Thursday, April 13, 2017

It's a Two-Handed World

I'm finding out how hard it is to get along without one hand...especially if it is the right hand. Last night sometime after I blogged, I had another bout with gout "hit." This time it is my right elbow...and it is affecting me using my right hand. I am typing using both at the moment, but it is not without pain!!! I am blogging early tonight because the girls have a late ball game. Woody worked in the yard again today...just that time of the year...and when it is pretty...even quite is time to put in some hours out there. He made a bit of a different loop for his walk today as he stopped at one of his deacon family member's homes to drop off a magazine...visited for a while and then completed his walk. I didn't sleep very well last some time after 2am I decided that I would hem my skirt while I could still use my hand. Then before school I deboned some chicken for the recipe that I am going to make for Sunday dinner...again, figuring that I should go on and do it while I could...with gout attacks I never know when it will get better or worse! I did decide to go on and take my gout rescue med...I hesitate because in the past it has made me very sick to my stomach...sometimes it is hard to decide where the trade-off is in feeling bad! Joseph didn't come for his school time because he fell and got a boo boo just before heading over. So Isaac came by himself. Then Elijah, Esther, and Joy each came over to read. I rested this guess I am good to go for a ball game...doubt that there will be any pictures tonight as I can't bend my arm to get the camera up to my eye...perhaps I will be able to use my point and shoot with just my left hand? I'll try but think that tonight will be a "just-watch-the-game" kind of night. We won't be settling in for a quiet evening quite as early tonight as we usually do! Don't know if Grammy and Goosey are up to these "late" night events or not!

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