Friday, February 28, 2014

Last Friday/Day in February

Woody got home a little after 7:30am after spending the night at the sleep clinic here in town and after his 25th radiation treatment. He went straight from the sleep clinic to his radiation treatment. He will find out in a week and a half the results of his sleep clinic. Last week I asked to be put on a list to have my sewing machine and serger serviced. I got a call this morning that they could take the machines this I headed there after Woody got the machines loaded into the car. Late morning I got a call from the neighbors (Nathan and family) that they had a VHS tape that they thought that I would like to see. It was when Alex (now 16) was a year old and Erin (now 20) was five...ahhhhhhhh memories! I look back on the rest of the day I'm not really sure what I have done...I did cook supper and then took on the task of the next cabinet...where we store our canned goods. I pulled everything off the two deep shelves and then proceeded to put items back in some semblance of order. I did this cabinet as I was wondering if we had something under there when I was making our grocery list and decided that it was a good time to organize it. I also made a list of what is in that cabinet and on which shelf in my iPad...I'm sure that organization will fly out the window after the next grocery store visit (tomorrow) and the new just gets shoved onto the shelves! But maybe I can keep on top of what is in there for at least a short time! Oh, and what I was looking for we didn't have. At least I will know what is in there for making this grocery list! I just finished getting everything back in it...looks good for the moment. So another clean cabinet! I am sort of in the mood to do some cross stitching so I had Nathan move one of my Dazor magnifying lamps into our bedroom next to "my" recliner. So now I have one there and one in the sewing room. Woody walked this afternoon. He has also gotten underway with the gargantuan chore of putting the Christmas decoration boxes back into the Christmas closet. He's doing it slowly but surely! Well, when next we meet, it shall be March...oh, my! Will it come in like a lion or a lamb?

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Look Who's Twelve!

We've been next door celebrating Graham's 12th birthday. My time does fly. It just seems like yesterday when his daddy called me up shortly after he was born so I could hear him cry! We ate dinner next door. Graham cooked us his favorite meal...veggie burritos. After we ate, he opened presents and then we had cake (that Graham sisters had a hand in making) and ice cream. This year his cake once again had broccoli on it...this time it was a forest scene complete with deer. Graham said that the black candles were burned trees! After cake and ice cream, Graham headed off to build his new Lego kit that his Auntie Cheryl (my sister) gave him. This morning Woody headed out before 7am for his 24th radiation treatment. It was about 16 degrees when he headed out. Brrrrrr! I'm glad that I didn't have to go anywhere! I had school time with Elijah, Isaac, Graham, Abigail and Esther. Esther finished cross stitching a rainbow. She was very pleased and she has a right to be pleased. She did a great job! This afternoon Woody took a walk. I went next door to watch four of the seven as they had overlapping appointments. When Woody got home from his walk he came over and Abigail and I came back to our house. Abigail was checking out how to make different braided hair styles and I cleaned out a kitchen cabinet (a long overdue project) to find time to do the rest of least it is a start! And, now I will finish the blog with a great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY wish to Graham!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Spring Harbingers...Really?

I'm afraid that these little Dutch iris are in for a rude awakening and will wish that they hadn't popped their little heads through the mulch yesterday! We are headed down into the teens tonight. Brrrrrr. Woody had a really early appointment (7am) for his 23 radiation treatment. Even though he went in early it took longer than usual...since he was to see the doctor and the doctor doesn't arrive that early. Woody hadn't realized that he would see the doctor today. I had school this morning with Isaac, Elijah, Graham, Abigail and Joy and then worked in the church library this afternoon. I have been attempting to blog for an hour now...and am going to post quickly before this post disappears! My patience has run out!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Busy Tuesday

