Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April Draws to a Close!

It seems like this month has passed by in a blur...guess one reason is that I haven't felt well for about half of it...but months just seem to be passing by faster than they used to...I have been told that time seeming to fly by has something to do with one's age...hmmmmmmm not sure if I claim that reason or not!!!!! We have had a busy day. Woody got up super early. His major accomplishment of the morning was to complete his mulching task...a good task to have behind him. The gardens look great! He has worked so very hard. He is glad that he is finished as his knee is a bit gimpy today...now he can rest it some and not have to get up and down off his knees as he does when he is mulching. I had school with Abigail, Esther, and Joy. Graham and Nathan are getting closer to having their storage building finished...the door is up and today they worked on windows. This afternoon they got Kathy to sling a bit of paint. As soon as I finished with the girls and their school work, Woody and I headed out the door to go to Murfreesboro. Woody had an appointment with his dermatologist. He has, what he thinks is a wart, on his nose. It is in a very bad place and was constantly getting hit and thus usually had a big scab on it. Today he got it looked at...it got scraped/sliced off for a biopsy...and is being sent for a pathology report. Woody made tuna salad for our supper tonight after we got home. After eating supper, I headed upstairs to sit and rest in "my" recliner...well, next thing I know I am waking up! I guess the day wore me out! I definitely did more than I have in a long time. Tonight's photo was taken on a back road between Murfreesboro and home...the road that we often took when we were making our treks to Vanderbilt in the early days of Woody's melanoma treatments.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Drier Day!

Wow! Did we ever get rain this weekend. Our rain gauge wasn't working, but today when I went for my six-month check-in with my neurologist, he said that he had measured 6 inches! I will say that the growth of our plants that are out is phenomenal...my hanging basket plants more than doubled in size over the weekend! Our April showers (deluge) should be very good for our May flowers! Woody walked about three miles this morning running errands. I had school with Elijah, Esther and Joy this morning and then Abigail came over this afternoon to work on some of her lessons. Woody has worked more in the yard today...rather mucky under foot...so very wet

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Saturday Showers

Well, if April showers bring May flowers, then we should have a lot of May flowers! We have had LOTS of rain today. Woody walked seven miles early and only had a few sprinkles fall on him. Not long after he got back the heavens opened up and it rained a good part of the rest of the day. We did see a few moments of sun around 5pm. Woody made some yummy treats for us this morning. I actually cooked supper for us this evening...the first time in more than two weeks when I actually prepared a meal. I'm glad to be feeling better. I did nap for a short time after supper. I have spent most of the day preparing for tomorrow's Sunday School lesson (I have something different up my sleeves for tomorrow's lesson!). Woody did run an errand or two today. But mostly we stayed in and tried to stay dry.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Fumblings!

I write this to the sound of rain on the rooftop and a bit of thunder rumbling in the background...guess we have a forecasted storm approaching. Another sign of Spring...pretty day...stormy day...cooler days...pretty day...warmer day...stormy day...another change in temperature! Woody got up early and decided to run some early errands...but his plans were foiled...dead battery. Nathan and he jumped the car and then Woody was off to buy a new battery (not part of his planned errands!). So we once again have two running cars! Now if I just felt like going some place! The only place that I have gone other than our house and Nathan and Kathy's in the last two weeks (or more) has been to church. I am feeling better...but still not 100%...though it does look like I am back to being able to eat normally...or at least easing back into "normal!" My left knee (original knee that was hurting) is definitely much better...not hurting...mainly still swollen a bit. My right knee started hurting because of overcompensation due to the left knee. Well, it seems much better today too...though I am treating it like the hurt knee now when climbing the stairs, etc. (up with the good and down with the bad). I slept in our bed for the first time in weeks last night and slept well. I have spent a good portion of the day working on Sunday's Sunday School lesson for my ladies' class. Late afternoon, I knew, wasn't a good time to nap BUT...my eyes wouldn't stay open so slept hard for a while...still don't feel awake...probably will wake up about bedtime! My nap foiled my plans for making supper (slept through supper!)...perhaps we will have that plan tomorrow! Cooking has been put on the back burner for a while since I haven't felt like eating or standing! Woody does a good job fending for himself...I'm so thankful that he can find his way around the kitchen! After getting a new battery, Woody was all set to run his original planned errands. He went to the library and he stopped for specials at the grocery stores he didn't go to yesterday. He has worked quite a bit in the yard...planting a big fern in one of our gardens, making a new "flower bed" using an idea that I had some time back and sowing some seeds in it, mowing the lawn...all kinds of outdoor jobs to be done before the rain settled in once again. Which brings me to the present...the rain has settled in and is supposed to be with us for a day or so.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal

