Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Where In the World?

When Woody found this little critter the other day, his comment was "where in the world is Joseph when you need him?"

Our week is going right along after celebrating the 4th on Saturday...pretty much just routine days.  For me I can say that I have completed sorting my year's worth of photos.  I still have to copy 2017 folders onto the photo back-up external drive Passport.  I got finished sorting photos just in time to go on another barn photo excursion...I'm going with two friends hopefully tomorrow.  The reason that I say "hopefully" is that the chances of rain look pretty great so we will see what tomorrow will bring.

Woody went to the local farmer's market this morning and brought back a basket of locally grown tomatoes.  After lunch, he and I went to Lowes to buy another bird feeder and a shepherd's crook to hang it from.  It started to rain almost as soon as we got home so we haven't gotten it placed yet.

Speaking of rain...that is about all it has been doing lately...rain, rain, rain!  It rained last evening, it rained during the night, it rained during the morning, it rained duing the afternoon. So far this evening it hasn't rained! Can you figure that we are pretty humid?!?  The air is thick enough to cut it with a knife!

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