Monday, May 15, 2017

Late Night at the Ball Park

We have just gotten home from a make-up ball game for Elijah's team, the Giants.  Tonight wasn't the best game that they have ever played...they got beaten by a bunch of runs...but lots of fun watching them and the boys had fun playing.

Woody has had quite the day.  He started off early taking a friend to the doctor.  Later in the morning he went to The Life Care Center and visited with a friend and had Bible study with Jeff.  After lunch, he went to see a shut-in who is a part of his Deacon Care Family. Before supper Woody helped Elijah warm up for his ball game.  Woody pitched to him.  Elijah once again did a very good job of hitting in the game.  This evening Woody dropped me off at the library (near to the ball park) on his way to the church for Monday night prayer meeting. After prayer meeting, he came to the ball game.

I had my usual Monday school day, though school is out for the summer next door.  We are continuing with the little boys' preschool and reading time with the older ones and still having long time, at least through next week. Nathan , Kathy and children's.summer schedule of travels begins very soon.  Looks/sounds like a very busy summer for them.  Today was Joy's long time in the morning.  She worked on a little quilt block.  She is learning to paper piece.  She did a great job.  Esther joined Elijah for his long time after lunch, as we decided to finish a book that Esther joined us reading this morning.  We also identified several birds while sitting on the front porch.  Joy came back this afternoon to finish the quilt block that she started this morning. I made marinara sauce to go over zoodles (spiralized zucchini) for our supper.  We gulped it down and headed off  to the ball park...though I made a stop at the public library since I was quite early.  I found some books for the little boys and me to read.  Then I walked the short distance to the ball park. Now we are home and settling in for a quiet rest of what is left of the evening!

Seems like a lot of coming and going today!  

(Interesting...the blog format seems to have changed once again and I can once again make paragraphs and move the picture where I want it to be...wonder how long till they change it back or another way.  Takes some getting used to...)

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