I have finally gotten pictures of cardinals with my new camera...I was pretty far away when I snapped these so hoping for a closer shot in the near future. I look forward to another warm spell when I can sit out on the front porch and take photos of birdie visitors to our front yard. Woody and I both got up really early this morning. Woody was a great help in doing some household chores that I really can't do at the moment because of my knees...like vacuum. The downstairs is ever so much more presentable now! Abigail came over this morning and helped me put away some toys in the toy closet...again, something that I can't do due to my knees...crawl into the toy closet! After she picked up the toys, we got back to work on her sewing notebook. We got stopped on that project the other day because we ran out of ink in the printer. We got the pictures printed and got one project page ready for her notebook. We still have to add the pictures and info for jumper and capris that she made her doll...next time! Woody went to the grocery store. He has also done quite a bit of mowing today. He is now next door taking care of the kids while Nathan and Kathy have a date night. Nathan and Kathy and the children are busy getting items collected and ready for their big yard sale for their mission trip to Africa. Nathan and Woody went to pick up some items today and then others dropped items off. Their garage has quite a collection of various and sundry items in it! Their yard sale will take place next Friday and Saturday (May 3 & 4). One man's junk = another man's treasure!!!!!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Frog Legs, Anyone?!?

Important science lesson for Graham today...and, a lesson for all (except for Isaac...he was napping)! Today was the day that Graham got to dissect a frog. I love the photo that shows what several of them thought about the smell...a Norman Rockwell moment?!? Elijah, Esther, Joy and Graham had a bit of Grammy school today on this rainy day. Elijah sounded out some more words. Esther read a bit more in Dick and Jane and then I read poetry to her out of one of my old Childcraft books. Joy worked on her addition and subtraction facts with flash cards and then we read a couple of stories. Graham came over we chased several rabbits while we came up with a plan to catch his sewing notebook up-to-date. After I took a few pictures of the dissecting lesson, I headed to the church to work for several hours in the library. Once again we accomplished several things...getting on with taking inventory. I actually managed to print some of the shelf lists that I had been having trouble with. Woody walked eight miles today. He did some mulching before the rain arrived. His major "task/experience" of the day was taking Abigail to buy her mother an early Mother's Day present...a pretty red geranium for their back porch. Goosey (Woody) had told Abigail that he would take her shopping on the next day that it rained...Abigail saw to it that he kept his promise! The rain brought cooler temps once again. Wonder which "winter" this is for Middle TN! I haven't been able to keep with the "winters" this Spring.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mulchin' and Shuckin'

