Friday, May 5, 2017

Cinco de Mayo

I decided that a photo taken in AZ would fit the bill today for Cinco de Mayo. We have had a stay indoors and try to stay dry and warm day. It has rained or at least drizzled almost all day. I never saw the thermometer read above the upper 40's today, but I just checked and the thermometer said that today's high was 51.6...chilly and damp! I spent a good part of the day tidying up the house. Melany and family are planning to come tomorrow. The plans are for them to help with weeding and mulching the gardens...weeding should be easy with all the rain we have gotten...I just hope that the cool temperatures don't hamper their efforts! It shouldn't be too hot that's for sure! I'm not sure which "winter" this is...but I'm hoping that our "winters" are about over. Brrrrrr! Woody fixed the marinade for the meat that we plan to cook tomorrow...meat is marinating away in the fridge. He also fixed some balsamic mushrooms...pretty good...though I didn't eat but one as one of the only foods that I have connected with some of my gout attacks is these days I try to stay away from them. I think that I forgot to mention yesterday one of the weird concoctions that Woody made yesterday...he was following a recipe...but it just sounded questionable...balsamic strawberries! He made a big batch and shared them with Nathan, Kathy and family for lunch dessert yesterday. We all raised our eyebrows over the sound of balsamic vinegar mixed with strawberries (and, the smell of the vinegar permeating the house made us raise them even higher)...but, in the end, we all agreed that it did make a very good and tasty dessert. He made a reduction with the balsamic vinegar and there was no vinegar taste at all. Presently Woody is challenging our old computer to a game of Scrabble. I'm heading back downstairs to finish up a couple of cleaning jobs in the kitchen before I retreat to my chair for the evening. Happy Cinco de Mayo 2017!

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