Saturday, January 30, 2016

Last January Saturday

I actually did work on getting the house "back to normal." Tonight's photo shows that the Little Women dolls (Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy)and their book have come back downstairs. These dolls are part of my Aunt Lois' collection that I inherited some years back. I spent a good part of the morning just dusting and polishing furniture in the living room getting the tables ready to go "back to normal." The undecorating process comes near to Spring cleaning...probably as close as I will come to Spring cleaning! Woody was away most of the morning doing his usual Saturday running around...library, Credit Union, WalMart, Kroger, and a hospital visit. After he got home, I put away the groceries. Then he and I attempted to run an became a "three times is a charm" as to accomplishing it and finding the person at home that we needed to be home! Woody went on a four mile walk. I continued working in the living room and then I took a nap. As soon as I post this blog, I am heading down to finish putting together the ingredients for pumpkin bread.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Rolled Around Again

Tonight's picture has no rhyme nor reason...except it is one of the pictures that I took when trying out various settings on my cameras...I have quite a few of this particular pin cushion (one of my blog readers will recognize it as one that she gave me)and this is the one that I thought turned out the best. I am just about finished with a photography book that I have been reading. My plan is to finish reading it tonight so Woody can take it back to the public library tomorrow. I also have another library book that I am about finished with that I will try to finish this evening so he can take it back too. This morning I listened to Elijah and Esther read out loud. They have just about completed a 15 minutes-a-day-reading-outloud challenge for the month of January. After lunch I got busy on doing some cleaning (I guess I will do anything to keep from really getting seriouis about undecorating!). I really needed to run the vacuum so got that task started by vacuuming our bedroom. Then I straightened up some things in there too...which included going through the basket that is next to my chair. I unearthed a couple of cross stitch projects that I just might get back to working on. Woody cooked a pumpkin today and I used my hand held immersion blender to puree the cooked pumpkin pieces. I did a load of Christmas linens (my Christmas put-away project of the day!) along with some towels and also did a little hand washing that I had been putting off. Woody walked four miles today. The temperatures are into the 40's today...supposed to get into the 60's tomorrow and Sunday. Abigail came over late this afternoon and completed the zippered bag that she started on Thursday. Woody is relaxing downstairs in the family room in "his" chair and I plan to head back to "my" chair that is upstairs as soon as I hit publish on tonight's blog. Oh, and, my migraine last night didn't get very bad. I mainly just had the weird whirry thing that happens to my eyes that tells me that one is starting. Usually if I go and shut my eyes for a while the headache doesn't get too bad. So last night I rested my eyes for quite a while after I blogged...think that I dozed during that resting time and when I woke up I seemed to be okay once again. Well, off to read!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

More Slowly Than Surely

Tonight's blog title refers to the way I am going about getting the Christmas decorations put away. I managed to get Christmas books put away today and several other things...but still lots to go. This week just hasn't been conducive to being able to do much with them...Monday I didn't feel very well, Tuesday we were at Vanderbilt, and yesterday was just a busy day. Maybe I will be able to get going on them more. Woody walked four miles today. He is presently next door taking care of most of the neighbor grandchildren. Nathan and Kathy are going on a dessert date while Esther has her basketball practice. I am heading to my chair as soon as I publish this as I have the indication that I am starting to get a migraine. I have been trying to figure out what I might have eaten to trigger one as mine are usually food induced...usually by aged cheese...don't think that I have had any today...oh, well, time to go flop back in my recliner and turn out the lights and close my eyes for a while. Tonight's pictures show Joseph playing with the stuffed animals in the school room and Abigail sewing away on her zippered bags. This afternoon Graham and Joseph came over and played for a while and Abigail got in a little extra sewing time.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Promise of Spring

