Friday, July 7, 2017

Seeing Red?

I used a special effect on one of my cameras where you click on a color in the scene and it only shows that color in the picture you are taking and the rest of the picture is in gray scale.  The night before we went on our barn photo trek I decided that I wanted to use this special effect at least once.  And this scene seemed the place to use it...two red barns and a red brick house. Not an effect that I use often, but it can make a pretty neat picture in the right circumstances!  Here is another that I took in a regular you can see ALL the color.  We had moved on down the road a bit, but it shows one barn a little of the other. The tree is interesting too.  We're not sure what kind it was...but orangish red bloom.
I'll post a picture of a close-up of one of the branches and see if anyone knows what kind of tree it is.  I have been looking at some TN tree identification information...but so far haven't come up with a match as far as I can see!

We have actually had an entire day that we have had no least in the daytime...not exactly sure if we had more rain in the middle of the night or not.  Our weather is supposed to turn HOT and of course that means HUMID due to all the rain that we have had...and perhaps HAZY...and then we will have the 3 H's of Tennessee summers!  

Woody actually got his four-mile walk in early this morning.  Later in the morning he did our weekly shoppint at Aldis and Kroger and made a stop at WalMart.  This afternoon he announced that he had gotten the driveway all cleaned off...something that he had had to keep putting off due to all our rain.  It does look least till the next storm!  

I did a little cooking today.  I guess it was a "revert to my mother's recipes" day.  I made her Rice Garden Salad recipe: a really refreshing salad for summer...a little like a potato salad but using rice.  That is sitting in the fridge melding its flavors till tomorrow.  Then I made another favorite of ours that Mother introduced to us: Hominy Casserole.  Other than cook and fold some towels and put away a couple of things, I have pretty much taken it easy today after my galavanting yesterday!  I did look at a few of my barn, etc. photos, but haven't sat at the computer for very long at any time today.

We are all locked in for the night.  I'm sure that it will be another quiet "as usual" Friday evening.

I will close by wishing Elijah a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  He's finally actually 8! He celebrated in a bit different way today..."Happy Birthday" sung to him in two languages!  

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