I would blog from here on my iPad...thus no photo tonight. It WILL be good to be far we have been away from home about 7 hours...Vandy ALWAYS equals a long day.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Joy's Got the Whole World in Her Hands!

Woody started out the day gardening. He got the plants put out that we bought on Saturday. He knew that it was going to rain so it was a very good day to get them into the ground.
And, rain it started mid-morning and has rained pretty much steadily the rest of the day. I looked at the radar a little while ago and I think that it is about to stop. Nice April showers! I have had a busy day of school. The school day started with Isaac, then Elijah came for his time. Then it was time for Esther and then Joy to come over for their time of reading out loud with me. Then it was time for Abigail to come for her sewing hour. She just has to finish sewing on a couple of snaps and her doll dress that matches the dress she made for herself will be done. While one of the girls was reading Woody headed off to Life Care Center to do Bible study with one of the residents. He brought us home Arby's Roast Beef sandwiches for our lunch. Not long after I ate it was time for Graham to come over for his reading time. Then it was Elijah's "Grammy long time." Today I introduced him to the sewing machine. He will start his sewing lessons in the next school year, but I decided that he could start learning the parts of the machine and how the machine works here at the end of this year. He was pretty excited! He tried out several of the stitches on a scrap of fabric. After Elijah finished his time with me, Joy came over to do her sewing lesson. She usually sews on a different day, but there were going to be conflicts on her day so we did it today. Tonight's picture shows that she finished up her latest sewing project. She pieced together some fabric to make a backing for the map fabric panel that I bought for the school room a while ago. She then sewed the back to the front and turned it right sides out. Today she pressed it and then edge stitched around the whole thing. Looks great and we talked about different places in the world as she sewed it. By the time that Joy's sewing time was over, I was very ready for my recliner! I am still attempting to finish the book that I have been reading...I'm very close to the end now...less than 100 pages. This book has almost 500 pages and it pretty much all takes place in 24 hours...or at least to this point in the book. I am heading downstairs to watch Dancing with the Stars. Tonight we will be switching back and forth between Dancing and Basketball so Woody can keep up with what is happening with the final game of March Madness. There is no telling what time I will be blogging tomorrow night as Woody's last appointment is quite late in the day...I'm sure that it will be another looooooooong Vanderbilt day! Oh, I almost forgot...Woody made a really good roasted cauliflower recipe for our supper: Cauliflower Snowflakes...another Barefoot Contessa recipe.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

New Experience

I did something this morning that I had never done before...made cheese...ricotta cheese, to be exact. It was not hard to make and it turned out really great...nice and creamy smooth and pretty tasty too. The main thing that I use ricotta in is my lasagna recipe, but I just wasn't in the mood to make lasagna, so looked on the internet for some other recipes that use ricotta. I chose a recipe for "Fluffy Ricotta Pancakes" and we had breakfast for supper this evening. Two successful new recipes in one day! Woody did his Walmarting early today (probably a good thing on this busy day of the year for retailers...especially for a Walmart in our small town!). He looked in Walmart for creeping phlox and also went to Lowe's to check out theirs. He came home and said that he needed me to go back with him to find the right color phlox. We went back to both places mid-afternoon. Walmart won on having the best color. These plants are inside for the night on our sun tonight we are under a hard freeze warning. He'll put them out on a warmer day which we do have promise of after this cold snap. I think that this is Middle Tennessee's "red bud winter." At least we noticed a lot of red buds in bloom as we drove across town. Woody went for a four-mile walk this afternoon. I have been reading...trying to finish this really long book that seems to be taking me forever to read. If this book wasn't a part of a series that I have read many in, I'm not sure that I would have stuck it out this just seems to be dragging more than any of the previous books did...most of those have had me on the edge of my far this one has been mostly putting me to sleep! I still have a couple of hundred pages to I am guessing there is still excitement to come?!? Woody also went to the library this morning. He has read and watched some March Madness.

