Wednesday, July 12, 2017

A Tennessee Century Farm

Tonight's photos show a farm that we happened to run across on our travels last week.  When I was sorting the photos I noticed the signs that are next to the barn door.  I could just barely make out that the bottom one says that it is a Century Farm.  What that means is that the land has been owned and farmed by the same family for over one hundred years.  I read a little about the program and there are over a thousand such farms registered with the farm bureau.  This is done for recognition of the families and also for historical preservation.  What I read that there are registered century farms in every one of TN's 95 counties.  I'm glad we ran across one in our barn excursion!  I will be looking for more Century Farms when we go on our farm photo excursions.

Woody has kept quite busy today.  He walked early as it has been and still is a very hot day.  He also watered some of the gardens...our container gardens on the back porch definitely need it on such hot days...they dry out quickly despite lots of rain in our recent past.  He read a book that I handed him this from the most recent book order that I made for the church library.  He had it finished before it was time for me to go work in the library.  He washed the air filter that goes in our downstairs AC return.  He did get the lawn mower going so he mowed.  He also bought and put on a new air filter on the mower.  And, he made a trip to the local drugstore to pick up a prescription. Now he's settled in his recliner watching TV and working crossword puzzles.

I completed the prework on the book order so the books would be ready for processing.  After lunch, I headed off with a stop at Sherwin Williams to pick up two paint strips.  I need them to match some fabric to them for something that I am going to make for someone.  After that stop, I headed on to the church and worked for a couple of hours at the library.  The three of us got a good handle on the new book order and are underway with getting them ready to be checked out.  This order will be mainly of interest to our fiction readers...looks like we have some good new reads!  When working with the books in the library it just makes me wish that I could read faster...or even read two at the same I could read more of them.  There are so many good books out there...and what seems like so little time to read them all!  I made a quick stop at Walmart on the way home as I needed to pick a couple of things.  I didn't have to do any cooking other than warming up things as we continue to eat what I cooked over the last few days.  The refrigerator looks like it will be time for me to cook once again in the very near future!  I checked out a new e-book the other night and have been enjoying it when I sit down to rest...that is if I keep my eyes open.  I sat down after supper and the book was there before me on my iPad...BUT my eyes closed so I couldn't see it for several moments!  I may go back to reading after I publish this or I may work a little on my latest sewing project...for some reason I'm not all that motivated to sew at the moment...partly because I still need to cut out more of this pattern and cutting out isn't my favorite part of sewing!

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