Wednesday, May 3, 2017

He's Baaaaack!

Our very own SUPER Hero = Compost Boy returned this morning after a long absence. We were so glad that he showed up once again! Compost Boy is a super hero that Graham and we originated many years ago. One of Graham's chores at the time was taking the compost out to the compost pile in our back yard. Besides his family's compost bucket, Graham would stop by and get ours. We started calling him Compost Boy which got us thinking about a super hero cape and shirt. The pictures I took this morning of our newest Compost Boy were taken in too sunny of a spot so it is hard to see the symbol that we made up...but it is a large "C" with the Recycle symbol inside the "C" and I used camo fabric...which seemed the perfect fabric for Compost Boy's cape! At one time there was a mask. Before Isaac headed home, I talked him into doing the duties of Compost Boy! I had a usual day of school except that Esther swaped with Abigail for long time with me. Abigail and Joy had orthodontist appointments this morning. Esther cross stitched and drew using the Masterpiece app that goes with Osmo. Woody walked a long four miles early this morning before school started. Later in the morning he headed off to the grocery store for our mid-week shopping. He worked off and on the yard throughout the day. I headed off to the church library shortly after lunch. Donna and I got new books ready to be checked out. I came home caught my breath and then started in on our supper. I concocted a dish that I guess I will call Chicken Alfredo. I served it over linguine...pretty good for just using items that we had in the house. Lately I have been trying to use up items from the freezer, fridge, and pantry. The items on hand have turned into quite a few tasty dishes. After supper, I ended up taking a nap...about the moment that I first sat down after a long day! We are both settling in for another restful evening of doing as close to nothing as we possibly can!

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