Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Houses Divided

Tonight we had to divide up the two Dorrell households between two different games. Elijah played at 5pm and Joy and Esther had their game at 5:30pm and the games were at different fields in town. Woody, Nathan and Elijah headed off in our car for Elijah's game and I joined Kathy and the six other neighbor grandchildren in their vehicle to go to Joy and Esther's game...so no pictures of Elijah's game. Nathan helps coach Elijah's team. We all met back at their house after the two games and each gave accounts of their games to the ones that couldn't attend. Elijah had a super night...five hits...two of which were doubles. Their team lost as did the girls' but both had very good games and our three did fantastic jobs in playing. Esther had three hits and scored all three times. Joy had two hits and scored one time. Esther was given a pat on the back as their coach moved her up in the batting order to second batter (she had been close to the bottom of the batting order). The score of the girls' game was 17-15 and it stayed close throughout the whole game. Good games all around. The top two pictures are Esther gettin one of her hits and then coming across home plate to score. The bottom two are of Joy getting one of her hits and I missed her coming across the plate (picture I took showed an empty plate...she was two fast for her grammy!)so the last one of Joy is of her heading back to the dugout after scoring. Very good games...wish that we all could have been at both of them. We had a usual Tuesday morning and afternoon. Woody worked a lot out in the yard weeding and mulching. Isaac spent the morning with me while the rest of his family went to church...Kathy to Bible study and Nathan and the rest had juggling practice. Isaac had a really good school time and then had a snack and did his Tuesday paid job of vacuuming the stairs with the Dirt Devil hand-held vacuum. After that he and I went and sat on the front porch to watch for birds and watch for his family to return from church. After lunch, Abigail and Joy came over for their reading times. I decided to stew a couple of chicken breasts because I need cooked chicken pieces for a recipe that I have planned. We had last night's leftovers and also had scones spread with strawberry jelly. By then it was time for all of us to leave for the ball games. After Woody got a rundown on the girls' game, he left for the prayer room at church and hasn't returned yet. And, that sums up this second day of May!

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