Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Woody has worked on mowing the section of the yard that he started yesterday.  He came in earlier and said that he thought that he was going to have to get a new lawnmower.  We bought this one more than 30 years ago so I would say that it has proved its worth over the years.  Woody wore the hat of handyman for a while this morning.  He fixed two drawers in our kitchen that kept going off the track.  It will be so good not to constantly have to keep putting them back on the track for them to almost immediately come off the track. After supper, Woody walked to the church prayer room and has yet to return. 
I have sort of had a slow day.  I started out the day sneezing my head off and using about half a box of kleenex, but as the day went on those allergy symptoms left.  I worked on a new order of books for the church library.  I have them all ready to take to the library tomorrow so we can start processing them.  I have also started cutting out my next sewing project.  Today the only cooking project I did was make a box mix of Red Lobster biscuits to go with the other food that I prepared over the last couple of days...something new to add to the leftovers.  I checked out an e-book that I had requested and started reading it.


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