Thursday, April 20, 2017

Thursday Thoughts

We have had a pretty usual Thursday. I had school with most of the children. Joseph was playing outside when it was time for him to come over and he decided to stay outside. That made Isaac not want to come, but he did come and he read his next Super Book. He is finding out that he can read through these little eight-page phonetic stories pretty quickly. Lots of repetition of words and he is doing a great job remembering them by the last pages in the book. Elijah, Esther, and Joy all had their turns reading. Esther came over for her turn for long time with me. She continued on her cross stitch project and then used the Osmo app on my iPad...this time she worked with Mo the Monster and did drawings that became animated on the screen...pretty neat! After lunch, Abigail had her turn to read. Woody continued working in the yard mulching, etc. He got Nathan to come over and use a chain saw to rid one of our gardens of the rest of a dead bush. Woody had hand sawed and chopped the rest of it down, but wanted it even with the ground so he could mulch over it. Woody walked four miles today which included a stop at the barber to get a hair cut. I guess the rest of the day has pretty much been relaxing. Woody has read and watched some TV. I have mainly been reading as I am about to lose an e-book out in cyber space in the next couple of days when it becomes due. I only have a few chapters left so I should be able to get it read before it is whisked away from me. I have gotten the pattern for my top traced, cut out and pinned together to check the fit. I think that it is a "go" so will start laying the pattern pieces on the fashion fabric and get it ready to cut out for real...always a bit daunting when I am using really nice fabric. What I am using I bought at a couture fabric shop in AZ quite a few years ago. It is time to bite the bullet and commit the fabric to a certain style pattern and cut it out and then sew it together.

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