Woody started mulching (and weeding) pretty early this morning. He met his goal before the end of the afternoon so he continued on. He can "almost" see the light at the end of the tunnel for this job! I had Abigail, Graham, and Joy come over and have a bit of Grammy time. After lunch I headed off to get my hair cut. After I got back Esther and Elijah were so "into" playing outside that they decided to pass on school time today. I didn't push the issue as it was a beautiful day...perfect for playing outside...and tomorrow it is supposed to rain...plenty of time to do school on a rainy day! I sat on the driveway in the shade for a little while, trying to catch a photo op of a cardinal pair. I did get a try or two at the mama cardinal, but still waiting for a good shot at a daddy cardinal. I did manage to get a picture of one across the street this morning, but I would like a bit closer shot. Woody found me the photo op of the day...Joy and Esther out by the compost pile shucking/husking corn for their supper. Esther learned that corn has long silk rather than long hair! I spent the rest of the afternoon resting in the recliner upstairs. I'm still not a 100% after all my ailments of last week...but definitely better. My knee definitely seems to be on the mend. Woody left a while ago to walk to the prayer room...his walk of the day.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Painting the Town?

The storage building that Nathan and Graham built was ready for shingles and paint today. Several chose to sling paint...others decided to stay out of the mess and practice tricks on their swing set and/or make creations in the sandbox! This afternoon Abigail came over to have Goosey (Woody) go check to see if we had any paint in the garage that they could use. We did have some...at least enough to get a start on the project. This morning I had a bit of school with Elijah, Esther, and Joy. We mainly worked on reading. Elijah is sooooooooo close to being able to sound out words. It's so fun to watch a little one when they start to hear the word that they are saying the sounds for! Woody worked more on his mulching/weeding project this morning. Then after lunch he walked eight miles. I rested/dozed and read after lunch. I am still being very careful of my knee, but it is definitely better...really doesn't hurt...just a bit stiff and and a little swollen. Woody had an unwelcome surprise last night...after he got into bed, he realized that he was having kidney stone pain. NO! NO! NO! Not Allowed! He got up and paced for a while and then went downstairs so he could start drinking lots of water. The pain finally let up and he was able to get some sleep. So far today the pain hasn't returned. Questions now remain...Has the stone just stopped moving? OR Has he passed the stone? Hoping that it is the latter! Guess time will tell!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Which Winter is This?

Here in Middle TN at this time of the year there is a "winter" for each cold snap...dogwood winter, blackberry winter, etc. It never made it to 60 today and it did get down to 30 last night. So much for the theory that I heard/read the other day that the last day to worry about a freeze here was April 15! Woody worked in the yard again today. He finished mulching another flower bed. Now there is "just" one more flower bed to mulch. He has started it, but it is a big one that just about runs the length of our driveway. He also ran an errand this afternoon and then walked (I think four miles). I'm still nursing my knee...trying to be really careful so have stayed off it most of the day. I limit my trips up and down the stairs...the reason that I'm not going to go down and check to see how far Woody walked today! I spent the morning and part of the afternoon working on tomorrow's Sunday School lesson. I have read and messed around on the iPad. Hopefully my inactivity will pay off in my knee being back to "normal" quickly.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Chilly Willy!

What happened to the warmth! A frost advisory has been issued for our area for tonight. Brrrrrr! Woody did our weekly grocery shopping and he did take a walk this afternoon. I have stayed quiet in my recliner due to my knee...which is much better...I've rested it, elevated it, wrapped it, iced it, etc. I think that I may have started eating "normally" a bit too soon and am paying for it...so back to eating a bit more blandly. I have taken it easy today...reading, working on my iPad, studying about my camera, etc.

Thursday, April 18, 2013


This has been another low-key day for me. I got up to find the next thing to go wrong with me...a hurting knee. So I have taken it easy, though, I did do some sewing...catch up mending that Woody reminded me that I hadn't done for him...one item that I have no recollection of him ever asking me to fix...oh, well, fixed now! Woody has worked in our gardens, done some mowing and also walked and this evening has done a bit of waiting on me so I won't have to go up and down the stairs again tonight.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Goal Met!

