Monday, April 10, 2017

Magnificent Monday!

What a beautiful day! It got into the upper 70' skies...just a beautiful spring day. Woody spent a lot of the day outside taking care of yards. He watered all the grass seed that he and Nathan and Kathy planted and worked in one of our large ornamental gardens...a big job getting all the leaves out from under bushes, plants, ground cover, etc. I didn't have school today so was on a different Monday schedule. I planned to sew, but decided that I should do a little cleaning before sewing. So I vacuumed and dusted the living room and dining room. Woody vacuumed the family room and I dusted in there. Woody went to Life Care and had Bible study with Jeff in the morning. I eventually got my pattern altered and have my top cut out. I experimented with our dinner tonight and cooked a meatloaf in our air fryer...worked quite well. In a little more than 30 minutes we had a meatloaf and some "fried" potatoes. Woody went to the Monday night prayer meeting and has just returned. So I guess we are settled in for another quiet evening per normal!

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