Monday, May 8, 2017

Evening of Make-Up Ball Games

Finally a dry enough day to make up a couple of games that both Elijah's and Joy's and Esther's teams had missed due to rain. Woody and I headed off to Elijah's ball game a little after 5pm. At 6pm, Woody left the game to go to Monday night prayer meeting at church. A little before 6:30, Kathy and all the kids except for Elijah, headed off to drop Graham off at his Civil Air Patrol meeting and then head on to the girls' game that was to start at 7pm. I stayed to watch the rest of Elijah's game and get any pictures...especially the score board. Elijah's team won handily this evening. After Elijah's game was over, Nathan, Elijah and I headed off to the girls' game. Woody arrived at the girls' game just as we got there. The game started shortly after we got there. At a point during the game, Kathy got a text from Graham that his meeting was ending early this evening. They were going to have a friend bring Graham...but they got a text from the friend asking Nathan if Nathan had jumper cables! So Nathan took off to jump a vehicle where Graham was having his meeting. Graham and Nathan got back before the game was over. I came home with Woody and the rest of the crew split up between their two vehicles. It was a game of musical cars rather than musical chairs! The girls' team lost...but it was a good game. They played one of the best teams and held their own for most of the game. It has been a rather long day...and an especially long evening for the two of us out on the town so late! Woody did a lot of yard work...raking, mowing, weeding, etc. I even did a little yardwork (not my forte!). I did a little weeding, dead-headed flowers, and watered a few things. Then I sat on the porch and enjoyed looking at all our new plants and taking pictures of birds and reading a little. I didn't have school as they were on their return trip from several weekend juggling gigs. It was a beautiful day to sit on the porch...a nice breeze and farily cool temperatures. Woody went to the Life Care and had Bible study with Jeff.

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