Woody finished weeding and mulching the large flower garden that we share with our neighbors (Nathan, Kathy & family). That's a big job. These two photos are taken from an upstairs window...one shows pretty much the whole garden and the other lets you see the pretty pink from the creeping phlox. Job well done!!! Looks beautiful! I had school with Elijah, Esther, and Joy this morning and then this afternoon I worked in the church library for a couple of hours. We actually did the last of the inventory on the non-fiction section...big job done! I am feeling much better today and have been able to go back to eating close to normally...that has given at least some of my energy back. My allergies are bothering me...what else is new at this time of year!? I always hope that I can get through one Spring and Fall without allergies...but that rarely happens. Woody walked four miles this afternoon.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Raising the Roof!

I eased back into school today and for the most part took it easy. I feel better, but not great. I had all the kids for a little while at some time during the morning except for Graham and as you can see he was outside helping raise the roof on the storage building that he and his daddy are building. They even got Goosey (Woody) involved! Besides raising a roof, Woody has worked a lot in the gardens...weeding and mulching. The gardens are looking soooooooooo great! I spent a little time outside looking at the gardens and taking pictures. I even sat on the front porch while talking to my sister this afternoon. I will probably be sorry as I can feel my allergies "coming on." I guess if it isn't one thing it is another at this point in my life!!!!! Woody's walk of the day is to the prayer room...where he is right now. He took a slight detour to the public library to drop off the movies that Erin checked out while she was here.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Beautiful Spring Day!

Woody didn't walk today, but he did do yard work...he mulched, weeded, and mowed...mowed for the first time today. This morning he ran an errand for me...I needed some "sick food." Yesterday I started having an intestinal problem and haven't felt the best since. Still feel weak...but then toast, tea, Sprite, yogurt, broth, and crackers don't give one a lot of energy. I did go outside a time or two to help Woody distinguish plants from weeds...warmer outside than it was inside. While I was out I did snap a couple of pictures. I'm hoping that tomorrow will be an even better day...both weather-wise and the way I feel!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Much Mulch!

There was a lot of yard work happening at our house today. Melany and Alex arrived late morning and Alex helped Goosey (Woody) get some buckets and wheelbarrows of mulch. Woody did most of the spreading. After they first got here, Melany showed me some hints about Photoshop that she had learned in her class. Then she went out to join the mulching gang. I pulled a couple of weeds and took pictures the rest of the time! At lunch time I went in and got things ready for our lunch. We ate and then we went back out...they mulched/weeded/picked out leaves, etc. in the gardens and I took more pictures. Tonight's photo shows the creeping phlox all set off with the dark mulch...very pretty and a lot of work. I appreciate all the hard work done by Alex, Melany and Woody! When they called it quits out in the gardens, it was time for supper so Woody pulled out the leftovers from our noon meal and we had another round with it. So glad that all I had to do today was warm up things! Woody ran an errand this morning before Melany and Alex got here. He didn't walk today...got his exercise gardening instead! Well, at the moment all is quiet on the western front and I'm heading to my recliner!!!!!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Done (In?)!

Well, cooking is done for today and for tomorrow and Grammy is "done in!" I almost made it without my back giving me a problem, but just as we were completing the potato salad I got a catch in my back...at least it is at the end of the day! I say that the cooking is done...not quite as the baked beans still have an hour to cook...but all done but the shouting! The neighbor grandchildren joined us this morning while their parents went to pick up their RV that had been in the shop. And, they came in and out several other times today as they know that Erin will be going home tomorrow. Woody walked to the library this afternoon. Woody has also done some weeding...taking advantage of the recent rain. I cooked this morning and Erin entertained her cousins. This afternoon we have both done our share of cooking. The dishwasher is loaded and running, I have done a drainer full of cooking dishes that don't go in the dishwasher, Erin has put those away and now I have left Woody and Erin to finish up the pots and pans. What a mess...but cooking is done for several days (I hope!). I'm heading to the recliner in the bedroom to read...that is if my eyes stay open!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Raising Walls!

