Monday, April 17, 2017

Many Hunts!

Today was about the third hunt that the neighbor grandchildren participated in...but today was the one most anticipated...their hunt at home. Friday they hunted eggs in the dark with flash lights at a church where they did a juggling program. Yesterday a friend from church invited them to join in their family hunt down the street as they had many, many eggs and not enough some of ours helped fill out the numbers and came home with many, many eggs! Then today was the one they really look forward to...the one where their parents hide the eggs. The two little boys had school while two egg hunts were set in the back yard for the two little boys and then one in our back yard that extended into their lot behind ours...their "back forty" for the five oldest children. Both hunts were acompanied by lots of laughter. The little boys discovered an "egg" of a different kind in their turtle pool/sandbox...a real box turtle that their mommy found while they were having school. The festivities were over by the time it was time for Joy to have her long time with me. She continued bringing her sewing notebook up to date. She trimmed pictures and got the pages ready to put pictures on the next time. Elijah came over after lunch for his long time. We read for about half the time and then he used the Osmo app with my iPad.Woody continued with his mulching job and also mowed...his exercise for the day. He patiently waited and his patience paid he held off watering in case we got some rain which we did a couple of hours ago. Woody went to the Life Care Center this morning and had Bible study with Jeff and then visited with a church member before coming home. He just returned from Monday Night Prayer Meeting at church. I think that means that we are settling in for another quiet evening.

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