Woody had his 22nd radiation treatment this morning. I had school this morning. Today was art day...I think that I got more paint on me than the children did! Elijah and I finished up a K'nex model that we started yesterday and then he read a Bob Book to Goosey. I had Isaac's lessons downstairs as I had the art room already set up. After art, Abigail and I had her long time of Grammy school. Today she used her fashion sketch pad that we gave her for Christmas. She sketched a dress using the templates, etc. Then we checked out how to make several kinds of braids using the internet...after all a fashion designer has to choose hair styles too! After lunch I headed off to get my hair cut and Woody headed out for his afternoon walk. I ran two errands on my way home. When I got home, I found Elijah and Goosey in the family room. Elijah was sound asleep! Joy came over and read to me out of her school reader. Then I got busy making our supper...good old fashioned potato soup. I am still in the midst of cleaning up the kitchen. I took a break to come up and blog. Graham is doing math at our kitchen table while the rest of his family is away for a while. All I can say is that I am about done in and ready for the day to draw to a close! I have a load of clothes to pull out of the drier and then finish up loading the dishwasher and then I am through for the evening...the recliner and a good book is calling me!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Respite Over

Woody's radiation respite ended today. He went back for his 21st treatment late this morning. Today's and the next five radiation treatments are being aimed at a smaller area at a slightly higher intensity. I guess if all goes as planned he will be through with radiation next Monday...that will be treatment 26 (if I have counted correctly). I had school with Isaac and Elijah. Before their session was over Esther rode her new bike over and joined us in the school room. They all three enjoyed working with the Montessori equipment. Esther read from her school reader after that. Then Joy came over and read from her reader. Graham came over and did some research on metal detectors. Then he read to me from the current book that he is of the books from the Chronicles of Narnia series. After lunch I had to get in the right mind-set to visit the dentist. I have been having some tooth pain and decided that I had better go get it seen and find out the "bad" news as to what needed to be done. Well, it looks like there is a root canal in my near future...trying to block that out of my mind at the moment! And, the tooth has quit hurting so perhaps I can totally forget about it till that appointment. As I left for the dentist, Woody headed next door to take care of six of the seven children as Kathy and Nathan had an appointment. Later in the afternoon Elijah came over wondering when the K'nex could come out again. So I brought the set that he works with back into the living room. Later Esther and then Joy joined him and at the moment there is once again a "K'nex explosion" in my living room...from Christmas decorations to K'nex decorations! I made Mediterranean Tuna Salad for our supper. I think that it is supposed to be getting cold once guess we'll be wanting soup once again...I'm ready for Spring temperatures to come and stay for a while! But we have been enjoying the bit warmer temperatures when they show up even for a short time!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

One Month Old!

It doesn't seem possible that little Joseph is already one month old. Time does fly. I went over this evening to get a few pictures of him at one month. I got quite a few of him by himself, but I liked the ones that I took of him with three of his siblings best! They do love their baby brother! Woody made his Saturday to the library and also ran an errand. He walked a "long four" miles. It has been a very pretty day. It was great to hear the grandchildren playing outside today. They sounded like they were having a great time. I know that they look forward to more spring-like days. I think that next week it is supposed to get cold again. But I'm sure that there will be more and more warm days and soon we will be wishing for cooler temps! But today was one of thise perfect days and the kids took advantage of it. Elijah decided that he needed to learn how to climb a tree. His daddy had to get him down three times. On the third time Nathan asked him why he was climbing the tree when he couldn't get down. Elijah told him that he was learning how to CLIMB trees today and that he would learn how to GET DOWN another day! I have spent a good part of the day working on my iPad. I feel the need of transferring my list of books that I have read. It is now housed on our original computer and I know that one day we won't be able to access them when that computer decides to quit working. I don't want my book list trapped inside when it does! So I have been trying to figure out where I wanted to continue my list. And, today I found an app that works like the spread sheet that I am used to and that I have my book list on now. So I started a new book list on my iPad today. First I typed in the books that I hadn't put on the old computer yet and then I decided that I would gradually type in the rest of the list. Well, I am at 301 entries and I just began the "C's!" This will be an effort that will take a while. I'm sure that I will work on it for a while and then set it aside. I do have the list printed out on paper so I'm not relying only on computer or case they disappear into cyberspace! As I have typed in titles of books, I have thought back to when I read them...some titles brought back instant memories of reading them and some titles don't even ring a bell! Maybe if I saw the covers, my memory would be jogged!?!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Treasure Hunters