Woody got up early, early and walked 12 miles before Erin and I stirred. We finally pried Erin out of bed when the neighbors needed help raising the walls on their storage building. Erin and Woody helped and I took pictures! Well, there was a time that I propped the wall, that they are raising in the photo, while they put up the back wall. I came back home and planned the meals for the next two days and got ingredients needed on the grocery list. Then, after lunch Goosey (Woody) and Elijah went to the grocery store. Due to Erin's magnetism to her neighbor nephews and nieces there has been one or more over here visiting with her at various times today. It rained this afternoon and we had several thunder boomers. We may still be in for some more...I'm not sure. The temperatures have dropped a bit compared to yesterday due to the afternoon and evening rain. Erin and I fixed a pretty quick and easy and yummy supper...Shrimp Scampi served over linguine and a side salad. The kitchen has been cleaned up and the dishwasher is going. Now I'm going down to mess it up again as we are going to make some preparations for cooking tomorrow...we might even get a recipe made. Tomorrow we will be preparing the "feast" planned for whoever comes to pick Erin up on Saturday. Saturday's menu will include homemade pulled pork and "all" the trimmings that we like with it...Boston baked beans (getting ready to soak the beans...this is my mother's recipe for loooong cooking baked beans), German slaw (planning to make this tonight...it has a cooked dressing (change in plans Woody is going to make this tomorrow (thank you!)), lime and thyme potato salad, corn, Melany "might" bring a favorite of her daddy's...broccoli salad. (Listing this to entice Erin's family to come!!!!!) Saturday, weather permitting, there may be a bit of yard work done. I'm hoping that Woody can get a some help at least getting some wheelbarrow fulls of mulch dumped in strategic spots so then he can spread it when he "wants" to! We will see if the weather and workers and amount of pollen in the air cooperate on Saturday! Oh, and, Erin finished one of the books that she got at the library yesterday...now she is ready for the book that I'm reading...I'm not as fast a reader as she!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Today was Abigail's big day to get her retainer! Goosey (Woody) and she walked to the orthodontist, Post Office (right across the street from the orthodontist) and the library (on the way home from orthodontist). This isn't the greatest picture of Abigail (sorry, Abigail!), but in order to see the wire that is in the back of her teeth we had to take it this way! The wire behind her teeth is to keep her from thrusting her tongue on her front teeth. She probably got this from me (oops!). I thrust my tongue and brush my bottom teeth every time I swallow. I can remember my orthodontist explaining about the many, many, many pounds of pressure that are placed on teeth when a tongue thrusts this way. I never learned to stop doing it...thus I wear a permanent retainer to this day. We have had a busy day. I had sort of a shortened day of school with Elijah, Esther, Joy, and Abigail. Then Erin made a yummy chef salad for our lunch. After lunch, Erin and I headed to the church library and Woody and Abigail headed to the orthodontist. Erin was a great help to Donna, Fran and myself in the library. We got lots done with her help and all the reference books that we had taken off the reference shelves have the extra work done on them and they are back on the shelves! Yeah! Erin and I stopped at the public library on our way home from the church library. Erin wanted some DVD's and also some more books. She only got two books yesterday and had already finished one. The reader in us never wants to be down to "just one book!" So now she has plenty to choose from over the next few days that she will be here. While we were at the library, I checked to see if the next in the series that I'm reading was in and it was so I checked that out...so I'm in good shape reading-wise...one book started from the church library, one book started from the public library, one e-book checked out and started and in the midst of one audio book. This morning and late afternoon one or another of Erin's neighbor cousins drifted over to "play" with her once they got their school work done and we were back from the libraries. Nathan and Graham have really been working to get as much done as possible on their storage building before the rains/storms come tomorrow. I am impressed with what all they have done on the building. Graham is keeping his daddy straight! It was very warm today. It got up to the mid 80's, but those temps are supposed to go down a bit with the coming rain. Erin and I were tired after we got back from the libraries so we scratched the plans for supper tonight and had leftovers from last night and this noon and added a package of Italian mixed veggies. We'll get back on track with our "menus" tomorrow when we have a bit more time in the afternoon.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Happy Camper!

