Friday, May 12, 2017


I have spent the day in an unusual way for me...gardening...I am an inside person! But I did enjoy the time that I spent outside. Woody and I headed off to Lowes late morning. I wanted a couple more herbs and wanted a couple more coleus plants. We also got another pot to put on our back "herb patio." I spent quite a bit of time cleaning off the patio...Woody finished up the job...sweeping up the rest of the debris that had collected up close to the house and then disposing of what he swept up.  I got curly leafed parsley and dill planted and did some weeding back there along with some sweeping. Then I went to the front and planted some more coleus and redid a hanging basket. We were waiting for the rain which we thought was going to come at any time and it waited till I was finished. We didn't get much...not sure that the rain got to the plants that are sheltered by many tree branches out in front of the house...I may have to get Woody to drag the hose around to the front tomorrow so I can give them a better drink. I did quite a bit of weeding and pulled out plants that I didn't want any more. I spent several hours out there...something that is almost never heard of...for me! I can tolerate gardening as long as the weather isn't too hot or too cold! The too hot is on its way! But it was very pleasant today. When the rain started, Woody and I adjourned to the front porch and Esther joined us for a while. She and I spotted around ten different types of birds in the short time that we sat there. I will admit to being very ready to head to "my chair" when I got back inside...and will also admit to taking a nap when I hadn't intended to do! Elijah's game got cancelled due to rain...which is too bad as Kathy parents are here and wanted to see both the girls' and Elijah's games. Woody walked early again this morning...four miles. He also made his quinoa burger recipe. We had those for lunch...really pretty good...I usually leave those for him...but today I did have half of one in pita bread. Woody also did a little yard work..he hadn't planned his day around yard work because he thought that it was going to rain most of the day.. As soon as I hit "publish" for tonight's blog, I will head in and put away another load of inside task that I accomplished today...washed and dried and put away three loads of clothes...well, one of those loads is still not dry will be putting them away as soon as the drier buzzes for the third time tonight! I am hoping that I can move tomorrow...after my gardening blitz today!

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