I took these photos out our back sunroom not the sharpest of photos as the children were walking toward me and didn't know that I was snapping pictures of them...but I think that you get the idea. Graham's birthday is next week and Goosey (Woody) thought that he would enjoy a metal detector. Goosey talked Graham into opening up our gift early...wasn't all that hard to talk him into it! I think that the real reason that Goosey wanted to give it to him early was so he wouldn't have to wrap that big box! Once Graham got it all put together, a bunch of them headed to the "back forty," our term for the lot behind our house that Nathan and Kathy own, to look for buried treasures. Once they got finished with school today several of them were back out seeking treasure again. Woody has hidden a coin or two somewhere on our properties and they have still to find where the hiding place/s might be! They want a hint! But Goosey says that they don't need a hint since they have a metal detector. I woke up way too early this morning. I read for a while before finally talking myself into getting up. I have felt lazy all day. I did manage to machine embroider a cute design on a little onsie for little Joseph. And,I made cornbread this evening to go with the soup I made yesterday. Woody completed our IRS tax forms today and walked to the Post Office to mail them. Right now he is next door watching two or maybe more of the neighbor grandchildren. Isaac wanted "Honk Honk" to come over and play with play dough with him! Because Goosey honks (like a Goose) at the children several of them have called him "Honk, Honk" before they eventually dub him "Goosey." Kathy needed to "deliver" Graham to the church for a youth event and then she needed to run an errand.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Soup Kitchen

Pictured are most of the ingredients that end up making a delicious soup--Ham and Barley Soup. I spent the morning doing some cleaning...mostly in the kitchen and then this afternoon after I rested a while (read that as talk on the cell phone with my sister), I got underway making the soup. It takes a while so we had a late supper...and, I guess Woody got tired of waiting as he was sound asleep in his recliner when it was he really had a late supper. I came in to blog at my usual time, but we didn't have internet so I went downstairs and got interested in the skating on the Olympics...then we had the tornado warning signal go off so I waited out the storm downstairs. Upon coming upstairs I see that we have internet once again so I will quickly bring you up to date! Woody went to radiology today, but only had radiation treatment. He will have his next radiation on Monday. We think that he has six more treatments. I guess he will learn that for sure on Monday. I think that he has enjoyed not having to go for his daily treatments. Today he walked what he calls his "short four-mile" route. I think that our threatening weather has passed...just rain left behind the line of heavy storms that passed quickly through...some at 60 miles an hour. There was a report of a tornado on the ground in the county just below us...we practically live on that county's don't know how close it was. I'm sure that we will get reports tomorrow. My cell phone was beeping that I had a message when I got back was an urgent message...warning that we should take immediate cover. That was a first for a message of that kind for me. Of course, I didn't get the message till after the fact! But the TV kept us up to date as to where the storm was. We watch Huntsville, AL TV and the storms travel from them up to us...most times. They kept breaking into the Olympic coverage to keep us up to date on what was happening. Tullahoma's storm warning siren went off and not long after that we were told on the TV that there was a tornado on the ground in the county next to we were well warned. Off to listen to the rain on the roof and rumbling thunder in the distance.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


We have had a day of reprieves...first from cold weather...actually felt like Spring out today. And, second...Woody had a reprieve from radiation. They called this morning telling him to come in at 4:45 and then later in the afternoon they called and cancelled his appointment as they were running behind. He was glad to have a day off. He will go back for his 21st treatment in the morning. Woody walked to the Post Office this morning...he came back pretty tired. But after resting for a while, he decided to go get groceries. We both left about the same time...Woody heading to the grocery store and me heading to the church to work in the library. I spent most of the morning working on library work here at the this has been a library day for me. When I came home I got busy on our supper. We had a frittata tonight...pretty good. Woody is downstairs watching the Olympics. I may join him, but then again may not...I have a really bad headache this evening. I didn't sleep well last night...maybe that is the cause of the headache?