Our 15-year-old grandson, Alex, got his driver's permit today. Another teenager on the road trying to learn how to drive!!!!! GULP!!!!! Melany, Erin, and Alex made a trip to Tullahoma for a dual purpose...to use our small town DMV over their BIG city DMV. They stood in line for hours last week to have Alex fail the eye test...so they had to get his eyes checked by an eye doctor and get doctor approval for him to drive without glasses. His eyes work fine when they work together...but when tested one at a time...well...Anyway, Melany decided that they would come here rather than have to stand in line for so long this time. They were through in less than an hour here. Since they were coming for Alex to take the test for his learner's permit, this was a good time for them to drop Erin off for a short stay with us. They will be coming back on Saturday...again for a dual purpose...1)to pick up Erin, but 2)to help Goosey (Woody) with mulching the gardens. Goosey got Alex to dump several wheel barrows full of mulch for Goosey to spread. Having someone get the mulch for him really helps Woody. He got what got all that was dumped for him today all spread in a garden. The gardens are getting to look so nice! I cooked Melany a birthday (a day late) lunch...Smarter Linguine Alfredo (really Fettuccini...but we like linguine better). This is a healthier recipe for Alfredo sauce...chicken broth and 1/3 less fat cream cheese. It is really yummy. After they feasted, Melany and Alex headed home. Goosey took Erin to the library. Erin got several books that "may" keep her busy for a day or so. They also picked up a book that the library had on hold for me...another in a series that I'm reading so I'm a happy camper too. While Erin and Goosey were at the library, Graham, Abigail, Joy and Esther joined me here at the house as the rest of their family was going to pick up their RV that had been in the shop...then they dropped it off at the next place where it needed to go for the rest of its fixing (at least they hope that this fixing does the job!). Erin played with the kids for a while till it was time to cook supper. She and I made oven baked crumb-coated chicken thighs, pan fried (in olive oil) thinly sliced potatoes, and a green salad. Goosey washed the dishes that don't go in the dishwasher and Erin dried those. I loaded the dishwasher. After helping with the dishes, Woody headed off to walk to the prayer room. Erin, Joy and I walked around the block so I could take a picture of a really pretty flowering tree. Hope that we aren't sorry for the walk...pollen is pretty bad at the moment. Nathan and Graham are still diligently building a storage building in their back yard. Erin helped them lift a couple of the walls and move them aside so they could build the next wall. I'm tired and ready to sit back and relax and see who gets voted off Dancing With the Stars tonight! Erin is reading.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Happy Birthday, Melany!

Tonight's photo shows Melany when she was two--or there about--when we lived out in California. It was originally a black and white photo that I took "way back when" and what is posted tonight is Melany's homework from a Photoshop class that she is taking at the present time. She had to add color to a black and white photo. She sent it to me over the weekend and I decided that it was the perfect photo to post tonight. I just looked in my 1972 file folder and found that she is 2 year and one month old...so this was taken just a bit before Nathan was born. Woody made vegetarian burritos at noon today. I had a short time of school with Elijah, Esther and Joy this morning and then have spent the rest of the time cleaning and resting...getting ready for Melany, Erin and Alex to visit tomorrow. Abigail came over for a while and helped me clean...she ran the vacuum for a little while and helped me move some things out of the way and then back so I could vacuum where they were. Erin is going to stay with us for a few days. Her room is all ready for her. I just have the bathrooms left to clean...well, probably more needs to be cleaned...but...that will end the cleaning! Woody took a four mile walk this afternoon. It has been a beautiful day--mid 70's! WOW!!!! I have been pondering while I worked around the house today as to how it is possible that we have a daughter as old as Melany is!!!! I will end on that note wishing our older child a very happy birthday!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Tulip Time!

