Monday, July 10, 2017

Moo Day Rolled Around Once Again!

We have had a pretty busy Moo day (Monday).  Woody has been on the go since early this morning when he went on his walk.  He said that it was very pleasant the 60's and the humidity was down once again. We are supposed to be in a heat wave for the next few days.  Today it neared 90 degrees...but I don't think that it quite made it.  Woody headed off mid morning to go to the Life Care Center to have Bible study with Jeff and visit with friends who either reside there or are recouping there.  One of our friends, who he usually visits there, is in the hospital so he made a stop at the hospital to check on him. He came home and attempted to mow in an area that he hadn't been able to mow due to all the rain.  It is a bit of a challenge as it didn't stop growing just because he couldn't get to it...pretty thick and tall!  He has made a swipe or two through it and pulled down some poison ivy.  He showered after coming in contact with the poison ivy...hope that is all that was needed to keep him from having a problem. Woody doesn't usually have a problem with poison ivy.  It is Nathan who is highly allergic to it.  So I guess it is good that Woody attacked this poison ivy as it was on Nathan's fence. Later in the afternoon, Woody took some church literature by and visited with a gentleman who is a part of his deacon family care group.  Then after supper he headed off to church for Monday night prayer meeting.  He has just returned from church. He came in and changed clothes and headed back outside to do a bit more mowing while the sun still shines.

I have had another busy cooking day.  We have lots of fresh veggies that I need to cook before they aren't so fresh!  I made pesto with our home grown basil.  I used some of the pesto to make pesto mayo to put on my BLT at lunch.  Very good!  I stewed some chicken pieces for a pasta dish that I wanted to try...Basil Chicken over Angel Hair.  It used fresh tomatoes (of which we have an abundance at the moment) and fresh basil (another trip out to our herb garden on our patio).  A friend brought us some fresh green beans and I cooked some of them to go with our pasta dish...I cooked the green beans with fresh marjorem from our herb garden (another trip out the back door to the herb garden).  We had a yummy supper using two new recipes.  I have chopped, cut, diced, etc. a lot of food today.  And, at this point I am pretty beat and have come upstairs to rest my back which is protesting!  Woody has helped me clean up the cooking dishes/mess...such a big help!  We also had freshly picked corn that our friend brought to us with our lunch corn so far this year!

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