Monday, July 3, 2017

Sorting Through the First Half of the Year!

My day has pretty much been spent sorting through the pictures that I have taken the first six months of this year.  I have been bad this year and haven't, until today, sorted any of the pictures that I have taken this year. Today, I have managed to sort through January, February, March, and only two months to these first few days of July.  During the first part of the year, I didn't take as many as I often do, since I was "down with gout."  Even though there are less to this point in the year, it still takes quite a while to sort through the files that I have separated by "day taken" and by "specific camera" I have to go through files for four cameras for each day/month that they were taken.  I pretty much have it down to a "science" so the process moves right along as long as the computer cooperates. The computer has only had a couple of hiccups today.  When I am through, I will have all the pictures saved on two external drive "Passports."  I try not to take up computer memory space with pictures (since I have so many) so work on and store photos with the external drives.

Woody pretty much did his usual Monday comings and goings.  Late morning he went to the Life Care to have Bible study with Jeff and then visited with church members who are at Life Care.  Then this evening he went to Monday night prayer meeting.

We had some more rain late this afternoon.  We are happy to count on the rain to water our gardens!

I think that we are settling in for another of our usual quiet evenings spent reading, watching TV, doing puzzles, etc.

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