Thursday, July 13, 2017

This is Thursday? This IS Thursday!

Do you ever have days when you wonder what day it is?  This has sort of been one of those days for me.  I keep having to think about what I did yesterday...worked at the church library...oh, yes, that means that today is Thursday!

Woody got up and walked early in order to get his walk in before the day started heating up and getting more steamy.  He has worked at mowing once again today.  The area that he is mowing had gotten quite over grown and it is quite an effort on both his part and the mowers to mow a path through it. He also gathered up all the aluminum cans that have been gathering in the garage for the next "can man" trip.  Today was the day for that trip to recycle them and get money for the international mission fund called The Lottie Moon Christmas offering.  Woody and others in the church gather cans all year and periodically Woody takes them to the "can man."  Good job done...once again a bit wider path in the garage to slip the car into.

I have worked some more on the sewing projects that I am currently working on.  These are tiny clothes...a couple of my friends have new grandbaby girls so I decided that I felt like sewing for baby girls for a change.  I am making two of the same pattern just with different fabric and trim...trying to sew them at the same time...seam the shoulders on one top and then sew the shoulder seams on the other, etc.  I still don't have all cut out for them so am proceding slowly.  Maybe it is the hot humid weather, but my "get-up-and-go" got up and left!  I cooked pasta tonight for the two sauces that I made earlier in the week.  Slowly the fridge gets emptier.  I took something out of the freezer a while ago as I think that I am going to have actually cook a new recipe tomorrow.

I am hoping to have quite a tale to tell in tomorrow night's blog...about a GREAT adventure!  Be sure to tune back in tomorrow same time, same station!  

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