When I was out taking pictures of all the snow fun the neighbor grandchildren were having, I happened to spy these jonquils peeping up through the snow. I just had to snap their pictures to remind me that Spring is on the way. This past weekend we had snow and cold temperatures, yesterday we had temps start out the day (midnight)in the 50's and gradually go down, down, down. It has been breezy and quite cold least I have felt cold most of the day. BUT...good news...the weathermen are predicting the weekend to be in the 60's...sounds nice and balmy! I had a normal Wednesday school schedule. The big news of the day was that Joseph graduated to coming upstairs for his school time. He didn't want to stop at the end of his usual 15 min. time...he asked for "one more." So I "had" to let him do one more activity! I have started each of the children's preschool at the kitchen table. I felt like Joseph had had enough lessons with the school equipment that he could start working upstairs. He seemed to like working in the school room. Abigail started another zippered bag during her long sewing time. Joseph stayed over at our house for a long time after school this morning and played with Goosey (Woody). After he decided that it was time to go home, Woody headed off to do our Krogering. I put some of the groceries away after school was over, ate a quick bite of lunch (soup as I was cold!), and then headed off to the church library to work for a couple of hours. Donna and I got quite a bit done and didn't run into too many library mysteries to solve. After leaving the library, I headed off to run an errand. Woody walked four miles while I was at the library. When I got home I found him making Cran-apple crisp. We had that this evening with frozen yogurt...pretty yummy. He brought me up a bowl and wished me a "happy anniversary." I had reminded him earlier that today is the anniversary of the day that he asked me to marry him...let's see...48 years ago...oh, my that seems like a very long time when one stops to really think about that number of years!!!! He asked me to marry him when he came to visit me at Cottey College...the main problem is that we disagree on the time that he asked me...oh, well, I guess all that is important is that we remember that he asked me...and that I said "yes," and that we carried through on getting married, and, that we are still together all these later!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


We left this morning a little after 5am and returned a little before almost another eight hour day. We traveled in the rain most of the way to Vanderbilt and then on the way home we traveled in fog (tonight's photo). The initial registration at Vanderbilt before he had his PET scan seemed to take forever...not real efficient today. Then the rest of the times went like clockwork...we were in Dr. Sosman's exam room a whole thirty minutes early. At first one of Dr. Sosman's fellows came in and talked and checked Woody out and let us see the scan. He told us that Woody met the criteria to stop Keytruda infusions. Then Dr. Sosman came in and talked for a bit and while talking uttered the word "remission"...such a sweet sound to our ears! This drug is so new that there isn't a lot of data out there as to how long a remission might last...charting new territory! We left Vanderbilt with an appointment for a PET scan, labs and appt. with Dr. Sosman for twelve weeks from today...that's three months! I can't believe that we don't go back till April! So now they will just watch and make sure that the melanoma doesn't rear its ugly head again. Now we pray that he doesn't have a reaction to "going off" Keytruda. I hadn't thought of that possibility till today...always something else to think about! This evening we ate supper with Nathan and Kathy and family. After supper Woody headed off to walk to the prayer room at church. Praising God for such great news today! Thanking Him for this miracle in our lives.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Snow Fun

Our neighbor children and grandchildren had a lot of fun in the snow yesterday after they had an improvised home worship service (our church services were cancelled due to the snow). The temperatures rose above freezing and it was a really good time to go out and enjoy the snow before it melted away. I even ventured out since there was a path clear of snow and ice that went over to the neighbors by way of our front walk, our driveway and the road. That's how I got some of the pictures...some I shot out the upstairs windows. At the particular time that I took these Graham and Abigail weren't out so only have five and their parents pictured having a grand time...sledding, snowballing, etc. Today our temperatures rose into the 50' most has melted away except for places in the shade. I woke up feeling a little puny so haven't done much but sit around most of the day. I did manage to finish a book and have been studying a book on photography. Woody ran errands (the errands he couldn't run on Saturday) and stopped at the Life Care Center to have Bible study with Jeff and also visit with several church members who are residents or are in rehab there. Woody didn't take a walk today as that was part of the instructions for tomorrow's PET exercising 24 hours prior to the tests. We will be off as the birds awaken in the morning as his PET scan is a very early appointment...on top of it being early to start with he has to be there thirty minutes prior to the appointment. Will let you know tomorrow night about results and whether he is through with Keytruda at least for the time being!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

"Snowed In"

Being "snowed in" here in TN would probably be laughable for those who live in much colder climes. But for us in southern middle TN...several inches along with some ice means "snowed in!" I like the feeling. I know that it drives some up the wall to not be able to get out...but I am very happy to sit all safe and secure in my own house and not go any where. So today I decided was a good day to get going a bit more seriously on the undecorating. As you can see by tonight's photo, the carolers have gathered once more for their annual sing in front of the Christmas tree before they go into hibernation till next Christmas. Table tops, etc. are starting to get emptied so when I find decorative items that go there during the non-Christmas part of the year I can put them back. I have been packing things up in boxes...the children's Fisher Price Nativity is back in boxes (except for one piece that is still being elusive...hopefully before the Christmas closet is repacked it will be found. Just moments before I came upstairs I got all our Precious Moments nativity packed and ready to be put away. So slowly but surely Christmas is getting put away. No walk for Woody today...see...truly snowed in! He did move a little snow around and sprinkled salt on our steps...that was about it for him for outside activity today. He has read, watched TV, worked puzzles, and attempted to stay warm. We have received word that there are no church services we will stay snowed in for at least another day. Tomorrow the temps are supposed to rise into the 40's so that "snowed in" feeling will soon be gone...a good thing about snow in the doesn't stay around long!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Joseph is Two!

