Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Bath Time

Yesterday was bath time for the turtles that live next door. Joseph is pointing to the mud turtle in the top picture and the little one is a baby snapping turtle. The snapping turtle lives in an aquarium inside. The acquarium needed cleaning so Joy decided that the turtles needed a bath too! The mud turtle lives in the turtle pool/sandbox...appropriate for a turtle! Woody is the one who told me about this photo op. Elijah and I went over and snapped a few pics at the start of Elijah's reading time. We had a usual Wednesday school day. Abigail is starting to make a pair of shorts. Today she traced a pattern for her size. So she is ready to go once she has fabric. After lunch I headed to the library and worked a couple of hours. Then came home and cooked supper...a new recipe...Sticky, Sweet, and Spicy chicken...pretty's a "keeper recipe"=I will be making it again. I cleaned up a few of the preparation dishes, but left the rest for Woody as I knew that I had done enough at least for that moment and needed to head to my chair. I sat for a while before blogging. Woody walked to pick up the green car at the mechanics. They checked it over and said that it was just fine (Graham and Nathan's tinkering with it was not the problem!!! What they had done had been done correctly...hooray for Graham and his auto mechanics high school class!). Our mechanic told Woody that we had probably gotten a tank of bad gas. He told Woody to get an additive to put in the gas tank and that should get it working till our next tank of gas! I'm not comfortable driving it till new gas! Woody did get the additive when he went out to run errands. When out and about, he did our mid-week grocery shopping using the green car...wemt to Aldis and Kroger. This afternoon Woody met another outsdide goal...raking up sticks and debris in the neighbor's (Nathan and Kathy's) front yard and getting it all mowed for the first time. He took it on himself since he had a lot of time invested in the grass that he had planted. I walked around this morning and gave all our new plants a drink. So far we have kept the plants alive! We had a pretty warm day today...back to summer-like temperatures. Cold one day and hot the next...that's Tennessee at this time of the year!

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