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Doctor Day

It has pretty much literally been a total doctor day for Woody! He had his 20th radiation treatment this morning and then had a CT scan. The radiologist is going to evaluate the scan/s and then call with plans for what they say will be six more radiology treatments. Woody's appointment for tomorrow has been moved to late afternoon...I guess so they can evaluate "things." Woody doesn't feel the greatest today...his shoulder is bothering him. Just what he needed when we had to go to our personal care physician's today to have a Medicare check-up. We left the house a little before noon and didn't walk into the house till 4:30pm. The drive is 45min. there and 45 min. back. (I offered to drive, but he said that he would...I wanted to get some practice with the new car...oh, well, another time!) It did take almost an hour for each of us to go through all the questions they had for us. We did stop on the way home and have a late lunch. A long afternoon. We were both glad to get back to the house! They are concerned about my blood pressure...I'm hoping to prove it to be white coat syndrome. I will be good and check twice a day and write down what the readings are. I think that it will go right back down. I know that a doctor once put me on blood pressure medication and then it went way we will see. Woody's blood pressure which is usually high was exactly where it is supposed to be. Guess that is good...he doesn't need anything else to be wrong with him!!!! Well, down to collapse and watch a bit of Olympics. The only thing I accomplished today was getting Graham, Abigail, Joy, Esther, Elijah, and Isaac's school pictures for this year in their frames! Oh, and, I did take empty wastebaskets and take out the garbage. Wishing that I had the whole afternoon to have worked around the house rather than spend it at the doctor's! As you can see by tonight's picture, it was a pretty day...pretty nice temperatures the 60's! I do believe that Spring is on its way!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Presidents' Day 2014

Woody's day started out the way weekdays start these days...with a radiation treatment (his 19th). Tomorrow they will scan him again and make a decision as to how many more he needs to have. We decided that we would give President's Day a try to eat lunch out. We were successful this waiting today. We enjoyed our lunch and then headed home. Not long after we got home, Woody headed off for a walk. He went for what he calls a short four mile walk...beating the rain. I have been working upstairs the guest room and the sewing room. Guest room can almost have a guest once again and the sewing room looks like some sewing could go on in it once again. That about sums up Presidents' Day 2014.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Saturday Doings

When I went downstairs this morning, Woody had the kitchen all cleaned up. That really helped me as last night I just didn't have the umph to clean up all the mess. Since the kitchen was all cleaned up, I was able to get busy on other tasks at hand. I quickly got the dining room table back to preChristmas...there wasn't much left on it so that wasn't a hard job. I got it cleared and then stored away the table pad and put the center piece decorations on it and that was done. So the downstairs is now back to "normal!" It took long enough! My next task was to attack the guest room. I was determied to tame the gift wrap explosion. I finished that a little while ago. Then I did some church library memorial records. Upon completing those I completed my "to-do's" for today. Woody made his usual Saturday trip to the library and then ran an errand. This evening he made sweet potato waffles for our supper. Yummy! That about sums up our Saturday. I guess I'll head downstairs for some Olympics.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Plans Foiled

The day started out as usual for Woody. He had his 18th radiation treatment and then he ran an errand. I pretty much just puttered around...not accomplishing a whole lot. We had plans to eat out...went out early...but...obviously not early enough on this popular day to eat out. We didn't feel like playing the waiting game so said that we would have our Valentine's Day date on another day! At some point in the day we have both taken pretty lengthy least lengthy for Woody in the day for me...such naps are sort of becoming part of my daily routine! I can say that one plan did come together for me as just a few minutes ago, I managed to get the living room back to preChristmas condition...dusted, vacuumed and all! I had wanted to have that all done before Valentine's Day...but happy to have it done on Valentine's Day. Now I just have to clear the dining room table and all will be back to "normal" downstairs. And, tomorrow sounds like a good day to accomplish that! Now it is almost time for the Olympics. We are having a rainy Valentine evening. Oh, and, other plans foiled...Woody was supposed to have his sleep study tonight, but this morning he got a call that they were postponing it till towards the end of the month.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Day...For Real!