We had fun celebrating Joseph's second birthday with him and the rest of his family. We had cake and ice cream and then he opened his presents. He is reading the book that we gave him. He said, "I read book!" And, then he looked at it for a minute or two turning pages and then said, "The End!" and closed the book. While we were still next door, a little before noon it started to snow. The children got pretty excited! Just before Goosey (Woody) and I headed home, Graham and Joseph went outside to check out the cold stuff floating through the air.
You can tell how wet it was before the snow started. We had gotten a LOT of rain. Woody went home first and when I headed home, I got a picture of him heading out for his walk of the day (before it got too snowy and slick).
He had some DVD's that were due tomorrow and not knowing what the conditions would be tomorrow, he decided that he had better "go while the going was good" other words while he could! I came home and headed to the kitchen. I enjoy cooking when it is snowing and we were just about out of soup so I made a big pot of Ham and Barley soup. So I sat and chopped, etc. and looked out the kitchen window and watched the snow. The snow started out with really BIG flakes and then became really fine...but it has continued to snow ever since it started a little before noon. Here is a picture just as the street lights came on this evening. We're turning into a winter wonderland!
I will end by saying a BIG Happy Birthday to our sweet Joseph! Oh, about the key on the cake...Joseph loves car keys. One of the things that he likes best to do is "drive" a car!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Rain and More Rain and Then ????

I just took this picture of WeatherBug's radar. We are the dark blue marker...looks like we are in for a lot of rain. It's all moving from the south right through us. Our temperature is 39°F so just rain for quite a while...the temperatures are predicted to go up overnight...into the 40's so still just rain and it is predicted to rain a good part of tomorrow...then in the afternoon temperatures are predicted to start dropping and by late afternoon "perhaps" we will get some snow. We had school this morning. Esther had her long time with me. She continues to plod along on a cross stitch project. Woody went on a four-mile walk which included a stop at the barber. Graham came over to read with me after lunch. After Graham finished reading, Woody and I headed off for a treat...we needed to use our coupon for bogo free Blizzard before it went out of date...and that date was this coming Monday...and since it might snow and keep us in on Saturday, we decided that today was the day. I was a bit hesitant since I had felt cold all day...but cold or not my Butterfinger Blizzard tasted really good! We are all settled in for the evening listening to the rain on the roof...need to get rested so we can party with Joseph tomorrow!!!!! Kathy called with party plans just a few minutes ago. I guess I'll go wrap his present!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Snow Day?????

Well, Tullahoma City Schools got a snow day...none of us are sure exactly why...perhaps scared by the weather forecast? But in our neck of the woods it never got bad. We had school...after all...not much travel between the school campus and home. Abigail continues her pursuit of making zippered bags. She got underway with one during her long time with me and then came back this afternoon and finished it. She has already got another one planned. Woody did his weekly Wednesday Krogering this morning. After lunch I went to the church and worked in the library for a little while. When I got home Woody was off on his daily walk...I'm guessing that he walked four miles...he's downstairs and I'm upstairs and I am too lazy to go down and ask how far he least I have given him credit for getting in his daily walk! I decided to make a "made-up" recipe for a chicken casserole for our supper. We both enjoyed it. While I was still downstairs, the phone rang and it was our friendly reminder call from Vanderbilt about Woody's next week appointments. Three weeks have just about rolled around again! Here's hoping that after next week's appointment that we won't be reminded of appointments again for twelve weeks!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

It's Freezing!

And, to prove tonight's blog title here are a couple of photos of the fountain at our church that I took today. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr! It has been very cold these last three days...I "guess" that today was a bit warmer...or at least it got to the freezing mark today...the two days before it never left the 20's for a high and it has gone way down in the teens for lows. I had school this morning. Then right after lunch, I headed off to get my hair cut. On the way home I stopped and took several photos of the frozen fountain. After that I headed to JoAnn's to get some zippers for our zipper pouch maker, Abigail. And, that was enough for me to be out and about in these cold temps. Woody walked to and from the prayer room at church early this evening. He has returned and he said that he didn't freeze.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Another Day to Eat Birthday Cake!

