Saturday, May 6, 2017

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Our gardens grow with lots of joint effort. Woody looked forward to help with the weeding and mulching today. Melany, Wade, and Erin came and spent part of the morning and most of the afternoon with us. Woody started out the day getting our Saturday errands run early so he would get home before the Proctors arrived. He went to WalMart and made a stop at the library. After he got home, he headed out to the garden to get some more done before they got here. Melany got right to work and worked along side her daddy for a little while...I'm glad that I got to snap this picture before they moved to different areas of the garden. Erin and I worked on did Woody when he took a break from gardening. We ate lunch and then headed back to the garden. I even put in a little time weeding. Wade headed off to buy me "some" plants for Mother's Day...he bought waaaaay more than "some!" I even got some herbs for our back porch herb gardens. Got hanging baskets, lots of pretty flowers, and some ornamental plants...someone to plant to just keep them alive!!!!! Nice early Mother's Day visit...lots of pretty flowers and plants...visiting time with them...and some chocolates! What could have made the day more perfect...well, it would have been nice if Alex could have been here, but he is still at college...and will probably be staying most of the summer in Cookeville since he has an apartment. He's "supposed" to be looking for a job...time will tell on that one! This afternoon there was a threat of rain and it did start to sprinkle before all the plants got planted...Melany put the last plant in the ground when there was the first rumble of thunder...perfect timing. We picked up all the gardening paraphenalia and then adjourned to the front porch to enjoy the rain...just the right amount for the new plants...not long and not hard. It was a very cool day so very pleasant to be out working in the yard.

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