We woke up to this pretty scene!
Not long after much laughter could be heard! They didn't stay around here long. Six of the seven and their daddy headed off down the road to find a good hill. And, had a wonderful time in the snow...for the short time that it lasted.
School was called off. On his way home from from his 17th radiation treatment, Woody stopped at the grocery store and got an ingredient that I needed to make Shrimp and Sausage Gumbo. So I got busy and made it...good snowy day activity! This was a new recipe for us and it is definitely a keeper! Delicious! Definitely a taste of New Orleans!
Now I'm heading next door. Woody is already over there...kidsitting! Nathan, Kathy, and Joseph have gone out for a Valentine's date.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A First!

Tonight was the first time that Goosey (Woody) held Joseph. They both seemed to take to each other! Joseph was quite content in Goosey's arms. Today Joseph is three weeks old. We ate supper over at their early Valentine celebration...Valentine pizza and Jello Jigglers in Valentine shapes. Our day started out much as it does these days...with Woody heading out the door before 8am for his radiation treatment. After his 16th treatment he ran an errand to the grocery store...he called it his milk and bread run...since snow was predicted. The predicted snow for the area closed down all the area schools...and for us nary a bit stuck to the least so far. It still remains to be seen what we might get in the night. I had school with Isaac, Elijah, Graham, Abigail and Joy. Joy worked on a pillow that she is sewing session she will stuff it. I declared a "snow day" for the church library...figured that we might as well join the crowd! So I stayed home and rested for a while this afternoon. Esther and Elijah came over and played for a while. At supper time we headed next door for a family Valentine celebration. We are home and settling in for an evening of Olympics.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Today has passed in a whir for me. Woody headed out bright and early for his 15th radiation treatment. Then he immediately headed for another doctor appointment. Woody has such interrupted sleep at night and has gone through about every scenario that might be causing it, so he decided that he needed to see a doctor at a sleep clinic to see if he has sleep apnea. He has an appointment to sleep at the clinic toward the end of the week! I can't imagine being able to sleep under such circumstances, but we will see if he can! I started out reading with Esther and then Joy. Then the four oldest gathered in the school room to have art. We first did an experiment using Valentine candy conversation hearts and then got busy on our Valentine art project. We did tessellation pictures (tiled shapes that fit together as in tile patterns that are used on floors...a pattern that could go on forever without any gaps...learn something?). Today we used a "squared-off" heart and made a pattern with it that covered the whole piece of paper. Then they colored the hearts in any pattern that they chose. Elijah arrived as the art hour was over. We then trudged over to their house where they got back to work on their school work. Elijah read his Bob book to me over a his house today. I headed over there because the two littlest boys were going to the doctor for a well-check. They checked out healthy, wealthy and wise! Both doing very well. Joseph now weighs 7 1/2 lbs...still just a "little bitty!" He seems to be such a very contented baby. Isaac did above and beyond what the doctor asked of him...he was just supposed to point to pictures that she asked about...instead he named the pictures. When they got home from their appointment, I headed home after I spent a little time with Isaac! He "needed" to do puzzles on my iPad before I left...and before he ate lunch! I ate a bite of lunch and then collapsed upstairs in the recliner for what I meant to be a short time...but ended up sleeping soundly enough that I even had a dream...that I remembered! When I woke up I found that Woody had made chili for our supper. And, I just finished cleaning up the kitchen. Graham is over here for a little while. He has read a chapter in his Cronicles of Narnia book and is now about to watch the Olympics till his family gets home. And, now I'm off to watch the Olympics for a while.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Good As New!