Today is Kathy's birthday. We joined them for cake after supper...a yummy carrot cake this time. Wonder what we will get for the next birthday cake...only four days to wait to find out! We had school this morning. Woody went to the Life Care Center to have Bible study with Jeff and visited a church member who resides there. This afternoon he did take a four-mile walk even though it was quite cold. He said that he stayed warm except for his face. Happy Birthday, Kathy!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Saturday Doings

Thought that this zebra needed to look in on all of you, my blog readers! I don't know why...but decided that I wanted to look at my pictures from our last visit to the St. Louis Zoo and share one that caught my fancy for tonight's blog photo. This fella caught my attention! This has been an interesting day for me. I decided that I wanted to do a couple of things in my sewing room that needed "attention." I had a little "mending" to do (part of the binding on the bottom of a towel in our guest room bathroom had started to come off...a quick fix...but getting around to it has taken me a while. But today I finally "got to it" and it is now out of my sewing room and back on its rack in the bathroom. Then the other item that needed attention was an ornament. On the main tree in the living room I have a picture frame ornament of some sort with a baby picture of each of the grandchildren...that is each had one except for Joseph...poor little fellow...almost two years old and still didn't have his baby picture hanging on the tree. I had decided on the ornament that I wanted to make last year, but never "got around to it." So today I "got around to it" and finished it...just moments ago.
Abigail spent most of the afternoon over here going "gung ho" on making zippered pouches. She made two. The second one she pretty much did on her own. She is planning to make many for gifts. We will have to purchase more zippers before she can make many more. She is going through the zippers I have on hand pretty quickly! Woody did his usual Saturday morning errands which included WalMart, Kroger, and the library. Later in the afternoon he went on a four-mile walk. He has read, done puzzles, and watched football on TV. Right now he is next door taking care of the neighbor grandchildren. Their parents have gone to see the movie, "War Room." A local church is showing it this evening and they had been wanting to see two date nights this week! Well, I'm going to go hang Joseph's ornament on the tree so it can count in this year's new ornaments! No undecorating today...too busy doing other things!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Mid-Month Friday

Sort of a lazy Friday for me. I slept in a bit later than normal due to the fact that I didn't have school today and due to the fact that I stayed up too late last night reading. Woody walked four miles not as lazy a day for him as for me! We both took a nap late this afternoon...even Woody admitted that he had dozed off for a while. I guess that I have "started" to commit to putting Christmas away. I did take a "few" things down today and put back what is there during the non-Christmas part of the year...not many things yet...but at least it is a start. I just dread the mess that inevitably will ensue till it is all back in the Christmas closet. My other slight effort today has been to sort of clean up sewing messes that have occured due to all the new sewing projects that are underway over here. In order to have a space to work with Abigail and Joy, I just moved quite a few things off the sewing table and ironing board and didn't get them put away...just set to "one side" I have done a "little" in getting "some" those items back in their proper places. At times it just seems that all I do is is shift an item from spot to spot...and eventually they find their way back to where they belong. I guess I will go back to helping those items find their homes after I post tonight's blog! Woody is next door as I type this. He is taking care of the neighbor grandchildren while their parents go out to eat with friends. Can you believe that it is already the middle of January? Time doesn't seem to have slowed down any in 2016!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Busy Thursday

I woke up to the smell of freshly baked muffins...pumpkin muffins...good start to the day! School got underway much the way as always...the little guys first and then the older ones filter in to read and/or sew. Today Abigail read her outloud time at home and wanted to sew during her half-hour reading time. So she got another step done on her zippered pouch. Then Joy came for her long time and she got underway for her tablet cover. We did a lot of cutting today. After lunch Graham came over and he also wanted plan a sewing project instead of reading out loud. He wants to add a pocket to the outside of a carrier pouch for his notebook computer. We looked through scraps to see if I had what was needed. And, did a little planning. Then Graham went back home to do more of his school work. I sat down and thought through how we might accomplish this sewing scheme that he had come up with! Abigail came back over after she finished school and did the last couple of steps on her sewing project. So she has completed her first zippered pouch. Now she plans to make more of them for gifts. She wants to be able to make them on her own...hope that she can! Woody walked eight miles this afternoon. I baked a ham this afternoon. We will enjoy several meals from it and then turn the bone and rest of the meat into soup. I am now ready to put my feet up and hopefully read...but the way I feel at the moment I have a feeling that my eyes might close not too many paragraphs into the book! Woody is reading and watching TV. That about sums up what has seemed to me to be an extra busy day!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Typical Winter Wednesday

