Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Ball Game Times Two

We haven't been home from the ball park/s long.  I went to Elijah's game and Woody went to the girls' game.  Both came away from the field in the deficit for runs...but again had a great time.  Elijah's game was really close, but they just couldn't rally in the last inning to put their team in the winner's spot.  Good job all around...they played hard...lots of good plays...lots of plays that weren't so great...and some umpire calls that weren't all that great as well!

Woody got up and went on his four-mile walk first thing.  During the day he has done some yard work off and on.  He has raked, mowed and watered.  He stopped at the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions for both of us on the way to the ball games.  He dropped me off and then headed off to the girls' game.  The girls' game ended before Elijah's and he got to Elijah's field before the game ended and got to see the last inning. Kathy and the rest of their gang got there too.

I had a modified Tuesday school time.  Since Kathy's Bible study has ended, Isaac and Joseph both came over for a while.  Joseph went home after a while and Isaac had his long time with me.  He got to do his paid job for me...vacuuming the stairs.  He was thrilled to get a quarter that had a Hawaiian volcano on it.  He said that it would remind him of the volcanoes in Iceland!  Now to explain his thinking on that...this summer he and all his family are going on a mission trip to Poland with a stop for a couple of days in Iceland on their way to Poland.  He has been learning things about Iceland and was a bit concerned about the volcanoes that they have there. Isaac and I sat on the front porch and watched birds.  We had a red headed woodpecker and a red bellied woodpecker come to the suet feeder...also chickadees at both feeders and several other kinds. Tonight's robin is a common visitor to our yard. Isaac has a robin family in a nest up high in the crook of their downspout.  After Isaac's long time, Abigail came for her long time.  I have to cancel school for tomorrow as I have a doctor appt. so I made up Abigail's long time today.  She got her shorts cut out  so she's ready to start sewing the next time. After lunch, Joy came over and we read another chapter in her current book that we are reading together. I doctored up last night's marinara sauce with some sliced olives and we had it again over zoodles (zucchini spirals).  By the time supper was gulped down, it was time to head out the door for the games...and that brings us back to where tonight's blog started!

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