Thursday, May 18, 2017

A Secretive Day!

Once again we are approaching the end of the week. The children and I have another school week under our belts at Grammy's school.  We are winding down for the year.  Next week will be the last week of  Grammy school for this school year.  We had a usual Thursday for school. Isaac completed the set of Super Books that he had been reading.  So today we started in the Dick and Jane books. Time for him to start working on sight words, I guess...especially since English isn't always phonetic!!  Esther and I read in her book that we are very close to finished.  And, she made some secret plans for tomorrow's celebration...a birthday will be celebrated in their household tomorrow.  They have been having fun secreting away gifts over at our house the last couple of days.  Today they all got wrapped and are downstairs ready to take to their house when it is party time!

Woody got up very early and went on a seven-mile walk.  He has also raked and mowed today.  So he got lots of exercise in for this day!  He has been working Banana Gram puzzles that the Melany and family gave him.

We are getting ready to head off to the girls' softball game so I decided to blog early this evening as it will be another "late" night "for us!" Stay tuned for tomorrow's announcement as to whose BIG day it is!

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