Friday, April 3, 2015

A Windy/Stormy Good Friday

Here's a couple of the pictures that I captured using my iPad as a remote control for my point and shoot camera. I put the camera on a tripod and aimed it at my new bird feeder and than sat in the glider on our porch and attempted to capture a few pictures...and, had better luck than yesterday. Elijah was intrigued with how I could take a picture away from the camera so I snapped one him making a silly face. Woody woke up waaaaaay too early (3am) this morning. He woke me up when he came upstairs to get something...he went back downstairs and later told me that he went right back to sleep, but I ended up reading for a while till I could get back to sleep. He said that he woke up an hour or so later and decided that he couldn't get back to sleep that time so he got up and headed out on a walk. This is the first time that he has taken a long walk in a long time. He walked 12 miles. I was awakened by a phone call...again too early...before 7am. Oh, well, I decided that I might as well get up and start my day. I cooked a ham...figured that I might as well get my weekend cooking underway. And, several of the grandchildren and their father enjoyed a bite or two after it got out of the oven. Woody worked in the yard again today. Abigail and Joy worked some more on washing off the house. Then their daddy took over and sprayed it with a special cleaner that I had gotten quite a while back, but we had never used. The children have been in and out as they finished various school task and other tasks. I spent quite a while on the front porch taking pictures. It was sort of a lazy day for me. It looks/sounds like what the winds have been blowing our way all day is getting closer as I am hearing thunder. I know that we are under a tornado watch till late tonight. Also hail is predicted...I cringe when hail is mentioned as it reminds me of the destruction that it did several years ago to our brand new siding...well, that side and part of the front of the house just has newer siding than the rest...don't want to have hail damage again! Weatherbug just chirped at me and made me jump! Guess I had better see what it is telling us...dangerous thunderstorm alert until 8:04pm...guess I'd better hit publish and shut things down for a while! Rain has started...and tornado watch (conditions are right for a tornado (not one sighted on the ground))until 11pm. Spring severe weather has started...oh, boy...

Thursday, April 2, 2015


Woody started out early in the yard...determined to get the leaves mulched that had been put into the natural ditch that runs through our backyard...have attempted to fill this low area up for years. And, his goal was reached...he accomplished the mulching thanks to Graham's help. I had a usual Thursday school day. Woody kept putting off his walk this afternoon as the radar showed that rain was on its way...well, the rain must have gotten lost as it never made it here except for a couple of sprinkles. Woody decided that he was going to go on his four-mile walk and not wait on the rain. I told him that it was sure to rain since he was heading out...but it didn't! Our neighbors (Nathan, Kathy, and children) started a monumental task for us today...washing down the siding on our side and the back looks ever so much better! Can't thank them enough! Graham came over to read after lunch and we sat on the front porch and enjoyed the pretty afternoon. After he went back home, I decided that I was going to attempt to catch some birds eating from the new bird feeder that Melany, Wade, Erin and Alex gave me for my birthday. Today was the first day since they were here on Monday that I have had a chance to sit down and try to get a picture or two of the birds enjoying the feeder. My first attempt involved my new point and shoot camera and my iPad...I can connect the two of them wirelessly and use the iPad as a remote control. Well, it took me several failed attempts to finally figure out just how to take pictures that way. I missed several chickadees, a mommy and daddy goldfinch and several tufted titmice. At that point the battery in my camera needed to be changed and I headed inside. I looked back as I went in and there were a mommy and daddy cardinal in the yard. At that point I was about to give up, but decided that I would use one of my other cameras and try to just sit there and shoot with the camera not on a tripod. And, that is when I captured the ones that are tonight's blog photos. I have been out a lot more than usual...hope that my allergies don't suffer for it! This evening the neighbors had a fire in their fire pit and I took pictures for a while. So it has been a pretty busy day...on this second day of April.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A Not-So-Eggcellent Day????

APRIL FOOLS!!!! was another eggcellent included an egg hunt...great fun all around...and great weather! I had school time with Isaac and then Elijah. The rest...reading switched around (eventually cancelled) because Abigail had an orthodontist appointment and Joy and Joseph went with her (along with their mom...they walked to and from). While they were at the orthodontist, Nathan hid eggs while the children remaining at home came over to our house. When the walkers got back from the orthodontist, everyone gathered in our front yard and then headed to their house to line up in age order. Joseph got to go into the yard first (before the yard got too crazy with the rest!), then after he found a couple of eggs Isaac got to head in for an early start...then Elijah and Esther and finally Joy, Abigail and Graham. It didn't take long for them to find 160 eggs...the number hidden...but truth be told they found 161...we guess they might have found one of last year's eggs! Inside some of the eggs they found jelly beans (only kind of candy Joseph can have) and also notes promising them special times in the future..."no chore days," special times with their parents, extra bedtime stories, etc. Three came over to our house to go through their eggs. By the time this fun was over, it was about time for Graham and Esther to come over here for their hour with Goosey (Woody) and me. Esther cross stitched while I read out loud to her and Woody and Graham worked on ways to memorize elements and their symbols and they also did a bit of yard work at the very end of Graham's time. Graham has been a great help to Goosey today...he took over the leaf mulching with the lawnmower several times today...not an easy job...lots of leaves to mow through to pulverize! I went to the church library after lunch and worked for a while with Donna. Then I came home and realized that I had left my iPad (not an April Fool's joke)at the library so had to go back. Woody was working outside mulching leaves when I returned. I got up early this morning so I could get a pot of soup made before I was too tired at the end of the day! And, boy was I tired when I finally got to settle into my chair after all the festivities and going places. I fell asleep and didn't wake up till about an hour ago...wonder if I will sleep tonight! At least I have a good book if sleep eludes me in a few hours! And, thus began April in two Dorrell foolin'!