Our tulips have begun to bloom. That means that Melany's birthday must be near...the tulips across the street from our house were blooming at the time of her birth...and now when it is almost ______ years since that day, they are blooming once again in Middle TN (still a couple of days till her birthday so they will be even prettier by the BIG day). Woody went to the grocery store early this morning. I got up and started in on my sewing. I did manage to get the pattern traced and the fabric cut out and I have begun sewing. It is a bit of a rude awakening sewing something for me after making all those doll clothes. The seams surely are a lot longer! I did spend a little while out in the yard today taking pictures of some of the flowers that are blooming. Woody took a four-mile walk this afternoon. He has been watching March Madness.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Sunny Friday!

It was really good to see the sunshine today! It was nice to have the sun shine in through the windows. It even warmed up a bit more today (though I stayed inside). It actually got into the 60's...but I have still felt cold most of the day. Woody went to the library and to one grocery store today. He also walked four miles and worked in the yard. I am still in the getting ready to sew for myself mode. I did manage to get a pattern out and look over the instructions and took the pattern and fabric downstairs. But the pattern needs to be traced and I just never got into the right mode/mood to do that. I spent a long time hunting for a recipe this morning...finally decided that I hadn't copied it down when we had the library cookbook. So checked on the public library website and found that it was in, so Woody decided to do his weekend library visit today instead of tomorrow. That way we can get ingredients on the grocery list. We are planning for Erin to visit with us next week so I'm also in the menu planning mode. I guess you can say that I was in a lot of different modes today...but just didn't get much accomplished in any of them. But was happy that I did find the recipe I was looking for in the library cookbook...so one mission accomplished!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

April Showers!

And, have we ever had April showers so far this month! As you can see from our umbrella and poncho decorated front porch, it has rained quite a bit today and the temps have stayed very chilly...never reached 50 degrees today. Brrrrr downright cold for this time of the year...around 20 degrees below the normal temperature for this time of year here in Middle TN. The dampness just makes it feel even more chilly! Looks like we have more rain on its way when I look at radar. I stayed in the house most of the day. The children came over here for school. Esther and Joy and I had a nice cozy school/sewing time. Yesterday I had Esther sew on sewing cards to get the feel of going up and down in the "fabric" with a "needle" and thread. She did so well that today I found a hoop and had her start just making running stitches on fabric with embroidery thread. At a point after Joy came over, I had walked out of the room to get something and Esther discovered about making a solid line with a stitch called a back stitch. Joy told her what that stitch was called and it became her new friend since she could make shapes with a solid line of stitches rather than a stitch and then a space, etc. She has loved her hand sewing and stuck with it through her school time, Joy's school time and Graham's! And, then she came back this afternoon to do a bit more! Joy also worked on some handsewing in the hoop. Joy hadn't used a hoop before. Elijah had his usual lessons and then read one of his favorite books with Goosey (Woody). Early this morning Woody went on a five mile walk. Then this afternoon he ran to WalMart to get a few groceries since I needed one of my over-the-counter medications. After lunch I took a few minutes to rest from our busy morning, then I got started on making us a casserole for tonight's supper. When there was a break in the preparation for that, Goosey and I headed next door as they had a show that they wanted us to see. We watched their production and then came home and I got busy again on the casserole. Casseroles take a bit longer since I am making my own soup when cream of celery, mushroom, etc. is called for in a recipe. Tonight's concoction that I made up as I went along in the cooking was a Chicken and Rice casserole made with homemade cream of celery soup. It had lots of extra veggies in it too...carrots, green and yellow bell pepper, onion, celery (of course) and green peas. It ended up being pretty tasty...of course never to be replicated exactly again as when it came to seasonings I put in a little of this and a little of that and...I had to do a lot of tasting to be pleased with final seasonings...hardly hungry for the cooked casserole once it came out of the oven! A little while ago there were some tap-tap-tappings on our front door and some little neighbors were returning the bowls from yesterday's pumpkin pudding and one of those bowls had some of their Easter candy in it! Yum! Perfect timing as I had just thought that I wanted/needed some chocolate! The dish washer is going and I'm heading to my recliner (Woody is already ensconced in his.).

