Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Nail Biter!

Just home from Elijah's ball game...talk about a nail biter! The Giants, Elijah's team, had been ahead the whole game...and then came the last inning...the Giants were ahead by five...and the other team started getting hits and no outs...all the other team could do was tie it, as there is a five run limit per inning...but Elijah's team managed to hold them to "just" four runs and won the game 8-7. Way to go, Elijah and the Giants! Next game for Elijah is Friday and then the girls will have two softball games on Saturday. Woody and Graham kept the official score board. Nathan is helping to coach Elijah's team so that is a new experience for him. I had school with just Isaac today. He got a lot of good work done for school and then he also did his weekly paid job of vacuuming the stairs with the hand-held vac. Woody worked out in the yard planting flowers today among other things. I headed off to get my hair cut early in the afternoon. Then stopped at Ruby Tuesday's for a late lunch...had to get my free birthday burger before time ran out! It was good too...as were the fries! We headed off to the ball field around 4:30 and got home at 7:00. After getting home and parking the car, Woody headed off on his Tuesday walk to the Prayer Room at church. I headed upstairs to blog...and that pretty much concludes another busy day!

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