Joseph had his preschool(very short) time first. Then Isaac had his preschool time. Woody left sometime during Isaac's school time to go do his Wednesday Krogering. After Isaac had his time, Elijah, Esther and Joy each came over for their individual reading time. All the readers continue to aim for a goal of reading outloud for at least 15 minutes a day for 25 days in January. They are all doing a great job with their reading. Today was Abigail's long time. She is learning how to put a zipper in a pouch/bag. She got well underway today. I grabbed a quick bite to eat for lunch and then headed out the door to go work in the church library. I will have to tell you an "Isaacism." He and his family were all down at the church practicing their juggling while I was working in the library. Several came up to say "hi" to me while walking on stilts. Isaac wanted to stay and help me. I told him that he could until my library workers got there and then I would need to work with them. He rather reluctantly went back to the fellowship hall to be with his family when Donna and Fran got to the library. In a few minutes I heard the door in the hallway open and I figured that Isaac was coming back. The next thing I knew I saw him peeping in the library window. Then he came and stood in the library door...didn't come in...and very seriously said: "You know that it is way more funner when a lot of people work together!" Ummmmmm and what do you say to that logic!?! He did come in for a little while longer...I gave him a couple of jobs to help me...until he took a big tumble on his stilts and I accompanied him back to his family...after all it is "more funner" to work with a lot of people...and his family outnumbered the three of us in the library (I didn't go into that logic with him)! While I was working in the church library, Woody went on a four-mile walk which included a stop at our pharmacy to pick up one of his prescriptions. By the time I got home from the library I was about beat...but our supper needed my attention! I had told Woody before I left that I would put together one of our favorite soups when I got home.He had made a start on preparing the veggies and he opened all the cans for me and measured the broth and water and poured into the soup pot. I just about made it through getting it made...but left the last couple of steps to Woody as my back was telling me that I really needed to head to my recliner and the heating pad. My back is slightly rested and I have gotten up to blog and to get a load of wash out of the dryer. I need the fabric that is in with the clothes in the dryer for Joy's sewing lesson tomorrow. Now if I can just wrap my mind around Joy's project and not get it confused with Abigail's project! Well, Woody is watching a library DVD and I am going to go put away the rest of the clothes and then get back to reading and resting my back. I'm doing great on my goal of reading a book a week during 2016...already way ahead! Always good to get ahead for when I have dry/slow/non times of reading!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A Day on the Go

Here's Elijah (6) sporting his new (as in first) reading glasses. He only needs to use them when he is reading and doing other close-up work. He says that they do help him see...a good sign that he will use them when he realizes how much help they are. Today has seemed to be a whirl wind day of activity. It started out with my school time with the children. Then I had a quick bite of lunch and Joy came back over and we went to the local quilt store on a shopping "spree." She is going to make a cover for her new tablet that she got for Christmas. She needed to coordinating fat quarters and I decided instead of pawing through fabric scraps here that I would give her the treat of experiencing the quilt store. She enjoyed getting to choose her own fabrics and also looking at all the pretty quilted items hanging around in the store. She chose very quickly. We also got some other items that she is going to need to make the cover. They didn't have one of the kinds of interfacing that we needed so we headed on over to my sewing machine dealer and found the rest of what we needed. I also picked up a couple of things that Abigail needs for her next project. Then I dropped Joy off at the church as her family was there for their juggling practice time. On my way home I made a slight detour and went to the public library to pick up a book that is next in a series that I am reading. When I went to check the book out, the librarian said that she had called that morning and that they had another book that I had requested. I hadn't listened to my phone messages so didn't realize that I would be picking up two books...the next two in that series. I put in the request as it had to come from the Manchester library and I figured that it would take a little while to get over to ours...but it didn't take long at all. A while after I got home, Graham came over for his reading time. We are reading The Hobbit...not exactly my favorite kind of reading...but Graham seems to know what is going on and is enjoying it. Woody cut up a pumpkin today and got it to simmering before he headed off walking to the church prayer room and left me in charge of keeping an eye on the pot. I got it drained and had started pureeing it by the time that he got back home. I am using my fairly new hand "blender" to puree the pumpkin. It works great. Now I am waiting on a load of wash to finish so I can get it into the dryer. I need to get them dried as I need a piece of that new fabric tomorrow when Abigail has her "long Grammy time." She is going to learn how to make a zippered pouch/bag...I will learn right along with her! Woody is watching TV, reading and working puzzles. Yesterday he finished a book of crossword puzzles that he got for Christmas. I am still working on the book of sudoko puzzles. Well, time to go put the clothes in the dryer so Abigail will have the piece of fabric that I am surprising her with...her project calls for scraps, but I felt that she needed one more coordinating color of which I didn't have the perfect one in my stash to go with the other two she found. The quilt store owner, Joy, and I picked out a really pretty one for her...we think that she will like it!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Meet the Newest Four-Year-Old on the Block

