Saturday, July 8, 2017


Here's proof of how green EVERYTHING is here in Middle Tennessee of late due to all the rain...even the barns are green (or at least some of them)!

Woody got up and walked early this morning.  After the library opened, he headed in that direction for his usual Saturday morning library visit.  Late morning he went to our local hospital to visit church members who are in the hospital.  He visited with a friend who had emergency surgery late last night. On one of his morning trips he stopped at the pharmacy to pick up one of his prescriptions. After lunch, Woody and I drove over to Shelbyville to go to the Christian bookstore there.  He picked up his books that hadn't sold. While he was in the bookstore, I attempted to get in touch with our friends who live in Shelbyville.  I didn't get them on the phone, but we drove by anyway and found them at the site of their new home that is being built.  We got the grand tour!  I'm glad to be able to better picture what it will look like when it is finished.  We had a nice impromptu visit.

I have been in cooking mode today.  This morning I made a vegetable pasta salad.  We enjoyed some of it for lunch.  Then after we got back from Shelbyville I cooked our favorite rib recipe: Cantonese Spareribs. We enjoyed them this evening with the Rice Garden Salad that I made yesterday.

We are now settling in for another quiet evening in this Dorrell household. I think that it is safe to say that we have had an entire day free from rain...that hasn't happened for some time!

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