We got a call this morning that our car was fixed...and as can be seen from above "before and after" does look good as new. I didn't get today's photo taken at the same angle...but it is the same bumper. The other bumper and part of the trunk was dented too. And, below shows the culprit/s that did it...I think same branch but it broke when it hit our car and landed on either side of the driveway.
Woody had his 14th radiation treatment this morning and they also took some x-rays. I had school with Isaac, Elijah, Esther, Joy and Abigail. After I ate a bite of lunch, we headed off to pick up the car. On his way home Woody stopped and got a hair cut and also ran a couple of other errands. I came home and worked on getting the living room back in order...eventually it will be back to "normal!" When I have had a spare moment lately, I just haven't felt like messing with it. Well, down to watch the Olympics.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

"Because of the thief"

I was trying to decide what picture would go with tonight's blog title and remembered that the Blue Jay's call sounds like "thief, thief!" This morning Elijah popped in the door around 11am. And, I said to him, "It's been a long time since we have seen you." He came back with, "because of the thief!" It took me a minute and then I realized what he was referring to. Earlier in the week there was a bank robbery down the street from us. For a while both our households were a bit more cautious of locking our doors till we read that the robber had been captured. Yesterday, the police did arrest the person they think did the robbery. So I guess that Elijah thought that the reason he hadn't been able to come over was because of the robber/thief that was "at large!" The real reason was that Kathy's parents were here and they were all spending time with them. Her parents left this morning and thus Elijah was given permission to come our way. But his mind was focused on the thief as the reason that he hadn't been over to our house! I then suggested that he go in to see his grandfather before he started playing...he looked at me really funny. I asked him if he knew who his grandfather was and he shook his head "no." He had never heard Goosey referred to as grandfather. Woody is his Goosey and not his grandfather! I did explain to him that "grandfather" and "grandmother" were general terms used for grandparents, but that children called their grandparents various names like "grammy" and "goosey." When we walked in to see Woody. I said to Woody, "Look what the cat dragged in!" Elijah started looking around to see what the cat had dragged in! Elijah keeps us smiling...always...and, I guess Grammy confused him a bit this morning! Woody had a quiet day. He went to the library this morning and then has mostly sat in his recliner or reclined on the couch most of the rest of the day. I made the soup that I had planned to make yesterday...New England Clam Chowder...really good! We enjoyed that for a late lunch. I spent a lot of time this morning and afternoon filling the dishwasher (multiple times) and hand washing what didn't fit or isn't dishwasher safe. At the moment the kitchen is cleaned up except for putting away a few dishes in the dish drainer. I have a load of wash in the drier that will soon be ready to put away. I did sit down and watch some of the Olympics this afternoon and plan to head down and watch for a while this evening. I'm afraid that if I sit my eyes will close!

Friday, February 7, 2014

A Cooking Day!

I guess you could say that Woody got "cooked" with his 13th radiation treatment! And, I have cooked most of the day. I had planned to make a pot of soup and also make a "regular" meal for our supper. In the end I only did the "regular" supper (meaning...not soup or a in which you have to make more than one thing!) I got a call this morning asking if I would help with a meal for after a funeral. Our church tries to provide a meal following a funeral for those in our church. The funeral was this afternoon. My friend who called said that she was concerned with the amount of food that had been volunteered so far. So I helped fill in a couple of chinks...made a sweet potato casserole and a gelatin salad. I had to run to the grocery store for a couple of things for the gelatin salad. I had everything for the sweet potato casserole. I started cooking the sweet potatoes in the microwave before I left for the store. When I got home I got busy on making both dishes. I delivered the food mid afternoon. By that time I was pretty tired so I took a short rest and then got busy on our supper. We have eaten and the kitchen is sort of cleaned up. I have broth my cooking for the evening isn't totally over. I am now heading down to watch the Olympics. When I came upstairs, the picture on the TV was great for NBC. So happy that NBC increased its signal and now we can get that channel too...mostly happy for the Olympics! Now I will go see if my back can stand not being in my back is feeling the amount that I stood and cooked today. "The Old Gray Mare Ain't What She Used To Be! No truer worda could be said about me!!!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thoroughly Thursday