We had a fun time at Isaac's birthday party yesterday. His brothers and sisters performed a play for him--The Three Billy Goats Gruff. He opened presents (in record time). And we had ice cream and cake. He had a bit of a hard time figuring out how to hold up four fingers instead of three! Today the children and I had our school times together. Woody went to Life Care Center to have Bible study with Jeff and he visited another friend who lives there. He came home with Arby's roast beef sandwiches for our lunch. It has been a brrrrrrrry cold day. It was in the teens when we woke up and I don't think that it ever got out of the thirties. Woody did walk four miles this afternoon trying to walk at the warmest part of the day...which wasn't very warm!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Day Before Isaac's Birthday

Tomorrow is an important day in the life of our sweet grandson, Isaac. He will turn four! Where have those four years gone?!? We will celebrate with him and his family tomorrow afternoon. Woody got up and walked six miles this morning. Then a bit later in the morning he did his usual Saturday errands...library, WalMart, even stopped at Kroger. He has read, done crossword puzzles, watched a library DVD, and watched football. I have read, worked a sudoku puzzle or two and made a chicken tortilla pie casserole. I guess we weren't tired of Mexican food even after our Mexican feast at Christmas! This casserole used up the remaining flour and corn tortillas that we had left over from that meal. This recipe called for homemade green salsa. The salsa is made with fresh tomatillas. It's quite a tasty casserole...a bit spicy. Woody and I each had a square shortly after it came out of the oven a little while ago. A little before supper, Elijah came over to report that he had made four points for his basketball team. He and Esther are playing Upwards Basketball this year. I will end by wishing Isaac a BIG happy birthday...a day early!

Friday, January 8, 2016


Today has been a pretty quiet day. Since it is school for me (my day off from school). Woody got up (one of Woody's accomplishments that he told me about, when I asked what he had done today). And, he must have gotten busy in the kitchen, for when I came downstairs, he had taken the skin off the chicken pieces for me. That put me in "kitchen mode"...trying to decide what to do with the skinned chicken pieces. Well, I chose two recipes. For one I needed pieces of cooked chicken so I stewed some of the pieces and then made the broth that I needed for one of the recipes from the liquid that I stewed them in. Then I baked the rest in the oven (our lunch plus some for leftovers). While cooking I realized that my shoes seemed to be sticking to the floor. Oops! That indicated that I should really talk myself into mopping the kitchen floor...which I did after I finished with the cooking. Woody came behind me and cleaned up the dishes mess that I created with my cooking efforts. Later in the afternoon he walked six miles. We have both watched some TV, read, done puzzles, and just lazed around. Today started out drizzly and it stayed cloudy for the rest of the day. Tonight's blog photo shows one of the new ornaments that I was given this year...what could be more perfect for me, who loves Williamsburg so much, than a Williamsburg snowman complete with a tricorn hat! Thanks, Connie! He is standing proudly on one of the branches of our tree. Note that I haven't gotten in the right frame of mind to undecorate yet...still just thinking about it and enjoying taking pictures of our decorations! I read a photo challenge the other day that suggested using a certain setting mode (aperature mode) for the next month for 98% of the photos that I take so I am taking the challenge. It is one of the settings that I haven't used it's often easier to use the more automatic settings. But this one is proving to be easier than I a new learning curve with my cameras. I have set three of them on "A" mode. Tonight's photo was taken with this setting. So more trial photos for you, my "guinea pig" blog readers.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