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

And, Why Do Your Teeth Hurt When You Have Braces?

Here is the photo of Graham yesterday before he got his braces on...note that the top front tooth on the right (as you are looking at his mouth) laps slightly over the one on the left. Well, the photo of Graham with his braces on shows his mouth today...guess what...no lapping over any more! I guess he at least sees a reason that his mouth hurts...those teeth are moving! His daddy has kept him so busy today that he hasn't had much time to think about a hurting mouth. They are building a storage building in their backyard. Lots of hammering going on over there. I had school with Elijah, Esther, Joy and Abigail this morning. Abigail took Graham's time as he really wanted to continue helping his daddy rather than coming for Grammy school time! Woody and Elijah made pumpkin pudding after Elijah had his time with me. Woody carried it over to Graham and family for them to have for dessert with their lunch (something else soft for Graham!). I ate a quick bite of lunch and then headed to the church library to work for a couple of hours. We solved several problems and finished with a task as much as we could till we get some supplies sent. I came right home and ordered what we needed to complete that library task...so maybe those supplies will arrive before next week and then we can get that task completed...before too much longer! Woody has done more mulching and also walked four miles this afternoon.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Big Day for Graham!

Graham got his braces this morning...quite a day for everyone! Goosey (Woody) and I headed next door when we would usually be starting school. Nathan, Kathy, and Graham headed out shortly after we got there. And, the rest of us kept busy the rest of the morning. The girls decided that it would be a good idea to do Graham's chores for him and then Abigail wanted to make jello, pudding AND mashed potatoes for Graham!!!! So she and I cooked with the help of a sibling or two every now and then. Before Nathan, Kathy and Graham got home, Melany and Alex paid us an unexpected visit. They are on Spring Break. Not long after they arrived Nathan, Kathy and Graham came home. We spent most of the afternoon visiting over at Nathan and Kathy's. I thought it was so cute, the way the girls were so interested in seeing how Graham had to brush his teeth...quite a gathering in the bathroom for a demonstration done by Graham. It has been a busy and fun afternoon. Graham was starting to feel the effects of the braces before we headed back home. His mouth was beginning to hurt and he was very happy that he had Jello with bananas in it for supper tonight! Some of the bands on his teeth glow in the dark...there should be quite a "light show" tonight after lights out!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Look Who Came All By Himself to See Us?!?

April Fools! Isaac didn't come over all by himself. Nathan was right behind him. I cropped Nathan out of the picture to try to fool you! We have had "several" April Fools jokes played on us today so thought that I would get in on the fun! I happened to be closing the curtains and saw Isaac coming so snapped a picture. It was so cute watching him follow the stepping stones between our houses. Isaac lead the way and Nathan, Esther and Elijah followed him. He made it up our front steps and came to the door and then Esther and Elijah opened the door to let him inside. Awwwwwww! He's getting to be such a big boy...all too quickly! I can't get used to seeing him up and walking! Our day started our quite early...well, Woody woke up first, but for some reason he turned on our light and that woke me up. So a little after 5am, Woody headed off on a seven-mile walk and I got up and decided that I would sew for a while before the children came over for school. Between nine and noon I had school with Elijah, Esther, Joy and Abigail and then this afternoon I spent more time sewing. Joy's doll now has pantaloons, an old-fashioned sunbonnet, a hankie, and a dress that just needs snaps and buttons sewn on it. I'm going to sew those on while watching Dancing With the Stars. Then I am through with doll sewing for a while and going to turn to sewing for myself. Woody spent quite a while outside mulching this afternoon. He finished the garden that is on the back of our house. The day started out quite foggy, but turned into a pretty blue sky day...very welcome after all the rain that we got over the weekend.