Woody headed off early for his 12th radiation treatment. I didn't have school today with the neighbor children as Kathy's parents are here. So instead I looked through recipes and decided on some meals, put ingredients on the grocery list and then after lunch headed off to do the shopping. I had some things that I needed to shop for other than groceries so offered to do the grocery shopping at that time. Woody didn't seem to mind. He stayed home and rested. Since it was so close to supper when I got home, Woody suggested that we go to Dairy Queen and use a BOGOF Blizzard coupon. So with the Blizzards our small amount of leftover linguine with marinara sauce worked out just right. Once again we are having cold weather...the Blizzard definitely made me cold...but it was worth it! We're in for the night and just going to take it easy!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Busy Wednesday!

Here's a photo of our absorbtion science experiment and art color mixing lesson. I found this lesson idea out in cyberspace somewhere. Some of the things that you find are really neat...especially when it comes to ideas to use with the children. Today Woody headed out for his usual (these days) radiation treatment (11th). He did talk to the doctor and he found out that they could tell by the scan that the radiation is being beamed to the right place. They will continue with the treatments till he reaches 20. They will then scan him again and make a decision if he needs to have five more. Today I started out with both Isaac and Elijah. Having the two of them come at the same time works out great. Elijah chooses some of the equipment that he has had lessons with and does those independently while I have lessons with Isaac. Today Elijah spelled words with the moveable alphabet. Woody was home by the time that I finished with Isaac so I walked Isaac downstairs to have some time with Goosey (Woody). Elijah then read me a Bob Book. He is doing great with his reading! Then he did some math workbook pages. He amazes me so much with how many addition facts he already knows just from hanging out with his older siblings! Esther came over next to have her long Grammy time. Today she read and then worked some more on her cross stitch project. She is getting really close to finishing it. Joy came after Esther for her long Grammy time. She read to me and then she started making a pillow. She found some fabric in my stash a while back and decided that she wanted to make a pillow with it. We got the fabric pressed today and then she started machine sewing narrow strips of fabric around a square panel. After Joy headed home, I grabbed a quick bite of lunch and then did some library work that I needed to do before I headed to the church library to work there. Off to the church library I headed after that to work with fellow library workers. We got a lot done...including making some decisions for purchasing some new books (a really fun part of the library books!). When I got home, I "had" to run next door to get a few pics of Joseph on his second week birthday! THEN it was time to head to my trusty recliner where I proceded to rest weary eyes and body for probably too long. Woody has graced his recliner for most of the day after his radiation treatments. He doesn't have a lot of extra energy these days...good time for reading and TV/DVD watching! Olympics begin tomorrow...AND, we found out that we can now get NBC with our hopefully we will be able to see some of the Olympics...Winter Olympics are my favorite! Here's a picture of two-week-old Joseph. He's thinking over what it feels like to be two weeks old...trying to decide what to tell us! (I did sneak in a little holding time during this photo session!)

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

What a Day!