7 Years = 2,421 Posts = 70,115 Page Views

And, tonight I begin my 8th year writing our Dorrell Delineations blog. Wow...time flies when we're having fun...and even when we're not! I have shared a lot of "times" with you, our blog readers...and some of those times were fun and some were not! I am very happy to be at this end of the time frame...seeing the results of all that Woody has gone through during those seven years. And, to tell the years ago I never dreamed that I would still be blogging about Woody's progress with his melanoma treatments...after all, it was indicated all those years back that he had less than a year to live. But, by the grace of God I am still giving updates about Woody! Seven years ago, the treatments that he has recently had weren't even in existence to offer to patients. What great strides have been taken in finding a cure for melanoma and other cancers. Praise God! Here is my attempt to add in a link to my very first blog: At the beginning the blog was pretty much background and updates as to how Woody was doing and what surgery/treatment, etc. that he was going through at the time. It was my way to get fairly detailed information to family and friends without having to make a ton of phone calls, emails, etc. and repeat myself over and over again. At first I didn't post every night. But at Woody's suggestion I began doing daily postings even if there wasn't something earth shaking to report. That way, you, my blog readers, didn't have to keep checking in to see if I all knew that there would be a post no matter what. Then a couple of years ago, Woody suggested that I take a "day of rest" on Sunday and only blog six days a week...and, it is good to have that day of rest! I didn't post pictures for the first several months, except when it had something to do with x-ray, a scar, etc. Then I got my first interchangeable lens camera and started posting pictures that I was taking with it. You, my blog readers, were guinea pigs for a lot of my trial photos...just like Woody was a guinea for drugs/immunotherapy, etc. trials! So now it is usually a photo, drivel about our doings, and updates on what is happening to Woody in his latest and greatest treatment (Keytruda as I type this)! Today has been a typical for me...Woody walked and on his walk stopped and visited with a couple in our church, he and Elijah took cans to the "can man." Woody is now next door taking care of the neighbor grandchildren while their parents go out on their Thursday night date. So that sums up my 2,422 post. Several of you have stuck with me throughout these seven years and have read every single post...oh, my...a lot of words! Thanks for sticking with us...and, most of all thanks for all the prayers.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

An Epiphany

Quite a few years ago I had an epiphany (an insight into something) and it had to do with the day that some Christian faiths celebrate as the day, that three kings/wisemen came to visit the Christ child, called Epiphany. I was teaching at the local Montessori school and I was telling one of my fellow teachers that I always dreaded New Year's Day because it was the day that I was supposed to start undecorating (Mother usually undecorated on the 1st so it was in my head that I should do it that day.) But it always made me dread the New Year as I just am never really ready to undecorate. My co-teacher said that she never undecorated until after Epiphany on her church calendar...which is January 6th. So her saying that freed me up to not even think about undecorating on the 1st...and then I just start when I feel like it after the 6th. So after today...whenever that urge comes on me to undecorate I will! And, there is no telling when that urge will come upon far I am not tired of the my goal is to have them down by Valentine's Day! Today when I mentioned to Isaac (4 on Sunday) that it was about time for me to start taking the decorations down. He acted sad and said that he really liked seeing our Christmas tree (me too!). Today was a pretty typical Wednesday. I had school. Woody did the Wednesday Krogering. I went to the church library and worked for a couple of hours. Woody did throw in an errand in downtown Tullahoma that he walked to and from (his walk of the day). I was pretty tired after having school most of the morning and then working in the library in the afternoon. So when I got home, I plopped in my recliner planning to read, but soon my eyes closed and I took a bit of a nap. I had turned on the heating pad as I have a bit of a stiff neck/shoulder so probably the extra toastiness made it even easier to nap. A little while ago, Kathy, Abigail, Esther, and Elijah arrived to show off a surprise to Goosey (Woody). I was in on part of the surprise, but Woody had no idea that Elijah was getting glasses for close-up work and reading. Abigail surprised me with a new pair of glasses. I didn't know that she was getting them. She wears contacts most of the time...but she was pretty happy with her new pretty frames. I will see how Elijah's "work" when he comes over to read tomorrow. Woody noticed right off when Elijah turned around to look at him. Elijah was wondering if Goosey would notice that he had them...the reason that he wanted to keep them a secret.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Last Keytruda Infusion? Time Will Tell!

We left around 6:45 this morning and got home about 4:10 this afternoon. No matter how smooth sailing things go, it is almost always a long day when we go to Vanderbilt. His labwork looked very good. He will go back in three weeks for a PET scan, labwork, and see either Dr. Sosman or his nurse practitioner. They will make a decision after reviewing the scan as to whether he is finished with least for the time being. He does have a Keytruda infusion appointment that day "just in case." We made two stops on the way home...a late lunch at Steak and Shake and a stop at Melany and Wade's to drop off a forgotten present and a present that arrived after they were here and all the food storage dishes that they brought food in for our Christmas meal. Erin was home and we visited for a very short time. I checked out their Christmas decorations and talked a little with Erin and then we headed home. Everything went smoothly going to Vanderbilt slow downs at all...amazing for going during rush hour time. We sat in a couple of waiting rooms for a while, but we stayed pretty much on schedule. We were always in a waiting room for his next appointment prior to the scheduled time for that didn't always get called in for his appointment on time...but at least it wasn't our fault for the time of the appointments. We both worked puzzles during the waiting times and also read. I managed to finish a book while we were first of this at this time I have met the goal of one book a week at this point of the year! Woody has just headed out the door to walk to the prayer room at church. I believe that this is the first time that he has walked to the prayer room since his surgery six weeks ago.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Routine...And a Cold Day...Once Again

