Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Sporadic Showers

We had quite a bit of rain during the night and then have had a shower off and on during the day and a rumble here and there. Woody was able to continue on with his mulching between showers...which made weed pulling much easier! I had my one student today...just Isaac on Tuesdays. We really worked on his reading and then did some fun math things...like count the money that he got in some of his eggs yesterday on his family egg hunt. He also did his weekly paying chore for me...vacuumed the stairs. That pay added to the money that he had so we got his money back out and counted it again so he would know the new total. He also enjoyed Osmo Pizza Co. on my iPad. We were so busy that we realized as he was heading home that we hadn't stopped for a snack today...just water breaks! I had a lazy afternoon...I guess due to the overcast day...I just couldn't find much energy...so rested and even took a short nap. Then I still didn't have any energy so decided to do some fabric shopping online from my comfy chair. I have my work cut out for me (wish that it really was cut out!)over the next few weeks if I get back to sewing as I plan. I already have fabric for a top that I want to make, but needed something for a skirt. I got fabric for two skirts, one t-shirt, and a pair of jeans. So sewing energy needs to come to the surface! I will get started on the top while I am waiting for my order. I love ordering from Mood Fabric in New York, New York! Woody has just returned from his walk to and from the prayer room at church. So I guess we are settling in for another quiet evening in our household.

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