Tonight's photo was taken on our last trip to NIH. These are some of the smoke stacks at the Clinch River Nuclear Plant near Oak Ridge, TN which was scrapped years ago before it was ever functioning. It is now being revived as can be witnessed by the smoke rising from some of the stacks. As we travel past these stacks, it is always a challenge for me to try to get a photo. This time I actually managed to get quite a few of the smoke stacks in each of these pictures. The second one was taken after we passed them. I turned and shot out the back seat passenger window on the driver's side of the car. I was trying to decide what to use for tonight's photo and decided to look back the photos that I take out the windows of the car when on our trips to NIH. Perhaps I was drawn to them as we should be heading NIH way right now...but aren't because of our change in plans and Woody being worked in earlier due to the melanoma tumor on his leg. Looking at the weather, it seems that we can be glad that the trip was when it was and that we aren't having to deal with the snow storms. Woody had a very long morning...having his 10th radiation treatment, being scanned and going to the hospital to have blood work done. He also made a quick stop at the grocery store as he got home the other day without one of the items that he had bought. So he went back to "retrieve" it today! He left this morning before 8am and didn't return till after 12pm. This morning was very tiring for him. He definitely tires easily these days...whether the doctor says he should or not...I am sure that this radiation is zapping his energy! I had lessons with Isaac and then Elijah this morning. Esther came over and read and then it was art lesson day for the four oldest. We did a science experiment today during was a lesson in color mixing...but really a lesson in absorbtion...pretty neat! I guess that could have been my picture, but I didn't think of that till just now! We also did a simple Valentine project. Then Abigail had her "Grammy time." She decided that she wanted to make something for Joseph. So we did the initial planning for her to machine embroider a design on a onsie for him. After she headed home, I was shutting off lights and went to shut off the light in the upstairs bathroom and realized that a little munchkin hadn't flushed the I flushed it and headed downstairs to make me a sandwich. Well, I wasn't downstairs long, but when I came up the stairs I heard water running. Well...the potty was running over!!!! What a mess...luckily this bathroom is over the garage as it did leak through the ceiling. There is carpet in the bathroom so I sopped up water with towels for what seemed like forever. I'm sure that the floor is still damp. I have one load of towels in the drier and another in the washer. What a mess! That definitely did me in for the afternoon! I finally had enough energy to fix dinner after five tonight so we ate much later than usual. Graham has spent the evening with us reading and keeping me company! He just headed home. I am about to head to my recliner and attempt to finish a book...hopefully I won't fall asleep, but...

Monday, February 3, 2014

Day Is Done...Almost...

We have had a rather busy day. Our day started out pretty early...I woke up quite early as did Woody (he usually does). Around 7am we headed off in both cars to take our new car to the car doctor! We will be a one car household while the car is being fixed due to the branch falling on the back of it before it was even two weeks old. We came home and not long after we got back home, Woody headed off for his ninth radiation treatment. He was told last week that he was to have a scan today, but it was scheduled for tomorrow. We attempted to get back into a Grammy school mode. Isaac had his time with me and then Elijah. Then Esther read to me from her school reader and then Joy came over to read from hers. Today was Graham's longer time with me. He read a story out loud to me from his reading book and then he worked on a brain teaser 3-D puzzle that Goosey (Woody) got for Christmas. I had lunch and then went back to work on a project that had been put on the back burner. I finished indexing the sewing magazines that my friend gave me when she moved. And then I got them back in order in magazine holders and back in their storage place. Good to have that job done.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Happy Auntie!

Melany drove to Tullahoma to spend the afternoon and part of the evening with the neighbors (Nathan, Kathy and family). She brought lunch for all of us so Woody and I went next door to eat. Woody didn't spend much time over there as he is still coughing and sneezing some. Melany got in some good baby holding and a bit of foot tickling! Woody went to the library this morning. Later in the afternoon he went on a four-mile walk. February came in with very nice weather. The children really enjoyed playing outside today. I ended up going to the library this afternoon to see if they had reshelved the books that I had to turn in this morning as they wouldn't let me renew again. Woody had hoped that they would reshelve them before he left the library this morning, but they hadn't. So I went a little before they closed and found the book that I was in the middle of and also a couple of others. I continue to get the downstairs back to "normal." Things are definitely looking better, but still a ways to go. Pictures are back on the walls and the living room floor is vacuumed and some of the furniture is back in position...still a chair to move and a floor lamp or two to reposition, etc. I am through for the night...the book that I started last night is calling my name along with my recliner!