This morning started out bright and early with Joseph coming over for his short time of school. He went right back into the routine and enjoyed doing his lessons. Woody walked him back home and came back with Isaac. Isaac also went right back into routine. I had a couple of new lessons for him and he thoroughly enjoyed them. Joy came next to read, then Esther, and then Abigail. After they each had their turns reading it was Elijah's turn to have his "long time" (an hour) with Grammy. Today we worked with the new Montessori equipment that they got for part of the "Pickle present." By the way, Joy found the pickle this year and got to open up the gifts that stay at our house and are to be enjoyed by all the grandchildren. Elijah also worked with the Magformer (magnetic building blocks) that were also part of the pickle present during part of his extra time over here. While one of the children was reading, Woody headed off to run errands and also to have Bible study with Jeff at Life Care. After Elijah left, we had lunch. Woody walked four miles after lunch. I waited for Graham to come over to read with me. He came a bit later because his aunts (Kathy's sisters had stopped at their house for lunch). I read through a recipe while I waited for him to come over. Erin and Alex gifted me with a kitchen gadget...a spiral cutter for veggies. And, they also gave me a cookbook to go with it. We had chosen one recipe to try. So tonight we had Zucchini Pasta Salad. There is no pasta in the salad...the zucchini spirals are the pasta. The salad was really very good...a "keeper recipe." Tomorrow is supposed to be in the 20's when we leave for Vanderbilt...brrrrrrrrr! I guess the cold temperatures have arrived. All of Woody's appointments are in the morning tomorrow...we will see how far into the afternoon they will extend...hopefully not too far. There is a carrot dangling in front of this appointment...the fact that this "may" be his last Keytruda infusion. We will know in three weeks when he has his PET scan. I forgot to mention on Saturday that it has been six-weeks since his emergency appendectomy. (Today would have been my father's 103rd birthday.)

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Final Stretch

The holidays are about to come to a close. Today has been another day where I pretty much stayed in wind-down mode...doing as little as possible...just taking it easy and enjoying the last of what I'll call "lull moments." We will be back in school on Monday and then Tuesday we will be heading to life's pace will start picking up. I do so enjoy these lull moments after the hustle and bustle of Christmas preparations. Today the sun was shining on our tree so I sat with a cup of tea and just enjoyed looking at it. Tonight's photo is the section of the tree that I concentrated on...just looking at all the wonderful ornaments and thinking about memories that have to do with each of them...maybe I'll have time to look at another section tomorrow! I'll bet that a blog follower or two might recognize an ornament or more in this picture that they have given me over the years...I can spot several. Woody went to Walmart and the library this morning...a bit of routine for Woody. Several of the children have popped in and out today. My main accomplishment for the day was to get the Sunday School lesson ready for tomorrow. We have both read. We have both worked puzzles (me-sudoko and Woody-crosswords). Woody has watched basketball on TV. Not a lot going on in the Dorrell household. I have really enjoyed the past week of not having to do any certain thing at any certain time. But alas..."'Tis the Season" is in its final stretch!

Friday, January 1, 2016

The Sun Shone on the New Year!

The sun didn't shine long, but at least it did peep through for a few moments on this the first day of 2016. All of a sudden I realized that there were shadows coming in our bedroom windows so snapped a couple of pictures out the window to catch it before it disappeared. We have had a fairly quiet start to the new year. Woody has read, done crossword puzzles, watched some football on TV and walked four miles in the nippy weather. I have stayed inside and kept warm. I have read, done sudoku puzzles, worked on Sunday's Sunday School lesson, and worked on cleaning up some sewing clutter. I hadn't had much of a chance since finishing all the Christmas ornaments that I made for Christmas to put the threads away so spent some time doing that today. I have left one set of thread colors/type out as I still want to make us one of the ornaments like I made for gifts...maybe I will get my machine back to humming tomorrow. I have been working on clearing off my sewing cutting table as that became a catch-all for all sorts of things from wrapping to leftover bits and pieces of sewing projects to things that didn't have a place at the moment. I am starting to be able to see the top of the table once am thinking about what sewing project I might start next. I did finish another book last that puts me at 58 books read in 2015. My goal each year is to read at least 52 (to average out reading one book a week)so this year I went over by six books. Time to start a new page in my notebook of books read. I also need to add this year's books read to my list in this computer...maybe another job for tomorrow? Woody and I wish each of you a blessed 2016...praying that the Son will shine on each of you in His special way.