Friday, April 7, 2017

Moon Over the Ball Field

Elijah's team played in the moonlight tonight. Well, they do have lights on the field so the moon was just added illumination. Brrrrrrrrr! Hope that warm spring temps hurry up...can't take too many late games when it is this chilly! Elijah's team stayed ahead for most of the game...until the other team tied it...being home team was definitely an advantage as once they went ahead the game was over...good for the shivering fans! Elijah's team won 12 to 11...another close one! Good game Elijah...good hitting, good first base playing. Friday is my day off from school and I pretty much took it easy for a while this morning. My major accomplishments of the day = skinning and deboning six chicken breasts = getting most of that in our freezer = then cooking two for our supper= Rosemary Chicken and Corn Italiano. By the time that was cooked and eaten it was time for the ball game. Woody worked out in the yard despite the chill and wind. He went on a four-mile walk this afternoon. He had batting practice with Elijah late this afternoon...getting him warmed up for this evening! And, Elijah came away with three hits for three at batting practice worked! We are now home trying to warm up. Hope we can warm up before it is time for the girls' first game in the morning!

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